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Guests, often friends of the artists, examine the artwork.
Albert Einstein High School's Visual Arts Center hosted a spring exhibition of student work.
Teammates look on and prepare for a return while senior Willy Li spikes the ball.
Junior Sina Shahamatdar flies above the net in preparation of blocking the ball in a game against Paint Branch.
Intricate feather masks will be used to add flair to the musical's costumes.
Backstage in the dressing room a mannequin head models Todd's wig, which will be worn by senior Robin Dreher in the leading role.
Senior set designer Joseph Rosen demonstrates the use of Todd's trunk, posing as dead.
A nifty treat for cast and audience, Sweeney's barber chair is the actual chair used in the original touring production of the musical.
Stairs leading up to the barber shop advertise service.
A chest, posters and lamps reveal stage crew's attention to detail, which makes the set even more authentic and exciting.
A meat grinder and bowl of batter make up a portion of Mrs. Lovett's shop.
An elevated view of the left staircase reflects the stage crew team's time intensive job.
Senior Nora McNally painted the set's backdrop to resemble a gloomy city.
The finished set of Blair's spring musical, "Sweeney Todd," waits for opening night on Friday.
Senior Leon Sampson is being scouted by three schools, including Division I-member Boston University.
Senior Annie Worden committed to Fordham University after contacting over 20 colleges.  She will receive an 80 percent scholarship.
Senior Mike McClain is currently choosing between eight schools in deciding where to continue his basketball career.
Senior Ramita Dewan springs into the air in a free throw.
Sophomore Janet Henkai attempts a shot.
Blazers on both teams scrabble for control of the ball.
A new vending machine for drinks, the most recent addition to Blair Boulevard, sits empty for now.
Snowfall and icy conditions resulted in two consecutive closings and one delayed opening of schools throughout the county.
Freshmen Noah Grace Bauman and Eliza Wagner add some funk to their styles with a vintage riding jacket and tall boots, or a plaid dress and flats, respectively.
Junior Mady Najde adds color to his black and grey outfits with a pair of bright red shoes.
Sophomore Alessandra Mantovani mixes casual wear with elegance in a versatile ensemble.
Senior Elizabeth Shemondy stays in style with wintry blue plaid top, red scarf and a neutral cardigan while junior Sierra Shepherd shows off her curves in a long sweater and sporty leggings.
Senior Julio Gomez brightens dreary winter days with a brightly printed shirt and matching shoe laces.
Senior Jillian Granados sports a leather jacket and purse along with a classic pair of grey Chucks.
Sophomore Katlyn Harmison matches her leather calf length boots to her tanned leather purse.
The National Monument is along the parade route.
Blazers will flock to the National Mall on Inauguration Day.
Junior Imani Pierre and sophomore VanAnh Luu stay cozy in their kindergarten-style pajamas.
Seniors Renee Pierce, Nora McNally, Anna Rassman, Annie Holt and Anna Hadfield all put a different spin on their childhood fashion.
Blair staff member Leslie Van proudly tells parents of eighth grade students all about the school and its programs during an informational meeting for rising freshmen.
Junior Julia Skolnik jumps high as she serves the ball.
Junior Irini Somplatzki goes for a spike during Tueday's game.
High up on a cherry picker in the windy sky, a man paints around outside windows by the greenhouse.
Senior Annie Worden directs the ball away from a Northwood opponent.
Senior Rachel Passman keeps the ball in-bounds.
Senior Julia Stratton steers the ball away from a Springbrook opponent.
An old bus shelter lies crumpled on the ground as replacements will be constructed in a new bus stop location.
Fences divert pedestrian traffic around the former metro stop bus loop.
A sign directs commuters to new temporary bus stop locations at the Silver Spring Metro station.
Senior running back Jonathan "Jamrock" Haughton looks for a pass while avoiding a Sherwood opponent.  Blair lost 35-7 against the undefeated Warriors.
Senior Lahai John poses in his new, and appropriate, graphic tee.
Senior Blake Loftus wears one of many witty shirts from his collection.
Senior Delante Horton goes for a clean-cut look in his v-neck graphic tee and fitted jeans, paired with a matching wristwatch.
Senior Anna Rassman sports a comfortable yet elegant outfit in her high-waisted skirt and loose v-neck top.
