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Julia Seiger

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Julia Seiger is a friend. But she is more than just a friend. Disguised under Block Island sweatshirts and sweatpants that hide her cutoffs, she is a hero to dozens of people. She is a never-nude.

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Juniors Tsion Gebeyehu, Joseph Arce, Yohana Merho, Mady Nadje and seniors Nahom Ghebremeschel and Cindy Ezcurra settle down as the thousands of participants begin to camp out in front of the Capitol.
The colorful banner drew attention to this videographer who came over for an interview.
After checking in, marchers handed in  pictures of themselves with a red circle around their face to identify themselves as an abducted participant.
A volunteer at The Rescue holds her fist up high, proud of the thousands of people who came to the protest.
As the thousands of marchers arrive, they hold their hands up in protest of child soldiers in Uganda and the United States' inaction.
Hands clutch the coarse rope tightly as the participants soldier on.
Blazers joined by other marchers make their way down the National Mall to the Capitol building where many chose to "camp out" overnight.
Participants walked in silence, representing the march that the child soldiers in Uganda are forced to take after being abducted.
A group of marchers walk in single file past the Washington Monument as they hold on tightly to a rope provided by the sponsors of the march.
Students proudly hold up their hand made banner as the walk from the Elipse by the White House to the Capitol building begins.
On a blazing hot Saturday afternoon, Blazers gather at Silver Spring metro on their way to the Capitol for The Rescue.
Seniors Joe Gilbert and Michael Funes look at each other in disbelief as junior Sizana Ezana stands up proud of his victory in the pie eating contest.
The junior and senior contestants of the pie eating contest shove their faces into their pies as the competition begins.
Seniors celebrate their last pep rally as Blazers.
The announcers of the pep rally make a grand entrance with their entourage.
The powder puff cheerleaders get Blazers pumped up at the pep rally.
The winners of the three-legged race celebrate their win.
Coach Hoelman gives the team a pep talk between innings after Walter Johnson scored points, tying the game.
Junior Chloe Sheridan makes a quick pass over to senior Rachel Nicholson on first base after a Walter Johnson hitter bunted the ball.
Junior Ben Hukill keeps a close eye on the action during Blair's battle against Walter Johnson.
A Walter Johnson hitter swings and misses after a fierce pitch from sophomore Peirce Marston.
One of the many activities at Friday night's Blair Fair was the dunk tank.
Sophomore Sam Elkind took the stage several times during the poetry slam.
Freshman Molly Barth steps up to the mic and recites an original piece she compiled from lines of a newspaper page.
Congestion by the Metro stations made for long, uncomfortable waits for commuters.
Huge crowds showed up for this year's Cherry Blossom Festival.
Tourists and locals could enjoy a relaxing paddle boat ride, if they were willing to wait out the huge line.
An airplane makes it decent to nearby Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia.
Families gathered by the Washington Monument during the festival to enjoy time together flying vibrant kites.
The cherry blossoms are in full splendor by April 5 for all to enjoy.
The Jefferson Memorial can be seen on the other side of the Tidal Basin through fully bloomed branches of gorgeous cherry blossoms.
Many passers-by took the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful view and weather as they took a tour around the Tidal Basin.
The Washington Monument stands tall and proud above Washington DC during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival where hundreds of thousands of visitors come to see the beautifully flowered trees each year.
Junior Sibyl Brown carefully sets the ball for junior Devin Peck to launch over the net.
Junior Devin Peck unleashes the fury against Sherwood as he spikes the ball, gaining a point for the Blazers.
Cast member Micah Saviet spreads the message of non-violence by reading an essay he wrote condemning the death penalty.
After being the emcee for the night, City At Peace alumna Roxie Farrow stays up a little longer to read one of her powerful poems to the audience.
Blair senior Peter Myers dives into one of his many creative writing pieces.
Another cast member, Brandon Douglas, screams and shouts his message of social justice to the audience.
Volunteer John Tucker stood up on stage to perform his slam poetry and promote City At Peace throughout the night.
Many City At Peace cast members took the initiative to get up on stage and sing, read or perform original pieces of art, including Sarah Hillware, who read an original poem for the audience.
Rah-Rah Holt stands up to sing her version of "Consequence of Sounds," a song originally sung by Regina Spektor.
Blair senior and City At Peace cast member Jessica Diaz-Hurtado reads a slammin' poem.
Cast member Khalid Hinkle takes the stage as the first performer of the night.
Artistic Director Sandra Holloway introduces the audience to the goals of City At Peace, hoping to help raise money for the organization.
A crowd gathers in the back room of Busboys and Poets for the beginning of the City At Peace open mic fundraiser where many audience members were encouraged to perform their art.
As a special surprise, CAP coordinator John Goldman took students out to lunch at the famous Ben's Chili Bowl where the scholars enjoyed a delicious meal and a relaxing afternoon.
The CAP scholars gather around the Crystal Ball award to celebrate their win.
The 2008 Crystal Ball champions were welcomed by this large plasma screen congratulating them for their win.
It may be empty now, but the conference room on the fifth floor bustles with excitement once story ideas shuffle back and forth between writers and editors.
Floor four of the Washington Post hosts the Style and Weekly section writers.
Government teacher Lansing Freeman proudly holds up the Crystal Ball for everyone to see in the crowded elevator.
Students eagerly await the grand tour in the lobby of the Washington Post building.
The last speaker of the morning was political team writer Jose Vargas who openly shared his journey to becoming a writer for the Washington Post.
The large group of CAP sophomores listen closely to a question by Journalism teacher Anne Cullen.
John Pomfret pays close attention to Chris Cillizza's response to a student's question about the decline in print newspaper readership.
Staff member and avid blogger Chris Cillizza jokingly vents his frustrations about loosing the Crystal Ball competition.
Writer Tim Curran answers questions from the audience of students and teachers concerning his job writing for the Washington Post.
AP NSL Government teacher Lansing Freeman graciously accepts the Crystal Ball award on behalf of the CAP sophomores.
Outlook editor John Pomfret introduces the scholars to the Washington Post and congratulates them for their win.
Students shuffle into the Washington Post building in downtown DC.
Government teacher Lansing Freeman glows with excitement as he and Journalism teacher Anne Cullen escort the tenth grade CAP class to the Washington Post to accept the Crystal Ball Award.
Seniors David Fegley and Josh Gordon stand prepared to catch any ball hit their way.
Sophomore Peirce Marston pitched a fantastic game, leading the Blazers to their first win of the season.
Senior Rachel Nicholson stares down the pitcher moments before she smacked the ball into the outfield for a triple, allowing one runner to score for the Blazers.
Sophomore Eve Brown throws a pitch that flies past the Richard Montgomery batter.
Amir and Kirstyn volunteered for Blair Pair's first date of 2009.
