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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 1:17 am

Anika Manzoor

Online Managing Editor
Although she may look like a cute and innocent freshman, Anika is actually a SENIOR(!!), who kicks butts and takes names on a daily basis. But otherwise she's very friendly with a sunny disposition and a constant snarl - er smile on her face =D You would usually find her in the Chips lab, her home away from home, working characteristically diligently and avoiding the lure of Tetris, unlike some people. However, she's also known for binging at Chipotle, skipping down Blair hallways to a very eclectic playlist (in her head) and having heart-to-hearts with random - but not arbitrary - people in the courtyard.

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Songs Reviewed (1)

Miley CyrusSee You Again
1 stars

Galleries (4) A quick cake

Pictures (20)

Decorate and you're done!
Place mug contents on plate.
Microwave until cake rises.
Mix thoroughly.
Pour all ingredients into the mug.
There are all the ingredients needed for this recipe.
The finished product!
Cover and freeze six hours or until firm.
Pour icing over brownies.
To make icing, combine condensed milk, peppermint extract, food coloring, whipped cream and chocolate chips.
Bake brownies as directed.
Scott endured a long line at the Redskins vs. Bills game to get a towel commemorating Taylor.
Harley reads an article commemorating her favorite late actor.
This slushy orange drink is sure to increase holiday spirit.
Sprinkle sandwiches with fake spiders for an extra scary effect.
Coriander leaves also add extra flavor to Haleem.
The filling can also serve as a delicious topping.
Coriander leaves add the right touch of garnish.
Spanish teacher Jennifer Stanton-Brand is all smiles at school.
Stanton-Brand is all smiles at school.