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Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:10 pm

Sonalee Rau

Online Staff Writer
Sonalee (suh-NAH-lee) is a chipper Chipper and a would-be magnet junior. She spends a great deal of time playing tennis (Blair is red hot), doodling, reading, quoting famous people, quoting not-so-famous people and lamenting her inability to play the piano. She is also a big fan of the Food Network and Top Chef, and feels strongly that Paula Deen is being unfairly allowed to monopolize daytime cooking television. Her pet peeve is the misspelling of the word "psycho." If you ever need her, you can find her halfway around the world living vicariously through the rest of the Chips staff.

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Pictures (19)

An unidentified Bangalorean mobile user plays a game of cricket.
Student enthusiasm levels are high, but supplies and funding often run low at local public schools like the one shown above.
Alas, these unsuspecting mangoes on a local tree seem destined to be the next victims of the neighborhood children.
...or a young monk shooting a toy gun at his playmates.
The illustrations of Buddhist deities on the walls closely resembled Hindu idols seen most often in India.
The view of the temple's interior was breathtaking.
Visitors surround a temple with a picture of Rinpoche mounted on its exterior.
The golden entrance gate to the Nyingmapa monastery outside of Bangalore transports one to a different world.
Bangaloreans running evening errands attempt to make their way across a crowded road.
It's all good in the 'hood - this neighborhood, from where I write these words, is comprised of people from myriad backgrounds who coexist peacefully and happily.
"Get off the sidewalk right now, son! And don't ever let me catch you using it again!"
The Barbie on the left models the Gujarati style of draping the sari, India's national garment, while the one on the right models the style most common in Bangalore.
Guests at an Indian dinner party get talking.
A contradiction in terms: the cow trimming someone's lawn in this picture probably went on to eat someone else's non-biodegradable garbage immediately afterwards.
This flute vendor in front of the Mysore Zoo in Mysore, a city near Bangalore, tried to play English nursery rhyme tunes on his flute in order to sell us the product.
Bargains in India aren't always easy to find amongst highly specialized shops - this store, for example, deals only in embroidery, "fancy goods" and car decorations.
Small fireworks like this "chakra," or wheel, are a popular alternative to its larger, louder and more dangerous cousins: rockets.
Gonzalez dispels the rumor that she is intimidating with a wide smile.