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Colin Wiencek

Online Photo and Video Editor
I am an avid cyclist who participates in many long haul charity rides. Most recently I participated in Bike to the Beach in July of 2009.

I am an avid photographer and am into video. You can watch my video reel and see my photo portfolio at On top of shooting for Silver Chips, I have shot for the Takoma Voice.

Next year I will be attending Rhode Island School of Design. My portfolio can be seen here.

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Above, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visits Blair in 2010.
The Blazers fell 6-4 against Walter Johnson. Friday's loss was John McDonald's final game as head coach.
Junior Richard Griner hits a foul ball. Blair had beaten Walter Johnson twice this season but failed to beat the Wildcats in the playoffs.
Plants lie ready to be planted.  As summer approaches gardeners are scrambling to prepare their lawns to look the best they can.
Junior middie Eric Colbert cradles the ball, looking for an open teammate. Blair improved to 3-11 on the season with the win on senior night.
In its last home game of the season, Blair beat Einstein 8-4.
Blair middie Alex Stewart fights an Einstein player for the loose ball.
Senior Alessandra Mantovani jumps on a moon bounce at the SGA Carnival yesterday.  The carnival was part of several events last night including a Silent Auction and the Taste of Blair.
MCEA posters line the walls of the English office.
Junior Sally Barth breaks out the pigtails for Thursday's Kindergarten day.
Chipotle's darker and sleeker appearance appeals to many.
Both Qdoba and Chipotle offer fresh ingredients in their burritos, which are made right in front of you.
A narled tree sits near the edge of the water.
This park bench sits facing a fence erected to seperate the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial from the rest of the tidal bason.
A large cherry blossom branch hangs over the water.
White flowers hang off a tree.
Petals sit in a cavity of a tree.
Fallen petals lay near the edge of the water.
A model of the infamous beaver that once terrified the trees sits telling people to be decent citizens.
Cherry blossoms bloom in several colors including pink and white.
Junior middie Alex Stewart scored three goals against Paint Branch on Wednesday night, including the game-winner to lift Blair 7-6.
Rain soaks the bus parking lot in front of the SAC on Friday.  The weather has been wet several days this week and will continue this weekend.
Junior middie Alex Stewart had a hat trick. His third goal won the game for Blair in double overtime.
Paint Branch led throughout most of the game, but Blair managed to come back to earn their second win of the season.
Junior middie Shailesh Bogati cradles the ball. The Blazers defeated Paint Branch 7-6 on Wednesday night in double overtime.
Students exit the auditorium after the teaser for the spring musical Guys and Dolls.  The theater department performed a show teaser during both lunches on Friday and nearly 1200 Blazers attended.
A benefit of the warming weather of spring is the natural green that shines in all directions.
Not all flowers have bloomed fully, many are waiting for consistently warmer weather to come out.
Plants that thrive in the winter have begun to shrivel up in the warmth of early spring.
Year long plants, like this shrubbery, do not change between seasons, but rather look the same all year.
This young plant collapsed under weak soil brought by recent rains.
Many trees have not bloomed, though the greenery around them have blossomed in an intensity of saturation.
Some trees have begun to sprout colorful tips.
Some plants have fully blossomed like this small blue plant.
Many species of plants come in different colors, like the one pictured in this and the former picture.
Fresh flowers are in bloom all around as spring slowly arrives.
The sound board lays idle during a break during the first full dress and technical rehearsal for the spring musical, Guys and Dolls.  The show debuts this Friday at 7 PM.
With a new coach, Blair's boys' lacrosse team is looking forward to the new season.
The CAP program is striving for change, and its incoming class of 2015 has roughly the same number of minority students than are currently enrolled in all four years of CAP.  Here, two CAP freshmen wait for the 3:00 bell.
The Co-ed volleyball team is one of two Blair spring sports to start the season off with a new coach.
Sophomore Danny Rosenberg, Silver Quill Technical Executive, works on a spread for the literary arts magazine.  This week began the production of this years publication Abstraction.
