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Monday, July 16, 2018 2:01 pm

Alisa Lu

Online News Editor
Alisa is an (almost) junior in the magnet, which is not a good thing, since it means she will be looking like a zombie for the next few years. While not obsessing over school, she can be found on reading sappy stories and then laughing at the sappiness of the stories, or gorging out on chocolate and ice cream.

Stories Authored (59)

International News for April 11 - 24

The bleeding elephant

National News for March 28 - April 10

International News for March 14 - 27

National News for Feb. 28 - March 13

BLAIR PAIR: Is 2009 the lucky year?

MCPS to receive $21.4 million from stimulus plan

International News for Feb. 14 - Feb. 27

National News for Jan. 31 - Feb. 13

Councilmember Don Praisner passes away

Int'l News for Jan. 18 - 30

Science Bowl team wins state title

National News for Jan. 3 - 17

Spend a delightful "Night"

International News for Dec. 20 - Jan. 2

International News for Dec. 6 - Dec. 19

National News for Nov. 22 - Dec. 5

Not quite "Fearless" but still fantastic

International News for Nov. 7 - 21

HSA test results released for class of 2009

National News for Oct. 24 - Nov. 7

Counting down the days

National News for Oct. 11 - 24

Burnin’ up: Election Day nears, McCain trails in polls

Round two: As boring as it gets

Let the battle begin

Blair adjusts to Promethean Activboards

National News for Aug. 30 - Sept. 12

Duty to the people

Reliably bland Levante's

"Sex" glitters and shines

National News for May 17 - 30

Trip to the tropics

"Grey's Anatomy" flatlines

Plenty of luck at "Fu Shing Cafe"

Rapping and tapping to the top

Blair to undergo Technology Modernization this summer

Teatime treats revamped

County Council approves North Four Corners Park design

County Council subcommittee votes for new North Four Corners Park design

Silver thinks gold

Being the Blazer

Mitt Romney

John McCain

Alan Keyes

Mike Huckabee

Crossing the finish line

Weast unveils recommended operating budget for FY 2009

Blair to host congressional candidates' debate

Unlucky draw concludes girls' tennis

"Green Papaya" shows mixed colors

Blair administers MAP-R reading test

Living la vida loca

SGA plans mix of events for fall

Wildcats tear apart girls' tennis

Girls' tennis blazes past Einstein

Six additional Blazers win college-sponsored National Merit Scholarships

"Becoming Jane" has plenty of sensibility

Weldon, Stefanie

Songs Reviewed (3)

Julianne HoughThat Song in My Head
4 stars
Julianne HoughThat Song in My Head
4 stars
OneRepublicStop and Stare
4 stars

Galleries (4) Pina Colada

Pictures (27)

The lamb Vindaloo arrives with a warning about its spiciness.
A basket of popad, thin lentil flour wafers, arrives with a trio of colorful sauces.
The tandoori fish is baked to perfection in a tandoor oven.
McSorley uses the boards in her daily lessons.
A student in Maggie McSorley's classrooms interacts with a Promethean Activboard.
The Bethesda restaurant is warm and welcoming and has great service.
The pides are essentially tomato-less pizzas.
The appetizer sample at Levante's, in Bethesda, is filled with fried foods.
Relax and daydream about the tropics!
Blend until smooth.
Ice makes this drink refreshing!
Fresh pineapple juice is best but canned juice also works.
Either coconut milk or cream can be used in this recipe.
Only four ingredients are needed for this simple recipe.
The Fu Shing Cafe is situated behind the Gaithersburg Square Shopping Center.
The Fu Shing Cafe's wooden interior theme strikes a perfect balance with its elegant ornaments.
Numerous wires keep the school's computer system connected.  TechMod will also upgrade software and network connections.
Powerful computers, which will be replaced or upgraded under TechMod this summer, help run the Blair IT system.
The Blair server is housed in the back of the Media Center.
Eat and reminisce about the old ol' days of your childhood!
Let the cones cool off before icing or a sticky mess will ensue!
Make sure to not fill the cones more than 3/4 of the way full, as the cake rises and expands.
If you want, line the muffin tins with paper cups.
Follow the instructions on the back of the cake box to make the batter.
All the ingredients needed to make these simple and tasty treats.
Bo Luc Lac, Green Papaya's signature dish, is a perfect blend of beef and vegetables in presentation and taste.
Law teacher Stefanie Weldon smiling, as usual, in her office.