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Molly Brune

Photo Editor
Molly is a pretty average kid. She plays soccer for Blair and on a club team. When not playing soccer or at school, she spends pretty much all of her time with her friends. She likes playing on swings and bowling more than pretty much anything else in the world. Besides photo staff, of course. . .

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Senior Eliot Gold returns a defender's shove as he attempts to cut towards the goal with his ball.
Junior Johni Meeks carries the ball down the field after winning a face off.
Blair varsity softball meets to prepare themselves for fielding during the fourth inning.
Lauren Hammer, mother of junior Joe Hammer, donated a teapot and mugs amongst other ceramics to the art show.
The World War II Memorial is a favorite stop for both tourists and locals.  It honors the millions of soldiers who fought and died in the war.
Flags sway in the wind as night falls by the Washington Monument.
Downtown Silver Spring was the location of a fight on Saturday night at the end of the "Stop the Violence" concert.
Participants in Powershift 2009 gather on the West Lawn of the Capitol building. The protest took place March 2, 2009 to urge Congress to shut down the coal-powered plant that powers parts of the federal government.
A volunteer hands out helmets to protesters. The Powershift protest succesfully became an intergenerational experience as both protesters and volunteers ranged from teenagers to grandparents.
Keep your fingers crossed and your pajamas inside out - though for once, luck isn't the only thing we're counting on.
Cooley presented Blair with a $5,000
check to finance education when he visited in February to announce the $25,000 scholarship.
The Redskins tight end pointed out the correlation between higher
education and higher salary.
Principal Darryl Williams introduces Redskins player Chris Cooley. Cooley visited Blair seniors to announce a college scholarship.
This symbol represents the five academies at Blair. The arrows meet at the center of the pentagon - the focus of the previous picture.
Where in Blair? View the next photo to see the answer.
Hoy often finds herself laughing at one of Gold's many jokes.
Principal Darryl Williams holds the $500 check the MCT Federal Credit Union gave to Blair. He announced that the check would go to the Magnet program.
Seniors Jessica Arce, Jessica Diaz and Korie Ferguson and junior Joseph Arce coordinated their Ninja Turtle outfits.
Senior Melissa Mergner holds an imaginary gun to indicate her Bond girl disposition.
Freshman Marie Mahoney dresses as the cat in the hat.
Junior Gennesis Orellana poses ready to fight as a superhero from the Incredibles.
Senior Sam Barth practices his acting skills in his Marty McFly, a character from Back to the Future, costume.
Fashion Club performed in the SAC during 5B lunch as students crowded around.
Several Blair graduates spoke with current Blazers on Alumni Day.
Senior Leon Sampson tries to bend backwards to put the ball in to the net.
Senior Josh Gordon holds the ball out of reach of his opponent.
Freshman Magnet students attempt to measure the height of the steeple on top of the building during their research and engineering class.
Magnet math teacher William Rose was nominated for the Gazette's "My Favorite Teacher" contest.
While a few pieces of trash on the floor may look insignificant, the janitors have to pick up each piece individually and have to put a lot more work in to cleaning up.
One of the most common items discarded onto the floor after lunch is a paper bag.
Some students appear to leave trails as if the absent-mindedly drop their lunch bags on the way to class.
As winter begins, more and more clementine peels have been carelessly strewn on the ground for the janitors to clean up.
In the courtyard, empty bottles detract from the beauty of the fallen leaves.
Many students leave their trash on the ground after lunch instead of throwing it away in one of the many trash cans on Blair Boulevard
A bright red 09 is the only leftover decoration from homecoming spirit week.
Senior Leon Sampson dodges a jumping Cavalier as he prepares to shoot the ball.
Junior Cameron Reed stretches out his arm for a lay-up.
Team members comfort each other after a disappointing loss.
The Churchill "Dawgs," as their cheer wear  claims, took home first place.
With more fans and more cheering than any other team had, the Blair cheerleaders once again won the spirit award.
Despite being upset by their performance, the cheerleaders continued to cheer to remain a contender for the spirit award.
Unfortunately, it only takes one fall to be knocked out of winning the competition.
The cheerleaders succesfully completed many complicated structures and lifts.
The routine also included many gymnastic moves.
Every member of the team remains in sync with each other for their floor dancing sections.
the Blazers blast on to the floor filled with passion for the routine they are about to perform.
Many alumni came to coach on the squad during the competition.
They team sikes themself up to represent Montgomery Blair High School
The squad is filled with hope right before it is their turn to perform
The cheerleaders also do cheers for the audience's entertainment as they wait for the next school's performance.
Cheerleaders not selected to be part of the competition cheer on their teammates ,
The Blair cheerleaders lead Blazers in a cheer during their competition on Saturday, November 22.
Senior Julia Stratton hugs her coach, Brook Franceschini, as a goodbye after four years of Blair field hockey.
The cheerleaders lead the crowd in a cheer to build excitement about their competition this upcoming Saturday.
Every day, many students pass by Blair's trophy case but rarely stop and look inside. This gallery will take a look further into the past sports victories and awards that Blair has won.
The tennis team has only two trophies in the trophy case so far.
The largest trophy in the trophy case is the girls' soccer 2007 runner-up trophy from an annual pre-season tournament that they entered.
When all the diving trophies are put together, the appear to be posing to form a star.
Though the Blair football team has struggled in recent years, it has at times been a powerhouse in its division and the county.
While all of the running trophies have the character in the same position, they vary greatly in height and size.
The cheerleading squad holds 14 trophies, the most trophies of any one sports team.
The baseball team's batting trophy has the bat taped back on after it was once mishandled.
Cientos de estudiantes atendieron a una vigilia en honor a Lam.
At a candlelight vigil held the night after Tai Lam's death, friends and family left notes, gifts, flowers and Tai's favorite fruits - apples and oranges - at the center of a small shrine.
Hundreds of mourners attended a Sunday night vigil for Lam.
A girls sits on the curb in shock, unable to grasp why this happened to her friend.
A girl holds her candle up as people strain to see the memorial of gifts left in Tai's honor.