Senior Andrew "Shirley" Das Sarma stands next to a large amount of wires that connect a large amount of the computers in Blair to servers.  All Sysops have a large knowledge on technology and computers.
Blair science teacher Tran Pham's photograph is used for the Sysops security system.  Sysops acquire a specific card that turns Pham's nose green so they can enter the room that holds important servers for the school.
Freshman guard Erica Adarkwa shoots the ball over the heads of some Sherwood players.
ABC Channel 7's Leon Harris came to talk to juniors and seniors about the different hazards involved in driving in a program called Dive to Stay Alive.  The talk centered around distracted driving, seatbelt use, and drunk driving.
Weast, who visited Blair earlier this school year,  created his proposal in case MCPS does not receive County Council funding.
Seniors Amir Gorkjifard and Gabe Pollak double team in a rap battle during Freestyle Friday.  The SGA plans Freestyle Friday as a way to spread school spirit and cohesion.
Music is a vital part of hipster culture - the more obscure the bands, the better.  Here, Rian Henry models his headphones.
Senior Rian Henry and sophomore Avi Li reject labels and are still figuring out who they are.
Clothing from thrift stores, such as some of the pieces Li is modeling, are prominent at Blair.
The Friday before their competition in New Jersey InToneNation performed at Silver Quill's Valentine's Day Open Mic. Here, senior Zoe Kurtz sings "Love Story."
A larger than usual crowd packs into the media center during fifth period lunch to see Silver Quill's Valentine's Day themed Open Mic.  Valentine's day is Monday.
Senior Savannah Cheo dances a modern ballet to Chris Brown's Superhuman.
Act I ended with a group tribute to Michael Jackson's hit Thriller.  The troupe was dressed as zombies.
Act I ended with a group tribute to Michael Jackson's hit Thriller. The troupe was dressed as zombies.
Senior Grace Wang performs a traditional Chinese dance in customary garb.
Silhouetted against a red scrim, Junior Kevin Chaing manipulated his diabolo into high speed tricks.
Junior Julian Lofton shreds on the guitar while performing a song of technical mastery with his band.
Junior Gabe Koempel rocks out with a band formed specifically to perform in Magnet Arts Night.
Junior Gabe Koempel rocks out with a band formed specifically to perform in Magnet Arts Night.
Sophomore Alayna Abel places a video camera for Blair Network Communication's recording of Magnet Arts Night.
Senior Caleb Furlow, a standout player on the Varsity Football team this past season, will attend the Virginia Military Institute this fall.
DaCari Abraham will play for the Division II Bowie State Bulldogs this fall.
Assani Mudimbi received a football scholarship to the University of Rhode Island.
Principal Darryl Williams spoke at the signing ceremony and praised the four signed seniors for being role models.
Arthur Tsapdong (right) was the fourth Blazer in the class of '11 to receive a football scholarship.
A slight accumulation of snow lies one the ground Friday.  Snow is again expected next Tuesday.
Seriously, though, yesterday it was over 50 degrees outside. Get it together, sky. (Completely irrelevantly, this is a picture of a snowy tree outside of Blair.)
Textbooks and notes litter tables in the SAC as students take advantage of last minute studying.  Period one and two exams took place on Friday.
Silver Quill Editor and Chief Alessandra Manrovani hosts the Halloween Open Mic in the library.
Blair is one of six MCPS high schools to pilot the Unified Bocce program; here, the bocce team practices on Blair Boulevard after school.
Senior Rosalie Fischer, who does not participate in any other sports teams at Blair, is a member of Blair's new Bocce team.
Varsity and junior varsity athletes at Blair are restricted from joining the Unified Bocce team as players.
County Executive Isiah Leggett cuts the red ribbon, which was adorned with ice skates, to officially dedicate the rink.
Snow falls on a tree near Blair's main entrance.  The D.C. area received an inch of snow in early in the morning.  The snowfall was fleeting, however, and any that had accumulated melted by midday.
