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Andrew Gondor helped mentor Peter, and the two grew as football players together.
Sophomore Dominic Ventimiglia's boat shoes add an extra touch of style to his spring outfit.
Sophomore Alimatu Turay shows off her gold sandals to bring a touch of spring to school.
Junior Rian Henry wears colorful shorts to announce his appreciation for spring.
Freshman Eunice Kamau wears flowery sandals and floral clothing as she enjoys the warm weather with her friend Joniece Hymes.
Senior Brittany Reyes dons floral print flats to express her excitement for the blooming spring flowers.
Junior Hawa Jah sports simple sandals with her simple and classy spring ensemble.
Junior Jessica Wilson wears studded sandals with her brightly-colored outfit.
Freshman Deja Dozier welcomes the spring weather with her matching pink crocs and jacket.
Senior Brittany Reyes has saved up t-shirts and ticket stubs from concerts that she has attended, including those of artists like Lady Gaga, Pink and Hellogoodbye.
Junior Margueritte Hond, AIRF staff member Lydia Spitalny, freshman Larissa Sofia and juniors Philippina and Philip Mensah brainstorm solutions to prevailing issues in Africa.
Freshman Larissa Sofia and juniors Philippina and Philip Mensah discuss personal and global issues with African Club members and AIRF staff.
Dressed almost in entirely in red, senior Blazers seem to show the most school spirit.
To get Blazers pepped, Principal Darryl Williams shows his dance moves.
The pep rally included a Battle of the Classes, which involved a water balloon toss with pairs of Blazers from each class.
Mady Nadje hosts the event along with Fran Djoukeng.
Spirit week closes with a pep rally, featuring a performance by Blair's cheerleaders.
Juniors Alexis Fennell, Angela Mcphaul, and sophomore Niya Seals celebrate Jersey/College Day.
Junior Vyvy Luu gets straight out of bed and comes to school in her onesie on Pajama Day.
Tracy Betsock relives her childhood with her Girl Scout vest and patches on Little Kid Day.
Junior Gabe Pollak's tacky clothes won him a gift card in Monday's spirit day contest.
Seniors Brittany Reyes and Meredith Metcalf wear their wackiest attire on Monday, Wacky Tacky Day.
Senior Nellie Garlow rushes the ball away from Blair's goal.
Senior Emily Hedrick maneuvers her way around her opponents.
Senior Li Ma returns the ball.
Junior Robert Huang sends the ball over the net.
Junior Max Holmes chases after the ball.
Senior Otis Banwell races the ball upfield as soon as he gets control of the ball.
Senior Lukas Petersen fights his Springbrook opponent for the ball.
Toyota dealerships are busy with customers during the weekend despite the recall.
People who choose not to fly kites line up to ride on the carousel.
People of all ages gather across the Mall to fly kites of all kinds.
The Washington Monument provides a scenic backdrop for leisurely kite-flying.
Many people saw the festival as the perfect opportunity for a picnic.
A space shuttle kite flies by, chosen aptly due to the festival's proximity to the National Air and Space Museum.
Some people sit back and enjoy the beautiful day in the crowded area surrounding the Washington Monument.
Boat kites are some of the popular kites this year.
A row of flags with fish kites hanging down designates the area reserved for hardcore kite-fliers.
To go along with the marine theme, a giant kite featuring fish and sharks soars through the sky.
Those who do not choose to fly kites relax under the blooming cherry blossoms.
Kite lovers learn how to make their own kites at booths around the Mall.
A butterfly kite tent stands for children to play under.
Kites dot the sky on the National Mall for the 44th Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival.
Sophomore Becca Arbacher makes it back to home plate.
Junior Eve Brown takes a powerful swing at the ball.
Senior Lawrence Cho tips the ball over the edge.
Senior Devin Peck delivers a powerful blow to the ball, sending it to the other side.
Blair's Got Talent showcases Blazers' unique abilities during 5a lunch.
Blair Ambassadors sell snacks after school to raise money.
Senior Sandrine Emambu discusses plans for a Haiti fundraiser with the African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation.
Back at Blair, Diana Jeang, Gemma D'Eustachio and Lucy Barr sell baked goods with the French Honors Society to raise money for Haiti.
