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Freshman pitcher Neil Gahart proved he can handle the pressure of facing older batters. The Blazers beat Damascus 3-2.
Junior Richard Griner hits a foul ball down the third base line. Blair beat Damascus on Monday night, improving to 13-7 on the season.
As center, Smith has to be able to handle the ball effectively.
Smith surges ahead of two Magruder players.
Sophomores Audrey Fischer, Sarah Wilson and Hannah Weintraub sell pencils during lunch for a fundraiser by Women's Advocacy Club.  The club is also hosting an event during lunch and after school on Thursday, May 12 to talk about feminism.
Sophomore attack wing Caren Holmes races a Marguder player to recover a ground ball.
Senior attack Lyla Shapiro cradles the ball down the field.
Junior Katie Pohlman placed third on beam with a 9.525 from her supreme balance and grace.
Senior Sophie Seidell placed fifth all around in the county meet and took second place in beam with a 9.575.
Senior Pierce Marston tags first base after originally dropping the ball, still getting the out despite an interesting play.
Senior Lucas Babinec pitches in an intense and exciting game for Blair baseball.
Kannan also played on Blair's tennis team throughout high school.
Numerous Blazers attended the carnival, yet the SGA had to lower the price of tickets as an incentive to get people to start buying more.
Sophomore Rahel Mehreteab tries to make a basket in the Sports Challenge.  Blazers also had to fight the pull of bungee cords in this game.
Senior Anthony Curcio flies backwards on the Bungee Run.  On this game students ran while attached to a bungee cord and then were pulled back.
The SGA had a cotton candy machine and sold the sweet for $1.
Chris Brown was one of the teachers that worked in the Dunk Tank.  Blazers could pay to throw bags at a target in order to sink their teachers.
Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs were available for sale.
Snow Cones were one of the many types of food offered.
Sophomore Bryan Cardoso swings the mallet with one hand.  If students managed to hit the bell they won a prize.
The moon bounce was a popular attraction, students could by $.50 for tickets to jump on the ride.
Students could make Spin Art by squirting paint onto a piece of paper while it spins on a wheel.
Blazers enjoy a pizza party in the Media Center during lunch.  Students were able to eat and discuss books the Black Eyed Susan club read.
Senior Pierce Marston pitched a majority of the Walter Johnson game, and helped bring the team to its seventh win in a row.
Seniors Michael Giron, Andrews Gomez, Jose Diaz and Carlos Gonzalez pose as Wario, Luigi, Mario and Waluigi.
Sophomore Connor Rattey impersonated Charlie Sheen for Character day on Wednesday.
Sophomore Kayla McCaw and junior Sara Pollacco pose in the SGA office for Decades day.
English teacher Sandra Ivey dressed up for Decades Day in 80s style clothing.
In an attempt to catch the ball, senior attack Lyla Shapiro lunges past a Richard Montgomery team member.
Junior defense Julia Lewando begins to run up the field after snatching a ground ball.
Senior defense Hannah Ho guards an opposing player.
One of the vendors was dedicated to selling merchandise from the National Cherry Blossom festival.
A temporary stage was set up infront of the Ulta where groups performed from 11 A.M until 6:30 P.M. that night.
The booths sold small trees, called bonsai.
The block party included numerous food vendors.  The types of food ranged from seafood to Thai food.
On April 2, Downtown Silver Spring hosted its Cherry Block Party in honor of the cherry blossoms in D.C.
Blazers vote in the Media Center during first period.  Students were able to vote for the Student Member of the Board candidate and class president.
Senior Sophie Seidell unexpectedly competed in bars despite her injury and won first place in the event with a score of 9.3.
Junior Katie Pohlman won third place on beam with a score of 8.85 and won fourth place all around.
The new Safeway will be Wheaton's first mixed-use project. With 460 apartments to be built above the grocery store, the size of the new Safeway will double that of the existing store.
Developers will convert Parking Lot 13 into a town square and mixed-use residential space.
Senior Louise Gretschel talks with fellow Silver Quill member, sophomore Danny Rosenberg while working the Silver Quill table during lunch.  Students can now pre-order the 2011 edition through Friday for $8.
Senior co-captain Taylor Smith exhibited confidence and poise in all of her events.
Junior Katie Pohlman received first place all around in the meet against Gaithersburg.
A CVS Pharmacy will be coming to Downtown Silver Spring in October on the corner of Wayne Ave. and Fenton St.
Senior Robert Huang sets the ball into the air.
Junior Rick Narcisse sends the ball over the net.
Senior D-Pole Max Holmes tries to stop B-CC's sophomore middie Jake Shapiro from scoring.
Senior middie Nick Grossman fights an opposing player for a ground ball.
Blair had trouble containing B-CC's strong attack on Tuesday night, as the Blazers fell by a score of 10-2.
Additionally, CAP sophomores staged a call-in Wednesday, March 30 to talk to congressman about the Dream Act.
Students watch Inception in the Student Activity Center, Wednesday night.  The SGA hosted an Indoor Movie night, a free event where Blazers could watch a movie after school.
Senior Seema Habash runs to beat a Kennedy player to the ball.
Senior Lyla Shapiro shoots on Kennedy. She was able to make three goals throughout the game.
Seniors Taylor Tingle and Alessandra Mantovani announce information about the yearbook at the senior information meeting Wednesday.  Administrators also talked about key information about graduation requirements and upcoming events.
Senior Gabe Resstack swings the bat.
A series of bases stolen by junior Tucker Canary lead him to steal home for Blair's second run.
Teacher Kevin Shindel works with juniors and seniors in CAP.