A friend honors his deceased classmate with a t-shirt.
A poster was hung at the bus stop for friends and family to leave messages for Lam.
People look out at thecrowd from the bus stop where the shooting occured.
Junior Lam Cao, Tai's older brother, has been in complete shock since the shooting.
Lam's older sister spoke and shared memories.
Many people wrote letters to Lam to help them reach closure.
Friends comfort each other amidst the crowd of people packed tightly together.
Candle wax spills on to a pair of Tai Lam's favorite shoes as the teddy bear next to it displays one of the few smiles of the night. These were a few of many items left in Lam's honor at last night's candlelight vigil. Lam was killed Saturday night.
Blazers mourned freshman Tai Lam Sunday night at a candlelight vigil held in his honor in front of Eastern Carryout on Flower Avenue. He was fatally shot Saturday night on a Ride On bus near the site.
Freshman Eli Schwadron has a backpack appearing to be scribbled all over.
Junior Darcy Pelz-Butler uses her bag as an excuse to look at her favorite celebrity throughout the school day.
Junior Tracy Betsurk uses her bag to express her advocacy for "going green" and recycling
Sophomore Adam Biru shows his style not only on his wrist and on his shirt, but also in his choice of backpack.
Sophomore Sedeka DeBush holds her black leather school bag up with pride.
A bag with as many binders on the inside as designs on the outside is left in the outdoor courtyard.
Senior Ebony Abraham sports a bag just as colorful as he fashionable wardrobe.
Senior Anna Rassman displays a bag she bought on a service trip to El Salvador this summer.
A seemingly random stage with a light above it sits in the middle of a park being torn apart for construction at the corner of Chesapeake and 41 St.
As indicated by the name, Politics and Prose includes many very political and satyrical books.
The reflections of the surrounding area in the windows of Picasso Gallery add even more abstraction to the already abstract paintings displays prominently in the windows.
Hungry Tiger and Steak n'  Egg Breakfast are only two examples of restaurants with comical displays involving food in this neighborhood.
The owners of Steak 'n Egg Kitchen with abstract pictures involving foods displayed around the premises.
Morty's proudly displays its meat in the "to go" section of the restaurant.
Freshman Jorge Pacheco volleys the ball as senior Mike Mozer looks on.
Senior George Nouboussie races ahead of two Walter Johnson Wildcats
Senior Aaron Kozloff practices his tight rope walking in the courtyard.
Patrons of the current Silver Spring library have offered suggestions for the new design.
Junior Aaron Baldwin uses any method that works to win the ball from the Bengals.
Junior Otis Banwell strikes the ball with the bottom of his cleat.
Senior Mikey Funes carefully traps the ball.
Many pet food companies, including ZiwiPeak,  advertise their products.
Sophomore Ava Wallace returns the ball during Blair's loss to Whitman on  Tuesday.
The Blair girls volleyball team sprints through one of the sports banners that the SGA decorated for each team.
Sophomore Sana Barclay shows off her free Blair towel.
Even freshmen are filled with school spirit.
Blair's chamber choir showcased their incredible harmonizing in the Blair Alma Mater.
The marching band arouses school spirit in listening Blazers.
Girls on the JV soccer team build their teamwork and show their school spirit at the same time.
The JV football team matches the varsity football team's enthusiasm in front of bleachers filled with Blazers.
The marching band has expanded its flag bearers to include rifle throwers, creating an even more dazzling display.
Senior Carlos Arana leads cheers and boosts spirit during the pep rally.
The Pom squad and cheerleaders line the field waiting for the sports teams to parade down the aisle.
The football team gets pumped up during the fall pep rally for their game Friday night against Northwood. The Blazers won, 41-12.
Flyers are placed around the school, both in hallways and classrooms, to inform students about the upcoming tryouts for this year's play, "Pride and Prejudice."
Freshman Evelyn Diaz sports a bag created with patches of different patterns.
Flyers are placed around the school, both in hallways and classrooms, to inform students about the upcoming tryouts for this year's play, "Pride and Prejudice."
Senior Lilian Mendez shows her class pride as she poses for one of her senior portraits.
Seniors Corinne Ducey and Camille Huang register runners for Runovation, a 5k race organized by a group of Blair seniors determined to help rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina destroyed a large amount of the city.
Others, such as Blair teacher Kevin Shindel's son, appeared to be happy just running for fun.
Some of the young runners had the same intensity and competitive spirit as many of the older and more experienced runners.
After the main race, a fun run took place for the children eager to be runners just like their parents.
Senior Josh Gordon collapses in exhaustion after completing the race.
The race organizers also provided a buffet of foods so the racers could replenish their energy after finishing the race.
Runners show enthusiasm as they approach the finish line.
Senior Tamara Castro-Marquez hands out water bottles filled with cold water to participants after they finish the race.
Blair teacher Marc Grossman completed the entirety of the 5k race while pushing his son in a stroller.
The women's winner, Karen Young, heads towards the finish line.
Luis Navarro, the men's winner, finishes the race a lap ahead of all of the other participants.
The route included parts of Sligo Creek Parkway and neighborhood roads surrounding Silver Spring International Middle School, where the race ended.
Former Blair teacher and Redskins cheerleader Nicole Hopkins and a co-worker came out to show their support for the event.
A group of seniors in the Communication Arts Program organized Run-o-vation, a 5-kilometer race held on Aug. 31 to benefit those affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
A participant ties her shoes while waiting at the starting line for the race to begin.
Seniors Peter Lansworth and Tim Nguyen choose music to get the runners pumped up for the race.
The event recieved media coverage from both a local television news station and the Silver Spring Gazette.
Seniors Corinne Ducey and Ariana Gangloff help register runners.
Runners stretch to prepare for the race.
A crowd gathers around the registration booth as people wait anxiously for the race to begin.
Junior Paige Munger gives senior Matt Dant a hug on Blair Blvd one last time.
The administration puts up signs reminding seniors to buy their cap and gown.
A group of students decorate the courtyard with chalk in celebration of the end of the school year.
Students celebrate the beginning of summer in chalk!
