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Students weren't actually at Blair for the SAT until sunset, but it definitely felt that way.
The level of static given off by the speakers added a level of minor technical difficulty to the show.  These JBL speakers have been being used by Blair for nearly 10 years and are fast giving out.  The school, however, does not plan to replace them.
Furniture from the main office sits in Blair Boulevard on Thursday afternoon while new carpeting is installed inside.
Senior Anand Oza will train at the University of Maryland, College Park for the 41st Annual International Physics Olympiad
Senior Alex Egber accepts a Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship, worth $180,000.
Mrs. Roberts directs the band during a Blues Brothers revue, arranged by Roger Holmes.
The "Monster" Band, a combination of the Jazz Lab Band and the Honors Jazz Band, fills the stage.
Junior Will Yeager plays a solo during "Bye Bye Blackbird," by Mort Dixon and Ray Henderson, arranged by Dave Wolpe.
The Honors Jazz Band plays "Such Sweet Thunder," by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, arranged by David Berger.
Refreshments were available for a donation basis during breaks, with donations going to the music programs.
Mrs. Roberts recognized seniors by calling them up at the end of the set, though there are only five seniors in both jazz bands combined.
Freshman Eric Qiao plays a solo on his trombone during "Pescados Frescos," by Armando Rivera.
Freshman Andy Slenkovich plays drums for the Jazz Lab Band.
The Jazz Lab band plays the first of their four songs, "Work Song" by Nathanael Adderley, arranged by Peter Blair.
The opening act of the Spring Jazz Concert was the Red Line Quintet, a professional jazz combo consisting of Blair students Junior Peter Leonard on saxophone, Sophomore Kathryn Waychoff on trumpet, Senior Jeremy Lebow on guitar, Senior Elliot Meyerson on bass, and Junior Matthew Volk on drums.
Mr. Donaldson points out stars, planets and constellations to his astronomy class on Thursday, after the sun set at Blair.
Excess bronze is poured from a crucible in John Kaluta's materials science class on Thursday. The class planned on casting bronze, brass and aluminum, but an explosion occurred at the end of 5A and cut short casting. Nobody was injured.
Several local post offices were open late to accept income tax forms on April 15th, as this sign posted at the Four Corners post office explains.
At a fundraising event at ArtSpring in downtown Silver Spring, Silver Quill members sell previous issues of the magazine and register people for a silent auction.
Judges from the Washington Academy of Sciences visited Blair to judge students' Senior Research Projects for awards on Thursday.
Unfortunately, the season is short-lived. Petals are already beginning to fall, and soon leaves everywhere will turn green again.
Pear blossoms frame the steeple at Blair.
Cherry blossoms in D.C. are a major attraction.
Orchids are in bloom at the United States Botanical Gardens exhibit, "Orchids! A Cultural Odyssey."
People from all over cool their feet in the fountain at the World War II memorial in D.C.
People gather in a traffic circle on a particularly warm day to play sports, read, or visit with neighbors.
Cherry blossoms hang majestically over Kennedy Drive in Bethesda.
Birds have come out after a long winter, celebrating the spring with their chirps.
Bright forsythia bushes bring color to local neighborhoods.
Crocuses are another early-blooming flower.
The first signs of spring, flower buds on trees, begin to emerge in the middle of March.
The price tag from legal settlements could end up exceeding Toyota's estimated $2 billion in recall costs.
The first annual Big Cherry Block Party was held Saturday in Downtown Silver Spring, featuring many vendors, live performances, and a traditional cherry tree planting.
Senior David Tolnay uses an edger to clean up the labyrinth outside of Blair on Thursday, a volunteer project organized by teacher John Kaluta.
Lockers by the SAC wait for students to come the next day.
The SAC, normally filled with Blazers eating lunch, is empty.
The courtyard by the SAC is more dimly lit than most places at Blair.
Every floor at Blair is visible from the senior courtyard.
In the 140s courtyard, the blue of the chairs contrasts with the orange tiles.
The gym looks exactly like it did when it was last used by a P.E. class.
In the auditorium, the muffled air weighs heavily on the empty seats.
The main office empties with the rest of Blair, though several lights stay on constantly.
The main staircase sits unused, with a "wet floor" sign that will be taken off in the morning.
The long 300s hallway is completely empty.
A single fluorescent tube lights the top floor of the 340s staircase.
Motion-sensing lights are turned off in the 330s hallway, a sight never seen when classes are in session.
