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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 9:58 am

Charles Kong

Online Op/Ed Editor
Charles Kong loves to play tennis. Actually, he likes to play sports in general. He tries not to procrastinate, but his success rate varies. He likes listening to music and using the computer, and loves Jackie Chan movies. He is super excited for Chips, even though he was forewarned that there's a lot of work involved. Whenever he has time other than doing something he needs to do, he will try to fall asleep on his comfy bed. Sleep is good…

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Eight Blazers named candidates in Presidential Scholars Program

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A canned food drive to feed ourselves

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Fire drill takes place during sixth period

New extended-hours program undoubtedly a plus

Blazers triumph over Titans

Staph infection confirmed in Montgomery County

Panthers crawl past Blazers

Blair topples Knights

Blair tramples Rams

Large class sizes persist despite population drop

Blazers and Rockets end in draw

Blazers surpass Wildcats

"Rush Hour 3" loses its rush

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Backstreet BoysHelpless When She Smiles
4 stars

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Captain Helen Anderson skillfully maneuvers the ball around a Walter Johnson attacker.
Spanish teacher Karla Cuellar returns to Montgomery County after attending Seneca Valley High School.