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Monday, June 18, 2018 11:16 pm

Susie Branson

Online Features Editor
Key facts of Susie Branson: she's a junior in CAP, her favorite food is peanut butter, she plays soccer and lacrosse, she can't stand talking on the phone, loves country music, and her favorite ice cream is Phish Food. She is way too competitive for her own good, and you can always find her watching her favorite shows like Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Project Runway, the OC, and Alias. She also has over 1000 nicknames, so feel free to add one to the list!

Stories Authored (48)

Dive at five

Federal fake

Spring chic

"All I Ever Wanted" is Kelly

No fan's land

Hyder is a fighter

Shiver chic

The List

Voter vendetta

The presidential probe

Beyond the pumpkin patch

Let our pep rally go

Silver chic, back in action

Senior class owes thousands in obligations

Ravilious steps down as SGA sponsor

Track team sends nine Blazers to state finals

From college to the classroom

Juniors progress to national division of National History Day

Mango madness

SGA Elections to be held tomorrow and Friday

Sophomore class sweeps second Charity Challenge

Unplanned fire drill held at start of sixth period

A perfect partnership

Nursing a career

Wildcats shred boys' basketball in another close loss

Speeding in the right direction

La Bamba: something to dance about

Bengals claw past Blazers

Five seniors named semifinalists in Intel Science Talent Search

Boys' basketball drops sixth straight

Blue Devils burn boys' basketball

Not only Santa is coming to town

Gladiators slay Blazers in heartbreaking match

Varsity boys' basketball nominated to appear on television

Blazers run away with season opener

Totaled vehicle placed outside school

Everybody dance now...or not?

Best of both worlds

Einstein not so genius on the field

Blair splatters Paint Branch

New piano lab installed

Rockets reach the end of their fuse against Blazers

Student Activity Fair to be held Friday

Dress to impress

Blazers and Wildcats get all tied up

Construction for new labyrinth progresses slowly

Tanner, Jenny

What did Hollywood do to Nancy Drew?

Songs Reviewed (1)

Rascal FlattsTake Me There
4 stars

Galleries (2) Teachers

Pictures (17)

The McCain duck (left) and Obama duck (right) prepare for their big race across the "pond."
McCain edges Obama in this close, but delicate race to determine which candidate can withstand the pressure.
Susie and Lucas compete to blow their ducks across the "pond."
Lucas chooses which candidate he will represent in the next election test.
The long list of Blazers who owe obligations is posted outside the financial office.
La Bamba recently renovated, adding colorful tablecloths and an ethnic brown tile floor.
French toast casserole blends the best breakfast dishes into one great treat.
A Blazer skillfully breezes past Einstein opponent in the team's 6-0 victory over the Titans.
Freshman Blake Morgan-Gamber drives the ball upfield in Monday's 2-0 victory over Paint Branch.
Students practice with the new software programs in class.
Josey helps students familiarize with the lab's new software.
Sophomore Lily Alexander strikes the ball in double overtime.
Sophomore Lily Alexander snatches the ball away from Walter Johnson during the first game of the season.
Rogers helped coordinate the building of the labyrinth outside Blair, pictured during construction last summer.
Science teacher Jenny Tanner coaches the JV girls soccer team in her free time.