Sophomore Monica Gabay organizes clothing donations.
Blair's a cappella group InToneNation performs to show its respect for the victims.
Students also host a bake sale to raise money for aid in Haiti.
Junior Lauren Rust and senior Jonathan Hayes busk at the event to raise money.
People also donate toiletries and other necessities.
Blair's Jazz Combo performs at the event to attract a crowd.
The organization collects clothes to send to the victims in need.
On February 27, Mixed Unity held a charity event for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
The Magnet senior class closes the show with a song called "The Magnet Never Ends."
In a traditional "senior act," Magnet seniors perform a sketch about the perils of senior year and the journey to college.
A group of Magnet students acts out the song "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors" while others perform the song.
Freshman Richard Chen performs a dance to "Because of You" by Ne-Yo.
Junior Grace Wang performs a graceful fan dance.
Seniors Jeremy "Ozzie" Fallick and Joseph Owen perform a skit entitled "Your Name, Sir?"
An orchestral group performs a Hans Zimmer medley arranged by Pin-Joe Ko and Elissa Shiau.
During the intermission, Savannah Cheo, Alex Huntress-Reeve, Emili Malatesta, and Monica Ly play Regina Spektor's "Fidelity" in the lobby.
Juniors Monica Ly and Jenna Yi fight over the piano as the play Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody #2."
Sophomores Michelle Dagne, Melodi Anahtar, and Lorenzo Choudary-Smith play "I Miss You" by Blink 182.
Senior Amy Liu presents a mesmerizing Chinese ribbon dance.
Jacob Hurwitz, Li Ma, Yifan Li, aomi Rubin, Colleen Weatherwax, and Kathryn Waychoff perform an a cappella Star Wars tribute to John Williams.
Junior Jenna Yi and senior Seyoun Kim perform a duet of "Oblivion."
A large group performs a "Girls vs. Boys" dance-off.
Sophomore Enoch Hsiao does tricks with his light-up diabolo.
Artwork created by Magnet students is on display outside the auditorium.
The administration held a faculty meeting to consider changing the bell schedule for next year. No decisions have been made yet.
Half of the sidewalk along Colesville Road has been cleared, finally allowing safe passage for pedestrians.
Blazers gather around a large poster on Blair Boulevard to pay their respects to Paris Essoumba who died on Feb. 1.
Senior Paris Essoumba, a passionate musician and football player, died Monday evening.
Once again, Blair's grounds are buried in snow.
The sign-up sheet is nearly full by Tuesday afternoon.
Seniors Ben Molina, Jeremy Potterfield and Nicolette Harley practice their songs one last time before callback auditions start.
Senior Diana Jeang and junior Michael Dalbello fill out forms while they wait.
A group of Blazers runs through the songs with music teacher Paul Newport.
On Thursday, Blazers check the callback schedule to see if they will be returning.
Seniors Shawnecca Burke and Ben Molina practice their dance moves in the hallway.
Someone handles the paperwork as director Kelly O'Connor's assistant.
Blazers fill out information forms before they audition.
Auditions for The Mikado require Blazers to sing solo and dance in a group.
Senior Britney DelRosario sports a pair of classy ankle boots.
Senior Binta Ceesay wears sophisticated ear muffs to protect her ears from the harsh winter.
A small pond reflects the multicolored lights.
Christmas trees dot the premises, both inside and out.
The church's illuminated grounds are a popular destination for natives and tourists alike.
A glowing sea monster and its baby emerge from the water.
The Mormon Temple in Kensington features an elaborate light display.
A giant praying mantis greets visitors.
Light-up roses add a fantastical element to the garden.
Looming luminous trees welcome guests to Brookside Gardens' Garden of Lights.
Sophomore Johanna Lopez takes a free throw in the second quarter.
Senior Inkera Patterson races the ball up court.
Blair graduate Xiah Kragge speaks to David Swaney's third and seventh period Comparative Government classes about the Peace Corps and political situation in Honduras.
The remnants of the season's first snow wither away on Blair's lawn.
Restaurants in Downtown Silver Spring that have been around for years, like Tastee Diner, have lost their appeal to high school students.
Senior Kiah Mahy catches up on her reading.
The most popular activity during lunch seems to be eating in the SAC.