Juniors hold candles at the National Honors Society Induction Ceremony.  Those students who were admitted into the organization were congratulated at the ceremony Wednesday night.
Senior Will Yeager sports stickers advertising Student Member of the Board candidate  Alan Xie.  Xie visited Blair Friday and talked to students about the upcoming election.
Cars fill up the parking lot outside of St. Bernadette Church for mass.  Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent in the Catholic religion.
Replacing Pepco with a municipal power company will be difficult due to Pepco's self-owned utilities throughout the county.
Crocuses push their way through dead leaves covering the ground.  As Spring approaches, crocuses and other plants are starting to grow and bloom.
Blazers practice for Friday's Water Pong Tournament outside the SAC.  SGA members have been demonstrating the game to potential players all week.
An instructor from the driving program Drive2Survive talks to students and parents about safe driving.  Teens and parents were invited to a free Drive2Survive workshop Wednesday.
The team embraces after their second-place win.
Junior Sara Pollacco smiles to the audience after Blair won the Spirit Award. Senior team captain Selena Wyborski holds the team's overall place trophy.
Numerous Blazers traveled to Richard Montgomery to cheer on the squad.
Girl's basketball  was selling food at the fair to raise money for the team.
After interviewing people exited through the Career Center.  Students rated their experience and told whether or not they were accepted into any colleges.
Before students went into their interview they waited in the counseling office.
Students were allowed to sign up for on-the-spot interviews with certain colleges.
The Coast Guard and the Army had recruiters to talk to students interested in enlisting.
A video played throughout the night featuring sights from the school, bringing the college feel closer to home.
The halls of Blair were covered in college souvenirs.
Schools had numerous different forms of presentations.  This table featured a tri-fold board while other had posters and brochures.
Savannah State University gave away stick-on tattoos as well as key chains.
Schools gave away take-away gifts that ranged from flyers to beads.  Xavier University had beads to give away to interested students.
A representative from Clark-Atlanta University talks with an interested student.
Upon sign-in students were given packets about all the colleges at the fair.
Students from all over the county were invited to learn about colleges.  There were entrances at the Colesville Road and University Boulevard  side of the building where students and parents could sign-in.
Blair hosted the Historically Black College &  University Fair Wednesday, February 16 at 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.
People sit in the Majestic waiting for the movie "I Am Number Four" to begin.  Blair's English department received free advanced screening passes for the movie and distributed them to students throughout the week.  "I Am Number Four" premiers Friday, February 18.
Juniors Betty Elais, Arsiema Tekele-Beyene, Vanessa Adjei and Tiona Matthews show off their Valentine's Day cupcakes and presents.
Junior Alijha Redman proudly holds her presents she received for Valentine's Day.
A booth in Union Station sold a variety of presents, ranging from flowers to giant stuffed teddy bears.
InToneNation sold singing candy grams.  They performed during 1st and 3rd period.
For $5 a deluxe candy gram had more chocolate than the regular ones, including a giant chocolate heart.
The week before Valentine's Day Silver Chips sold regular and deluxe candy grams, delivered during seventh period February 14th.
Whole cakes were for sale, specially decorated with small hearts.
Individual cookies and cupcakes were also available for sale.
The Bakery sold boxes of pink, heart shaped cookies.
The Woodmoor Bakery was open specially on Monday, February 14 so people could continue to buy treats for their loved ones.
Flowers are a popular present for Valentine's Day.  Many stores sold flowers in anticipation for the holiday.
A storefront in Washington, D.C. decorates for Valentine's Day.
Marston and Henson face off against a Long Reach player.
On Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium, Blair parents, students and coaches were invited to a  meeting that highlighted warning signs and methods for how to work with an athlete who has had a concussion.
Junior guard Morgan Chase gets airbound while
making an inside shot.
Sophomore guard Melissa Romero shoots the ball.
Junior guard Adrienne Jackson dribbles her way past a Sherwood defender.
A health professional from Suburban Hospital answers questions during an assembly held today aimed to raise awareness for as well as teach junior and senior girls how to better prevent breast cancer.
A snow plow sits in front of Blair on Wednesday morning.  All Montgomery County public schools were closed due to the winter weather.
Senior co-captain Winston Liu swims backstroke.
Junior Caitlin Leksana swims butterfly.
The ice rink in Downtown Silver Spring is used by a few people.  Even on a winter weekdays people are able to enjoy activities locally.
Junior Nick Coffey played the Earl of Gloucester and senior Tyler Fultz played Edgar, the son of Gloucester.  Here the blind Gloucester searches for Edgar.
Senior Elizabeth Spilsbury and juniors Claire Koenig and Nick Coffey act out the opening scene of William Shakespeare's King Lear.
Seniors Brina Burney and Elizabeth Spilsbury play the roles of Regan and Goneril during the performance of King Lear Wednesday night.
Freshman Luke Hammond races in the men's 200 yard breaststroke relay.
Senior Jonathan Bullard-Sisken swims the first leg during the backstroke relay.
A Christmas Tree sale shop stands alone and fenced up along Georgia Avenue .  Now that the holidays are over Christmas trees that were not purchased are left laying behind.
Metro fares are now going to be taken from different purses, when commuters using SmartBenefits use the metro, the money will be taken from their specific transit budget.
The northern sector of the Falkland Chase complex received approval for redevelopment in November.
Blazers play basketball outside during a fire drill.  The fire drill took place during 5th period lunch and forced many students outside in the cold temperatures.
Blazers play basketball outside during a fire drill.  The fire drill took place during 5th period lunch and forced many students outside in the cold temperatures.