People gaze in awe at the elaborate entrance of the World War II Memorial.
The Washington Monument can be seen  from the World War II Memorial glowing in the night sky.
The World War Memorial stands tall in remembrance of the 26,000 D.C. residents who fought in World War I.
Tourists and locals enjoy a warm night on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.
Abraham Lincoln sits proudly in the center of the Lincoln Memorial, looking towards the Capitol.
Crowds gather in front of the White House with hopes of getting a glimpse of President Obama.
An Invisible Children representative answers questions after the screening.
Hundreds of students poured into the auditorium this morning to view "The Rescue of Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers."
The crews eagerly await the judges' decision as host senior Peter Lansworth announces the winners.
As a special treat for the audience, the University of Maryland Dance Team performed an exciting routine.
Rockville High School's Suburban Funk boogied on down all the way to the ground.
The judges and audience could not help but be wowed by the impressive display of athletic and acrobatic techniques of Richard Montgomery's dance group Rice Rockets Crew.
Blair's dance crew the Jabbawannabes channel the popular dance group from MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew" and delight the audience with their skills.
Ajnin Precizion playfully danced its way to first place in the MOCO Dance Show.
Blair's dance group Shinee grooves their hearts out, hoping for a trophy.  The MoCo Dance Show featured dance crews from all over the county competing for the number one spot.
Coaches and students gather around senior Kekura Musa to celebrate his win.
Senior Kekura Musa fights his way to win the county championship in his weight class.
Junior Johni Meeks works hard to get out of a bind during the second round of his wrestling match.
An anonymous nature-loving knitter kindly knit a warm sweater for the tree that stands beside the tables outside of Blair's cafeteria.
Where in Blair?
Last year's science classes observed the decomposition of a deceased pig. Remnants of the animal now rest beyond the football field.
Where in Blair?
Junior Tamara Taylor and sophomore Geocel Batista add some flavor to their pajamas with striped slippers and an adorable stuffed animal.
Homer Simpson seems to be having a grand old time as he floats around on Senior Sarah Nestor's pajama bottoms.
Juniors Sam Zucker, Carmen Smith-Estrada, Joy Turner, Tsion Gebeyehu, Jill Lidsky, and Xander Baldwin are all ready to hop into bed with their cozy sleepwear.
Sock monkeys hang around all over junior Linda Farqhar's vibrant pajamas.
Junior Liticia Asiedu-Yirenkyi and freshman Rebecca Russi are ready to save the students of Blair from any peril while dressed in their matching Batman pajamas.
Is he really asleep? Senior Aaron Lane might as well be while dressed in his obviously comfortable footie pajamas.
Footie pajamas are the sleepwear of choice for juniors Kati Hague and Hannah Espo.
Junior Brandon Jones is in the football spirit with his New York Giants pajama bottoms matched with funky slippers.
Playful penguins occupy the pajamas of freshman Claire Koenig.
This man shows his support with a unique cutout of President Barack Obama as crowds rush to leave after the inauguration.
More than a million people came together from all over the country to form a sea on the Mall and watch Barack Obama get sworn in as the first black President of the United States.
Before the crowds, a couple watches the sunrise as they wait to see Barack Obama become the 44th President of the United States.
Millions of gatherers clump together in an attempt to get out of D.C. after President Obama's inauguration.
In the rush to escape the madness downtown, people neglect to throw away their trash, creating a filthy mess in an already chaotic situation.
President Barack Obama presents his inaugural address to the nation as seen on a jumbotron by the Washington Monument.
In the early morning of Jan. 20 - Inauguration Day - families from all over the country watch the sun rise behind the Washington Monument from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
Over 8,000 toilets provided relief for the crowds who gathered on the National Mall.
Soldiers guard the street from traffic in the early morning of Inauguration Day. Militiamen could be seen throughout the streets of D.C. as an extra precaution to protect the close to two million people who flooded to the National Mall.
Obama paraphernalia could be found all over D.C. the night before the inauguration as people from all over the country joined together to witness the historic event.
Jon Kesten and Andrew Van Haren give the audience a few last songs as everyone gets up to move to the music.
Action Jackson and the Go-Getters (seniors Sam Barth, Greg Friedman, Joe Gilbert, Peter Myers and Russell Ottalini) passionately perform a crowd favorite, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.
The Attributes, sophomores Peter Leonard and Gabe Pollak, go all out as they beat their drums and pick their base, giving the audience a fast-paced music experience.
Already a seasoned pro after bursting onto the music scene at last year's SGR Spectacular, senior Tori Heller puts the entire audience in a trance with her beautiful voice and gentle finger picking.
During intermission, students participated in "SGaRm Wrestling" by donating a dollar to Grassroot Soccer.
As students enter the SAC, they are greeted by a table filled with donated sneakers for Grassroot Soccer, an organization that uses soccer to teach students worldwide about AIDS.
Words flow smoothly from senior Anna Hadfield as she reads an original poem about the dangers of conformity.
All eyes are on The Canadadates, a two man group featuring juniors Alex Denton and Zeke Leeds, while they play their bells and guitar.
Seniors Peter Lansworth and Carlos Arana keep the audience alert and entertained throughout the night.
Those Guys, a group composed of juniors Paris Essoumba, Gabriel Jones, Jonathan Guzman, Philip Kavuma and Jonathan Hayes, performs at SGR Spectacular last year.
The Blair Breakers pop it, lock it and flip things around during their performance at this year's SGR Spectacular.
Senior Leon Sampson looks for support from his teammates as the Blazers move to shoot.
Friday's SGR Spectacular featured a number of Blazer performers, including the Diva Dancers.
Early in the first quarter, sophomore Josh Kickenson puts the ball in the basket for the Blazers.
Lit up in blue, Jumi Bello performs a powerful poem for the audience.
Senior Abdul Nuriddin caresses the audience with his smooth voice and soft melodies.
Two lady Blazers rush to steal the ball from a Northwood player racing to the basket.
Senior Ashley Arnold puts the ball in the basket after being fouled by the Northwood defense.
InToneNation was just one of the many musically talented groups at this evening's Choral and Guitar Fall Coffeehouse where a variety of performers stood up to play and sing their hearts out.
At the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Day Parade last month, spectators were provided with a grim reminder of the consequences of drunk driving.
Cars whiz by on University Boulevard at Colesville Road, close to where Adrian ran a red light and received a DUI.
Sophomore Linda Lopez chooses to jot down her notes in this perky pink journal.
Senior Christina Gonzalez stuffs her notes and worksheets into her super duper Spongebob Squarepants folder.
These colored pencil brighten junior Seema Habash's bland homework assignments with their vibrant shades.
Junior Catherine Coello and Rahel Worku proudly show off their funky pens.