Junior Gloria Reinonos signs senior Bradley Harmon's yearbook during his final lunch at Blair.
Freshman Saleiha Mayer-Marks puts enthusiasm into her yearbook signature.
Junior Melanie Snail signs her best friends yearbook.
The cast presents flowers to the show directors, seniors Brittany Allen and Caitlin Schneiderhan.
The players take a bow.
Junior Adam Carey wipes off his face after having water thrown at him and being dumped.
A psychic waitress gives junior Adam Carey the first true surprise in his entire psychic life.
In the final act, junior Adam Carey plays a psychic that has trouble holding onto a girlfriend. He tells junior Anna Snapp that he is aware she is about to dump him.
Junior Maya Baum reads post-it notes that she leaves her boyfriend turned husband over the years, reviewing their relationship in notes.
An overly-flattering suitor, played by Robin Dreher, hits on an unimpressed woman during one of her many blind dates.
Senior Maile Zox tries to trick an inspector, played by junior Adam Carey, into believing that she did not kill her husband.
The thespian club begins their performance by singing "Seasons of Love" from the hit play "Rent."
The Christian Club presents a play celebrating Jesus on Friday, May 30.
To celebrate beautiful weather on a Friday, Blazers decorate the courtyard.
Freshman Maia Barnes celebrates her win in this year's first round of Killer.
Junior Paige Munger reenacts her murder of junior Jason Glasgow-Jackson.
When Blazers are 'killed,' they report their death to organizer junior Joseph Rosen.
Senior Hilary Bragg accepts the Most Valuable Player award and, for tradition, returns Louis Hoelman's flamingo.
Graduating members receive rewards for all their work for the Spanish Honor Society.
Inductees receive certificates declaring their new membership in the Spanish Honor Society.
Sra. Dora Gonzalez invites all the senior members to the stage.
The inductees light each others' candles.
The secretary lights a mother candle to light the inductees' candles at the Spanish Honor Society induction ceremony.
The Spanish Honor Society President and Vice President commence the ceremony.
Social studies teacher Rondai Ravilious is ending her term as SGA sponsor.
The outdoor track team shows their spirit at the spring pep rally.
The girls' softball team beat Springbrook 5-2 to advance to the second round of playoffs. They will be playing at Sherwood on Monday.
Junior Mike Mozer takes one of his thirteen shots, almost all of which were near misses.
Juniors Mike Mozer and Tom Clement pass the ball up the field to build an attack.
Senior Mark Goodman clears the ball after making a strong save during the first quarter.
Junior Demitri Williams measures small intestines in one of the many pig dissections currently taking place in honors biology classes.
Senior Amanda ______ returns the ball to the sender.
Senior Olivia Bozik smashes the ball onto the floor in between the Wheaton Knights
Senior Lizzie Horne scored her first goal of the season on her senior night.
Sophomore Nellie Garlow cradles the ball while waiting for a teammate to open up in the box.
A family of Canadian Geese that has made its home in the Blair woodlands attends boys lacrosse's senior night.
However this time instead of trying to seem as dead as possible, the activists continue their chants to call more attention to their cause.
The students return to downtown Silver Spring to "die" one last time.
As cars rush by, some drivers take the time to honk when they see the signs supporting Darfur.
Despite the large gathering of students outside the building, nobody from the M-NCPPC came outside during the protest.
Senior Ben Simon give a speech in front of the building where the decision about the divestment will be made next week.
Junior Vanessa Hoy holds up a sign in the midst of the marchers.
Senior Noah Robinson and juniors Aaron Kozloff and Brady Ettinger lead the protesters in a cheer asking M-NCPPC to divest their spendings and not support the genocide.
During the march, the protesters chant slogans such as "Save Darfur" and "MNCPPC
After senior Ben Simon, the organizer of the event, gave a pep talk, protesters began their march to the MCNPPC to try to convince them to divest their funds so they would not support the Sudanese government.
Despite the concern that not enough people would come, the protest gathered around 200 protesters.
Senior Vijay Baharani and graduate Emanuel Waktola pose dead off to the side of the road.
Many of the participants hold signs to explain and emphasize the message they are tying to send in the "die-in."
People pretend to be dead while they lay on the ground to protest the genocide in Darfur.
Junior Henry Zhang prevents the ball from going out of bounds.
Junior Kerry Chang serves the ball.
Junior Vanessa Hoy scores during the Blazers' 13-12 victory over Gaithersburg. The Blazers won the game after junior Susie Branson scored in the last two minutes, giving the Blazers the goal they needed to win the game!
Senior co-captain Lizzie Horne passes the ball to sophomore Molly Branson in girls' lacrosse's 13-12 victory over Gaithersburg. The game went back and forth until junior Susie Branson scored a goal in the last minute to give the Blazers the win.
While the majority of Blair's plants are well cared for,every now and then a small plant has been neglected.
Trees have been planted in front of the main entrance to the school to beautify the building and show all visitors the importance of nature to our school.
The flowers at Blair range from being wild and dotting fields to being carefully planted in gardens and under trees.
As the school year continues at Blair so does the circle of life for the plants at Blair, as shown by the wilting of Blair's many beautiful daffodils.
Some plants at Blair, though categorized by some as weeds, serve as opportunities to make wishes for some students.
With an abundant amount of shrubbery and grass, the practice fields at Blair are able to withstand the flooding caused by rain.
Blair has planted trees and flowers in the middle of the outdoor courtyard to add cheeriness to the otherwise largely gray area.
Trying to mimic the gymnastics team, some of the track team attempts to emulate the display of flexibility and acrobatic ability shown by the gymnasts.
Instead of showing their team pride and school spirit, the boys varsity lacrosse team chooses to brag about their pep rally skit from last year, bringing a bouquet of boos from the audience.
The varsity baseball team sways to the old baseball song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."
Runner-up senior Constantine Kulakov describes the disappointment of a kiss with no emotional meaning to him.
Senior Rex Jarrett reads his heartbreaking poem about the pain and misery of heart break.