Junior Tucker Canary makes the game-winning basket for the Blazers.
A cake that read "Happy Kwanza" was quickly eaten.
With the ticket stub, students could eat the food provided.  Wraps and chicken were available.
The African American Club hosted the event and encouraged more people to join the group.
DJ Kilo entertained the crowd with popular songs.  In the end the crowd got up and danced to end the party.
Numerous students as well as teachers rapped and presented during the party.
Many Blazers went and listened to performers from 3:30 until 6:30.
Blair had a Kwanzaa party on Friday, Dec. 10, in the Student Activity Center.
Blazers play dreidel to win chocolate coins.
A single dreidel is spun on a spare table.  Playing dreidel is a popular game to play on Hanukkah.
Sophomores Hannah Weintraub and Josh Schmidt and senior Will Kubetin prepare for the rush of students eager to eat latkes.
Traditional Hanukkah food was served, including jelly donuts, apple sauce and latkes.
A dance instructor got the crowd moving with Israeli dance steps.
Students danced during the Jewish Culture Club's Hanukkah party.
Blue cheese, brie and pears are three different flavors that combine perfectly for a scrumptious holiday hors d'oeuvre!
Washington Post Company Chief Executive Officer Don Graham speaks to tenth grade CAP students.  Graham talked to the class during fourth period and addressed issues about print media and the future of news.
Washington Post Company Chief Executive Officer Don Graham speaks to tenth grade CAP students.  Graham talked to the class during fourth period and addressed issues about print media and the future of news.
The new downtown Wheaton will be located near the Wheaton metro station.
Senior Forward Sarah McMillian, flanked by her teammates, attempts to shoot past a Cavaliers' defense.
Junior forward Johanna Lopez jumps while shooting a basket.
As the temperature begins to drop, fires are a cozy way to keep warm during the winter months.
President of Blair's National Honor Society Casey Goldvale talks to Saleiha Mayer-Marks after the meeting during lunch.  National Honor Society is an organization where students can plan and participate in community service projects.
Junior Niklas Hammond breaks a Blair record while swimming the 200 free.
Freshman Brian Huang chose to complete a 201 dive as his third dive for Blair.
Families gather under the giant Woodmoor Christmas tree for the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony Sunday, December 5.
Parents, students and teachers gathered in the auditorium to screen a special showing of the documentary, Race to Nowhere.  This film talked about the pressures students face in today's society and the consequences of such stresses.  After viewing the film there was an audience discussion in addition to a panel-led discussion.
Resource Counselor Marcia Johnson talks at Wednesday night's Financial Aid Meeting for parents.  The meeting featured speakers from the Financial office at Montgomery College.  Topics covered the financial aid and scholarship process.  Numerous pamphlets were available to further explain and answer additional questions.
One of the many recipes for cranberries is a cranberry mold.  Pineapples and oranges are additional fruit to add more flavor.
A special side to the turkey is stuffing.  This type of stuffing is made with turkey giblets.
Turkey is the main course to many Thanksgiving dinners, but it often takes the longest to cook.
Cranberry pumpkin bread is a combination of two tasty flavors.
Before dinner people can tide their hunger by snacking on some appetizers.  Olives, carrots and pickles are just some of the hors d'oeuvres available.
The turkey neck is one part of the bird that is not often eaten.
After taking juices from the turkey, gravy separates in a measuring cup.
Root vegetables, including carrots, beets and turnips defrost.
Apples glisten on the counter before being put in the oven.  An apple pie is one of many delectable pies eaten on Thanksgiving.
Cranberries are a popular fruit included in many dishes eaten during Thanksgiving.
A pot of butternut squash soup sits on the stove, ready to be pureed.
One month before Christmas, a worker decorates a Christmas tree in Downtown Silver Spring.  This tree sits on top of the fountain in the plaza.  The fountain was turned off for the winter due to cold temperatures.
Junior Adrienne Jackson looks for a pass during girl's basketball tryouts on Monday.  Winter sports tryouts and practices started Nov. 15.  Numerous sports teams have been holding pre-season workouts in order to get in shape for the 2010-2011 season.
Varsity girls lacrosse coach, Mr. Horne, talks to interested players at an after school meeting on Wednesday.  As winter sports are starting up, spring sports are also preparing for winter training before the season begins.
Senior Dominic Florin places first for the Blair boys who placed tenth overall.
Senior Gabe Pollak runs ahead of his competition. The poor weather played a detrimental role in the team's performance.
Senior Jose Diaz and junior Alex Monsell fight off witches during the Wednesday teaser of Macbeth.  Opening night is Thursday, November 4 at 7:30 P.M.  This year's play will be performed by two sets of casts.
Forward Saleiha Mayer-Marks dibbles past a Jaguar defender.
Junior Julia Lewando maintains possession of the ball.
Senior co-captain Miranda Bernard fights hard to beat a Sherwood defender to the ball.  Bernard scored Blair's only goal against the Warriors.
Sophomore Zoe McCarthy keeps her eyes on the ball while a Sherwood defender approaches.
Blazers wait to sign in for Blair Sports Academy, an after school program that offers activities in the Student Activity Center.  Students have to sign in before they are allowed to enter the SAC.
The Whole Foods' salad bar offers great variety for even the pickiest of eaters.
Co-Captain Larisa Antonisse fights for possesion of the ball.
Forward Jamie Kator prepares to make a move towards the goal.
Seniors Carlos Gonzalez, Ian Anderson and junior Bruce  Yuen proudly wore their tackiest outfits for today's Wacky Tacky spirit day.  Thursday's spirit day is Class Theme day.