Merry Christmas from Silver Chips Online.
No matter what your beliefs, let the world have peace.
Senior Laura McGehee, co-captain of the girls' team, swims butterfly.
Senior Emma Kaufman performs "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" at Silver Quill's Holiday Open Mic on Friday.
These chocolate-covered pretzels are fantastic for any holiday snacker.
These chocolate-covered pretzels are fantastic for any holiday snacker.
Moco Dance Show video thumbnail picture
Video of the MoCo Dance Show, 
held on Friday, March 19.
Bold holiday socks are the perfect winter accessory for any occasion!
Senior Patsy Lieberman models colorful tights that are perfect for any holiday party.
Holiday lights are begining to appear in neighborhoods around Blair as the weather cools and the holiday season begins.  Hanukkah is currently on its a sixth day and Christmas is the 25th of December.
Junior Xorissa Rabitz stands ready to sing with InToneNation.
Senior Emma Kaufman takes a solo during InToneNation's performance at SGR Spectacular.  The event raised funds for those without access to clean drinking water.
Senior Lauren Rust performed a soulful and bluesy set.
Senior Adam Varella pumps up the crowd performing with friends in a rock/rap combo.
Sophomore Alayna Abel records the show for Blair Network Communications.
Senior Nathan Ipanag, as part of the group Highway, wows the crowd with his vocals in Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way."
Senior Peter Leonard runs sound for the performances.  He is a new member of the Audio Engineering Society of America.
Senior Leah Ragen helped organize the event for the Students for Global Responsibility.
Junior Noah Maruyama performs with The Red Line Quintet, a four piece Blair jazz ensemble.  Maruyama also performs with Manic Attack.
The SAC shook all night long as Manic Attack brought their progressive/grunge sound to Blair.
Brown exhibits his love of science freely in his classes, but his passion for lacrosse is a new revelation for many Blair students.
The fire gate near the main office hinders movement through the building.  Students had no choice but to go through a crowded second walkway.
Governor Martin O'Malley laughs with NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.
Governor Martin O'Malley speaks to ESOL Matter and Energy students about the importance of education.
Senior Rosalie Fischer asks O'Malley about the quality of standardized testing.
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan encourages CAP Journalism students to consider entering the field of education.
NEA President Dennis Van Roekel speaks with assistant principal Edith Verdejo-Johnson.
Superintendent Jerry Weast poses with social studies teacher George Vlasits, one of the event coordinators.
Reporters from the Washington Post, Gazette, Fox5 and ABC news wait outside for the officials.
MCPS Superintendent Jerry Weast looks onto University Blvd.
Governor Martin O'Malley greets the Blair administration.
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan high fives SGA president senior Adam Biru.
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan speaks with the SGA.
The SGA and Blair Ambassadors pose with visiting officials.
Governor Martin O'Malley answers questions from Blazers.
BOE Vice President Christopher Barclay mingles in the media center.
FIST attendees participate in hands-on science workshops both inside and outside of school.
Girls explored a variety of science fields at the twenty-second Females In Science Technology (FIST) symposium.
Senior Malaika Newman stands securely on one foot; the Blazers didn't drop any cheerleaders throughout their entire routine.
Senior co-captain Angela McPhaul helped lead the Blazers during the high-intensity competition.
Despite a showy routine, the Blazers placed seventh in their Division II competition.
Due to the time change, sunset today was at 4:59 PM.  Daylight savings time has a multitude of benefits, including decreased municipal energy use due to shortening of the nominal amount of time street lamps are left on.
Mythbuster Adam Savage provides entertainment the attendees of the Rally to Restore Sanity on Saturday.  Among other things he spoke of the need for sanity.
A giant puppet, made in the likeness of Stephen Colbert, dances across the stage, attempting to cause the audience fear.
The rally urged followers to vote rationally and not vote for candidates simply because the media focuses on them.