Freshman Nick Schwartz wears a turquoise polo paired with destroyed jeans to match his new Nike kicks.
Juniors Thomas Ruffin, Imani Pierre and Yohana Merho exemplify the vibrant fall trends permeating Blair's hallways.
Junior Merry Kin longs for springtime in her white floral print dress and simple sandals.
Sophomores Lisa Chase and Kendra Sargeant add elegance and color to the school in their classic top and graphic tee and vest, respectively.
Sophomore VanAnh Luu adds glam to her graphic tee with a pair of oversized hoop earrings.
Freshman Phuong-Mai Bui prefers pairing bright graphic tees with matching sneakers and boys' sweatpants to donning "boyfriend" jeans.
Junior Patricia Barrientos poses with boyfriend, senior Marcos Aguilar, in a sweet printed dress and a matching pair flats.
Senior Moyatu Ebba avoids fur boots, opting for leather instead, while classmate Aaron Lane wears simple sneakers.
Senior Demitri Williams looks sharp in a pinstripe shirt with cuff links, complimented by personality glasses and a smile.
Vice President Liam Ulasevich was elected to office last week.
Senior running back Keith Ayensu rushes past Whitman players during Friday's game. Ayensu tied the game at 7-7 with a 75-yard touchdown run.
Senior Keith Ayensu rushes past Whitman players during Friday's game.
Junior Andrew Gondor runs the ball downfield.
Junior Jenna Williams faces off against a Blake opponent.
Senior Paige Munger steers the ball away from a Blake player.
Football players in study hall not only have a quiet room to help them focus on work, but also access to computers.
Juniors Paris Essoumba and Dimitrious Philliou work on homework during a session of study hall.
Onlookers can easily witness progress from around the site.
Senior Rachel Passman gets control of the ball during Wednesday's game.
Sophomore Janet Henkai guides the ball around a Damascus player.
A referee calls one of many penalties during the game just as the teams prepare to start.
Junior Andrew Gondor kicks the ball past a Northwood player during Friday's game.
SGA president and junior Sibyl Brown is excited for the new school year.
Members of the varsity football team are a formidable force this season.
Blair football prepares to turn it around this season.
Senior break dancer Jason Arora practices a freeze during his free time at lunch.
Juniors Julia Skolnik, Chloe Sheridan and Kaitlin Schwindt-- better known as Batman, Catwoman and Superman-- dress in hero attire to celebrate their upcoming volleyball game.
Moving swiftly past Blair's grounds in the direction of Colesville Road, the cross-country team beats the heat by practicing early in the morning.
Two members of the varsity football team collide in a great display of strength and physics.
Senior Josh Gordon literally supports his classmate Tim Wheeler in his effort to catch food in his mouth as the class of 2009 settled in the senior courtyard for the first time on Wednesday.
Seniors Gui Pires, Logan Talbott and Melissa Mergner all donned red for the first day of class as part of a student-organized senior class "Red Out" day.
Seniors Terrance Hamm, Michael Leonard, Courtney Forbes and Eric La Prince take their time signing each other's yearbooks and looking through the pages.
Sophomores Danielle Fletcher, Sharrone Nickens, Alisha Fraser, Leon Scales, Tyra Chung and Shelby Shipp gather around a single yearbook to look at pictures of their friends.
Seniors Jenny Garcia and Eric Castro are both sad and excited that this is their last year to sign yearbooks.
Sophomores Dreonna Speight and Hakeema Mercurius swap yearbooks to recount their experiences over the past year.
The epic line to purchase yearbooks from the concession stand at lunch led all the way to the arts hallway.
Neil Gilman, an Israeli immigrant from Britain, speaks to the Jewish Culture Club during lunch on Israel's 60 year anniversary.
Junior Aaron Kozloff and senior Tyler Kelly proudly display their personalized balloon gifts.
The chef-d'oeuvre of the celebration, according to many, was the inflated laser tag chamber.
The moon bounce in the gym reminded upperclassmen of their younger days.
Juniors Abigail Cember and Colin Schmidt test their skills on the cushioned game in the gym.
The ceilings over Blair Boulevard were as colorful as the walls, with hanging butterflies and other decorations.
Each table in the SAC was packed with swag  including leis, flip flops, and flexable Blazers.