Freshman, sophomores and juniors took the PSAT Wednesday October 13.  Seniors were expected to come in for a College Readiness fair.  Those seniors who attended signed in to prevent themselves from being marked absent from school.
Freshman, sophomores and juniors took the PSAT Wednesday October 13.  Seniors were expected to come in for a College Readiness fair.  Those seniors who attended signed in to prevent themselves from being marked absent from school.
Senior Dominic Florin (R) takes second place and leads the Blair boys at the team's last dual meet against Northwood.
Junior Hannah Buchek runs ahead of her competitors to place second during the girls' race.
 "Papers" tells the stories of four undocumented youth and the challenges they face as they turn 18 without legal status.
These berries belong to the Beautyberry shrub, also called Callicarpa Dichotoma.  In the summer the shrub has light purple flowers and then in the fall they turn into purple berries.
As Halloween approaches, pumpkins decorate house fronts.  Pumpkins can come in many different varieties, ranging in color, shape and size.
Chrysanthemums, known as "mums", are just starting to flower.  The plants begin to bloom during the fall.
The leaves on this Japanese maple turn a brownish red in the sunlight.
Leaves change colors as the season change.  They fall off branches and land on the ground.
As fall begins many plants lose their color and die.  This corn field has gone from a ripe green to brown.
Senior Malaika Newman sings in her audition for Blair's student run Cabaret.  The theme of this year's cabaret is self discovery.  Auditions were held Tuesday and Wednesday.
Improvements to Wheaton include a new Safeway that is twice the store's current size.
Metro Pointe apartments are located near the Wheaton Metro station and are now available for rent.
Barriers set up during the 5th and  6th lunch periods in Blair Boulevard prevent students from going to other parts of the school once the bell has rung.
Students file down the hall during a fire drill in third period. The school also practiced procedures for a code red and a code blue.
During 5th and 6th period lunch, seniors were able to vote for their favorite senior shirt design.  This event was not sponsored by the SGA.
Senior Jeremy Ardanuy leads the boys' race against Rockville in Blair's first dual meet of the season.
Senior Jeremy Ardanuy leads the boys' race against Rockville in Blair's first dual meet of the season.
2010-2011 school year began with unusually overcrowded 12th grade Honors English classes.
Seniors Lauren and Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson wrote "LOVE" on their arms to show their support for the suicide prevention group To Write Love on Her Arms.
Blazers stand outside of the auditorium waiting for the play auditions to begin.  Wednesday was the first day of tryouts.
Two police officers tape off more areas in Silver Spring, further limiting how close onlookers can get to the Discovery building. Most of Downtown Silver Spring was closed off today due to the standoff in Discovery.
Cars try to find ways to navigate around the blocked off streets.
Numerous forms of security were present around the building, including canine units.
Numerous officers were in the area managing the situation.
Various news stations were stationed downtown with crews filming the situation.
Police kept pushing back the crime scene tape as the standoff progressed.
People of all ages gather to see the commotion.
A large group of press waits together across from the Discovery Building.
Onlookers stand along Georgia watching for signs of action at the Discovery building.
This policeman talks to a man trying to reach the Metro.  People had to take a roundabout route to reach the subway system.
A police officer directs traffic at at a blocked off intersection at Georgia and Cameron.
A police car drives down Colesville Road.  The street was closed off to all other traffic.
According to The Washington Post, police believed Lee was wearing explosives on his body.  Security around Ellsworth Dr. cleared people off of the sidewalk and away from the area.
Armed gunman James L. Lee entered the Discovery Building in Downtown Silver Spring Wednesday September 1.
Discovery employees were evacuated today when gunman James L. Lee took three hostages in the lobby of the building.
Discovery employees were evacuated today when gunman James L. Lee took three hostages in the lobby of the building.  According to the Washington Post, the standoff came to an end around 4:30 when police shot and killed Lee. All three hostages were unharmed.
Many trees and power lines fell due to the severe thunderstorms on August 12, leaving numerous residents without power.
The severe thunderstorms on August 12 damaged numerous trees and caused power lines to fall.  As a result, many residents were left without power.
Small American flags were a popular sale item during many Fourth of July parades.
The Board of Education approved Myriam Rogers, assistant principal at Blair since 2007, as principal of Francis Scott Key Middle School.
The Green Trading Company is selling shirts during both lunches to help raise money for their cause.  Graduated senior Diana Jeang started this student-run organization in Novermber 2009 to help reduce  students' carbon footprint.
Anyone can take a stroll next to the water of the C&O Canal which runs next to Georgetown.
Where can you go to find this water?
In some parts of Georgetown cobblestone streets and old rail tracks still exist as remnants of the city's past.
The golden dome is part of the PNC Bank building on the corner of M street.
What sets this street apart from the surrounding roads?
Which building does this golden dome decorate?
Dean and Deluca, a gourmet food store, features a wine hall including numerous varieties of wine.
Where can you find this large collection of wine?
Nicknamed, "The Exorcist Stairs", these steps were made famous by being in the 1973 horror movie, "The Exorcist".
Why is this staircase infamous in Georgetown?
The statue of John Carroll can be found on the campus of Georgetown University.
Where can you find the statue of this man?
In the water, senior Jill Lidsky helps young kids learn to swim.
The seniors returned to school for one last day in order to pick up their cap and gown for graduation.  Graduation is taking place  Friday, June 4 at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.
Anyone can sit and rest while enjoying a free concert.  This band serenaded the customers throughout the day with fun, calming tunes.
Fresh cut flowers are sold and add color in the market.
Pets are welcome even among the chaotic setting.  This puppy received a lot of attention from numerous people.