Blair Boulevard sits empty at night, devoid of the crowds that use it through the day.
Girls' varsity soccer made quick work of Kennedy.
Senior Tim Lee presents his Senior Research Project, entitled "Characterizing Extra-Genomic DNA in Shigella dysenteriae," on Thursday.
A column of flame rises up a tree near the the Beltway entrance ramp at Colesville Road at 1:50 p.m. today.
Dale Miller leads a cheer for the athletes at Blair.
Trophies were handed out to athletes across sports and in many categories.
Schafer reviews the answers to problems assigned to his Mathematical Physics class, the highest level of physics offered at Blair.
Freshman Irene Ravitz and the Blazer mascot advertise Blair sunglasses, which you can pre-order for $3.
The speech given by Paris Essoumba's mother (center), at his memorial service, with his grandmother and sister holding on to her, brought everyone in the auditorium to tears.
Zucker wears a protective sleeve on his left arm to prevent it from getting bruised by blows sustained during practice. He says that being left-handed gives him an advantage against other fencers.
Senior Sam Zucker teaches fencing lessons at the DC Fencers Club. He has been fencing since he was 8 years old, and now practices three hours a day. He was the captain of the fencing team at a recent national competition held in San Jose. His team got second place.
Gelfeld makes a white and milk chocolate mocha for a customer. Each team member takes turns at specific jobs, such as ringing up customers and making drinks.
Senior Rachel Gelfeld laughs as she takes a customer's order at Caribou Coffee in Downtown Silver Spring. It's her first job, but she likes the laid back and personal work environment and flexible hours.
Senior Jake Miller has worked at Roscoe's Pizzeria in Takoma Park since it opened in May. He enjoys it because it's closer to his house than his last job, which was at a restaurant in Bethesda.
McCallum posted this flier at the Chipotle in Downtown Silver Spring, hoping to attract customers. As the founder of Corner Kick Coaches, his responsibilities not only include advertising, but also managing his employees and dealing with legal issues.
Senior Carson McCallum is the founder of Corner Kick Coaches, a soccer-lesson business that employs many Blazers, and Chief Operating Officer of Serve It Up, which gives tennis lessons. He has been playing both sports for many years, and saw a need for coaches who actively play the sports that they teach.
Some of Mantovani's work is displayed together. She says that over the winter holidays, most of her pieces sold out.
Junior Alessandra Mantovani sells an assortment of colorful vintage jewelry and useful decoupage pieces at ArtSpring in Downtown Silver Spring. She's been selling her art there since the store opened in its new location a year ago.
Detzner stands in front of the pipes inside the church. He says that after many years of piano lessons, and then harpsichord lessons, the transition to the organ was smooth.
Senior Adam Detzner plays the organ at St. Bernadette's Roman Catholic Church, across from Blair. He started working there in September, after studying organ for a year, and plays for most Sunday masses and holidays.
Senior Steven Carlson and Sophomore David Kaufman (hidden) debug code for the Robotics Team. They must ship the robot by Monday.
Blazers play football on the tennis courts during a brief period of warm weather on Thursday.
Magnet coordinator Peter Ostrander talks to parents of Magnet sophomores about changes in the Magnet program for next year.
The concert ends with the symphonic orchestra and chamber choir performing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's "Messiah."
Senior Abdul Nuriddin performs a version of "Rainbow Connection," originally performed by Kermit the Frog.
The guitar ensemble performs "Sailor's Hornpipe," arranged by Derek Hasted.
Senior Sydney Smith sings the lead in "Mercy," by British singer Duffy.
Blair's a cappella group, InToneNation, performs "In The Still of the Night" with junior Brian Clanton soloing.
Junior Michael Anderson plays the piano part of "The Circles Of Our Lives"
Senior David Jackson reads an introduction to "The Circles Of Our Lives."
The chamber choir sings "Lauda, Anima, Mea," a song by 16th-century composer Orlando di Lasso.
Choir director Paul Newport introduces the chamber choir.
Senior co-captain Denis Mesidor takes a free throw.
Senior co-captain Cameron Reed attempts a shot despite strong Wheaton defense.
Junior Anthony Curcio-Rudy throws the ball in from the sidelines.
Junior Charles Ruffin takes advantage of a temporary opening in the Wheaton defense to bring the ball to the hoop.
Closely defended by a Wheaton player, senior Ben Hukill sprints up the court.
The Blair steeple was covered in snow during the pre-winter break storm that hit the D.C. area.