Food offered, free of course, ranged from homemade brownies to fresh apples.
The entirety of the SAC was decorated with paper flowers and animals, balloons, bamboo, and a myriad of tropical-themed kitsch.
One of the many attractions offered was a set of balloon artists.
Saturday's after-prom celebration featured a variety of activities and gifts for all who attended. Here, senior Morgan Nixon is ecstatic about her balloon hat.
After a long ceremony, some members gathered at floor level to chat and rest.
French Honor Society sponsor Michael Honigsberg speaks with a parent and inductee.
Parents of inductees came to the event to show their support.
Senior and veteran French Honor Society member Chris Silberholz discusses the ceremony with his friend.
Members of the French Honor Society load up on snacks following the ceremony.
Members of the French Honor Society gather at the food table to enjoy some snacks following the induction ceremony this week.
After administrators shut down the party, the group retreats back to the parking lot to stow its pool.
The party group reduces a security guard to laughter with their antics.
Senior Tyler Kelly and junior Tim Wheeler get stuck at the bottom of the pool after taking turns on the slide.
The pool party hosts joyously splash around as junior Tim Wheeler joins them.
Pool party hosts senior Alex Duncan, juniors Aaron Kozloff and Tom Clement, and senior Tyler Kelly celebrate as freshman Maia Barnes augments the pool's water supply.
Some upperclassmen enjoy a lunchtime swim in a kiddie pool brought from the backyard of senior Tyler Kelly.
Keisha and Hans bravely committed to the first blind date of 2008.
Senior Ruben Aguirre is up to bat and up to par.
Junior pitcher Josh Gordon's arm extends like rubber during Wednesday's game against Northwest.
Sophomore Kaiti Hague flies in hopes of spiking the ball.
Senior Julie Brice serves the ball during Wednesday's game against Kennedy.
Sophomore Danielle Sok is one of two candidates running for Sophomore Vice President.
Sophomore Scott Yu, a candidate for SGA Vice President, placed posters advertising his campaign around the school.
Sophomore Andrew Hyder, a candidate for SGA President, speaks to his voters.
Sophomore and SGA President Sibyl Brown gave her speech last week.
Junior Jessica Arce, a candidate for SGA Vice President, delivers her speech.
Sophomore Sam Zucker, a candidate for SGA Vice President, addresses the audience.
Junior Paris Hines, a candidate for 2009 Class President, smiles at the crowd.
Junior Jennifer Romero, a candidate for 2009 Class President.
Junior Neil Corran sprints to first after hitting the ball.
Junior Josh Gordon waits to catch a ball as a Paint Branch player slides back to first base.
Senior Helen Anderson scans the field during Tuesday's game.
Sophomore Molly Branson prepares to take posession of the ball during Tuesday's game against Watkins Mill.
Sophomores Emily Hedrick, Katie Sint and Sizana Ezana relax on the grass in their red attire.
Some items up for sale were more unusual than others, such as this coupon for pet acupuncture.
Parents browse the items offered for sale at the silent auction.
Members of the robotics team demonstrated their robot's driving capabilities.
Drawing and Design students showcased their portraits.
Ceramic kettles were among the myriad of items displayed by ceramics classes.
Media Center staff covered tables with paper and provided crayons to encourage visitors to draw freely on their surfaces.
Junior Ramita Dewan's painting of Buddha rests atop a bookshelf.
Students in various photography classes showcased their work at the art show in the Media Center.
Junior Aaron Kozloff tries to be redder than the Blazer to show his spirit.
Freshmen Sree Sinha, Laura Anthony and Jessica Miller all wore red to show their spirit.
Sophomores Kelly Pelz-Butler, Kaitlin Schwindt and Courtney Swars all wore red for Red Out Day.
Seniors Christopher Morrison and Jeimy Rodriguez represent their class in senior shirts.
Senior Quentin Snively is ready for Powderpuff Football in his cheerleader outfit.
Sophomore Devin Peck anticipates the return of a spiked ball.
Sophomore Sibyl Brown rushes to get under the ball during Monday's game against Northwest.
Friday's Blair Fair will be held from 5 to 9 p.m. and is open to all members of the community.
Jewish Culture Club Sponsor Mark Grossman guides Blazers through the Passover Haggadah during the club's Chocolate Seder last Tuesday.