Unique creations can be found all over the market.  These dolls were made from buttons and the vendor sells buttons to let anyone make their own doll.
Fresh produce is sold in a separate section.  Many vendors offer free samples to entice the crowds.
These small animals are made from metal scraps and wire.
Artists sell their work and even create new pieces right in the market.
In the summer heat visitors can purchase water to keep them cool while shopping.
Summer dresses hang on stalls, taunting overheated customers to buy them.
Stereoviews, the old fashion 3-D images, are sold for cheap prices.
Funny painted boxes are one of the quirky goods people can discover.
Jewelry is a popular item that many vendors sell throughout the market.
Finger puppets are cute children's toys for sale.
Shoppers at the Eastern Market search through numerous images to find that perfect picture.
Freshman Fridien Nana auditions for InToneNation during 5A lunch.
The festival offered fun activities for people of all ages.  Rice Play-doh was a station where children could sculpt shapes and figures out of a special type of dough.
This woman had an intricate henna tattoo painted on her hand.
A group of young dancers perform on the East stage with the Capitol as a picturesque background.
A man gets his fortune told.  Although fortune telling is not an exact science, it was still a fun service offered during the day.
Performers take a break and pose with fans.
Lucky bamboo was one of many items for sale.  Different arrangements represent certain meanings.
Two young girls dance and play the drums for visitors to watch.
Brightly colored cloth sold in vendors decorated the street.
Onlookers watch in awe as a woman dances.
Various bands performed throughout the day for the numerous visitors.
Dragon heads sit on the sidewalk during the fifth annual National Asian Heritage Festival.
Seniors wait in line to receive their yearbooks.  This year's theme for the yearbook is "magazine." Yearbooks will be available to the rest of the school beginning the week of May 24 during both lunches at the concession stand across from the Main Office
Senior Alex Egber makes a run for first base.
Junior Lucas Babinec pitches for a part of the game.
Student's art sits in the Media Center on display for Blair's Art Show. The displays are a part of Blair's Fine Arts Festivals and feature sculptures, paintings, sketches and digital media made by Blair students.
The Embassy of Afghanistan is also smaller than other embassies and is situated in a more secluded area.
One of the smaller scaled embassies is the Embassy of Zambia, which looks more like a house rather than an official building.
The Embassy of South Africa is located on Massachusetts Avenue and is rather large compared to its surrounding buildings.
Some embassies, such as the Embassy of the Republic of Cote d'lvoire, look like normal office buildings in D.C.
Inside the center is beautifully, detailed architecture.
Although not an embassy, the Islamic Center was open for visitors as well.
Various artifacts were on display for visitors to learn about Benin.
On Saturday, May 1st, certain embassies were open to the public through the Around the World Embassy Tour.  This was the first event of a month long international culture celebration in D.C.  The Embassy of Benin was one of the embassies people could visit.
Junior Emily Haislip touches third base before the Gaithersburg player can get her out.
Junior Daniela Duvra slides safely into home base.
Senior Jill Lidsky runs to the ball while senior Molly Branson fights off Sherwood's oncoming player.
Sophomore Julia Lewando races down the field.
Senior Nellie Garlow cradles the ball and out-runs a Sherwood player.
Blazers receive voting cards before casting their ballots in the Media Center on Wednesday.
Students vote in the Student Member of the Board election on Wednesday
Sophomore David Chow races forward to out-sprint a Walter Johnson opponent.
Junior Vishnu Rao looks to find a way to pass the unrelenting Walter Johnson defense.
Senior Jeremy Horn fights to be first to the ball.
This package of blood came from Blazers who donated during Blair's second blood drive this year.
Harmon promotes GLOW to other Blazers.
GLOW members meet after school weekly to discuss issues and do bonding activities.
Senior Sarah Frank narrowly avoids B - CC defense.
Senior Molly Branson struggles to find the ball.
Senior Nellie Garlow races to pass the ball.
The Smithsonian Metro station is extremely crowded with people trying to find their way towards the cherry blossoms.
People can rent paddle boats to get a full view of the blossoms.
There is also a grassy area next to the Tidal Basin where people can lounge and enjoy the trees.
The cherry trees are mainly located around the Tidal Basin area.
Cherry trees create a pink and white canopy above the heads of the eager visitors.
The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry trees from Japan to the United States.
Blossoms can quickly wilt and lose their petals.
The National Park Service reminds people to not damage the trees and leave the blossoms on the branch.
Letters From Home, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping in touch with and supporting military troops overseas, set up a booth at the festival that allowed people to send postcards of the blossoms to the men and women fighting in the war.
This year's National Cherry Blossom Festival took place from March 27 to April 11.
Junior Lucas Babinec races towards second base.
Senior Elliot Meyerson bunts the ball.
Senior Alex Egber makes it to first base just in time to be considered safe.
Junior Nevin Brown runs to first base.
Blazers rehearse dance steps for "The Mikado."
Students buy shaven ice from the Johnny G's stand located in the SAC.  The senior class planned this after school treat as a fundraiser.
English teacher Miriam Plotinsky was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Marian Greenblatt Education Fund on Monday.
Sophomore Michael Strautmanis laughs at Hutchinson's answer.
Senior Jackie Kibunja listens attentively to Hutchinson.
Eric Hutchinson gave away signed posters and took photos with eager fans.
Girls practice certain moves at stations throughout softball practice.
The softball team listens to instructions on how to improve their technique.
Co-ed volleyball and boys' volleyball practice together occasionally.
Junior Kathy Garcia attempts to catch the ball.
Girls' lacrosse does line drills for warm ups.