Junior Peter Leonard plays an alto saxophone solo at the Jazz Lab Band and Honors Jazz Band concert on Thursday.
Lights shine on the giant holiday wreath hanging above the main entrance to City Place Mall.
Where in Silver Spring can you find these lights?
A row of these lamps lines shops along Ellsworth drive, including the ones above cosmetics store Ulta.
Where in Silver Spring can you find these lamps?
The main staircase in Downtown Silver Spring is tiled in an aquatic pattern similar to the fountain.
Where in Silver Spring can you find these sparkly tiles?
The World Tree stands unlit on a platform on the fountain in the heart of Silver Spring.
Where in Silver Spring can you find these tree decorations?
This Wayne Avenue Garage sign is found in an alley connecting Ellsworth Drive and Wayne Avenue.
Where in Silver Spring can you find this sign?
In front of the Red Rock Canyon Grill, a gas fire burns constantly.
Where in Silver Spring can you find this fire?
ArtSpring, Pyramid Atlantic's art store, sells handcrafted local artwork.
Where in Silver Spring can you buy these photos (and other local artwork)?
The sculpture, called "Petalos Reflejantes," or "Reflective Petals," is in a circle on the corner of Georgia and Wayne Avenue. It was commissioned in 2006 by a local design firm.
Where in Silver Spring can you find this sculpture?
The building is the Discovery Communications world headquarters, completed in 2003.
Where in Silver Spring is this building?
The hexagonal tiles are used in all Metro facilities, like the Silver Spring Metro parking garage.
Where in Silver Spring are these tiles?
You can find the pipe in the Silver Spring Metro parking garage.
Where in Silver Spring is this hanging pipe?
English teacher Keith Anderson won the Gazette "My Favorite Teacher" award.
Second and third floor bathrooms were closed at lunch during most of second quarter.
Bells shake on dancers' feet from the award-winning Caporales San Simon group.
A 10-foot-wide inflatable balloon parades down Ellsworth Drive, the main street that runs through downtown Silver Spring.
Many traditional Bolivian Tinkus groups were represented in the parade. The dance represents the war for honor between two tribes.
The Bowie State University marching band plays.
The penguin is the unofficial mascot of Silver Spring.
Councilmember George Leventhal has served in the County Council since 2002.
A group of workers takes a break to watch the parade from a rooftop.
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, as well as other local police departments,  march in the parade.
Senior Jeremy Tousley plays the sousaphone.
The Kapitol Klowns make up a local non-profit group that has provided local entertainment for the past 40 years.
Many families line the streets of Downtown Silver Spring to watch the Thanksgiving parade.
A line of emergency vehicles from local fire departments sound their sirens and make noise as they proceed down Georgia Avenue.
A chinese dragon carried by Falun Dafa practitioners weaves through the street.
At the CAP Congress on Wednesday, sophomore Julio Ceron answers questions about his poster, which argues for allowing cell phone use while driving.
A suit of armor watches over a house.
A moving and talking head startles trick-or-treaters.
Sophomore James Audet dresses to scare trick-or-treaters.
The bright lights on this house invite trick-or-treaters.
"Boo!" reads this comical jack-o-lantern.
A hearse sits outside a house, a fitting decoration for funeral home owners.
This house is familiar to many locals for its over-the-top inflatable decorations.
Two little trick-or-treaters get candy.
A disco ball spins and strobe lights flash in front of this house.
Senior Andrew Hyder dresses up as Elwood Blues, one of the Blues brothers.
Seniors Nate Hukill, Ben Hukill and Otis Banwell dress as the Travelocity gnome.
Senior Theresa Bort wears spiderweb earrings to show her halloween spirit.
Senior Rebecca Novello dresses as Max from the children's story and film "Where the Wild Things Are."
A sign outside the SAC advertises BNC's halloween candy gram sales.
Night approaches over the steeple at Blair. As the winter arrives, days are getting shorter, and the sunset comes earlier every day.
Though the sky is gray as students arrive at school, the SAC is brightly lit.
Fallen maple leaves in their fall hues litter the ground.
The American flag and scoreboard are backlit by the morning sunlight.
A group of middle school students waits for a bus in the pre-dawn hours.
The empty grandstands reflect in the sunlight.
The east-facing 170s hallway is stage to spectacular light displays in the mornings.
The golden morning light is tinted and refracted by a third-floor window.
An early frost this year gave everyone a taste of the approaching onset of winter.