Freshmen Hannah Lynn, Rachel Shifflet, Mia Massimino and Zoe McCarthy gather round to watch a video on an iPod.
A group of students plays sports in the field.
Freshmen Albert Tang, Steve Ge and Charles Yang bring their instruments one day to rehearse a piece at lunch.
Sophomore Rick Narcisse relaxes with a game on a Nintendo DS during lunch.
Seniors Daniel Rabinovich, Gilad Kempenich and Dalton Wu immerse themselves in an intense game of cards.
Junior Alex Contreras engages his friend in a game of chess.
Juniors Ellen Lee and Kathie Tran use their time at lunch to study for an upcoming test.
Senior Julian Kwenah rocks orange and pink sneakers.
Junior Andres Gomez shows a little of his sneaker collection.
Invisible Children returns to show what  has happened since last year.
A representative of Invisible Children introduces the new documentary.
The event marked the second time Invisible Children has visited Blair.
English teacher Sandra Ivey dons detailed heels to compliment her outfit.
Junior Arthur Tsapdong flaunts his flashy multicolored shoes.
Senior Jamill Murray attracts attention to his feet with hot pink sneakers.
Dixie Flores shows off her bright and colorful sneakers.
Freshmen Fantanesh Aragaw and Beza Eshetu sport shiny flats.
Samantha Miskiri takes pride in her stylish boots.
Baindu Koroma likes high heels that add flair to her ensemble.
One smashed pumpkin is left in the teacher parking lot from the vandalism that was discovered Monday.
Juniors Jose Diaz and Mike Giron, along with many other Blazers, wear purple to commemorate their friend Tai Lam.
The first Silver Quill Open Mic of the year draws a large crowd.
Senior Max Romanoff introduces a twist with a poem about poetry.
Senior Paris Essoumba brings a unique flair to the Open Mic with a rap.
Juniors Emma Kaufman and Katerina Klavon execute complex harmonies as they play songs by their favorite band.
Senior Michelyn Bouknight sings Alicia Keys's "No One" at the first Open Mic of the year.
Abdul Nuriddin opens the second half of the Open Mic.
Junior Talia Mason shares some poetry at the Open Mic.
Emily Jones, Editor-in-Chief of Silver Quill, cohosts the event and acts as MC.
Seniors Alex Denton and Zeke Leeds entertain the crowd with energetic melodies and intricate guitar playing.
Junior Alessandra Mantovani cohosts the event and encourages Blazers to submit to Silver Quill, Blair's award winning literary magazine.
Junior Rian Henry serenades the crowd with a classic Beatles tune.
Senior Jenny Zhang starts off the event by reading to the audience.
Junior Miranda Bernard takes the ball and helps keep a strong offense.
Sophomore Sarah Harper reaches for the ball.
Senior co-captain Sarah Tran serves the ball with concentration.
Senior Rahel Gebreyesus poses with Kaichi High School student Yo Eshino, who she guided around the school on Friday.
Senior Alisha Fraser signs in at the attendance office. Attendance may soon change with revisions in the LC policy.
Senior Nellie Garlow reaches for the ball.
Junior Lyla Shapiro races the ball upfield.
Senior Sarah Cortes takes charge of the ball.
On the coldest day of the year so far, Blazers start to wear heavier clothing.
The Open House at Blair allows alumni to see what has been going on at Blair since they graduated.
The cheerleaders do a demonstration so Blair alumni can revive their school spirit.
Alumni gather round to purchase Blair apparel and sportswear.
The yearbook staff sells vintage yearbooks from all 75 years of Blair history.
Dave Ottalini brings back memories of the old Blair as he raises awareness for the Old Blair Auditorium Project.  The project is trying to restore the auditorium at what is now Silver Spring International Middle School.
Blair lost power around 7:20 p.m. due to a car accident.  The school's power came back on about 20 minutes later, but the field lights were still having problems.
Senior Xander Baldwin maneuvers the ball to his advantage.
Junior Noah Wernstedt-Lynch steals the ball from a Sherwood player.
Senior Andrew Gondor races down the field.
Senior Alex Egber keeps moving with the opponent at his feet.
Junior Janet Henkai steals the ball away from one of Blake's players.