Junior Adam Varella catches the ball during a drill.
The boys' lacrosse team runs back and forth across the field to warm up.
Junior Lucas Babinec bats during baseball's scrimmage against Howard County school Reservoir High.
Junior Evan Epps practices long throws in the beginning of baseball practice.
Senior Dukyoung Park returns the ball.
Freshman Hector Barrera warms up for boys' tennis practice.
Track's boys' sprint team races down the straight away.
Outdoor track members run a mile for warm up.
Senior Kiah Mahy sports flashing clover earrings for St. Patrick's Day.
Blazers will be able to donate blood throughout the school day on April 21, SGA's second blood drive of the year.
Sophomore Joy Heenan brought her pet ferret into school to share with her biology class.
Girls sit outside the locker room while waiting for lacrosse tryouts to begin.
Sophomore Johanna Lopez was the high scorer in the Wootton game.
Junior Janet Henkai takes a jumpshot early in the game.
Seniors Nils Molina and Sydney Smith volunteered for the first Blair Pair date of 2010.
Junior Charles Ruffin gets fouled between two Sherwood players while going for a layup.
It was love at first sight...of the menu.
Junior Charles Ruffin looks for the shot while being closely defended.
Senior Dennis Mesidor lays up a shot in the second quarter.
The snow postponed the Key Club's Valentine's Day fundraiser, so they are now selling belated Valentine's Day candy grams to raise money for Susan G Komen for the Cure during 5A and 5B lunches.
Heavy winds might make it seem like snow is falling - don't be fooled!
Sophomore Johanna Lopez struggles to take a shot.
Senior Inkera Patterson looks to find the ball.
Behind the Jungle, a world's deserts exhibit features succulents, grasses and shrubs.
Even after all the snow people can come and enjoy tropical, flowering plants.
Plants which are normally seen in a tropical rainforest are housed in the Garden's glass conservatory.
After visitors walk through the myriad of orchids, they can visit the Jungle.
Another reason why some orchid species are being endangered is because collectors over harvest them for their beauty.
Orchids are being threatened because they require specific factors in their environment to survive.
Many species of orchids are becoming extinct.
Orchids are the national flowers of several countries.
Some orchids are grown in a flask as a way to grow them as a crop.
A giant planter in the form of a dragon is suspended from the ceiling.
Orchid! A Cultural Odyseey features around 5,000 plants.
The U.S. Botanic Garden features an Orchid Exhibit in the Garden Court.
Senior Dennis Mesidor flies through the air as he attempts to make a basket over the heads of opposing Trojan players.
Senior Ben Hukill makes a jump for the rim as fellow senior Cooper Neimand looks for the rebound.
Junior Anthony Curcio jumps high above his Gaithersburg opponents to score a basket.
Senior Ben Hukill eyes the court for an open teammate.
Junior Gabe Pollak dresses up for Wacky Tacky Day during the Winter Sports Spirit Week.
People use many different types of tools to help move the snow.
Some schools have already been dug out.
The streets are completely clear the day after the second snow.
A select few restaurants are open in downtown Silver Spring.
Some brave cars drive on the beltway during the storm.
University Boulevard is deserted after a major storm, which led to nine snow days in MCPS.
Snow and icicles collect on many parts of a car.
Streets are completely covered under two layers of snow.
The huge amount of snow accumulation causes many trees to bend and break under the pressure.
Icicles form around a branch after the first big snow storm.
The blizzard conditions do not stop people from going out and having fun in the snow.
This snowman stands against the winds of the second storm.
Northwood senior Nathan Taitano ends the televised portion of the meeting and asks the council to create more prevention programs for teens.
Blair sophomore Evelyn Diaz speaks against cutting the Blair Sports Academy and other similar sports programs.
The students from Sligo Elementary School present posters they made to promote environmental responsibility.
One of the youngest students to speak at the meeting is a third grader from Piney Branch Elementary School.  She told the council about how her third grade class stopped using of styrofoam trays to help the environment.
This student tells the council about a problem with the lack of positive role models in the police department.
Councilmen George Leventhal and Phil Andrews contemplate some of the issues brought up by the students.
Eastern Middle School student Rachel Arbacher speaks against the potential magnet bus cuts.
Over a hundred students attended the meeting, but the time limitation made it so only a select few were able to ask questions.
Student Member of the Board Timothy Hwang kicks off the town hall.
Eight county council members respond to the students' questions.
The Montgomery County Council holds its first Youth Town Hall for students to voice their opinions on how the county can improve.  The town hall was televised on the MCPS Channel.
Sligo Middle School SGA President Paul B. Ellis voices concern over the potential end of Silver Spring's summer concert series.
Many buildings are under construction in D.C.
This building shows off its modern design.
Union Station is an important and beautiful part to the D.C. community.
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church stands tall in Capitol Hill.
Across from the Capitol, the bright marble of the U.S. Supreme Court glows in the sunlight.
The Old Post Office features beautiful arcs.
A famous part of the Capitol is the majestic dome.
The National Geographic Society building combines classic and contemporary architecture.
The Willard Hotel draws tourists due to its ornate detail.
Row houses are also painted in a variety of bright colors.
A decrepit old house sits abandoned on a corner.
Starbucks retrofits an old building to house one of its stores.
Row houses take on many different forms.
A building on 16th street features Beaux Arts architecture.
The National Baptist Memorial Church is located at an intersection in Mt. Pleasant.
Senior Logan Schwebel defends against an oncoming B-CC player.
Freshman Rudy Carson manages to maneuver around a defender and shoots.
Senior Max Pollacco tries to find an opening to shoot a goal.