Despite its repugnant appearance, Karen Luk's eraser is not only able to rip apart and be mashed back together, but is also extremely effective.
Gym teacher and softball coach Louie Hoelman shows his "love" for pushpins and softball with this adorable heart shaped box and softball themed pencil.
Junior Lauren Krohmer's decorative pencil pouch is overflowing with spunky writing utensils.
The environment was on senior Cara Mayo's mind when she bought her environmentally friendly pen and her notebook, which is 100 percent recycled.
Dalmatians roam the surface of senior Tori Heller's fun pencil which reconnects her with her elementary school years.
Senior Violet Cavicchi gathers inspiration from these futuristic Uniball Elite multicolored pens.
The fall play, "Pride and Prejudice," begins this Friday.
After casting their ballots in the electronic voting machines, voters dumped their voting cards into this box and received a sticker, proudly displaying the fact that they took part in the 2008 General Election.
Sligo Creek Elementary's bright and open auditorium provided an ideal setting for voters.
Receipts printed out early in the morning before voting began hung on the walls outside the auditorium to show voters that the machines were working.
Many parents brought their children to the polls, emphasizing to them the importance of getting out to vote.
However, nearing the closings of polls at 8 p.m., more people came out to cast their ballots.
By 6 p.m. the initial rush of voters from the morning died down with free machines and little to no waiting time.
Voters needed to check in before they could cast their ballots.
Volunteers Leroy Brooks, Michael Bailey and Patricia Jones oversaw voting at Sligo Creek Elementary. They also helped voters with specific problems with the electronic voting machines.
A bright sign guided voters in the right direction.
Plenty of packets and pamphlets were readily available for anyone who needed extra information about the voting process.
Girl Scouts Margaret Plumart, Katharine Christie and Emily Daly take this opportunity to give voters delicious homemade snacks as a welcome reward for political awareness.
A handful of Blazers, including seniors Camille Huang and Andy Scott, came out to volunteer their time to make sure that people got out and voted in this historic election.
Neither rain nor cold could keep volunteers out from canvassing neighborhoods surrounding Blair.
Volunteer Jose Vasquez goes over the rules for canvassers who took time out of their day to go door to door, making sure as many people as possible got out and voted in the General Election.
Sophomores Laura Anthony and Sarah Schwartz show off their own kindergarten styles, sporting pig tails and darling ensembles.
A helpful clock necklace adds something different to junior Tuyendiana Ly's getup while a cute floppy hat gives junior Hannah Espo's outfit that extra boost of adorableness.
Sophomore Sierra Thomas and freshman Dayzha Dacosca go all out with their funky style complete with bright colors and kindergarten savvy accessories.
Juniors Alaina Bricelandbetts, Gennesis Orellana, Kathleen Dacruz and Irina Somplatzki get comfort from their cuddly teddy bears.
Pigtails and Mickey Mouse are what define senior Lilian Mendez's kindergarten flair.
Senior Moyatu Ebba must have been the most stylish kid in her class, mixing sleek fashion with quirky accesories.
Channeling her inner child, senior Jennifer Parry takes joy in remembering her childhood.
Seniors Dadee Ramos, Jocelyn Zelaya and Maria Hernandez bring back memories of recess and nap time with these perky, childish outfits on Kindergarten Day.
Junior Jenna Williams fends off a Quince Orchard player with her agility.
Sophomore Larisa Antonisse blazes past two Quince Orchard defenders.
With bright walls and tasty treats, the Marvelous Market's small size makes it an intimate and welcoming environment for hungry citizens in the mood for a delightful snack.
Comet Ping Pong and Pizza provides incredible food matched with an enjoyable experience.
At Comet Ping Pong and Pizza located on Connecticut Avenue, customers will not only enjoy delicious pizza but they will also be able to delight in a few exciting games of ping pong while they wait for their food.
Eldbrooke United Methodist Church located just off of Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown gives the area a much needed dose of the past with its beautiful rustic architecture.
The sign out front bears a striking resemblance with Morty's owner.
Morty, owner of Morty's Delicatessen which is located on Wisconsin Avenue, stays true to his roots and greets every guest who walks through the door with a welcoming smile and a large menu.
A majestic tower stands tall, gated in the middle of a local park in Northwest, DC.
A couch lies on the corner of Chesapeake and 41 St. patiently waiting for a fatigued passerby to rest on its cushions.
Not only does Politics and Prose contain a huge array of books for customers to choose from, but it creates a warm atmosphere for readers to gather.
Marvelous Market provides District residents with a huge variety of delectable homemade treats.
The floor was open to anyone willing to bust a move by the samba music playing by Fresh Fields.
Hatzes furniture chair decorator extraordinaire gracefully hammers together this seat fit for a king.
A friendly scarecrow forms animal balloons for eager children.
Senior Yelena Johnson sells elegantly arranged pumpkins for the Montgomery Blair Katrina Project.
Families dance along with the Gymboree doll.
Nelly's Echo performs a wonderful set list including a cover of Jazon Mraz's "I'm Yours."
Children had the chance to bedazzle their pumpkins at the Create Arts Center booth during the festival.
A singer promoting Family Radio encourages passersby to listen to his songs and take one of his pamphlets.
One of the many activities for children during this year's Fall Festival in Downtown Silver Spring included pumpkin golfing where kids were free to swing away at miniature pumpkins.
A Wheaton player watches as freshman Jorge Pacheco skillfully traps the ball.
Junior Zander Baldwin flies past a Wheaton player who tripped and fell on his way to the ball.
Senior Jenna Craver swiftly moves towards the goal on her way to scoring against Norhtwood.
Senior Julia Stratton slyly sweeps the ball from a Northwood defender.
Sophomore Justine Garrin, sophomore Drea Flipse, junior Ben Molina, junior Tina Pereira and sophomores Leah Gibbons, Jeannie Quin, Sarah Botzer and Juan Acevedo team up to raise awareness about Ally Week among Blazers passing by the SAC during lunch.
Sponsor Laura Rothlisberger explains the Service-Learning Program to senior Samantha Varmer.  This program gives opportunities to students to earn their student service learning hours through their participation in a wide array of activities.
A Magruder player stumbles after junior Zander Baldwin steals the ball.
Senior captain Mike McClain jumps the extra mile to get the ball from the Magruder offense.
Extra food for the event is stealthily hidden behind tables.
Students listen to Senator Jennie Forehand as she explains how she was launched into her career in politics.
Senator Mark Lenett of District 19 inspires the audience to get involved in their community.
Council member Marc Elrich talks about his experience in the Takoma Park City Council.
Council members Valerie Ervin and Nancy Floreen sit with Blair senior Melanie Snail and government teacher Lansing Freeman as they listen to the speakers.