The sun rises in perfect alignment with the steeple on this early October morning.
A worker finishes the new steps near the courtyard, as seen from above.
Senior Jenna Williams maneuvers the ball around an opposing player.
Senior co-captain Erica Horne attempts to steal the ball from the Rockets.
Sophomore Jamie Kator runs towards the Rockets' goal.
Memories come back as alumni walk the hallways that they once frequented.
The original Blair auditorium has sat unused for more than ten years.
An impromptu reunion takes place in the gym between the classes of 1960 and 1962.
Though Blair High School has moved, its crest remains in its original location, now Silver Spring International Middle School.
The cheerleading team keeps the spirit high throughout the parade.
The "Champions" from the class of 1979 recall memories of Queen's "We Are the Champions," which reached popularity during their time at Blair.
A small but dedicated crowd watches the parade despite the weather.
Some classes stood out with their cars' decorations, such as the class of 1967.
The marching band leads the way during the parade.
Blair alumni drive cars from every decade of Blair's existence in the Wayne Avenue parade, which ends at the old Blair building.
The Strathmore Music Center will be the venue for the 75th anniversary all-class reunion and accompanying events.
The Blazer mascot dances as the marching band plays and students leave for the day, hopefully excited for homecoming.
The Blair poms team performs a routine.
Senior Nate Hukill takes the first bite of cake for the senior team in the cake-eating contest.
Seniors Mady Nadje and Sam Zuckerman host the many events planned for the pep rally.
Juniors get their hands up and cheer for their class.
A smiley face on the fence sets the tone for the events to come.
The Blazer mascot gets ready in the SGA office before the pep rally.
All the seniors in this 12th grade English class wear red to show their senior pride.
Freshman Caren Holmes "keeps it fresh" with her spirited t-shirt.
Senior Brittany Reyes carefully paints senior Ben Molina's face to prepare for the fall pep rally. The spring pep rally will be held this week.
Arrrr! Montgomery Blair dresses up as a pirate, the seniors' homecoming theme.
Clouds float over Blair as Blazers start pouring into the stands for the fall pep rally, the first held on the new field.
Blazers pack the hallways during the Activity Fair, where Blair clubs got to show off in the hopes of attracting new members. <i>Photo by Wylie Conlon.</i>
Jonathan Guzman, Eli Okun and Xorissa Rabitz practice their scenes together under the direction of Kelly O'Connor.
A couple has one last contra dance as the festivities come to a close.
Groups of kids played on the field all day long.
The Shepherdstown Hicks with Sticks wear colorful rag coats for their performance.
The Foggy Bottom Morris Men are a regular group at the Folk Festival.
Teriyaki chicken sizzles on the grill, luring in potential customers.
Patty Loveless holds a peace sign to get the message out that we should "never stop working for peace." He was injured in a riot by the Ku Klux Clan thirty years ago, and is now completely blind and confined to a wheelchair.
Jim Jarboe, chief of the Takoma Park Fire Department, hosts a fire prevention quiz game.
Guen Spilsbury plays a drum under the House of Musical Traditions tent.
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer get the audience involved in their performance.
Kirk Philips of the Baltimore-based band Radio Caroline plays on the main stage at the Takoma Park Folk Festival.
It takes three players to stop Blair from completing an impressive turnover.
Blair sprinted around Magruder.
A lone Blazer takes down the Magruder quarterback.
Junior Hannah Ho returns the ball.
Sophomore Anna Lu smashes the ball back towards the Panthers.
Mr. Williams takes charge of the situation during the fire at Blair on September 1st.
An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail lands on a  Zinnia, a perennial favorite for many butterfly species.
A close-up of a butterfly reveals its compound eyes.
The Question Mark butterfly enjoys a free ride with a visitor. This butterfly is so named because of a silver question mark found on the underside of its wing.
The exotic Malachite butterfly shows off its wings.
The endangered Atlas Moth rests on a leaf. Atlas Moths are considered to be the largest moths in the world.
Two butterflies share a flower.
As agents of pollination, butterflies have important economic benefits.
Some species of butterflies, such as this Blue Morpho, are attracted to the scent of rotten fruit.
Some lucky visitors get the pleasure of having a butterfly land on them for a fleeting moment.
At Brookside Nature Center's "Wings of Fancy" exhibit, visitors can see and interact with hundreds of butterflies of all varieties.
Geoff de Mers of the 2nd Story Band performs in Downtown Silver Spring as part of the "Friday Night Spotlight" event.