Junior Jessica Diaz-Hurtado wins first place for the second year in a row.
A Ms. Blazer contestant hits every note perfectly while singing "Killing Me Softly."
Senior Francesca Blume dances about the stage barefoot as she sings an oldies classic.
Junior Nahom Ghebremeschel and friends sing a piece accapella.
Senior Zack Pinsky sings his rendition of "Don't Stop Believing."
Senior Haben Ghebremaschel wins the title or Mr. Blazer through a comical rap that includes beat-boxing in the background.
Senior Morgan Nixon tap dances her way to becoming the 2008 Ms. Blazer.
To end the show, one of the contestants calls a girl up to stage, hands her flowers and asks her to prom!
Junior Pan Wang spikes the ball over the net.
Junior Willy Li serves an ace!
Junior Lily Ross won the spirit day award for her ability to make a tutu and a blazer into a aesthetically pleasing outfit.
Freshman Samantha Miskiri has both the fashionable clothes and a fashionable pose.
Freshmen Laura Anthony, Sarah Schwartz, Sree Sinha, Ell Okun, Casey Goldvale and Sam Edelman show off their school spirit.
Freshman Bridget Flynn Kastner dresses both for Vogue day and the warm weather.
Freshmen Maia Barnes and Lyndsay Rini have already mastered walking in high heels at a young age.
Sophomore Imani Pierre coordinates with a blue hat, scarf, belt, and sandals.
Freshman Christina Stiles shows off her colorful style.
Sophomore Angela Nunez creates her own unique pose while to go with her unique red high heels.
Seniors Francesca Blume and Andrew Mcgehee enjoy Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the outdoor movie shown by the SGA.
Junior Rachel Nicholson winds up for a pitch.
Junior Caitlin Ludington bunts the ball.
Senior Olivia Bozik hits the ball over the net and scores a point for the Blazers.
Freshman Eve Brown pitched over half the game without losing her accuracy.
Junior Xenia Oroxom throws the ball to the first baseman to prevent the runner from trying to steal second base.
Junior Jose Sarmiento shoves his opponent away to win the ball.
Sophomore Devon Peck serves the ball.
Senior co-captain Jamie Binns ducks under a crowd of players to win possession of the ball.
A number of Einstein students were arrested after a gunshot was heard from a second floor bathroom.
Since the incident, Einstein has taken extra steps to ensure safety including more on-site police cars and three new security guards.
The lights surrounding the stadium both light up the field and warm the audience, as they include heat lights.
The food selection at the new ballpark includes many local restaurants such as Georgetown Grill and Ben's Chili Bowl.
To keep children entertained, the ballpark includes a Playstation area with Guitar Hero, karaoke, and virtual baseball, among other games.
The Nationals continued their tradition of having a presidential race - and making Teddy Roosevelt lose.
Despite a new stadium and a solid start to the season, the Nationals still struggle to gain fans.
The food vendors accommodate the the cold weather by selling hot chocolate and coffee instead of lemonade and ice cream
To enhance the experience of standing in line waiting for food, burgers are cooked right in front of the customers.
The scoreboard at the new ballpark includes a clock with the Nationals Logo in the center.
The bright lighting of the new Nationals Park brightens up the sky on a dark, cloudy day.
Senior Jonas Schaffer fakes out an opponent while carrying the ball up the field.
Senior co-captain Tim Visclosky jumps into the air to catch a high pass.
Science teacher Eric Prange's fourth period class decorated his whiteboard for April Fool's Day.
Junior varsity girls' lacrosse players practice basic stick skills.
During an exclusive interview with Silver Chips Online, Rachel McAdams and Russell Crowe consider why they were drawn to acting in this movie.
During breaks, the make-up artists come around and re-apply make-up to the gun twirlers.
Exhausted Blazers take a seat on the steps of the Scottish Rite Temple at every chance they get.
Many students took naps during breaks after having to be at Blair by 5:30 am to be make sure they didn't miss the bus.
Because of the heavy winds, both the flags and the feathers on the marching band hats looked more lively in the scene.
Russell Crowe helps Rachel McAdams into a car after they finish a discussion they held while walking by the marching band.
Director Kevin MacDonald, who has also directed six other movies including
"The Last King of Scotland," checks in with the marching band and gun twirlers to   make sure they are all holding up well.
Blair's marching band not only had to play their fight song many times, but they also had to pretend to play the song many times without making a sound.
In addition to Blair's marching band, the scene included gun twirling girls.
The chairs of all the important people, such as the director, had the name of the movie on the back and the name of the chair holder on the front.
Junior Mandy Brown gets her hair fixed so that it will fit under her marching band hat.
Junior Emma Guerrero gets her trumpet ready to play the same fight song countless times.
The marching band and a few Blair actors perform for the scene in the upcoming movie "State of Play."
Junior Gloria Reinonos has perfected the classic cross-eyed funny face.
Junior Keith Ayensu claims he doesn't know how to make a silly face, but with a little help from his friends, he can do the job right.
Junior Jason Glasgow-Jackson shakes his face so that slobber splatters everywhere giving him the effect he was aiming for - a disgusted but attentive audience.
Senior Olivia Bozik sends the volleyball flying high above her and over the net.
The boys' volleyball team perfects their serves.
Senior co-captain Helen Anderson shows sophomore Sarah Frank the proper form for throwing a lacrosse ball.
Senior goalkeeper Mark Goodman practices while the rest of the boys' lacrosse team runs laps.
The junior varsity boys' lacrosse team warms up by passing the ball back and forth with partners.
Junior varsity softball practices both right and left handed bunting.
Junior varsity baseball players throw balls into a bucket after loosening their arms up so that they are less likely to get injured.
Protesters block an intersection while waiting for police to try to shove them out of the way of traffic.
The Funk the War protest is different from other protests in that it encourages people to dance down the streets instead of just marching.
Some of the students that organized the protest chained themselves to desks in the middle of the intersection of Connecticut Ave. and 18th St.
2007 graduate Jon Berger helped organize the protest.
Students for a Democratic Society painted desks with the slogan "Funk the War" to emphasize their point that more money should be spent on schools instead of the Iraq war.