Elly Shaw- Bellidia, leader of "Montgomery County for Obama," enthusiastically invites the audience to do their part to ensure that Senator Barack Obama is elected president in the upcoming election.
Students and speakers listen to council member Valerie Ervin's advice about becoming an active member in local politics.
Council member Nancy Floreen shares her wisdom with the students who came to the kickoff.
MCHSD co-President Edward Krasniewski, a senior at Northwest High School, welcomes everyone to the kickoff.
A delicious display of food was available for all who attended the Montgomery County High School Democrats' kickoff event on Saturday.
Senior Caitlin Ludington and junior Julia Skolnik team up to defend against a spike from the Springbrook offense.
Marcus Johnson mingles with a couple of fans before his performance at this year's Jazz Festival.
A young girl spins the prize wheel at the Montgomery Blair Katrina Project tent, hoping for a good outcome.
It is an organized chaos behind the tents as people work to promote their organizations to the hundreds of fans who came out for this year's Jazz Festival.
The Mingus Big Band's pianist plays under bright lights and in the intense heat for the crowd.
Yaron Elyashiv's base player backs Elyashiv's sounds with deep melodies.
Saxophonists of the Marcus Johnson Project join together to create passionate grooves.
Jazz keyboardist Marcus Johnson, whose record label's headquarters is located in downtown Silver Spring, wows the crowd with his music.
Jazz saxophonist Yaron Elyashiv feels the music he plays so passionately for the crowd at the Silver Spring Jazz Festival on Saturday.
A couple takes a moment to dance together as they enjoy the smooth rhythms of Samambaia.
Many photographers and videographers came to cover the Jazz Festival for local television channels and newspapers.
Samambaia drummer Alejandro Lucini enjoys his time on stage, keeping the rhythm for the other members of the band.
Nine News Now anchor Leslie Foster helped introduce the performers throughout the event.
Blair librarian Susan Madden was full of glee as she volunteered for this year's Jazz Festival.
Washingtonian Gail Shipp lights up the stage during her first ever appearance at the Jazz Festival.
Seniors Korie Ferguson, Eleri Syverson, Samantha Varmer, Tamra Castro and Jessica Arce set up a tent at this year's Jazz Festival to raise money for the Montgomery Blair Katrina Project, which organized a  5K run on Aug. 31 of this year.
Blair alumnus Marcus Johnson plays a few smooth tunes for the audience at this year's Silver Spring Jazz Festival, which included four other bands who performed for the crowd.
Junior Otis Banwell is a blur of speed on the field as he attacks the ball to shoot against the Richard Montgomery defense.
Senior Mike McClain and junior Erik Opsahl double team a Richard Montgomery player, successfully gaining possession of the ball.
Skateboarders enjoy the music as they show off their skills.
Congressman Chris Van Hollen spoke at Friday's benefit concert for School Girls Unite. By the end of the evening, the organization made nearly $3,000.
Winners of one of the ticket raffles proudly hold up their prize: a gift certificate to the restaurant Eggspectations.
A young girl eagerly waits to see what she has won after spinning the prize wheel.
Fans enjoy the soft melodies of senior Tori Heller.
Fans of great music and supporters of the School Girls Unite organization come together and listen to the performers.
Senior Aditi Kaji paints an intricate design onto Blair graduate Tyler Kelly's face during the benefit concert.
Senior Tori Heller wows the crowd with a few songs from her first album "A Blue-Eyed Sea."
Teacher Lansing Freeman protects Blair alumnus Eric Shansby from the rain while they both listen to the concert.
Many bands, including the Color Blind Society, performed in support of the School Girls Unite program which advocates free education for every girl in the world.
Neither heat nor rain could stop these spectators from staying at the concert.
Senior Samantha Varmer welcomes the surprise visit of Marked Man during the concert.
The memorial service for Leslie "Les" Rogers will take place at the labyrinth he helped construct.
Senator Ben Cardin appeared in the Georgetown Labor Day Parade with the support of hundreds of locals.
The Montgomery Blair Katrina Project raised money for the Runovation by applying temporary tatoos for donations.
Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered to see "The Bourne Ultimatum" at Comcast's annual free movie festival at the Mansion at Strathmore.  Blazers can enjoy free outdoor movies until Aug. 24.
Downtown Silver Spring held an "All Star Block Party" on July 4 where families could enjoy fun activities and good food.  Senior Peter Myers and his peers took this opportunity to hold a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina, offering temporary tattoos for donations.
On the last day of school before exams, these students chose to relax and have fun by playing Twister in the shade.
Junior Cara Mayo takes the last bit of cake during a picnic she and her friends held during 5a and 5b lunches on Wednesday.
A beautiful white butterfly takes a rest on an ugly patch of mud on the field behind Blair.
Sophomore Rachel Mulbry enjoys some fun in the sun by playing frisbee outside with her friends.
But not to fear, for new flowers have appeared.
These flowers, which were in full bloom during the spring, are now dead and lifeless at the start of summer.
The only reminder of the Spring sports season is this pair of lacrosse goals, left on the field behind Blair.
One student celebrates the beginning of Summer with this colorful chalk drawing.
On Wednesday, students celebrated the end of the school year by coloring the word "Goodbye" with chalk on the sidewalk outside of Blair.
The men of InToneNation celebrate after their endearing performance of "Guy Love," a song originally from the television series "Scrubs."
Sophomore Cristina Munoz-Pandya is a material girl living in a material world, at least for as long as she sings Madonna's "Material Girl."
Adam Carey belts Lyle Lovett's "She's No Lady" in a May concert with InToneNation.
Senior Annie Ropeik passionately sings the words of Billy Joel in her rendition of "For the Longest Time."
Junior Corinne Ducey introduces herself to the audience during InToneNation's second and last performance of the year held on May 23.
InToneNation bows as the crowd cheers after a fantastic performance.
Junior musical director Corinne Ducey leads InToneNation in Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger."
Proud parents and entertained students applaud InToneNation for their wonderful performance during their first concert.
A tuner and the program for the first performance on May 9 lay on a music stand during intermission.
InToneNation singers show their excitement and enthusiasm as they sing background to "Stacy's Mom."
Junior Daniel Woolson ends his version of Fountain of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom" satisfied with his lively performance.
Junior Julie Ufford sings her lovely rendition of Malcolm Daglish's "To The Holy Spirit."
InToneNation members senior Annie Ropeik and junior Corinne Ducey sing their a capella rendition of Ani Difranco's "Both Hands" during their last concert of the year on Friday.
InToneNation members are not only talented vocalists, but fashionable as well, with these kooky striped leggings, cool plaid ballet flats and shiny silver shoes.
From left, sophomores Cristina Munoz-Pandya and Jeremy Potterfield, and senior Annie Ropeik harmonize to Lyle Lovett's "She's No Lady," which features a solo from junior Adam Carey.