The Metro system was to capacity on Saturday, both before and after the rally.  Though the initial estimates for the rally were 100,000 the Metro service decided to continue running six car trains instead of eight car trains.  More than 200,000 people attended the rally.
A picket sign both satires the Tea Party and asks for a more reasonable political culture.
Many of the protest signs were merely silly, poking fun at more serious protest movements.
Not only was the rally celebrating sanity, but Stephen Colbert urged the continuation of a culture of fear.  Colbert's supporters carried ironic signs that spoke of fear.
The theme of the rally was to calm the 24/7 news media culture down and focus on actual fact rather than just punditry.
I came in peace, I'd rather not come apart and leave in pieces.
Legitimate political organizations, not just the satirical, used the rally as a way to build awareness for their cause.
Many supporters in the crowd wore politically conscious tee shirts that supported a wide range of liberal causes.
Many signs referenced Hitler, poking gentle fun at the political protests of both parties that liken their opponents to the leader of Nazi Germany.
A satirical protest sign reads: "Drill baby drill, while following reasonable environmental regulations and investing in alternative energy," showing the centrist political ideology of the rally.
A central theme of the rally was focusing on real discussion of issues opposed to the dirty, name calling politics currently being practiced in many political races around the country.
The Blazers had good reason to smile following a 38-8 blowout of Richard Montgomery on senior night.
Second-from-left to right: Siemens regional finalists James Pinkerton and Rafael Setra and regional semi-finalists Nilay Kumar, Winston Liu and Shilpa Kannan.
Junior Sebastian Soto Daza scores the second goal of the game, kicking the ball past the arms of Blake goalie Jacob Gill.
Junior Lionel Medal had to be carted off the field following a serious ankle injury.
Senior Elisee Francois' dashes towards the end zone as Blair makes its second touchdown of the game.
Blazers push forward towards their 21-14 win over Spring Brook.
Blair Boosters man the concession stand at the back of the stadium.  They sold shirts, food, drinks, and other Blair paraphernalia.
Blair's offensive line created holes for senior runningback Caleb Furlow in a 21-14 Homecoming win over Walter Johnson.
Senior Elisee Francois makes a dash down the field in the second half.
Senior Nevin Brown lies face down on the field after being pulled down in a failed attempt by the senior class to win a game of tug-of-war.
Seniors cheer on their grade at the fall sports pep rally Friday, the first pep rally of the 2010-2011 school year.
School spirit manifested itself in every grade, however the senior section was particularly energetic, dancing to the music and regularly chanting.
Cheerleaders pump up the crowd with their displays of gymnastics.
Blair cheerleaders run a dance routine to the pumping beat of loud music.  The sound system routinely ran into problems during the pep rally.
Senior Christina Stiles emcees the pep rally, announcing the sports teams and running the show along with Senior Nevin Brown.
Color guards junior Cailin Leksana and sophomore Ellie Musgrave twirl flags, much to the delight of the watching crowd.
Marching band plays at Blair's homecoming game against Walter Johnson High School.  Blair won the game 21-14.
Junior Lionel Medal had to be carted off the field following a serious ankle injury.
Senior Elisee Francois' interception late in the second half was big for the Blazers.
Senior co-captain Janet Henkai prepares to maneuver around a Northwood defender.
Senior co-captain Janet Henkai lunges forward to stop the Northwood offense.
Members of the stage crew watch director Kelly O'Connor give actors notes during a rehearsal for the fall play, Macbeth.
The sunlight creeps through the trees in Rock Creek Park as the sun rises.
As the early morning air becomes fridgid the sunrises more spectacularly.
The sunrise is most intense over the stadium.
Buses offer a wonderful view and reflection of the sunrise.
The steeple offers a dramatic foreground to the a beautiful sunrise.
Most leaves fall from trees because the ends of the branch are sealed off near the leaf stem to protect the tree through the long winter months.
The Rock Creek, that runs from Maryland through D.C., runs brown during the autumn.
