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Friday, July 20, 2018 3:08 am

Monica Wei

Online Entertainment Editor
Monica is an unfortunate piece of fruit that has been suspended in a gelatin cup. Okay, not really, but sometimes she feels like one. Monica the strawberry chunk enjoys reading, sitting in trees and watching the clouds go by. She thinks that anything tastes good with peanut butter, hot sauce or cheese. She also likes listing things in sets of three.

After a junior year spent sleepwalking through school, said fruit chunk has also finally reached SENIORRRRRR status at Blair, and is excited to finally go places that the DC metro can't reach!

Stories Authored (47)

Entertainment around the world

Golden boy still "17"

National college fair to be held April 15 and 16

Storyteller's performance mixes drama and narrative in a tale of fear

Silver thinks gold: Oscar predictions 2009

"Open Windows" for a breath of fresh air

Super Bowl ads sink with economy

Winter concert warms the soul

Masterful "Button" tells a mesmerizing and universal tale

Sites for sounds

No "Solace" for audiences

Round two: As boring as it gets

The new boob tube

Spores of fun

PRO/CON: Voter ID requirements

Summer movie preview

"Baby Mama" lacks a real heartbeat

Halted anti-discrimination bill must be pushed forward

"21" doesn't offer a winning hand

Sudan divestment bill passed in Montgomery County

Junior varsity spring sports previews

Sticky rice balls

Quirky "Penelope" barely breaks through

Distance provides no relief

Yearbook presales to end Friday

"Fool" doesn't strike gold

Swim and Dive captures combined second place at divisionals

A promising new policy on bullying

Swim and dive falls to Barons

Blazers squeeze by Bengals

Second "National Treasure" doesn't glitter

Boys bring water to a boil against Quince Orchard

"The Mist" brings more than just scary monsters

Blair alumna named Rhodes Scholar

Visually stunning "Beowulf" fails to charm

Falcons strike down Blazers

"Gone Baby Gone" is all there

Colonels conquer girls' volleyball

Six college fairs to be held in upcoming weeks

Girls' volleyball punishes Gladiators

"The Brave One" does too much at once

Into the American melting pot

Girls' varsity volleyball edges Paint Branch

Back-to-School barbecue to be held Friday

PTSA holds meet and greet for incoming principal

"Bratz": oh, the pain

A sad strike against student freedoms

Songs Reviewed (1)

Carrie Underwood Ever Ever After
4 stars

Galleries (4) Open Windows

Pictures (17)

The production repeats, but this time with Birdboot (John O'Connor) playing the role of Simon Gascoyne.
Birdboot (John O'Connor) intrudes on the production, attempting to woo the actress playing the beautiful Lady Muldoon (Kelly O'Connor).
Major Magnus Muldoon (John Justin Whiteney), Lady Cynthia Muldoon (Kelly O'Connor), Felicity Cunningham (Bette Cassatt) and Simon Gascoyne (Robert Lache) are engaged in an energetic game of cards.
Mrs. Sappleton (Kelly O'Connor) and Vera Sappleton (Tasmin Swanson) entertain their guest in "Open Windows," a play starring several Blair teachers and students.
While in the cell stage, this organism swims away from a predator.
The spore that has developed into a "creature" inspects his nest, complete with a new egg.
Being a panda seems pretty sweet, but not when you're Po the Panda (voiced by Jack Black).
<i>Photo courtesy of DreamWorks Animation.</i>
Gabriela Vitteger poses in the Media Center.
Francesca Blume, SGA Director of School Spirit, says the barbecue will be a good way for Blazers to get pumped up for the first football game.
Principal Darryl Williams poses with his family at El Golfo. <i>Photo by Monica Wei</i>
Wayne Miller poses in his Latin classroom.
Miller poses in his Latin classroom.