Blair's a capella group, InToneNation, serenaded a vast audience during its spring concerts on May 9 and 23.
Blair's a cappella group kept perfect pitch Friday night when they performed for Blair students and parents.
Junior Neil Corran watches on deck as senior Ruben Aguirre narrowly avoids a wild pitch by the Whitman pitcher.
Coach John MacDonald gives the Blazers a pep talk in between innings.
A Whitman batter watches the ball glide through the strike zone, thrown by freshman Eve Brown.
Junior Rachel Nicholson bunts the ball and moves sophomore Jan Nguyen on to second base.
The cheerleading squad came out for Blair's last home game.  Blair was able to clinch the win against Whitman 3-2.
Magruder High School chose a science theme where the models were all robot slaves to fashion.  They finished in third place.
Watkins Mill competed in the fashion battle with a "Chicago" theme based off of the musical.  They finished in second place.
The puppies band together to rise up against the evil Cruella DeVil.
Sophomore Angela Nunez-Monfort played the role of the "prized printed puppy" with this creative black and white outfit.
Freshman Hawa Jah dresses as a printed puppy who Cruella plans to turn into her spring/fall line where "couture meets edge."
Senior Acacia Cooper's beautiful white dress stands out on the dark stage.
Seniors Bereket Kebede and Girard Boulware act as senior captain Courtey Forbes's henchmen to her Cruella DeVil.
The black puppies, shown here, were characterized by their dramatic flair and over-the-top attitudes and Cruella planned to take this dramatic edginess and turn it into a summer collection.
Senior Eric LaPrince looks confident and dashing in his white guise.
On Friday, Blair defeated Magruder and Watkins Mill in a fierce fashion battle.  Here, Senior Michael Leonard poses at the front of the stage.
Blair's theme for the battle was "101 dalmatians."  Here pose the white puppies, known for their elegance and sophistication.  Cruella plans to take these couture characteristics to create a "winter white" collection.
At the end of their award-winning performance, Fierce Mentality poses for a dramatic finale.
The fashion club celebrates with the crowd after the judges announce their victory over Magruder and Watkins Mill.
Junior Meeko Nixon and senior Terrance Hamm make fierce poses after Blair was announced the winner of the fashion battle.
The Blazers cheer on their teammates with enthusiasm on senior night.
Players congratulate junior Xenia Oroxom for her massive hit, which allowed three Blazers to score and gave Blair its first lead of the game.
Senior Eve Kenney makes a base hit on senior night to load the bases for Blair.  The Blazers were able to come back from a 5-0 deficit to win 8-5 against Northwest.
Yes, this is a drawing and not a computer print-out.  Junior Melissa Mergner did indeed draw this herself and works here on the finishing touches during her guided research class.
Sophomore Rebecca Novello doodles a variety of subjects ranging from the television show "Pinky and the Brain" to Lord Voldemort, a character from the popular book and movie series "Harry Potter."
Enchanting vines and quirky characters fill sophomore Rachel Mulbry's math packet.
Sophomore Lily Felsenthal studies her Health notes which are colorfully decorated.
Junior Margaret Renninger embellishes her otherwise mundane notes.
Junior Joseph Rosen sketches and writes slam poetry in his notebook while simultaneously taking notes in class.
Juniors Henry Zhang and Kerry Cheng work hard to fight off the Springbrook doubles team.
History class is no match for junior Karen Luk's creativity as she works on a new intricate design to add to her collection.
Senior Tara Schiraldi created this geometric masterpiece during her French class after dutifully writing the homework on the opposite page.
Junior Tori Heller breaks the monotony of math class by embellishing her notes with kooky lettering.
In his history class, junior Tim Nguyen-Gia learns about the difficulties of trench warfare and doodles a depiction of himself after being stuck in a trench during World War 1.
Today during English classes, students took time out of their day to vote for their favorite SMOB candidate.
Math teacher David Fantegrossi, who co-sponsors the It's Academic team, was proud of the students' results in the KMO, but believed that the team can perform better.
The varsity softball team circle around the three captains in the center of the field.
Seniors proudly display a large banner notifying the student body of how many days are left in their school year.
The boy's tennis team cheers in the middle of the field during the pep rally.
The varsity baseball team sings their rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" for the crowd.
Senior Francesca Blume tries to rile up the crowd during the pep rally held last Friday.
The powder puff cheerleading crew catches Junior Jacob Hershman after launching him into the air during the powder puff game.
Freshman Gabe Pollak, along with the other 50 members of the track team, do the "Apache" dance for the crowd.
Members of the powder puff cheerleading squad flash their class signs to show off their class pride.
Junior Miche Ulysse shows off his class pride as a member of the powder puff team during the pep rally held last Friday.
The boys junior varsity lacrosse team excites the crowd by throwing a teammate into the air.
Junior Abigail Cember performs difficult acrobatic moves along with her gymnastics teammates during the pep rally held last Friday.
The Blazer offense tries to regain possession after knocking the ball out of a Sherwood player's stick. Unfortunately, the Blazers were unable to hang on and lost the game 12-5.
Junior Michael Mozer skillfully handles the ball during Blair's game against Sherwood.
Junior Brady Ettinger fields a ball, preparing to tag the approaching Sherwood base runner.
Junior Josh Gordon leads the varsity offense against Sherwood.
Freshman Blake Morgan-Gamber makes a base hit for Blair.  This, however, was not enough for the lady Blazers who lost to Sherwood 11-0.
Freshman Eve Brown starts for the Blair varsity softball team who played against Sherwood.
Freshman Jewel Galbraith looks ready for an afternoon at the country club in this prep getup.
Dressed all in black, freshman Elizabeth Spilsbury looks glum as a goth.
Freshman Sam Edelman and sophomore Casey Goldvale unite geeks and goths to create a powerful high school stereotype duo.
Nerds are a well known high school stereotype, as demonstrated by sophomore Sibyl Brown.
Freshman Billy Griffis, dressed as a nerd, better watch out for junior jock Ross Mcclay.
Sophomore Lauren Krohmer channels her inner nerd with this geeky outfit.
Freshman Eve Brown throws a speedy pitch while the second baseman braces herself for a hit.
Sophomore Roxanne Oroxom makes a base hit and gets a Blazer to score a point for Blair.
Sophomore Dukyoung Park swiftly moves towards the ball to score a point against Whitman.
Senior captain Michael Hsu returns the ball from the opposing player.
Sophomore Jan Nguyen takes this opportunity to multi-task and do her math homework as she walks the track.
SGR sponsor George Vlasits stands by and watches the action on the the track unfold.
Hundreds of Blazers came out during 5a and  5b lunches in support of the walk for the homeless.