Trees sit on the bank of the Rock Creek.  Their leaves have yet to turn, due to their resistant nature.
The early morning sun rises over Rock Creek Park.
A dead tree hangs, about to fall, over the Rock Creek.
The sun, rising over the beltway, reflects in a window.
Actor Ian Merrill Peakes, right, speaks to student actors in Blair's drama program about the acting profession.  Peakes is a member of Actors' Equity and has recently played Macbeth at Folger Theatre.
A Washington Post newspaper dispenser lies in a trash pile near the loading docks.  Clearly stolen, the dispenser still contained change.
Downed power lines from an early morning storm cut power to the traffic light at the entrance of the student parking lot, causing traffic jams as buses attempt to enter.
The bands announcer rallies support from students for the performance.
The band's name literally means a fusion of small, exhilarating instruments.
The rhythmic music used a variety of regional, handmade drums called Bul drums.
The music, which is deeply rooted in traditional Kenyan styles, uses both lyrical singing and chants.
Kenge Kenge calls on Blazers to dance with them on stage.
Senior Billy Griffis joins members of Kenge Kenge on stage for a exuberant dance.
A member of the band beckons Blazers onto stage to join in the dancing.
A variety of regional instruments are used in the performance.
In addition to regional instruments, Kenge Kenge presents many local costumes.
Members of Kenge Kenge dance on stage.
Senior Anna Ferrario prepares to hit the ball on to Wheaton's side.
Freshman Dominique Pope serves the ball over to the Knights.
Sophomore captain Kathlyn Skolnik sets the ball to a teammate.
Today Blazers went back to school for the 2010-2011 school year; buses were waiting en mass outside of the SAC for the first time in many months.
The crowd appreciated the display greatly.
During the display, the mall was literally full of back-lit LCD displays from cameras and cell phones recording the event.
The fireworks were fired from the Lincoln Memorial.  Soon after the beginning of the display, the memorial could barely be seen due to the immense amount of smoke.
Explosions rebounded all around the National Mall, creating a deafening racket that could be heard for miles.
The combination of smoke and new explosions appears to be from a scene in Star Wars or Star Trek.  Though according to the Mother Nature Network, a environmental advocacy organization, fireworks can have a large environmental impact due to the toxins released into the air.
These Blazers are ready for summer with their hot fashions.
Light and breezy, rompers are a great alternative to the traditional summer dress.
Comfortable, bright and fun, jelly shoes are making a return this summer season.
A banner posted on Blair Boulevard, near the main staircase, provides a place for mourning Blazers to express their feelings about the recently deceased senior Nina Blanco.  Blanco committed suicide last weekend.  Grief counseling is available for any who need help.
The now consistently warm weather has led to an increase in summer activities.  For instance, the warm weather has warmed the waters, both figuratively and literally, and people have started to prepare their boats for summer use.
A microphone stood sentinel during the intermission.  It was used to record the show.
Junior Peter Leonard, who is a sound engineering and recording enthusiast, recorded the show for the group.  The recordings will be used for the DVD of the show.
Junior Emma Kaufman does a little jig while soloing on the classic track "Stand By Me."
A large audience came out to watch InToneNation's end of year concert on Friday at 7:30 PM.
Along with the CD, which has long been available for $15, DVDs of this concert will be sold, also for $15.
Senior Jeremy Potterfield tries to woo Junior Zoe Kurtz during a beautiful rendition of Sweet Escape, originally performed by Gwen Stefani.
Many grandparents were in attendance to see the results of a years hard practice by InToneNation, Blair's award winning a cappella  group.
Junior Zoe Kurtz stands in front for a solo of Taylor Swift's "Love Story."
Senior Kiah Mahy claps along to InToneNation's final song, Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours."
201 Japanese students from Kaichi High School, a private high school in Tokyo, Japan, visited Blair on Friday.
Junior Adam Varella sings a lovely melody while Junior Nathan Ipanag riffs on the acoustic guitar.