Juniors Sacha Langer and Sana Barclay go around at lunch hoping to collect money to help the Haiti earthquake victims as part of SGR's "Save Haiti" campaign.
Senior Dennis Mesidor is fouled and falls to the ground.
Senior Cooper Neimand jumps to get the rebound.
The girls prepare to dive in for the 100 Breast.
Sophomore Nik Hamond dives in to anchor the Men's 400 Free relay, the last event of the day.
Freshman Jennifer Arai won the Girls' 500 Freestyle.
Senior Inkera Patterson lays up a shot in the first quarter.
Center sophomore Olivia Nono tries to pass before Magruder player steals the ball.
Junior Eric Ruggieri proudly participates in the Headband Club's weekly headband day.
Sophomore Steven Staley fights with an opponent to find a good hold.
Junior Zoe Kurtz leads show openers InToneNation in "I Want to Hold Your Hand."
The Kalai Rani Salai Indian Dance School end the first half of the Spectacular.
Abdul Nuriddin and Da'cari Abraham please the crowd with their singing.
Blair's Step Team performs one of its routines.
Blazers Peter Leonard and Gabe Pollak of The Attributes play their own self-written songs.
Junior Talia Mason and the Teen Dance Exchange perform an interpretive dance at this year's SGR Spectacular, one fundraising event the club sponsors.
Juniors Emma Kaufman and Zoe Kurtz sing during InToneNation's performance.
The stage in the SAC was festively decorated for the Spectacular.
Freshman Hannah Weintraub and juniors Will Kubetin and Michael Dalbello volunteered to help during the olive oil making demonstration at the Jewish Culture Club's Hanukkah party.
Mayorga on Georgia Avenue served its last customer Dec. 31.
Three girls who benefitted from EduSeed's educational programs support the charity at the AGGW sponsored Takoma Park Alternative Gift Fair on Sat., Dec. 5.
This violin is being donated to the Hungry for Music organization, one of the many charities at the Takoma Park Gift Fair.
Senior Cindy Sui reads her poetry that was submitted to last year's edition of Silver Quill.
Many students attened Silver Quill's Winter Open Mic.
Emily Jones and Alessandra Mantovani co-host the second open mic of the year.
Students flocked to the food table.
Senior Dennis Mesidor attempts to pass while being closely defended.
Senior Cameron Reed jumps to block Paint Branch offense.
Junior Charles Ruffin tries to score in the second quarter.
Senior Cameron Reed takes a shot early in the game.
St. Bernadette Church, as well as many other organizations, starts Christmas tree sales one week after Thanksgiving.
Planes fly throughout the night no matter how late it is.
A lone traveler finds his way out of the complex.
The screen showing arrivals and departures continues to update even with nobody watching.
Canine and human airport security take a break to grab a quick bite to eat.
Car fenders are a fun twist in place of gates at this restaurant.
Weary passengers pick up their bags after a redeye flight.
Many souvenir shops sell insect lollipops throughout the terminal.
Glass decorations hang in the Phoenix airport.
Empty seats are rare to find during the hectic travel times.
Many military personnel return home just in time for Thanksgiving.
The parking lot at Baltimore Washington's International Airport is extremely full during Thanksgiving weekend.
Blazers will run laps to raise money to support breast cancer organizations.
During lunch, former private school attendee Selena Wyborski (right) sits with friends she's made at Blair over the past two years
Junior Peirce Marston plays baseball while enjoying the unexpectedly warm weather.
The entire cast performs a dance to end the play.
Junior Tyler Fultz draws his sword in the first act of the play.
The play's second major set is an elaborate tree in the middle of the forest.
Junior Elizabeth Spilsbury and sophomores Carina Zox and Sterling Mulbry sell roses during intermission.
Blair Network Communications sells DVDs of the play for $10 each.
Students practice a scene during dress rehearsal.
Stage crew uses the cat-walk to control spotlights on the actors.
The background set and tree sit on the stage during rehearsal.
Actors wait in the wings for their cues to go on stage.
The Merry Wives of Windsor set features a rotating piece.
Junior Connor Dowd and sophomore Connor Donahue stick together during the grueling 4A Regional race.
Senior Alexander Baldwin takes the throw in during the Sept. 9 game against Northwood this year.
Junior Robert Huang kicks the ball to Blair's offense.
Senior Aaron Baldwin passes before the Whitman player can steal it.
Senior Jamie Thomas races to win the ball.
Sophomore Jamie Kator breaks away from the defense and runs upfield in an attempt to score.
Senior Jenna Williams tries to steal the ball.
Senior Aaron Baldwin sends the ball downfield.
Senior Otis Banwell dribbles past two Churchill players.
Sophomore Kevin Fallet controls the ball.
Make up can be a key part to adding the extra effect to many costumes.
Masks can help improve any costume.
Two "sexy" costumes hang on the wall in a Halloween store.
The Halloween Adventure costume store is conveniently located in Downtown Silver Spring.
Senior Imani Pierre races to get to the ball first.
Freshman Mimi Verdonk steals the ball.
Senior Elana Gold runs to save the ball before it goes out of bounds.
Volunteers are encouraged to come dressed and ready to scare the crowds.
The first haunted train ride starts at six o'clock p.m.
Waiting areas are fully decorated with jack-o-lanterns and other spooky objects.
Crowds gather eagerly in front of the train station.
The night concludes at AFI Silver Theatre with a showing of Shaun of the Dead.
Zombies fling themselves against restaurant windows hoping to frighten unfortunate customers.
Junior Michael Rothman bites fellow Blazer Connor Dowd.
Junior Riley Harris was a victim of a zombie attack.