During the walk, SGR collected donations from students and teachers that filled this envelope.
Junior Allison Arlotta is one of many Blazers who signed up for the Walk for the Homeless.
Junior Wendy Campos gives a smile of relief and gratification after giving blood.
After giving blood, students like senior Liz Shapiro receive sweets to help regain  their energy.
Giving blood excites the heck out of senior Molly Martinez.
Sophomore Sydney Smith does her best to relax as she has blood drawn for the blood drive.
Students take time out of their day to give blood in the wrestling room.
Senior Ben Simon receives this snazzy t-shirt after giving blood during 7th period on Friday.
Students came out Thursday during both 5a and 5b lunches to help raise money during the walk for the homeless sponsored by SGR.
Ignacio "Nacho" Gaete spikes the ball over the heads of two defenders from Watkins Mill.
A a small field of flowers grows above the lacrosse field behind Blair.
Flower buds prepare to bloom on a tree in Blair's front yard.
A row of cherry blossom trees inhabits the soil across the street from Blair.
A bird's nest lies securely in between branches of a tree preparing to bloom.
Recent warm wet weather has helped these flowers bloom to their full potential in front of Blair.
Cleat marks cover the lacrosse and softball fields - a sure sign that spring has begun.
Signs of spring sports lie on every field, like these leftovers from softball practice.
Let us hope that April showers really do bring May flowers as April has gotten off to a wet start.
For many, cherry blossoms signify the beginning of spring.
A single cherry blossom lies on the ground after a rain shower.
Flowers begin to creep out of the ground in front of the Tower of London, a hopeful sign for warm weather.
In St. James Park in London, England, tourists enjoy the flowers in full bloom.
Senior Katie Scott sports a green Ohio sweatshirt and a festive necklace from last year's celebration while senior Mike Curl rocks a green leprechaun hat and a unique pair of Nike shoes.
Senior Loren Lane chose to wear this green leprechaun hat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
You should kiss freshman Jasmine Cruz, even though she's not Irish.
Attendance secretary Roxanne Fus gets in spirit with her decorative office and green clothing.
Junior Corinne Ducey celebrates her Irish heritage with these festive sunglasses and a bright green t-shirt.
Senior Sergio Quisquinay takes the ball upfield in a varsity boys' soccer game against Walter Johnson this fall.  Quisquinay also plays competitively in the BSA soccer league in the spring.
The pit orchestra practices their scales, minutes before the curtain opens for Blair's production of "Beauty and the Beast."
A member of stage crew sweeps the stage while members of the pit orchestra get ready for their performance for elementary school students.
Members of stage crew for "Beauty and the Beast" quickly grab supplies for last minute setup before the performance.
Junior Allie Berger puts on her lipstick 10 minutes before Blair's first performance of "Beauty and the Beast," for Pinecrest Elementary School students.
This passageway under the castle set allows actors and stage crew members to easily travel across the stage during a performance.
The abundant number of track members warm up with a mile run.
This Blazer is just one of many who is trying out for Blair's boys tennis team.
Lady Blazers practice throwing softballs to each other in the hopes of making the varsity softball team.
Media center specialists E Payne Madden and Ilene Catzva celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on Monday (his birthday was Sunday) with these playful hats.
Mark DeStefano with a student in his 10th grade English class.
Sophomore Diana Jing makes the healthy choice and eats a salad with chicken strips, lettuce and feta cheese.
Sophomore Roger Curley won't leave these containers of rice and chicken with vegetables full for long.
Junior Melanie Snail takes a minute to relish the deliciousness of her black olive pizza slice.
Sophomore Max Romanoff and seniors Keisha Carr, Tina Zhang, Romero Royster and Michael Yamamoto pig out on a plethora of food choices.
Can I get some jerk with that turkey?  Sophomore Joe Hammer can in this "Turkey Jerky" bag he brings for lunch.
For lunch, junior Karin Luk doesn't settle for the typical sandwich. Instead, she savors her fried rice with peanuts and big-head vegetables.
Teacher Lansing Freeman is dying to take a sip of his Campbell's Select soup fresh out of the microwave.
Sophomore Claire Teitelbaum enjoys pizza with unusual toppings, like pieces of potato.
This whole orange bell pepper is no match for junior Sonya Kaufman's appetite.
Junior Samantha Varmer can't wait to take a big bite out of this avocado and garlic bagel sandwich.
Sophomore Luaren Teixeira channels Twiggy's mod fashion sense from the 1960s.
Sophomore Michelyn Bouknight encompasses the early 1900s in her plain t-shirt and suspenders.
Freshman Jesicca Miller comes to school prepared with baked goods as Wonder Housewife.
Freshman Theresa Regan will have no problem defeating villains in this original superhero outfit.
Sophomore Joe Hammer comes prepared to fight as transformer Optimus Prime.  Hammer was one of the winners for today's SGA spirit contest.
Freshmen Sree Sinha and Sarah Schwartz team up to fight lack of knowledge as Power Enzyme and Grammar Girl.
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's freshman Leah Ragen ready to save the world, in her superhero getup.
Where in the world is senior Tara Schiraldi? Here she is on Blair Boulevard dressed as Carmen Sandiego.
Freshmen Tasmin Swanson, Casey Goldvale and Elizabeth Spilsbury are not easily recognized in these clever disguises.
Freshman Gabe Pollak has no fear dressed as Rod Kimble from the movie "Hot Rod."
Freshmen Adam Auerbach, Sam Eldelman, Peter Leonard and Andrew Lichter can bake up a storm dressed as muffin men.
Sophomore Courtney Snares, junior Jenna Craver and freshman Michael Dalbello are ready to fall asleep in their pajamas.
Freshmen Lyndsay Rini and Maia Barnes have everything they need for a slumber party, eh.
Sophomores Michelyn Bouknight and Max Pollaco feel peaceful in their pjs.
Sophomores Brittany Reyes and Nicolette Harley are ready to call it a day, looking sleepy in their pajamas.
Junior Briana Taylor and sophomores Ani Nzesi and Ima Nzesi look fly in their slumber party clothes.
Freshmen Laura Anthony, Sree Sinha, Jialin Quinlan, Casey Goldvale, Sarah Scwartz and Katie Ta came to school ready for a slumber party.
Sophomore Angela Nunez slips into school with her Garfield foot gear.
Junior Lily Ross likes to relax in these pink pajamas.
Senior Christoff Visscher lovingly gives a flower to junior Melanie Snail.
CAP students can see what their CAP teachers looked like as sophomores on this poster in room 158.
Snow and hearts are in the air/Oh MCPS don't you dare/Make us to go school.
Remember: we're journalists, not poets.
These receipts prove that the voting machines had no previous information on them prior to when voters came in.
