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Thursday, June 21, 2018 2:47 am

David Zheng

Online Entertainment Editor
David Zheng used to live in California but now he is trapped in Maryland. In his spare time, David likes to play sports in general, doze off in front of the computer, watch random movies, and eat ice cream. Although some may disagree, David is actually quite messy and random.

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Blair Robot Project competes at Washington, D.C. regional

Super Bowl ads sink with economy

Screen Actors Guild resume talks amidst strike threat

Winter concert heats up the night

Sites for sounds

Burger Showdown: Revolution

On your marks, get set, TiVo!

Summer movie preview

Spring orchestra concert hits all the right notes

Start your engines

International Night dazzles

Sticky rice balls

No varsity, no problem

Bob's 88 - pitch in the pot

"Bucket" is full of holes

One "Call" not worth taking

What money can't buy

Second annual Academy Day to be held Tuesday

Do Blair's policies make the grade?

A rusty "Saw" doesn't cut it

Blair joins Smart Sacks to combat childhood hunger

Pinnacle implemented across county

Delicious slices of the moon

"Extinction" of originality

"Stardust" shines

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair opens its gates

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Chris DaughtryFeels Like Tonight
4 stars

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Freshman Julian Lofton delivers a emotional solo in Benny Golson's jazz ballad, "I Remember Clifford."
Blair's symphonic orchestra continues to put on a fantastic show for the packed audience.
The Symphonic Orchestra played an exciting and energetic "Rienzi Overture" by Wagner.
Conductor Dustin M. Doyle began the night by introducing the String Orchestra's first piece, Bach's "Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott."
Make crater at center ball with thumb and insert filling. Watch out: this is the trickiest step of the recipe!
Cover with powder and serve warm!
Cook in boiling water and remove balls with strainer.
Pinch dough around to cover the filling and roll back up into a ball.
Roll up inch-wide balls.
After adding water, knead dough to a fine, smooth blob.
Add honey to clump sugar and black sesame or peanut mixture together.
Sticky rice balls are made in two parts: fillings of crushed peanut flour or black sesame powder (others such as red bean paste work as well) and rice balls of glutinous rice flour and almond powder.
Fish out the cooked items that are ready (experimentation may be needed) and enjoy!
Place the uncooked food into the pot and give ample time to cook.
Turn on the stove and allow the broth to come to a boil.
Blair's own progress report card with grades for the ID policy, six minute passing/lockout, Pinnacle/Edline and advisories.
Blair's own progress report card with grades for the ID policy, six minute passing/lockout, Pinnacle/Edline and advisories.
Moon cake is a traditional dessert for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Amusement rides and game booths line the fair's streets.
Nicole Hopkins stands in her AP Environmental Science and Biology classroom.