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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 6:20 am

Sophia Deng

Online Managing Editor
Sophia was the Managing Editor of SCO during the 2009-2010 school year. When not laughing or chilling to OWL CITY, Sophia can be found oil painting, playing volleyball, doing sudokus and sprinkling happy fairy dust over everyone. She loves folk/pop/electronica indie, Harry Potter, Burt's Bees and of course, Silver Chips Online. Sophia was a student in the Magnet Program, and will be attending Princeton University in the fall.

Stories Authored (66)

Good night and good luck

On the chopping block

It's déjà vu for the iPad

A man-made disaster

Educational Facilities Officer positions to be cut

A blossoming D.C.


State grants five-day snow waiver to MCPS

A grand night of gold: Oscar predictions 2010

International News for Feb. 15 - 28

Students fundraise for Haiti

Golden girl

AI season nine - oh so fine

A good "bye" to O'Brien

International News for Jan. 18 - 31

Mission possible

SCOperation stardom

Cruising on Google's Wave

International News for Nov. 30 - Dec. 13

O'Neill and Barclay elected BOE president and vice president

Gaga is gold

Blair shows "Invisible Children" documentary on Friday

An Ig-Nobel choice

Blair alumnus named MacArthur Fellow

Sarah Palin 1, Levi Johnston 0

We don't need no education

National News for May 23 - June 5

New lunchtime hallway policies implemented

America's loss

Boys' volleyball falls in County Championships

Arson and bomb attempts made at Springbrook High School last Tuesday

Barack Obama: the next FDR?

Invisible Children event held on Saturday

Boys' volleyball tames Bulldogs

"Adventureland" worth the ride

Warriors slip past Blazers

Throw them out

Blair volleyball annihilates Rams

The art of expression

Senior graduation schedule finalized

Girls' varsity basketball ousted from playoffs in second round

"Fired Up" goes down in flames

Pro/Con: Dropping the GT label

Blazers best Cougars

"AI" take eight: not so great

Blazers destroy Colonels, 62-27

Friending the folks

Lady Blazers sneak past Warriors, 57-51

Cut Caroline some slack

Lacks a soul, lacks a "Spirit"

School Girls Unite to hold Saturday concert in Silver Spring

The bucket list

Cherubic cheesecake

Cook turns up the heat

Giving thanks

Openness with a capital "O"

Blair Film Club holds movie auditions

Healthy baked spring rolls

Why children's television should be more like "Arthur"

George "W." is far from perfect

Takoma Park Middle School students sick at Outdoor Ed

On your marks, get set, TiVo!

Musical dream comes true for Blair senior

Blair senior wins gold at international competition

Jessell, Margaret

A not-so-incredible "Hulk"

Songs Reviewed (2)

Taylor SwiftLove Story
4 stars
Secondhand SerenadeFall For You
3 stars

Galleries (3) Cherubic cheesecake

Pictures (16)

The end result: mouth-watering cheesecake!
After letting the cheesecake sit, smoothly spread the topping on the surface.
Blend sour cream, vanilla and sugar for the topping of the cheesecake.
The cheesecake is now ready for the oven!
Pour cheesecake filling on top of the crust.
Mold the crust with your fingers, making sure the crumbs stick closely to the side of the pie plate.
Mix graham cracker crumbs in a blender for the crust.
Sophomore Lyndsay Rini, who will play the lead role in "Driving Captain Morgan," reviews the movie's script.
Place spring rolls into baking container. Bake in the oven, and enjoy!
Continue rolling the sheet across.
Fold the sides into the middle, forming an envelope-like shape.
Roll the spring roll sheet, including the filling, twice towards the opposite side of the sheet.
Place pork-cabbage filling onto a spring roll sheet.
Stir-fry the cabbage with the well-cooked pork in a pan.
Napa cabbage, ground pork and spring roll sheets are the main ingredients for the healthy baked spring rolls.
AP Psychology teacher Margaret Jessell smiles for a picture in her classroom.