As the icicles on this plant - a species native to the Silver Spring area - so clearly and scientifically show, the ice is far too severe for an on-time opening.
Local citizens cast their votes for the Democratic presidential nominee on electronic voting machines.
Volunteers get ready for the rush of voters at the pre-voting station.
"Vote Aqui" is the only sign that stands outside of Sligo Creek Elementary School, where people from precinct 13-50 could come vote for their choice for the presidential nomination.
This man has finished casting his votes for the democratic presidential nomination and democratic delegates and places his voting card in the results box.
After voting, this woman and her daughter wait to get their stickers.
Voters could get any information they needed about the voting process from these pamphlets and packets.
After casting their votes, voters received these stickers.
A volunteer at Sligo Creek Elementary patiently waits for voters.
Once, people finished voting, they place their voting card into the results box.
Locals used electronic machines to cast their votes for the democratic primary elections held on Tuesday.
Freshmen Lisa Chase and Tanesha Jones get in touch with their inner child with their Elmo and Dora the Explorer backpacks.
Seniors Eric LaPrince, Meron Kassahun and Michael Leonard strike a pose with their Puma bags.
Freshman Alessandra Mantovani sports her Hello Kitty sweater.
Hollister is a popular clothing brand worn by many Blazers as seen here with Freshmen Kadidja Macina and Natalie Moore.
Junior Walter Romero is super cool in his Superman sweatshirt.
Freshman Sam Edelman shows his team pride with this Orioles jacket.
Junior Tim Nguyen-Gia prefers less flashy clothing with his plain white Hilfiger t-shirt.
The Blue Man Group is one of junior Joe Rosen's favorite performance groups to see in New York.
Senior Noel Stewart and sophomore Ani Nzesi display their matching Betty Boop purses.
Sophomores Tasnia Habib and Alex Joseph show their love for Eeyore and Pink Floyd with these playful tops.
The house-hold objects learn the choreography for their scenes.
The wolves practice their choreography outside the auditorium as other cast members rehearse on stage.
Seniors Zachary Pinsky and Malcolm Foley and sophomore Jonathan Gillette rehearse on stage.
Senior Francesca Blume leads the teacups in one of the many musical numbers in "Beauty and the Beast."
Seniors Christoff Visscher and Mindy Or rehearse a crucial scene as Belle and the Beast.
Junior Camille Huang practices her ferocious pose as a wolf in "Beauty and the Beast."
Sophomore Max Pollacco maneuvers the puck  to the other side of the rink on Friday against Whitman.  The Blazers lost 10-3.
The Young Democrats arranged a mock presidential primary for Blazers to vote in.
Sophomores Carson Dorris, Katie Sint, Trevor Fullerton and Will Jones helped students vote in Blair's primary election on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the SAC.
Students in James Mogge's world history class designed this "stereotape" to express their feelings about stereotypes they observe in their communities.
Math teacher Karen Brandt makes her classroom feel like home with these stuffed animals.
A plastic doll and miniature plastic children lie amongst seashells in this jar in Sandra Ivey's English classroom.
In the corner of Karen Brandt's math classroom looms the scarecrow she brings out for Halloween.
This student in James Mogge's world history class refuses to conform with this  ironic label.
English teacher Sandra Ivey shows her humor with this "Udderly Fantastic" chalk holder hung on the white board.
Sandra Ivey encourages her students to break from conformity with this disheveled Barbie.
English teacher Sandra Ivey brightens up her room with these decorative lights.
World history teacher James Mogge encourages his students to decorate the many tape dispensers lying around his classroom.
The Media Center is ready to celebrate Valentines day with this new window display.
Members of the SSM Dance open MAN with "Dhol Baaje," a popular Bollywood song.
Sophomore Adam Detzner plays the piano in the third act of the night, in which he was accompanied by sophomore Kyujoo Choi on the violin.
Eddie Tang and Song Fu give the audience a laugh with their hilarious version of "Who's on first?"
Senior Song Fu sings the lead of "Snow (Hey oh)."
Senior Tina Zhang wields her sword in the "Ultimate Showdown of Doom" performance.
Senior Tina Zhang displays her impressive flexibility in the act "The Ultimate Showdown of Doom."
Seniors Song Fu, Jiren Zheng, and Eddie Tang perform their original rendition of "I want it that way" retitled, "I want straight A's."
At the end of the night, the senior magnets jumped on stage and performed a dance for the finale.
CAP director John Goldman gave report cards and donuts to his advisory students.     Students received their second quarter and first semester grades on Wednesday.
Blazers stand along Colesville Road waiting for the Ride On, a service that will rightfully continue to be free for students.
The Media Center was closed on Monday and Tuesday due to MAP-R testing for freshmen and sophomores.  The test measures students' achievement level in reading and teachers use this information to help guide instruction in the class-room accordingly.
Christina Zou
Thomas Warner
Sophomore Logan Schwebel  moves towards the goal with a Gaithersburg defender right behind him.
Junior Adith Ramamurti keeps the puck away from an opposing Gaithersburg defender.
Blair warms up, sharing lanes before the swim meet against the Blake Bengals.
Senior defenseman Ben Kastner weaves through the Germantown defense in the hopes of scoring for Blair.
Senior defenseman Tobi Adeoye steals the puck from the Germantown offense.
Freshman Eric Ruggieri concentrates on the race against Blake in the boys 100m butterfly.
Senior Spencer Bonar and other students take time out from their lunch to register to vote for the 2008 elections in the SAC.
From left, registrar Rosie Enamen, junior Young Democrats club president Lindsay Brewer and sophomore volunteer Andrew Hyder help senior Spencer Bonar with his registration.
Senior Elissa Fischel comes up for air as she swims butterfly for Blair.
Junior captain Melissa Mergner gets a quick start in the 200 medley relay race during the Relay Carnival in which 5 other schools competed, including Blair.
Communication Arts Program teacher Lansing Freeman talks to the program's alumni about their college experiences and advice for current CAP students.
Sophomore forward Jens Josephs skillfully handles the puck as he moves towards the goal.
Senior defenseman Ben Kastner shoots for a goal against the Blake defense.
Junior Jonathan Gootenberg performed with the jazz band playing a symphonious tune for the crowd.
Junior Tori Heller wowed the crowd with her own original songs.
The Middle Eastern Club where a whirl of color during their dance performance.
Junior Corinne Ducey lead InToneNation in their version of "Eye of the Tiger."
The Blazers hockey team watch the game as the second period comes to a close.
Sophomore Logan Schwebel whizzes past Springbrook's defense.
Senior Francisco Segovia shows his skills with a high scoring back dive.
Sophomore Nate Hukill swims the boys individual medley against Quince Orchard.
At the Blair Business Opportunity Center, students can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, food, and school merchandise.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the Caribbean Club practices in room 171.