With approximately a crowd of 400, the Funk the War protest stands outside of Lockheed Martin while some protesters try unsuccessfully to enter the lobby.
Code Pink uses a bed to make puns about the war such as "tired of war" and "wake up America."
Freshman Blazer Clara Kelly holds up a sign condemning the government's current plan in Iraq.
The police physically move a protester to the sidewalk in order to clear the streets so that cars can cross.
Demonstrators place stickers asking for peace on everything, from cars and buildings to signs and poles.
Many Blair students including junior Vanessa Hoy and sophomores Joe Hammer and Rachel Gelding participated in the protest.
Protest organizers encouraged the protesters to write messages encouraging peace all over the streets in chalk.
Blair junior Laura Moya writes Funk the War on the ground in chalk.
A member of Students for a Democratic Society holds up a sign protesting giving up education funds to pay for the Iraq war during a demonstration on the war's fifth anniversary.
JV girls lacrosse players practice catching a lacrosse ball in their stick's netting.
Junior Aaron Kozloff sported a green blazer with a shamrock tie that he dug out of his closet for St. Patrick's honor.
Juniors Jazmyn Miller and Jeanette Chavez and senior Karla Kaffi all wore green tops to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
Sophomore Meredith Meer wore her Ireland hoodie to show national pride and celebrate the holiday.
Junior Grace Ellison and sophomore Kelsey Jenkins wear green that greatly contrasts with their usual attire.
Without the crowd, this same spot is nothing but a bare floor.
Without a performance, the SAC stage transforms into a simple, raised extension of the patterned floor.
Blair's theater performances are clearly about the students and not the stage, as this now drab auditorium shows.
Without mobs of fans, the bleachers are simply slits of silver.
When not saturated with students or fans, bleachers are pushed back and become a part of the wall.
The field looks lonely without athletes.
Football players pile on to the field and each other.
Blazers stand through the homecoming football game in the midst of the pouring rain.
Crowds of people stand on the floor in the  SAC during the SGR Spectacular.
The junior class of 2009 shows their class spirit by waving their class sign during the fall pep rally.
The cast of Blair's production of "Beauty and the Beast" fills the stage in the auditorium.
On wacky tacky day, break dancers entertain people during lunch, drawing a crowd around the stage.
Soccer players fill the field during breaks throughout the two weeks of try-outs for both JV and varsity soccer.
Band instructor Michelle Roberts conducts students in class. Roberts and the marching band will travel to Washington, D.C. on March 20.
A lacrosse player scoops up a ball from the ground to practice recovering for mistakes.
Senior Ben Kastner practices defending against junior Eliot Gold.
A lacrosse player reaches out her stick to save a wild ball during girls' lacrosse tryouts.
The boys volleyball coaches evaluate each player as they practice spiking balls over the net.
Blair students trying out for the coed volleyball team watch as senior Julie Brice serves the ball to a teammate during a drill.
During try-outs the boys' lacrosse teams alternate between push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks during their warm-up.
The cast of "Beauty and the Beast" bows as the audience claps.
Mrs. Potts confirms her children's beliefs that they will stay human forevermore.
Lumiere (junior Russell Ottalini) and his girlfriend Babette discuss their relationship after their transformation back in to humans.
Belle and the no-longer Beast kiss after he has been turned in to a man again.
Gaston fights Beast for Belle in the climax of the play.
Belle cries after being reunited with her father Maurice.
Belle remembers how much she misses her father after Beast lets her look through his enchanted mirror.
Belle reads Beast a story after he shows her his extensive library.
Belle cleans the wounds of Beast (senior Christoff Visscher) after he saved her from the wolves.
Napkins dance to help welcome Belle to the  castle during the song "Be Our Guest."
Tavern patrons dance in celebration of Gaston.
Gaston's silly girls (senior Brittany Allen, junior Allie Berger, and sophomore Diana Jeang) all try to comfort Gaston (senior Malcolm Foley) after Belle has rejected his marriage proposal.
Mindy Or stars as Belle in the "Beauty and the Beast," which sold out the first three shows.
Maurice is surprised to find that the tea that Mrs. Potts (senior Francesca Blume) has poured for him is in a talking cup named Chip (freshman Lindsay Rini).
Babette (sophomore Annie Milligan) sits on the lap of Maurice (junior Daniel Woolson) in her excitement over seeing a real man after so many years.
Belle (senior Mindy Or) borrows a book from the librarian in the opening scene of the play.
Senior Ruby Johnson expresses what she believes diversity means.
Senior Terrance Hamm introduces proudly introduces himself as a black honors and advanced placement student.
Students on the panel reflected on their experiences being called 'dorks' or 'oreos' for trying to 'act white.'
Science teacher John Haigh holds up a skull during his anatomy class.  Haigh also coaches varsity boys' soccer at Springbrook.
Senior Kalisha Holmes brings the ball up court during her last game as a Blazer.
Junior Ashley Arnold holds the ball while the Blazers get set on offense.
Freshman Sarah Mcmillian, just recently pulled up to varsity, scores a field goal during the third quarter
As a coach, Kobren helped Blair to fill its trophy case by bringing his teams to many championships, including leading both the soccer and tennis teams to be state champions in 1964.
A picture of Kobren watches over every basketball victory and loss at home on a memorial placard that resides on the scoring table.
The gymnasium, named after Kobren, has handled everything from pep rallies to eggs.
Athletic director Dale Miller took over the position of athletic director after Kobren passed away.
The Nelson H. Kobren gym was recently decorated with a picture of a superman Blazer to promote school spirit.
Junior Jessica Arce says that sometimes her classmates seem to check with other peers to see if her answers are correct.
The diversity panel included seventeen black students, one Asian student, and one  white student that were eager to share their experiences and opinions about diversity and racism.
Senior Malcolm Foley talks about encountering racism as one of the few black people in the magnet program while classmates junior Novian Haynes and senior Francesca Blume listen during the diversity panel held on Friday, Feb. 29 in the auditorium.