Many eager freshman were in attendance and watched the different acts intently.  Their energy significantly added to the mood of the crowd.
Two seniors perform a piece of French operetta.  This performance stood out in its music choice, however it was nonetheless a quality performance.
Silver Quill provided food for the audience as a way to draw people to the party, and as a way to build awareness about the magazine.
Junior Louise Gretchel reads a poem she wrote that she got published in the magazine.  Any Blazer can submit art (literary or visual) to the magazine, which is published once a year.  The magazine is already accepting submissions, both online and in submissions boxes in the media center.
Freshman Hannah Weintraub read a politically charged poem that had the central theme of "let's just all get along."
Junior Rian Henry prepares to play a sexually awkward, but nevertheless hilarious, song that he wrote himself.  He was one of many musical performances who gathered after school on Thursday to celebrate the release of the new Silver Quill.
Junior Sam Elkind walks off stage after reciting a poem that he had written for the 2010 edition of Silver Quill, Blair's literary arts magazine.  The theme of this years magazine is "Ink Track."
A young boy is allowed to point a unloaded machine gun at an crowd waiting in line to do the same.
The highly criticized V-22 Osprey is the only troop and supply carrying plane capable of taking off and landing vertically.  It has been called unsafe, due to its high crash rate, and too costly, due to its $70 million price tag.
A crowd gathers to board the C-130 Hercules transport plane, the largest plane ever to land on an aircraft carrier.
Condensation forms around the wings of a F/A 22 Raptor as it makes a high speed turn during a flight demonstration.
In an awesome display of military might, the F/A 22 Raptor displays its internal weapons platform, unique to this plane.
World War II era planes were abundant including this Allied fighter and recon sea bird.
The newest addition to the American airforce is the F/A 22, the world's most advanced fighter plane capable of taking down an enemy plane from hundreds of miles away and completely invisible to radar.  These planes came under criticism and the program was subsequently canceled due to the outrageous $165 million price tag, for a plane that was designed to outdo all Russian opposition.
This external view of the 40mm Bofor Canon mounted on the AC-130 Spectre shows just how huge it is.
A 40mm Bofor Canon, usually used in ground artillery, is fired pointing down from the inside of a AC-130 Spectre gunship.  These ships dubbed "Puff the Magic Dragon," have been used in combat since the 1960's to rein non-discriminatory   chaos down from the sky.  They cost a whopping $160 million.
The star of the United States army decorated a wing of a B-17 Flying Fortress heavey bomber.
Children kneel in front of a 50 caliber machine gun turret on the underside of a B-17 Flying Fortress, the highly successful WWII era heavy bomber.
Security was no joke at the 2010 Joint Service Air Show.  The scene pictured here shows an endless line of metal detectors and troops hand inspecting all baggage.
The CH-53 Sea Stallion, which was introduced in 1966, is capable of carrying 37 troops into battle.  It can also be used as a gunship or a supply transport.  They cost a mere $10 million.
A father and his young son examine a MQ-1 Predator Aerial Drone.  These unmanned aircraft cost a mere $4.5 million a piece, cheap for a military airplane, and have been incredibly popular in American action in the Middle East.
 U.S. Navy Private Henderson helps move people from the parking lots to the airfield.  The large garrison of buses and troops, who helped move visitors, was impressive.
Juniors stand waiting to take the AP Language and Composition exam on the last day of AP Exams for the 2009-2010 school year. On August 16, College board announced their new scoring system in place for the 2010-2011 school year.
As the weather warms, the DC area begins to clean out their yards and gardens.
A signing ceremony was held last week for three Blazers who will be playing soccer for Division I schools.
The pit orchestra included 23 of Blair's finest musicians.
The female cast, pictured here as the school girls of Japan, perform a colorful and silly number about love and being young.
The entire cast stands on stage during the climactic ending of the play.
Sophomore Conor Donahue performs during the shows opening number
Sophomore Carina Zox (understudy for Katisha) plays a terrifying and hideous woman who attempts to steal Nanky Poo from Yum Yum.