Senior Sarah Cortes dodges around her opponent.
Coach Brooke Franceshini gives the team some pointers when Blake called a time out.
Seniors wait outside the registrar's office to turn in transcript requests as college application deadlines approach.
Sophomore Jennifer Nguyen dresses as Barbie, one of her favorite characters.
As the heroic Link from the "Legend of Zelda" video game series, senior Ben Shaya is prepared to save many a princess.
As Neo from "The Matrix" and Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" respectively, juniors Alec Wurzbacher and Elizabeth Spilsbury show the contrast between their favorite characters.
Freshman David Ma expresses his appreciation for Looney Toons by dressing as Tweety Bird.
Senior Sibyl Brown delivers an evil laugh as the Joker.
Sophomore Rachel Chen walks the halls as a superhero, watching over Blair.
Freshman Mimi Verdonk takes the ball down the field.
Sophomore Jamie Kator puts herself between her opponent and the ball.
Senior Darcy Pelz-Butler nimbly reaches the ball before a player from the opposing team.
Senior Jenna Williams takes the ball from her opponent.
Junior Miranda Bernard steers the ball away from her opponent.
Junior Janet Henkai races the ball down the field.
Increased enrollment for the 2009 - 2010 school year creates an unusual amount of crowding in Blair.
Airbound, sophomore Nika Lilley returns the ball.
Senior Lainie Brice skillfully sets the ball.
Senior Kaitlin Schwindt sends the ball back to her opponents.
Gym teacher Brooke Franceschini also works as a beauty consultant at Mary Kays.
Sophomore Brina Burney shows off the white digital watch she uses to keep track of time.
Freshman Shayna Solomon always wears a watch and often coordinates it with her outfit.
Danielle Simms sports a classy watch to match the style of her other accessories.
CAP teachers Tami Jeral, James Mogge and Lansing Freeman band together to represent the watch-wearing teachers at Blair.
Freshman Peter Conlon prefers the simple analog style of watch.
Since she lost her watch, junior Claire Teitelbaum frequently glances at the clock on the wall of her math classroom.
Cell phones will be permitted for lunchtime usage on Blair Boulevard, in the SAC and outside.
The yellow gate has given trouble to Blazers who want to walk along Blair Boulevard.
The results of the SGA presidential race were announced on Wednesday.
SGA plans to implement a variety of activities this year.
SGA presidential election results were announced on Wednesday.
Adam Biru will replace Mady Nadje as school vice president.
The yellow gate that stood between the SAC and the rest of Blair Boulevard last year was put at the foot of the main staircase on Tuesday.
Junior Sarah Frank swiftly takes the ball upfield during the team's April 16 game against Paint Branch.
During AP week, students gather at Christ Congregational Church on Colesville Road to get in some last minute studying before the tests.
Despite the increasing workload many experience toward the end of the year, many people still wander the halls of Blair without much on their backs.
Junior Annie Sholar has trouble carrying and keeping track of her school bag, water bottle, jacket and work clothes every day.
Joanna McKee brings her trumpet to school and often resourcefully stores other school supplies in the case.
Junior Adam Detzner is overwhelmed with his book bag during AP season.
This pack hangs low on junior Anna Zakas's back because of all the books inside.
Ready to graduate, seniors Yelena Johnson and Hannah Nelson sport matching bags and purses to carry their supplies.
Junior Jan Nguyen lugs a large backpack that doesn't even fit her AP World History book.
Laid-back and casual, Shindel's outfits are almost too cool for school.
Swaney schools the competition when it comes to fashion.
Cuadrado's unique style drives her students wild.
Swaney schools the competition when it comes to fashion.
Brandt shines through a lovely blue-toned outfit.
Allen is all smiles when it comes to style.
Senior Willy Li jumps as he sets the ball to a teammate.
Sophomore Robert Huang leaps to action as he battles for the point.
Christos closes the successful show with a country-influenced set backed by members of Uncle Chunky.
Sophomores Leah Ragen, Alec Wurzbacher and Michael Dalbello announce the winner of the guitar door prize.
The entire concert was recorded in high quality for a local television station.
Tony Grasso, frontman of the local group Uncle Chunky, performs with his band in support of Change for China's cause.
Uncle Chunky keeps a youthful image with this young guitarist.