Junior Alhaji Janneh pulls his opponent to the ground.
Junior Kekura Musa flips over his opponents during the county wrestling tournament.
The cheerleaders perform a routine for their annual competition which ended up winning them first place in their division.
The poms squad puts attitude into every move they use.
The poms squad shows off its athleticism, coordination and flexibility all at the same time during the fall pep rally.
The cheerleaders dance during the homecoming pep rally.
The cheerleaders keep Blazer pride high no matter what the scoreboard says.
Junior Jessica Arce is thrown in to the air to entertain the crowd during a football game.
The poms perform during halftime of a football game.
The poms squad performs the Soulja Boy dance
The poms squad performs during half time of the first football game of the season.
Pom dancer An Tran waits on the field for the first fall pep rally to begin.
The Blair cheerleaders march in the Kensington Labor Day Parade.
Eight year old Taylor Forbes, at right, cheers during a football game.
Described as the team's "mascot," 8-year-old Taylor Forbes cheers at a football game.
Taylor, in front, leads the varsity cheerleaders.
Taylor stands in the middle of the chain of varsity cheerleaders.
Taylor, on the right, cheers with the varsity squad.
Eight year old Taylor Forbes cheers at a Blair football game.
Magnet teacher MaryAnn Dvorsky has known she was destined to teach since the age of 8.
English teacher Lauren Nestuk enjoys doing holiday crafts such as cross-stitching in her free time.
Karen Collins has been working at Blair for 15 years.
Special education teacher Dianne Bisselle has a masters degree in mild to moderate disabilities in special education from John Hopkins University.
Social studies teacher Candace Thurman uses unique methods to keep her students' attention.
ESOL teacher Ailish Zompa has helped many Blair students learn English over the past  six years at Blair.
Math teacher Kathleen Robens was once a professional modern dancer and the director of a New Yok dance company.
Magnet teacher Patricia Miller holds a PhD in Human Genetics from the University of Michigan.
Science teacher Desiree Balla has created many fun ways for her students to remember terms and processes.
Magnet teacher Robert Donaldson has now been teaching at Blair for 20 years.
Many students of math teacher Karen Brandt find her southern accent warm and inviting.
Art teacher Janet Berry stands in front of a collection of her students' work.
Music teacher Dustin Doyle has performed in church gigs and weddings.
Paris Bustillos was born in Spain and immigrated to the United States at the age of 10.
World teacher James Mogge has a very unique sense of teaching style.
Magnet teacher Eric Walstein enjoys listening to classical music and folk music.
Magnet coordinator Dennis Heidler spends his free time cooking.
John Templin works on his snowman.
Sophomores Leon Scales and Charis Hollinger have been together for a year and four months!
The chamber choir sings love songs to spanish teacher  Dora Gonzalez as part of their singing valentine fundraiser.
Seniors Amanda Pesantez and Tiara Sanderson show off their love for the day of love.
Junior Gloria Reinonos holds up a present she made for her boyfriend.
Freshman Chelsea Nunez has a secret admirer!
Seniors Christoff Vischner and Lizzie Horne exchange valentines and love.
Freshman Christina Stiles and sophomore Trevor Fullerton show their affection for each other in the midst of Blair Boulevard.
Sophomore Adam Detzner hands out free Hershey's kisses during lunch on Valentine's Day.
Social studies teacher George Vlasits recently became the head of the social studies department.
Gym teacher Brook Franceschini is also the coach of the field hockey team.
Music Sara Josey listens to one of her students' compositions.
Math teacher William Rose teaches his magnet analysis class.
John Kaluta spends most of his time after school leading Blair's stage crew.
History teacher Amy Thomas inspires many of her students with her sense of humor.
History teacher David Whitacre is known for his pessimistic attitude.
Spanish teacher Kerri Galloway teaches the majority of the spanish 3 classes.
Science teach Patricia Miller shows her delight about being a teacher.
Music teacher Paul Newport teaches the chamber choir a new song.
Obama said that in return for receiving money for their education, college students should go out and give back to the community.
Many Blair students and teachers made appearances at the Barack Obama rally.
Obama brought up lowering the cost of college multiple times to cater to the great number of University of Maryland students at his rally.
Obama spoke passionately about his campaign themes of hope and change.
Barack Obama countered many of his critics' arguments during his speech.
The Obama sign was large enough that it could be seen anywhere in the Comcast Center.
Many people carried "Si Se Puede" signs, exemplifying Obama's efforts to capture the immigrant vote.
Many people brought cell phones and cameras to capture the historic event.
Blair graduate and UMCP student Chris Wilhelm, who organized the rally, had the honor of introducing Obama.
Cameramen aim towards candidate Barack Obama.
The crowd looks up at televisions displaying a campaign advertisement featuring different musicians singing and saying the Obama's speech with him.
Obama supporters filled up almost all of the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland, College Park.
A woman shows her support for Obama by wearing signs supporting the candidate.
Barack Obama hired a DJ to play popular music while the crowd waited two to three hours for the presidential candidate.
Blair students managed to win spots on the floor right in front of the podium.
A man takes pride in his choice to skip work to attend the rally.
Athletic director Dale Miller has now been held his position
Gym teacher Heather Amell sits in the dance studio waiting for her students to finish changing in to gym clothing.
Cindy Villavicencio explains the economical differences between the United States and poorer countries to one of her connections classes.
Math teacher Earl Lindsey shows the face he uses to intimidate his students.
Social studies teacher Marc Grossman gives directions to one of his NSL government classes.
ESOL math teacher Charles Wang helps a student to understand a math problem.
Math teacher Maria Costello sports beads to celebrate Mardi Gras.
Science teacher Angelique Bosse laughs at one of her cellular physiology student's jokes.
Science teacher John Haigh holds up a skull during his anatomy class.
Outside of school, technology education teacher Robert Hopkins likes spending his free time in the outdoors.
History and media teacher Paul Irvin explain a group activity to his US history students.
English teacher Pamela Bryant now helps run a program held by the University of Maryland that is designed to teach teachers to teach.
Science teacher Leslie Van smiles as her students joke about her photograph enthusiasm.
