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Monday, July 23, 2018 7:35 am

Julia Wynn

Online Connections and Food Editor
Hello, my name is Julia Wynn and I am looking forward to my senior year as a member of the Silver Chips Online staff. I love to dance (especially poms), listen to music and play piano. My two main food necessities are any kind of pasta and Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Hope you enjoy perusing all the fabulous SCO articles!

Stories Authored (62)

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Regional multicultural conference to be held at Blair

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International News for April 25 - May 8

F for Facebook

Spring pep rally held yesterday

Juniors organize Darfur run

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Softball slaughters Wheaton

Blair's new recording studio open to music students

MoCo Dance Show raises over $1,000

Silver thinks gold: Oscar predictions 2009

Seniors become National Merit and National Achievement finalists

Pro/Con: Dropping the GT label

Whitman freezes Blair ice hockey

Blair to host its own inaugural ball

Sophomores win Washington Post Crystal Ball contest

Northern ices over Blair hockey

Pre-cal pal up for award

Academy Week begins Monday

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Community forum held at Blair to address Tai Lam's death

Counselors can prevent college fears from graduating

What hinders Halloween

Bulldogs bash Blazers

"Eagle" flies above action standard

Abstain from abstinence-only education

A concert to change lives

"Traveling Pants 2" is not a perfect fit

Songs Reviewed (1)

T.I.Whatever You Like
4 stars

Galleries (2) Make-your-own burrito

Pictures (15)

This colorful meal prepared to taste is also a feast for the eyes!
With the corn thawed and the rice done, all the meal components are now ready to go into a tortilla.
Add strained black beans to onions and meat. Cook together for an additional three minutes.
Add onions to pan and allow to cook with meat for about five minutes.
Slice the avocado to make it easier to mush. Mince the onions.
Tear the meat into bite-sized pieces and cook for five minutes in the pan.
Start cooking the rice before pouring olive oil into a pan to brown the beef.
There are a wide variety of ingredients for burritos, making them accessible to many different palates.
Loaded with all kinds of ingredients, Ben and Jerry's ice cream is complex, but fun.
Many people in Downtown Silver Spring frequent Coldstone because of the creativity it allows customers.
Rose makes math fun for his eighth period students.
Students can enter the Academy Week contests by picking up forms in the Academy Office in Room 342.
Tofurkey, an excellent vegetarian substitution for turkey, is on sale at Whole Foods.
Blair's Career Center currently collects some information from alumni in college.
Cathy Henderson is a ready ear for college-bound students in the Career Center.