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Monday, July 16, 2018 10:51 am

Xin Shan

Online Art Editor
Xin is Miss Anime, class of 2009. Xin looks Japanese (and speaks Japanese), though she is actually 100% Chinese. She loves to draw, especially still life and anime, but fails at choosing color combinations and thinking of cool backgrounds. This will be the last time you hear her talk about anime, because if not, Julie will fail her. She will strive to make graphics that will remain in your hearts, forever!!

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Bustillos' TV Production class placed first in the MCPS Department of Transportation video contest.
Attendance at sports events has been lacking, including at a recent girls' basketball game.
Freshman Johanna Lopez drives in for a tough shot.
Head coach Erin Conley talks to her team during a time out.
Oh noez UMCP!!!!!!!
<i>Information courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor.</i>
The finish line is in sight for both candidates.
Both candidates need to focus on the issues and not on negative attacks.
Wynn's decision leaves everyone else with few choices.
Querida Pepita se siente tan extenuada por todos los consejos que ha tenido que dar.
AP French Literature, Latin Literature, Computer Science AB and Italian Language will be removed after next school year.
Of the just under 100 students at Blair who are currently between the ages of 18 and 21, 95 percent are immigrants who are part of ESOL, according to ESOL level five teacher Kristin Mena.
The image of adults playing video games in the twenty-first century is now a normality.
Despite being geared towards younger audiences, the Spice Girls are finding receptive ears in the Blazer crowd.
The support program will feature UMD undergraduates tutoring Blair students in AP and Honors classes.
Statistics compiled from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
Statistics compiled from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
A game of Scrabble becomes a life-long commitment.
Statistics compiled by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee's power to fire non-union central office employees without cause is a critical step in reforming the school system.
Remembering Blair's mission statement may be the key to landing a spot on Santa's "Nice" list this holiday season.
The breakdown of the recommended $2.1 billion MCPS operating budget for FY 2009.
Academy Day introduces students to a range of possible careers.
Blair teachers move from the sports field to the classroom.
High School Plus offers many advantages over Evening School, lightening burdens such as transportation and cost.
The flux in student population at Blair since Aug. 30, 2006.
While accomplishing the same goal of allowing students to recover credit as Evening High School, High School Plus has a setup quite different from the traditional Evening High School.  Note: The time and days apply only to Blair and may vary by school.