Academies coordinator Jennifor Kempf has collected many pins to decorate her lanyard.
Math teacher Milton Roth looks lovingly at his Algebra 2 students.
Kenneth Seat looks sharp for the camera.
Anne Wisniewski is one of only two IT systems specialists working at Blair.
Each fashion club member struts down the runway one last time, poses, and leaves the stage. At the very end of the show senior Eric LaPrince stands at the front of the runway, poses, and declares "I'm LaPrince."
For the last act, club members sported their matching jackets with their motto "fierce mentality" on the back.
Senior Courtney Forbes models pride to represent overcoming the temptations.
Senior Acacia Cooper counts her money to represent greed.
Models dressed as different temptations such as fatty foods and jealousy pose together.
All the models on the stage dance around sophomore Tamara Taylor.
Blair fashion club puts a new spin on the word ballerina.
The fashion club made a short documentary about their theme for the show and motto "fierce mentality," showing clips of the making of the show and different club members.
Sophomore Hakeema Mercucio struts her stuff down the walkway.
Senior Terrance Hamm's elegant pose gives away his identity despite his mask.
With flashing lights in the background, masked performers freeze in different positions, giving off a spooky ghost-like impression.
Junior Hobe Richards and sophomore Hakeema  Mercurius walk down the runway in unison.
Senior Courtney Forbes strikes a pose that well demonstrates the fashion club's motto, "fierce mentality" during the Fashion Club's show on Friday, Feb. 8.
Senior co-captain Bereket Kebede wins his final home match on Senior Night with a second round pin.  The Blazers won, 54-24 against Richard Montgomery.
After the Giants won the 42nd Annual Super Bowl on Feb. 4, 2008, many students such as junior Nick Sanchez celebrated their team's win by wearing Giants jerseys.
Freshman Janet Henkai fakes out her opponent.
Junior Ashley Arnold goes for the layup in a win against Sherwood on Monday night.
Senior co-captain Milt Calquehoun makes a three-pointer.
Junior Mike McClain makes his layup despite being double teamed by two Sherwood Warriors.  The Blazers lost 49-47 on a last-second shot.
Alex Bae jams in his band's rendition of "Paralyzer."
Seniors dance the Soulja Boy dance in celebration of being second semester seniors.
Seniors Song Fu, Jarren Zhang and Eddie Tang sing passionately about their desire to obtain straight A's.
Tina Zhang flips while holding a sword in her hand.
Junior Julie Ufford sings the oldies song "All I Have to Do is Dream."
Senior Junqian Zhang strums his guitar in a performance of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' "Snow (Hey oh)."
Junior Giulian Garruba works behind the scenes to help ensure that the performance runs smoothly.
Pin-Joe Ko plays "Danse Macabre," a piano duet, with Belinda Juang  (not pictured.
Masters of Ceremonies junior Jason Arora, senior Nilan Schnure and sophomore Scott Yu did an excellent job getting laughs from the audience through pretend rivalries and jokes.
Soraya Chanayasubkit plays "Samkumneung" on the ranad-aek as a prelude to Act II.
Junior Aaron Kozloff gracefully leaps from one wall to another.
Junior Aaron Kozloff springs off of a wall and, for a split moment, appears to be flying through the air
Ari Shapiro uses nearly every muscle in his lower leg as he attempts to jump on to  the top of a higher block.
Junior Aaron Kozloff does pull-ups in the grueling warm-up routine that is used to prevent participants from being easily injured.
Ricky Edwards jumps off of a wall after succesfully jumping on top of it.
Junior Aaron Kozloff gracefully leaps from one wall to another.
Eugene Shen jumps towards a wall with his foot positioned to give him maximum rebound off of the wall.
Harold Hayes Jr. uses the wall to jump over a three-foot-high rope
Junior Sierra Thomas attempts to shoot amid a slew of defending Richard Montgomery Rockets.  The Blazers lost, 66-42.
Ryan Waldman
Benjamin Lee
The lines outside the financial office will be long all week as senior dues and student parking permit fees are both due by Friday.
Junior Miche Ulysse managed to pick up his opponent multiple times during his 10-0 win.
Senior captain Bereket Kebede pins his opponent in just 14 seconds amid a 52-18 win against Watkins Mill.
The Lady Blazers challenge the Rockets for a rebound.
Freshman Eric Edwards has been an active member of the Blair community. He is seen here participating in Pajama Day.
The music's on at the winter concert.
Musicians and singers join forces at the winter concert.
The chamber choir performed at the winter concert, entertaining the audience with French and German pieces.
Senior Kalisha Holmes powerfully drives towards the basket during a 52-47 win against Magruder.
Junior Ashley Arnold goes up for a layup in Blair's win over Magruder on Friday night.
Seniors Mark Goodman and Sam Ricci accompany the chorus on the guitar during the music concert on Friday, Jan. 11.
Teachers try to coax student in to choosing a math elective at the elective fair held during 5A and 5B lunch on Blair Blvd to help students choose electives to take next year.
An electives fair was held during 5A and 5B lunch on Thursday, January 10, to help students choose classes for next year.
IntoneNation begins a song as many children gather around to listen at Blair's Barnes and Noble Fundraiser for After Prom in December
All three of Blair's groups that performed, including Blair's Chamber Choir, IntoneNation, and Action Jackson and the Go-Getters
Action Jackson and the Go-Getters perform at Barnes and Noble, an act that was likely very different than anything many of the patrons had ever seen
Blair Silver Quill members explain their club to a curious shopper.
Principal Williams and his son come to watch Blair groups perform at the Barnes and Noble Fundraiser
Junior Adam Jackson sings a solo during IntoneNation's performance
Blair's Chamber Choir listened as their singing is praised
Freshman Janet Henkai wins the rebound in the midst of four Springbook players.
Senior Sara Ramsay fights for the ball
Senior Kingsley Asare and junior Megan Ferguson work at the vault during 5B lunch.
The air band, Action Jackson and the Go-Getters, perform with festive santa hats on.
The Holy Rollers perform a number for the audience.