Screams ring through the crowd to add to the chaos.
The zombies walked around looking for brains to eat.
Two men protest for zombie rights.
The Zombie Walk attracted the attention of news broadcasting service Voice of America.
Many zombies set out to scare innocent bystanders.
Josh Bunietz walks towards Ellsworth Dr.
Jenny Banks and Karen Bacon dress up for this year's Zombie Walk.
Groups of people dressed up as zombies meet before parading in downtown Silver Spring.
The Kaichi High School Students perform a song in the SAC.
Sophomore Conor Donahue stands out as a notable runner in every cross country race.
Junior Jenny Sholar powers forward to pass a Northwood runner.
A ramp and two new sets of stairs are being built on the backside of Blair.
Charlie Krupsaw wore his old wrestling jacket to show off his school spirit.
Michael Najarian sports the button he received earlier at the football game.
Some alumni brought memorabilia from their high school days.
Despite the cancellation, restaurants were still eager to serve Blair alumni.
Blair's block party was scheduled to take place in downtown Silver Spring, but was cancelled due to rain.
Junior Brian Goodall talks to a Harvard representative during Einstein's college fair.
Senior Nellie Garlow passes the ball to teamate Lyla Shapiro.
Mixed Unity has held other previous events like the Stop the Violence Concert.
Participants were able to attend workshops that focused on different types of violence.
Ann Choi hits the ball before it goes out of bounds.
Senior Tiffany Chang serves the ball.
At the Takoma Park Street Festival, Michael Tew tried to encourage people to support his cause to legalize medical marijuana.
Bands like 7 Door Sedan entertain the crowd with their music.
Artist Peter Lewis sits by his biggest piece of artwork.
Volunteers for the animal rescue group Lucky Dog play with the dogs up for adoption.
Colorful clothing attracts anyone's attention.
The booths line street for many blocks.
A child's toy hangs on display for everyone to see.
Some jewelers make their jewelry from recycled material.
Stained glass glitters in the sun.
Boutique shops advertise their products.
Katie Desmond entertains the crowd with hulu-hoop tricks.
Food stands sell smoothies and sweet desserts.
Blazer sophomores Greg Kehne and Connor Donahue race on the heels of a lead Wootton runner in their dual meet against the Patriots.
Freshman Irene Ravitz wears an eye-catching neon shirt and a big, beaded necklace.
Junior Rian Henry likes to wear his flannel shirt.
Skinny jeans and funky belts are worn by sophomores Giselle Donval, Jennifer Boccio and Kinsey Gibb.
Senior Angela Nunez combines plaid with leggings for the fall look.
Freshman Nick Seidell matches his shirt with his shoes adding in fun pink shoe laces.
Sophomore Olivia Tagbo wears a bright cardigan to contrast her dark shorts, boots and accessories.
Bright colors are highlights in the outfits of sophomore Alexis Fennell, Nechelle Dean and juniors Hanan Ahmed, Angela McPhaul and Sarah Legesse.
Freshman Avi Li wears blue skinny jeans paired with a colorful, conveniently sized purse.
Nika Lilley hits the ball back to Churchill.
Senior Sibyl Brown jumps for the ball.
Lei Kang and sophomore Libby Wei warm up.
Sophomore Connor Siegel donates blood at Blair Blood Drive. <i>Photo by Lorena Kowalewski.</i>
Coach Haigh talks to the team during half-time.
Senior  Alexander Baldwin takes the throw in.
Senior Otis Banwell fights for the ball.
Blair offense tries to get the ball before Kennedy's defenders do.
Junior Miranda Bernard scores Blair's first goal.
Teammates play against one another in drills.
Sophomore George De Rossi practices headers.
Juniors Aaron Oke and Jabiri Hawkins warm up together.
Coach Sarah Fillman, senior Ario Sumitro and sophomore Anthony Jankoski practice their moves.
Both football and cheerleading share the field.
Blair cheerleaders practice their cheers on the turf.
Junior Ann Choi serves the ball in her second game.
Janet Zhu saves the ball from going out.
Junior Hannah Ho hits the ball back to her opponent.
The girls' tennis team gathers before their practice.
Some bands have their own dancers to dazzle the crowd.
The audience is allowed and encouraged to dance to the music.
String instruments are prominent in Spanish music.
 Las Americas focuses on the musical aspect of Hispanic culture.
Many native Washingtonians are present and share their poems.
In the Giving Voice part of the festival, African-American poets and story tellers recite their own pieces.
Traditional and modern poetry and stories are presented for people to enjoy.
Home remedies are common and herbal medicine is used to solve everyday ailments.  Rose petals were an ingredient used in herbal medicine in the past.
Pottery used to be an important symbol of the home, but now factories produce products more quickly than humans.
The citizens of Wales grow their own food and incorporate many organic plants and lots of sea food.
The Welsh language is very different from English, including many more consonants.
Some of Wales popular beers are served to those over the age of 21.
Leaders of the youth organization, The Urdd, teach young children different techniques of how to throw a ball common in Wales.
Rugby is considered by many to be the national sport of Wales.
Textiles have a big impact on the economy of Wales.  The sheeps wool is vital to continuing the production.  A little girl is examining the wool and how it is spun into string.
Wales is the featured country at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival.  Numerous tents are set up for visitors to see and learn about the Welsh culture.
Progress on the Silver Spring Civic Center continues through the summer heat. <i>Photo by Lorena Kowalewski.</i>
Wales is the featured country at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival.  Numerous tents are set up for visitors to see and learn about the Welsh culture.
Smith surges ahead of two Magruder players.