Senior Carlos Mesa watches the ball as he avoids hitting a bad pitch during Monday's game against Springbrook.
Junior Josh Gordon surprised the Springbrook varsity team with his fast, hard pitches on Monday's game.
Sophomores Leyla Aguilar, Prisliza Sawo and Michelyn Bouknight, dressed in the height of beach fashion for Beach Party Day, cannot wait for the warmth of summer and fun of real beach parties.
SGA signs advertise the outdoor movie, Blair Fair and spirit week.
Junior captain Willy Li and senior Jefferson Teng reach for the ball.
Sophomore Pin-joe Ko aims for the ball during the match versus Einstein.
Freshman Emily Haislip hits a ball thrown by a Damascus pitcher.
Sophomore Roxanne Oroxom gets ready to swing at a ball during the game against Damascus.
Many lockers throughout the building were searched as part of the investigations following the gunshot incident.
The bathroom area on the second floor of Albert Einstein High School was taped off to keep students from entering following Wednesday's incident.
Following teacher check-in, today's fire drill also presented a brief opportunity for students to socialize.
Blazers calmly file into their assigned meeting locations to check in with teachers during today's fire drill.
Senior Javier Vaca tries his best to make a beaver face.
Junior Adith Ramamurti makes a delightfully terrifying face on the bus back home, getting middle schoolers around him riled up and amused.
Junior Camille Huang scrunches her face squirrel-style.
Junior Brady Ettinger pulls a final funny face.
Junior Joe Gilbert makes one of many comical expressions that he is known to pull at inappropriate times, this time using a cookie.
Junior Alisa Lu
Senior Eden Yilma
Senior Simthana Islam
Freshman redhead Liam Hickman felt lucky in green all day long.
Lunch buddies freshmen Michael Dalbello, Elizabeth Spilsbury, Bridget Flynn-Kastner and Colin Weinseckdouble check the spelling of his last name on BILL wore green to avoid getting pinched.
Swathed in green, freshman Leah Ragen, sophomore Courtney Swars and freshman Eric Ruggieri munch on green cookies made by their friend.
Teacher Margo Stevens, CAP Coordinator John Goldman and IMC assistant Wendy Rubin all included green in their outfits.
Abreham Tsefaye wanted to help fellow immigrants learn English.
Daffodils blooming beside the sundial in the courtyard soak up some sun as spring approaches at last.
Teammates take turns simulating pitching using towels.
Junior Gregory Friedman swings at a ball during pre-season baseball practice.
Senior co-captain Milton Colquehoun dribbles the ball in a home game.
A dimly-lit secret passageway behind the set of the upcoming play sets an artsy, deep mood for cast and crew alike.
Pit crew conductor Dustin Doyle warms up the musicians, which this year includes government teacher David Swaney.
Senior Corri Jackson perfects her blocking as the Lead Villager.
Seniors Zach Pinsky, Malcolm Foley and sophomore Jonathan Gillette practice their dance number in the hallway undisturbed by the rest of the cast.
Pit Crew practices songs as cast members work on last-minute blocking.
Two stage crew members tidy up the set to prepare for cast fixes.
Several props, including Lumiere's hat, wait labeled backstage until their use.
A dimly-lit backstage passageway sets the mood backstage, getting both cast and crew feeling creative and deep.
Stage crew manager John Kaluta directs set builders in preparation for the performance.
Junior Stage Crew member Nora McNally holds up one of Belle's dresses to be used in the play.
The SGA placed several witty posters throughout the school promoting their blood drive scheduled for April 11.
Senior Joe Dubuche controls the ball and heads down the court during Saturday's game against Blake.
Senior Milton Colquehoun tries to get past a Blake defender during Saturday's game.
Senior Rex Jarrett tries to get possession of the ball during Saturday's playoff game against Blake. Blazers scorched the Bengals in a close win of 56-52.
Wallace has been an avid Go player since he first discovered the game.
Senior Joe Dubuche goes inside for the Blazers on Senior Night.
Junior center Leon Sampson propels himself towards the rim against Wheaton on Tuesday.
Issy Melton racks up points for Blair during a game against Wheaton.
The Robotics Team's robot awaits shipment to the driving competition in Trenton, New Jersey.
Sophomores Leyla Aguilar, Hannah Espo, and Victoria Moreno all put different spins on their Blast from the Past outfits.