Junior Jessica Diaz reads a poem of her own at the SGR Spectacular.
Senior Noah Robinson sings with his acoustic guitar.
The Fighting Janes perform at the Mardi Gras themed SGR Spectacular.
Senior Kalisha Holmes prepares for a lay-up.
Senior Kalisha Holmes prepares for a lay-up.
Junior Ashley Arnold scores two points for Blair with a jump shot.
Senior captain Haben Ghebremeschel causes his opponent to make a face.
Senior captain Bereket Kebede calmly looks down at his struggling opponent.
Senior Captain Burket Kebede flips over his opponent in a difficult maneuver.
Senior Charles Chikelu manages to cover the eyes of his BCC opponent.
Junior Ramita Dewan throws the ball up for a lay-up.
Junior Ashley Arnold pushes past a Kennedy player as while dribbling the ball in towards the net.
A house on Takoma Park's Maple Ave shows its support for the
city's recently reaffirmed sanctuary status.
Diversity Workshop leader Senior Claire Kalala takes notes during a forum about race held by Kevin Shindel during his 8th period class.
A Blair parent looks at a list of scholarship opportunities at the Financial Aid Meeting held in the auditorium.
The cheerleaders pose for a picture after they have finished their
Cheerleaders celebrate as they find out they won first place!
Blazers also won the spirit award.
The cheerleaders lead the fans in a cheer. This is one of the necessary components of their performance.
The cheerleaders execute their moves with precision during the competition. <i>Click  here to see more. </i>
The cheerleaders lead the crowd in a cheer in hopes of winning the
spirit award, an award that goes to the school that showed the most
Blair fans cheer on their team.
Spirit builds as the cheerleaders form a huddle.
The Blair cheerleaders look on as other schools perform.
Junior Paige Munger battles for the ball against the Wheaton Knights.
Sophomore Rachel Mulbry traps the ball between two Wheaton Knights.
Senior co-captain Sergio Quisquinay traps the ball in a 3-0 loss to Springbrook on Sept. 27.
Varsity girls' volleyball head coach Heather Amell gives a speech about coach's award winner Olivia Bozik as Bozik and Most Improved Dorcus Olawuni listen.
Varsity girls' volleyball head coach Heather Amell gives a speech about coach's award winner Olivia Bozik as Bozik and Most Improved Dorcus Olawuni listen listen.
Sophomore Rachel Mulbry traps the ball between two Wheaton Knights.
Sophomore Annie Milligan catches the ball on top of her foot as sophomore Sarah Frank looks on.
Sophomore Elana Gold weaves through Wheaton defenders.
The SGA placed a smashed-up car in the Blair parking lot to remind students not to drink and drive.
A hip-hop club member freezes mid-pose during a performance at 5b lunch. Several clubs have been performing during lunch throughout Spirit Week.
Junior Jessica Diaz manages to look glamorous even in tacky clothing.
Senior Micheal Lindo uses only school colors for his wacky tacky outfit.
Freshman Dale Mayhew uses almost every color in the rainbow for her outfit.
Sophomores Jenna Bushnell, Molly Branson, and Annie Buckley all try to combine as many pieces of clothing as they can for Wacky Tacky Day.
Senior Terrence Hamm dresses wacky tacky from head to toe.
Seniors Nazanin Yousefnijad and Katie Scott transform themselves into the people they will be in fifty years.
Juniors Giovanna Selvaggio-Stix, Renee Pierce, and Anna Rassman and Senior Adriana Gonzalez dress up as grannies.
Sophomore Chloe Sheridan plays her role as a scolding old lady.
Seniors Sara Koivula and Nina Getachew dress as an elderly couple taking a stroll down Blair Boulevard together. <i>Click here to see more! </i>
Senior Jonathan Fortuna dresses as Indiana Jones.
Seniors Kelly Patterson, Nanacy Pham, Angela Nguyen, Michelle Lopez, and Sophia Solomon all show their adventurous sides in different ways.
Juniors Jessica Arce and Korie Ferguson pose as characters from Pokemon,Pikachu and Ash.
Common reasons for obligations
Juniors Greg Friedman (left) and Peter Meyers perform with their aird band at a concert held at the Electric Maid in Takoma Park on Friday, October 12. The air band, Action Jackson and the Go-Getters, performed along with two other local bands that featured Blair students.
Sophomore Parris Essouma attempts a tackle on a Magruder player.
Coming all the way from New York, the Derek James Band performed along with many other local favorites like the Fighting Janes at the Rock for Renovation on Saturday. Money was raised for the renovation of the old Silver Spring International auditorium.
Junior Caitlin Ludington spikes the ball as the Blazers cruise to a victory over the Northwood Gladiators Friday.
Senior Captain Julie Brice hits the ball over the net.
Sophomore Jamie Thomas sends the ball up the field.
Senior captain Sergio Quisquinay traps the ball in a 3-0 loss to Springbrook on Sept. 27.
Sophomores Sierra Shepard and Angie Nunez along with Senior Julissa Rogers perform with the rest of the step team at the Ninth grade assembly on September 27th.
Sophomore Julia Skolnik sets up junior Caitlin Ludington for a spike against Quince Orchard.
Senior Dorcas Olawuni and Junior Caitlin Ludington block Quince Orchard from getting the ball over the net.
Takoma Park residents enjoyed a day of music, food, and clowns at the Folk Festival last weekend.
Junior Keith Ayensu runs down the field with the ball.
Senior Haben Ghebrenescel attempts to tackle a Gaithersburg player.  The Blazers lost, 45-0.
Cheerleaders perform stunts on the sidelines to pump up Blazer spirit.
<i>Click to see more fall sports pictures.</i>
Sophomore Alanna Gold leads the ball down the field against Watkins Mill in the JV Girls' first game of the season. Blazers won 7 to 0.
Blair went head to head with Blake in their first football game of the season this Friday. Blazers lost 12 to 21.
Juniors Molly Brune and Anna Rassman land in South Africa on June 24.
A group of children plays a pick-up soccer game in a township in Capetown.