Chris Hamilton and John Medalis of the JV Myka Project give a soulful performance.
The JV Myka Project, a local band, performs at the concert, providing a blend of originals and cover songs with a bluesy rock sound.
Sophomore Michael Dalbello acts as MC for the concert, sharing duties with fellow sophomore Alec Wurzbacher.
Local musician Gene Gregory opens the Change for China Sichuan Benefit Concert with his unique "acoustic heavy metal" music.
Uncle Chunky brings sophomore Colin Wiencek, who coordinated the event with his peers, onstage to play a song.
Junior Jill Lidsky passes the ball to junior Emily Hedrick to get a better shot.
Junior Jill Lidsky races after the ball to get it before her opponent.
Junior Molly Branson fights for control of the ball.
Junior Sarah Frank swiftly avoids her opponents as she takes the ball upfield.
Senior Xenia Oroxom gracefully runs into home base.
Junior Chloe Sheridan hits the ball with force before running the bases.
Junior Sammy Denenberg races from base to base after hitting the ball across the field.
Senior Josh Gordon takes a powerful swing at the ball.
Senior Daniel Woolson introduces the audience to the story of Sweeney Todd as Judge Turpin.
The lovely Johanna (sophomore Katerina Klavon) sings sweetly to her birds.
Mrs Lovett (sophomore Geocel Batista) regales Sweeney Todd (senior Adam Jackson) with the misfortunes of her business. Senior Robin Dreher played Todd in the premiere and following shows.
Junior Sibyl Brown sets the ball to make a difficult play for the other team.
Julia Lewando, Sana Barclay and Tessa Mork do drills do improve their performance on the field.
The boys gather round and listen to some tips from their coach.
The girls watch their teammates as they wait for their turn to participate.
The JV girls' lacrosse team practices throwing balls against a wall.
The boys break off into groups to practice skills such as passing and catching the ball.
The boys' lacrosse team practiced on the grass field last year, but were able to have a more efficient practice on the turf this year despite snow.
The recording studio equipment in room 122 is now fully up and running for music business and technology students.
Junior Joanna McKee shows her Longhorn pride with a University of Texas ski cap.
Junior Joseph Arce adds some color to his outfit with a blue cap, which accents his blue shoe laces.
Junior Anna Zakas takes advantage of of the intermittent warm weather to wear her favorite green hat.
Freshman Liam Ulasevich dresses for the cold with his warm winter hat.
Senior Wayne Henderson roams the halls prepared for the outdoors with his practical hat.
Junior Sierra Shepherd completes her outfit with a stylish pink hat.
Senior Ashley Arnold leaps into the air as she takes a shot.
Patterson shoots the ball with support from her teammates.
Senior Wayne Henderson soars through the air as he takes a shot.
Seniors Mike McClain and Leon Sampson play a strong defense, keeping the ball out of reach of their opponents.
Senior Mike McClain takes the ball into the air as he shoots a basket.
Outside the auditorium, a water fountain lever has been shattered.
Where in Blair?
A hole in the P.E. hallway wall makes for an interesting close-up.
Where in Blair?
It's a "fantastic" fire alarm along Blair Boulevard on the second floor.
Where in Blair?
Blair's Emanuel Charles balances his teaching job with homework from the class he attends at UMD.
Physical Education teacher Emanuel Charles balances his teaching job with homework from the Human Development class he is taking at the University of Maryland.
Juniors Diane Adamson and Gemma D'Eustachio sell chocolate and roses for Valentine's Day to support the Women's Advocacy Club.
The MCs present flowers to the staff and students  that made this year's Magnet Arts Night such a great success.
After all the acts, the seniors in the audience take the stage to close the show with Queen's "We Are the Champions."
Aaditya Chandra-Sekar, Ji Jung, Victor Wang and David Wasser play a moving rendition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Dani California."
A large group of Blazers performs a humorous skit to the song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" by the Beatles.
Junior Amy Liu leaps gracefully around the stage while Peggy Houng provides music on the harp.
Senior Julie Ufford and Mr. Donaldson duet on a country tune by Greg Brown.
Alex Bae, Tony Cha, Vincent Hu and Matt Kannan bring rock and roll to the evening with My Favorite Highway's "The Simple Life."