Senior Will Bucher tries out for the Mock Trial team at Blair.
A student poses for Fashion Club's fashion show during 5B lunch.
Head of Stage Crew, Mr. Kaluta gives stage crew students advice on how to build the set for the upcoming play.
Sponsor of the Debate Team, Ms. Weldon gives advice to a student for his debate.
Junior Melanie Snail works on her spread for the Yearbook.
Junior Hannah Simon, JCC President.
Explore the world with the International Club every Tuesday after school.
Senora Gonzalez heads the Spanish Honor Society.
A balloon of Silver Spring's unofficial mascot, the penguin, floats down Ellsworth Drive at Saturday's Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Silver Spring.
The Blazers huddle together during a timeout against Wootton on Oct. 19.
Freshman Anya Gosin keeps her eye on the ball after a return from
an opposing Churchill player on Oct. 4.
Sophomore Chloe Sheridan and senior Julie Brice stand ready as senior Olivia Bozik hits the ball across the court.
Candidate Jason Jennings talked to supporters after the debate.
Blair's SAC was filled with hundreds of supporters for each candidate
The fellow candidates look on as Donna Edwards replies to a point. Click to see more pictures from the debate.
Incumbent Albert Wynn at the debate on Thursday night.
Supporters for both Edwards and Wynn sit side by side listening to each of the candidate's arguments.
Candidate George McDermott  looks on as fellow candidate George Mitchell answers a question. Blair was the host of the Democratic Congressional debate on Thursday night.
Seniors Zach Brown, Stefan Reckson, Juliette Huang, and Jonathan Fortuna collaborated to make up the cast of The Wizard of Oz.
Seniors Angela Nguyen and Michelle Neal were styling in their Japanese Kakura fashion girls costumes.
Junior Deena Guynes is prepared for a retro workout in her Halloween costume.
Watch out for junior Jessica Diaz in this devilish costume.
Seniors Ixchel Montenegro, Christoff Visscher, and Spencer Bonar got into character as the cast of Scrubs.
Junior Joe Gilbert dresses as the Lord of Sealand (which he in fact is). Sealand is an island off the cost of Britain.
Freshman Geocel Batista looks <i>bee</i>autiful in her costume.
Senior Juan Orellena stands out in the crowd with his senior ensemble.
Abe Murelle, who helped design the junior class t-shirts, and Anna Rassman show off their pride.
Seniors Terrance Hamm, Bianca Ivey, Ashley Wilson, Acacia Cooper, and Jyoti Beribal represent the senior class with facepaint and matching red shirts.
Senior Ben Mcleod does the robot for his take on the future.
Junior Sonya Kaufman flashes the camera a peace sign.
Senior Whitney Skippings looks flashy and in this futuristic ensemble.
Junior Kaitlyn Foster is ready to spread some peace and love in her tie-dye tunic.
Sophomore Meredith Meer shows her school spirit with this hat from the renaissance.
Junior Adelaide Waldrop chose a flowery hippie dress for her class theme.
Senior Alan Graves makes his way down the hallways in his homemade robot costume.
Oh Merlin! Sophomore Sam Zucker is ready for the renaissance in his wizard costume.
Junior Anna Hadfield dressed as a hippie for class theme day, as did many other juniors.
Seniors Kate Raulin and Hilary Bragg (one of the winners of Era Day) looked into the future with these outfits. Thursday marked Era Day for Blazers. <i>Click to see more photos. </i>
Sophomores Seirra Shepherd and Antonio Barrett-Cardoza show off their eccentric  outfits.
Sophomores William Guzman, Alejandro Barett, Francisco Sagastizado and Deisy Sanchez and freshman Gladys Mejia each show off their wacky tacky side.
Freshman Elizabeth Spilsburg dresses to impress in her crazy getup. Wednesday was Wacky Tacky Day for Blazers. <i>Click here to see more wacky tacky. </i>
A Blazer gets treated for his injury as his teammates focus on the game.
Seniors Michelle Kae, Dora Yin, Michelle Lopez, and Jonathan Fortuna are followed Death, Zach Brown, around the school.
Senior Kelly Patterson hunches over in the SAC.
Sophmores Kathleen Dacruz and Carmen Smith-Estrada show off their grandma styles.
The scoreboard at halftime shows the first home goal scored by the Blazers all season.
Sophomore Alexander Baldwin dribbles the ball towards the goal.
Senior Tim Visclosky heads the ball during the first half on senior night against Northwood.  The Blazers won, 3-1.
Junior Melissa Mergner protects Montomery Blair as it were her own Gotham City as Batwoman.
Freshman Eric Edwards is always ready for an adventure when geared in his boy scout attire. Adventure Day kicked off Spirit Week today. <i>Click for more photos. </i>
A Wootton player gets tackled by the Blazers defense.
Catzva's Smart Sacks club fills donated backpacks with food for needy children at Piney Branch Elementary School.
Sophomore George Baldwin (29) fights for the ball against Walter Johnson as junior Mike McClain (24) looks on.  The Blazers lost on Monday night, 1-0.
The Blazers get a breather at halftime of their Monday night match.
Sophomore George Baldwin (29) fights for the ball as junior Mike McClain (24) looks on.
Senior Sergio Quisquinay takes the ball upfield against Walter Johnson.
Sophomore Chloe Sheridan and senior Julie Brice stand ready for the ball as senior Olivia Bozik hits the ball across the court.
Sophomore Tiffany Chang at second doubles keeps her eye on the ball after a Churchill return.  Blair was unable to hold on, losing 7-0 in their last home game.
Sophomore Sophia Deng serves the ball to the opposing Walt Whitman. Unfortunately Blair lost 2-0.
Seniors Molly Martinez and Olivia Bozik reach for the ball after a tough serve from Whitman. Blazers cruised their way to victory with a 3-0 win.
Blair alumni Lou Naeker, William Lear, John Rahn, Stuart Balderson and Joyce DeMarino pose with the media center staff, the commemorative plate and the check.
Junior Aaron  Baldwin blazes past a Whitman player during the first half of the game.  Blazers lost 2-1.
Junior George Noubossie scores on a rebound against Whitman.
Two teens wave flags as the march on DC begins. The march was used to promote world peace along with the end of the war in Iraq.
A Blazer is tackled by a Bengal in the first quarter. Blair lost 21-12.
Sophomore Elissa Shiau reaches for a serve to Walter Johnson. Blazers lost to the Wildcats 7-0.
Sophomore Sarah Tran keeps her eye on the ball after a mean serve in a match against Walter Johnson.
Junior Sneha Kannan serves against the Titans.
Due to high levels of lead, water in sinks and even some water fountains around Blair have been marked as unfit for drinking.
Due to lead content, sinks and even some water fountains around Blair have been marked as unfit for drinking.