Tthe show could not go on without a dedicated crew to run both lights and sound.
Junior Peter Leonard operates the sound board during a teaser performance last Friday.
Junior Michael DalBello rehearses for the part of Poobah, for which he is the understudy. Senior Jeremy Potterfield, who is the lead in this role, stands in the background observing.
Junior Eve Brown's perfect pitching record, admirable leadership and natural talent set the tone for Blair's winning softball team.
Blair stage crew worked hard to produce the set, which includes a ceremonial arch and an alcove of rocks.
Homeowners clear their lawns and celebrate the warm weather.
Leads David Jackson (Nanky Poo) and Tina Munoz-Pandya (Yum Yum) engage in a passionate and funny stage kiss during the first act.
Junior Elizabeth Spilsbury and senior Tina Munoz-Pandya choreographed the entire show with hip hop dance.
Junior Peter Leonard operates the sound board during a late night rehearsal for "The Mikado."
The recent warm weather has accelarated the greening process.
Pollen has been flooding the air, though it does add a beatiful contrast with the purple of this flower.
Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy spring's warm weather.
Flowers, which have recently bloomed, remain just as beautiful at night.
There is one downside to the recent warm weather: allergies have started to clog the noses and throats of many Blazers.
Seniors Cole Turpi and Joanna McKee prepare to cut lumber in the tool closet.
Electric drills and other supplies litter the tool closet of Blair's auditorium.
Some truly odd apparatuses are stored in the science closets of Blair.
This centrifuge is used to separate chemicals for science experiments.
The science closet in the 330's hallway contains some interesting scientific instruments.
Dirty aprons sit in a closet in the ceramics room waiting for students to put them on and create masterpieces.
A ladder stands in a closet in the stage connecting the stage floor to the catwalk.  At the top of this ladder several bolts are missing to the guard rail and rust is starting to claim some of the supports.
Musical instruments are stored in lockers during the school day to keep Blazers' precious investments safe.
Food and kitchen supplies are stored in one of several closets inside the kitchen.
Pears sit ready to be served in a closet in the kitchen.  Though they are advertised as a health food option, they come saturated in sugary syrup.
University of Maryland professor Dr. John Splaine speaks to CAP juniors about the education and how it relates to the world.
Fractured  Prune coloring pages are displayed on the walls.
Fractured  Prune is located in the midst of Downtown Silver Spring.
The Sundae and Peppermint donuts are among the wide selection of donuts at Fractured  Prune.
Pre-calculus teacher Caroline Lesho hands out pie in an early celebration of Pi Day, which is March 14.
Many students also use this time to grab a quick off-campus meal, though it is not technically allowed.
Lunch at Blair often is a time for socialization. However, many Blazers find ways to spice up their lunch. One popular choice is scrumptious leftovers from the night before.
Some wishful thinkers prefer summertime fruit, like mango.
The school store, which has recently reopened, provides quick snacks when a Blazer doesn't want a full meal.
Teachers often take advantage of their lunch break to grab a cup of coffee and a banana from Starbucks.
Sophomore Billy Saturno wrestled at the 2010 Maryland State Wrestling Tournament at Cole Field House at the University of Maryland on Friday.
The Students for Global Responsibility asked Josh Steiber, once an infantryman in the US Army's 1st Infantry Division, to come to Blair to speak about his experiences in Iraq.
The 16th Street circle is of a particular concern to residents because of its complex organization and unclear markings.
The Jewish Culture Club celebrates Purim by inviting students to participate in the making of hamentashen, a Jewish pastry.
Senior Cameron Reed sprints up the court towards the basket.
Senior Cameron Reed attempts a free throw en route to a team high 15 points.
Senior Dennis Mesidor guards the Rockets' 6'4'' Shawn Stephens.
Senior guard Cooper Neimand shows his emotions in the highly contested game.
The Jewish Culture Club celebrates Purim by inviting students to participate in the making of hamentashen, a Jewish pastry.