Freshman Lyndsay Rini dressed as a hippie for Blast from the Past.
Sophomore Tracy Bestock finally got to wear her uncle's hippie vest for spirit week.
Sophomore twins Ani and Ima Nzesi dressed differently for Blast from the Past.
Cafeteria staffer Terry Bodin surprised students by performing complicated guitar solos at lunch.
Senior Nina Getachew was excited to pull out her funky wig for this spirit day.
Freshmen Sarah Shwartz, Laura Anthony, Elizabeth Spilsburg, Tasmin Swanson, Casey Goldvale and Philipa Friedman decided to dress up as a group for Blast from the Past.
Sophomore Imani Pierre tried to clash to make her outfit seem 80s.
Sophomores Peggah Khorrami and Brittany Reyes dressed in tights and loose-fitting clothing for Spirit Week.
Freshman Leah Ragen dressed in a torn shirt and large beads for Blast from the Past Day.
Senior Jenimae Granados dressed as Sailor Moon for Secret Identity Day.
Sophomore Sibyl Brown's secret identity is Hannah Montana.
Senior Christopher Silberholz is secretly a Viking.
Sophomore spies Brittany Reyes and Tracy Betsock seem a little conspicuous on Secret Identity Day.
Junior Charles "Ross" McClay flexes his muscles as Vin Diesel from the XXX movies.
Junior Lily Ross shows off a karate move as the Karate Kid for Secret Identity Day.
Senior Sriya Sarkar yawns and stretches upon waking from a nap on Slumber Party Day.
Signs advertising the Semester Shakedown have cropped up along Blair Boulevard.
Double-daters freshman Nathalie Deleon, sophomore Soleydi Morel, junior Morries Donaldson and junior Johan Garcia.
Senior Matt Dant and junior Paige Munger cuddle in the hallway after exchanging gifts.
Senior Stephanie Anderson carries a massive load of gifts from various admirers.
Senior couple Mayra Garcia and Marallo Cabrera gave each other chocolates and other gifts to celebrate.
Blazers sold paper hearts at lunch to benefit the American Red Cross.
Junior Danielle James and senior Moise Louis exchanged friendly gifts this year.
Poms members hold their legs high in an astounding demonstration of flexibility.
Poms squad members hug each other for good luck before their performance.
Junior squad member An Tran brought energy and enthusiasm to Saturday's routine.
Squad members comfort each other after the team finds that it will not take home any awards.
The squad anxiously awaits the judging results.
The poms carried out their routine without missing a beat.
The poms brought an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to their performance.
The girls on the team defy gravity with their high leg kicks.
The poms perform one of the crowd's favorite moves.
The crowd went wild as the poms began their routine.
Blair's own cheerleaders came to the competition to cheer on the poms.
Many Blazers showed up at the competition to support the pom squad.
Poms cheer on the crowd before their performance Saturday morning.
In light of Valentine's Day, the Pom Squad is selling carnations all this week.
Junior Sonya Kaufman loves her unusual, yet very warm, verdant boots.
Sophomore Carlos Garcia reps his city by wearing DC shoes.
Junior Benjamin Charles sports a unique pair of Nikes.
Junior Jenna Craver feels that her multicolored Vans brighten her day.
Sophomore Kaitlin Schwindt enhanced her shoes herself, using Sharpies to add colorful designs to the previously white Nikes.
Junior Brady Ettinger sports one of his many pairs of fly shoes.
Freshman Valerie Wuerthner loves her flats from Target.
Juniors Gui Pires and Laura Wilson sport matching shoes to show off that they are a  happy couple.
Confetti rains down on the stage at the conclusion of MAN.
Following tradition, seniors from the audience flood the stage after the conclusion of the senior act "I Want Those Straight A's."
Seniors Sam Du (guitar), Song Fu (vocals), Kun Li (drums), Alex Wang (bass guitar), Junqian Zhang (guitar) and Lance Zhao (vocals/keyboard) perform "Snow (Hey oh)."
Sophomores Matthew Kannan and Alex Bae perform Finger Eleven's hit "Paralyzer."
Seniors Eddie Tang and Song Fu perform "Who's on First," a comedic routine about baseball.