Lawrence Cho, Christopher Hsing, Daniel Hwang and Nathan Kung came together to play "Bolero" on a single cello.
Junior Laura Sirbu commands the stage with a Latin ballroom dance with Clive Butler.
Junior Scott Zimmermann glides up and down the neck of his guitar as he plays "Suite del Recuerdo" with nimble fingers.
Seniors Anton Frolenkov and Joseph Lynch perform a Magnet-oriented version of a popular "Monty Python" skit about a dead calculator.
Seniors Xin Shan and Jessica Chen play a duet called "Totoro's Neighbor Linkin Park."
Juniors Janice Lan, Elaine Lin, Lucy Liu, Xinhong Qiu and Danielle Sok perform a dance to the song "Replay" by the Korean group SHINee.
Seniors Jason Arora and Elaine Chung and juniors Nader Behdin and Scott Yu serve as Masters of Ceremonies for 2009's Magnet Arts Night.
Kyujoo Choi, Elizabeth Lee and Michael Lee kicked off the show with traditional Korean drumming.
Juniors Lita Farquhar, Jill Lidsky, Carmen Smith-Estrada, Lauren Krohmer and Mariah Mcpherson congregate to form one big wacky tacky colorful bunch.
Junior Kaitlin Schwindt combines shiny British pride with camouflage military pants.
Freshman Dylan Yui's wacky hair and robe go well with his U.S.-themed shorts.
Senior Korie Ferguson shows her school spirit by dressing in bright clashing colors and getting people to come to the Winter Formal.
Math teacher Jack Giles raided his father's closet to find the perfect combination of wacky clothes.
Elton and Erica Taylor's spunky attitudes and oversized hats accentuate their mismatched outfits.
Sophomores Branda and Dung Nguyen combine fashions suited for all different types of weather to create tacky ensembles.
SGA President Sibyl Brown's tacky outfit catches Blazers' attention as she hands out information about the upcoming Winter Formal dance.
Juniors Emmett Cummings and Ellen Jackson sport busy patterns and clashing scarves, bows, and bandanas to express their tackiness.
Juniors Meredith Metcalf and Tracy Betsock proudly show off their bright neon colors and novelty accessories.
Even as the celebration comes to an end, the "Cha Cha Slide" never fails to get people on their feet.
English teacher Kelly O'Connor and her husband celebrate Obama's inauguration on the dance floor.
The party has just begun as people take to the dance floor to show off their best moves.
Madden and the Spirit Club put on a fantastic event for the Blair community.
InToneNation, Blair's a capella group, gives yet another stellar performance.
County Executive Isiah Leggett expresses his appreciation for Blair's enthusiasm as well as for President-elect Barack Obama.
 Jazz band conductor Michelle Roberts leads the Honors Jazz Band in a smooth piece of classic jazz music.
Action Jackson and the Go-Getters wow the crowd with their incredibly realistic imitations.
The room is packed as people settle in to enjoy the music, festivities and ambiance.
Olga, Helen, Marsha and Jan of the local barbershop quartet Heart's Content dazzle the crowd with high spirits and shiny matching outfits.
 Tom the Variety Entertainer fits senior Owen Flannagan with a festive alien balloon hat.
Media assistant and Spirit Club sponsor Susan Madden's excitement energizes the crowd as she hosts the event.
Presidential decorations and balloons adorn the SAC to go along with the theme, "Yes We Can!"
Blair's jazz lab welcomes guests to the school's first Pre-Inaugural Ball in honor of President-elect Barack Obama.
The Blair girls basketball team won the first game of their season on Friday night 53-40 against Einstein.
Blair's girls play a fast-paced game, continuously bringing the ball up the court.
Members of the Fashion Club dress in purple and center around Lam Cao in memory of Tai Lam.
To go along with the Michael Jackson theme, many girls sport '80s fashion.
Michael Jackson and 80s-themed dances add spice to the show.
Junior Mady Nadje finds himself surrounded by fierce, fashionable girls.
Blair's Diva Dancers perform fierce dances throughout the show.
These girls strut down the runway with attitude.
Brilliant lighting, stylish fashions and intricate choreography provide a stunning visual element for the fashion show.
At the end of the runway, models strike fierce poses while wearing fierce clothing.
Fashion Club's "Fierce Mentality" perform a number of dances to classic songs by Michael Jackson.
Seniors Carlos Arana and Adam Carey and SGA President Sybil Brown host the show, exchanging witty banter between acts.
Sophomore Hien Le opens the show with a soulful song.
During the Fashion Club's fashion show, the DJ keeps the energy flowing with intense music.
Blair's Marching Band gives its thanks by marching in Silver Spring's annual Thanksgiving Parade.
Today's Silver Quill-sponsored open mic allowed senior Kitty Martin and others to express themselves through song, poetry and even jokes.
Scales participates in Blair's drum line, seen here performing for a crowd at October's activity fair.
Mrs. O'Connor gives the cast a pep talk before doing a full run-through.
During her down time, junior Meredith Metcalf reviews her lines and does her homework.
Senior Nora McNally delivers her lines flawlessly to an imaginary audience.
Director Kelly O'Connor makes sure everything in the auditorium is running properly.
Sophomore Colin Wiencek practices using the soundboard to make sure the sound is just right during the performances.
Actors and stage crew members alike stop to admire the hard work that goes into creating the incredible set pieces.
Senior Chris Bodine makes some adjustments to the backdrop.
Offstage, cast members play games and chat as they wait for their cues.
Senior Maya Maldonado-Weinstein and junior Adam Detzner play the flute and harpsichord respectively for nearly the entire play.
Seniors Adam Carey and Maya Baum practice their scenes from the play without missing a line.
Before rehearsal, actors do vocal warm ups to prepare their voices.
The family fun never ends with Silver Spring's hay ride.
The Big Red Apple provides funnel cakes and other tasty treats to the hungry people of Silver Spring.
The young ones prepare for Halloween by roaming the streets of Silver Spring in costume.
A Mysterious hooded hipster creates a graffiti mural on the sidewalk.
Pretty pumpkins fill the corner of Ellsworth and Fenton.
Kids line up across the stage for the Halloween costume contest.
Senior Eliot Gold helps apply temporary tattoos while volunteering for the Montgomery Blair Katrina Project during the Downtown Silver Spring Fall Festival on Saturday.
Junior Nellie Garlow reaches for the ball in order to get it away from a Churchill player.
Senior Rachel Passman navigates the ball skillfully through a field of Churchill opponents.  The Blazers fell 3-2 to the Bulldogs.
Sophomore co-captain Lauren Rust fights a Churchill player for control of the ball. Despite valiant defensive play, the Blazers lost 3-0.
Freshman Nicolas Weinfeld and junior Sekou Sangare recruit aspiring filmmakers for Blair's Film Team.
A crowd gathers as Blair's drum line performs to advertise the marching band.
Juniors Aaron Baldwin, Ross Bushnell, and Otis Banwell represent Blair's Ski Club.
Senior Greg Friedman encourages everyone he sees to join Students for Global Responsibility.
Senior Lukas Kagan helps artistic Blazers sign up for Blair's Fine Arts Club.
Blair's Learn a Language Club offers demonstrations of foreign languages and other aspects of foreign cultures.
The Robotics Club shows off one of its masterpieces, which many Blazers saw previously on Blair Boulevard near the SAC.
Senior Hans Perkasa rocks out to his music and plays the air guitar as he waits for his friends after school.
Blair's a capella group InToneNation sings and dances for passersby at Back to School Night.
Junior Alexa Walczak practices her dance moves excitedly to prepare for her class.
Junior Hien Le plays the piano for all to hear during her free time in the band room.
Junior Jasmine Sarjeant explores the vast depths of sophomore Eric Ruggieri's iPod while he listens and eats his lunch.
Junior Nicolette Harley and sophomore Billy Griffis break it down to some tunes in the courtyard during lunch.
Freshman Benjamin Abor learns to play the drums after school in the band room.
A group of Blazers gathers to break dance, wowing dozens of onlookers with their acrobatic moves.
Senior Will Hernandez practices the tuba after school.
Sophomore Lucy Chester entertains her friends and jams on her guitar during lunch.
Seniors Susie Branson and Annie Worden double-team an opposing Magruder player.