Senior Louis Wasserman is the only Intel STS finalist from Blair, and one of two in Maryland.
Senior Kalisha Holmes collides with a Blake player during Tuesday's game.
Junior Josh Gordon passes the ball over the head of a Blake defender during Tuesday's game. The Blazers lost to the Bengals by a two point margin.
William Burton
Julie Zhu
Blazers transition into their second semester of school as wintry snow and ice continue to melt.
Students in Mr. Verock's ceramics class rush to finish their projects before the end of the semester.
Freshman Maia Barnes wore a red sequined Santa hat to school.
Senior Julian Leitch wore a Santa hat and spirited glasses to show his spirit.
Freshmen Thu Nguyen and Voe Kurtz dressed as a pair to show their holiday cheer.
Sophomores Silvana Valtez and Israel Bermudez wore a Santa hat and reindeer antlers to show their spirit.
Sophomore Pamela Vega wore a unique silver sequined Santa hat to celebrated the winter vacation.
InToneNation spread tons of cheer by performing holiday songs in many Blair classrooms.
One of Blair's own break dance crew members made the audience hold its breath as they performed gravity-defying stunts.
The Middle Eastern Club performed an elaborately choreographed dance sequence.
Senior Tori Heller, shown above performing at last year's SGR Spectacular, will be one of several performers at this Friday's concert.
The Montgomery County Police Department placed a new traffic monitor on University Blvd. in front of the school to record the speed of passing vehicles and remind drivers to slow down.
Junior Jumi Bello shared her slam poetry with the audience.
Senior Quentin Snively dribbles the ball towards the opponents' basket during Friday's game. Blair lost to Springbrook 48-63.
Aquafina Machine
Aquafina Machine
Junior Tori Heller awed the crowd with her soulful guitar and vocals at Friday's SGR Spectacular.
The band boys smile for a group picture.
Junior Mike McClain dribbles the ball away from a Northwood defender on Tuesday's varsity basketball game. Blair had a close loss at 58-56.
Dreary weather dampens the field and Blazer spirit as snow forecasts are far away.
Building service staff spent all day buffing the floors and cleaning the school to prepare for the AFG next week.
Arabic teacher Sawsan Darwish works with a student in her new class.
Senior Danielle Tarr practices writing in Arabic.  Tarr is taking advantage of Blair's new languages by enrolling in Japanese, Arabic and AP Latin.
After talking about her experiences in acting, Woodard answers questions from her audience .
Charlayne Woodard acts out a scene as Tituba from Arthur Miller's film adaptation of "The Crucible."
Leading Role Model - Goodman School of Drama grad and 1978 Tony Award nominee for Best Actress Charlayne Woodard spoke to a group of Blair students in the auditorium about acting, success and self-confidence.
Junior Engidawork Kita and Senior Selam Kabtiymer
An anonymous student threw a rock and shattered one of the windows looking into the Senior Courtyard. As a result, the courtyard is off-limits until further notice.
The SGA placed a wrecked car from a drunk driving accident outside Blair to warn students about the dangers of mixing alcohol and driving.
Attendance secretary Roxanne Fus showed her Halloween spirit by dressing as the evil Maleficent from the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. <i>Click to see more costumes. </i>
The Poms got the seniors excited by flashing their graduation year 08 with their pom poms. Friday's pep rally was filled with music, dancing and a whole lot of spirit.
Juniors Vanessa Hoy and Tom Clement wore tons of white for their year.
Sophomore Ivana Morales dressed as Zoro to show her spirit for her class and Marching Band.
Senior Kelly Patterson and her monkey look devilish in their spirit attire.
Juniors Ben Zelinsky, William Fernandez, Mandy Brown, and Maya Maldonado-Weinstien all showed their junior and Marching Band pride. The Marching Band had a superhero theme for Friday.
A giant group of sophomores wore matching outfits, as coordinated by Sibyl Brown.
Seniors Ruby B. Johnson and Sriya Sarkar take a break from class to pose together on Class Colors Day.
Sophomore Angela Nunez strikes a pose in her spirit gear.
Junior Yelena Johnson wore everything white she owned to show her spirit. Friday was Class Color Day for Blazers. <i>Click here for more photos. </i>
Junior and gymnast Anna Hadfield was so excited for Wacky Tacky Day that even her body language was crazy!