Sophomore Saleiha Mayer-Marks rushes to get the ball before her opponent from Magruder.
Some dogs are more bashful than others.
People sit around with their dogs and chat.
A large banner over Ellsworth Drive welcomes visitors to the Dog Days of Downtown Silver Spring.
Ralph waits patiently while his owner talks with other dog owners.
A small dog named Kiwi can't wait to play with the other dogs.
Sarah Kessler provides information about her husband, Glen, who paints pet portraits.
Many dogs enjoy a free ride through the streets.
Face painting is quite popular among the young dog lovers.
 A few dogs even get dressed up for the occasion.
After a long day, this dog is dog-tired.
These dogs prove to be great conversation starters for complete strangers.
Some dogs need to take a break at the Pet Pit Stop.
Some people almost got carried away with the excitement.
Both dogs and people of all ages and sizes came to take part in the dogtivities.
The Washington Animal Rescue League looks for homes for their dogs.
Dog Days of Downtown Silver Spring welcomed dogs and their owners to gather and enjoy the afternoon together.  Here, Ralph waits patiently while his owner talks with other dog owners.
Junior Sibyl Brown returns the ball to Watkins Mill.
Junior Chloe Sheridan powerfully serves the ball to her opponents from Watkins Mill.
A group of performers present traditional European folk dances during the Takoma Park Folk Festival.
People take refuge from the heat in the shade of a tree while listening to the bands.
While Ruthie and the Wranglers perform, an interpreter translates for hearing impaired festival-goers.
The Samover Russian Folk Ensemble performs traditional Russian and Ukrainian folk songs.
Some performers rehearse for their act in the hallway.
People stop by the House of Musical Traditions booth to buy exotic instruments and CDs.
Blair alumnus Jacob Weisman watches the local band Radio Caroline perform.
Festival-goers choose from a variety of food from different cultures present in Takoma Park.
The Electric Maid, a popular music venue in Takoma Park, raises money to stay open.
A couple enjoys the music and dances in the summer heat.
Children and parents alike enjoy the musical stylings of Eric Maring.
A class based in Takoma Park demonstrates Capoeira, a form of Brazilian martial arts.
Two men lead a group in a traditional Bulgarian folk dance.
Young ballerinas advertise the Maryland Youth Ballet.
Junior Sarah Tran gets ready to serve the ball to her opponent.
Freshman Anna Lu and sophomore Ann Choi pair up for a doubles match.
Junior Sarah Tran and the blazers hope to make it back to the Division I championships this year.
Parents peruse activity booths during 5A and 5B lunch.
Spirited Blazers around the school give directions to lost parents.
A vacant booth advertises Blair athletics with a creative display.
Seniors An Tran and Lily Ross help guide people around the third floor.
Different stations provide information about all of Blair's academies.
InToneNation, Blair's a capella group, sells CDs and performs for passersby.
Blair's cheerleaders provide a short demonstration for onlookers.
Parents crowd Blair's many hallways, reminiscent of students during the school day.
Senior Giovanna Selvaggio and junior Adam Detzner represent Silver Quill at September's Back to School Night.
Senior Mike McClain jumps to intercept the ball after a high kick from the Wolverines.
Senior Mikey Funes skillfully handles the ball up-field.
Transportation may be affected by Weast's recommendations.
After the last bell rings, Blair Boulevard begins to fill with staff and freshmen who discuss their first day of high school.
Just minutes after school gets out, many freshmen eagerly make their way home.
Dana Simel teaches her first English class of the year, full of eager freshman minds.
At the end of the day, freshmen are eager to get to the bus stop and go home.
Zachary Chinn, Phuong Tran and Tuyen Luu work on some of the paperwork that comes with the beginning of the school year during lunch.
Rachel Chen, Delia Dremer, Rachael Carruthers, Vanessa Adjei and  Lena Mexers are excited to have their first Blair IDs.
Mykala Daniel, Cynthia Gross and Shulanda Henry ventured outside for their first lunch as high schoolers.
Freshmen make their way around Blair to their first classes.
Students consult the list of advisories to start their high school careers.
On August 1, Blair graduates Sam Ricci, Andrew Joseph and Eric Merchant performed a farewell concert at the Electric Maid in Takoma Park before heading off to different colleges.