Freshman Ori Perl startled many with his bear mask, glasses, and USA hammer.
Junior Aaron Kozloff dressed as a truly wacky man for this year's Wacky Tacky Day.
A Blazer comes back to the ground as a Poolesville player hits the ball back.
Senior Molly Martinez spikes the ball over the net.  The varsity girls' volleyball team lost 3-0 to Poolesville on senior night.
Freshmen Clara Kelly and Maia Barnes loved showing off their old man outfits.
Juniors Brittany Hudgins and Aisha Michael walked with hunch backs all day.
Freshman Sacha Langer showed her spirit with an old-fashioned up-do and gray hair.
unior Jacob Hershman finally got to wear his suspenders.
Freshman Billy Grillis has so much spirit he painted his eyebrows!
Senior Franny Blume, with smudged lipstick, dressed as a tacky woman.
Step Six: YOUUUU! Master this final step and you will be able to "crank that" like Soulja Boy.
Step Five: superman!
Step Four: the rotation.
Step Two: the "Cotton-Eyed Joe."
Step One: junior Aaron Lane demonstrates the "criss-cross."

<i>Click to see more pictures</i>
Freshmen Rian Henry and Alessandra Mantovani wore backpacks from the Nickelodeon shows GO,Diego, Go! and Dora the Explorer.
Sophomores Lauren Krohmer, Sibyl Brown, and Lita Farquhar showed their adventurous sides by dressing as the Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Senior Ashton Hoegberg wears the same, now award winning, outfit he proudly shows off every other spirit day.
Senior Beatrice Gomez-Lopez sports her very own superhero costume.
Seniors sailor Maile Zox and aviator Lily Naden are a proud team at sea and in the air!
Seniors Gabriela Acosta and Jenelle Prins-Stairs dressed as pirates for Adventure Day.
Senior Claire Kalala is ready for some mushrooms in her Luigi costume!
Senior Tyler Kelly is outta sight with his purple cloak and cowl specially made for Adventure Day!
Air conditioning problems were especially bad in the science hallways.
Seniors Francesca Blume and Enuma Nzesi crank it in the SAC with juniors Chris Grindley and Keith Ayensu.
Best friends Leslieann McCalla, Janna Redmond, Aisha Michael, Dreonna Speight, Tamara Taylor, and Brittany Hudgines crank it as a group.
Sophomore Brandon Jones shows off his perfectly executed Soulja Boy dance.
Junior Jeanette Chavez and Senior Barbara Hendrick team up to keep possession of the ball. Varsity girls beat Gaithersburg 2-0.
Freshman Sophia Read gets up close and personal with a player from Gaithersburg.
A Lady Blazer wards off her Springbrook opponent, managing to maintain possession of the ball.
Senior Noah Robinson demonstrates a break dancing routine during the Activity Fair on Blair Boulevard.
New Media Literacy teacher Ms. Taylor talks to parents about her class and about BNC at the CAP Parent Meeting.
Working the spotlight- Junior Giulian Garruba adjusts one of the heaviest
stage lights.
A view from the catwalk: Members of the stage crew gather to discuss their
technical plans.
One big family: Stage crew members gather around Mr. Kaluta as he
welcomes the first-timers and lays out the day's tasks.
An anonymous student left oil-based paint splashes around the school's perimeter as well as a "Happy birthday" graffiti message on the roof by the courtyard. MCPS building service workers were called in to power-wash the walls.
Untarnished Silver: Even after 69 years, the Silver Theatre maintains its glorious sheen.
Untarnished Silver: Even after 69 years, the Silver Theatre maintains its glorious sheen.
Blazers go head-to-head with the Northwood Gladiators on a rainy Friday evening. Blair lost, 18-13.
Senior Olivia Bozik spikes the ball over the net.
Sophomore Kaiti Hague serves the ball to the Panthers. Blazers win 3-1.
Parents take some time out from visiting their child's classes to sign up for the PTSA at Back to School Night last Thursday.
Principal Darryl Williams speaks with Maryland State Delegate Thomas Hucker (center) during Back-to-School Night.
University Boulevard is crowded with people navigating around the school.
CAP Coordinator Mr. Goldman helps students load onto their buses as the first week of school comes to an end.
Blazers crowd outside to catch their buses.
Welcome back, Blazers