The recent snow storm has had disastrous effects on the Washington area, including the uprooting of this fire hydrant by the front entrance.
Senior Zeke Leeds performs an entertaining song dedicated to an unnamed girl he sees in the halls every day.
Juniors Elizabeth Spilsbury and Katerina Klavon perform solos with InToneNation.
Junior Sam Elkind recites an original poem.
Building service continues to clear snow on Monday with heavy machinery to prepare the parking lots for the school day.
Sophomore Hannah Buchek placed second for the girls' dive team.
The meet against Quince Orchard was Blair's third overall win in a row.
Junior co-captain Eric Ruggieri won first place in the boys' 200 Individual Medley. Teammates senior Matthew Kannan and freshman Steve Ge placed second and third, respectively.
Junior Anthony Curcio surveys the court as he dribbles the ball.
Junior Pepe Koite dunks the ball during pre game warmups.
Senior Cameron Reed prepares to shoot a free throw.
Erica Horne's work with the group Operation Understanding D.C. earned her a nomination for a Posse scholarship.
Blair's steeple is illuminated in an oddly pink light at night.
Sophomore Michael Anderson does not plan on voting for Obama for a second term.
 For sophomore Betty Kabtiymer, one year in office is not long enough to determine the success of Obama's entire presidency.
Sophomore Billy Saturno takes a Gaithersburg wrestler down.
Sophomore Anthony Jankoski battles a Gaithersburg adversary.
Blazers quickly exit the school after the third and fourth period exams.
Wan-li Chen prepares a lunch while wearing plastic gloves to exercise sanitation.
Trays lie waiting for students before lunch.
Tinuke Akimbolajo hands a student a ketchup packet as he checks out.
Substitute cafeteria worker Zuni Cavallo checks students out during 5B lunch.
Signs remind workers that safety and sanitation are top priorities.
Rolls wait to be consumed during the lunch rush.
Pizza, one of the most popular entrees, is always in demand in the cafeteria.
Nate Peters scoops french fries into a tray while chatting happily with a student.
Healthy drink options, such as milk and juice are available to students.
Fun Law adds tater tots to a lunch.
Blair alumnus and substitute teacher Anna Bentfield leads a discussion about overcoming negative stereotypes during an after school session sponsored by the Diversity Workshop and the Students for Global Responsibility.
Senior Abdul Nuriddin, who performed with several different bands, performs a John Mayer song.
Senior Elliot Meyerson jams with the jazz combo consisting of members of Blair's Honors Jazz Band.
Rap fusion group Those Guys perform.
Junior Lauren Rust, wrapped in Christmas lights, performs a humorous Christmas carol.
Churchill senior Kiera Mulhern performs as guitarist and vocalist for the Blair band The Attributes.
All proceeds from the SGR Spectacular go to the Invisible Children, a charity fighting the use of children soldiers in Uganda, as well as building schools in Ethiopa.
Saint Bernadette's Catholic Church sells Christmas trees with profits going to the Youth Catholic Association.
A house in Washington, D.C. displays its hope for the world.
A Christmas tree stands erect in front of the Washington monument.
A winter plant is silhouetted against bright Christmas lights at the Mormon Temple in Silver Spring.
A yule log burns next to the National Christmas tree in Washington, D.C.
The Capitol's Christmas tree was donated by the state of Arizona.
The People's Tree is reflected in the pool in front of the Capitol building.
Junior Mohamed Fadiga enjoys an especially warm December day by playing basketball during 5A lunch.
Abdul Nuriddin jams on his guitar while performing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours."
The stage is abandoned during intermission.
Senior Michelyn Bouknight and junior Lyndsay Rini walk off after singing "Take Me or Leave Me" at the Cabaret performance.
Senior Jonathon Guzman stands erect during a quiet section of a "Private Conversation."
Senior Jeremy Potterfield sings the beautiful solo "Anytime (I Am There)."
Senior Diana Jeang and juniors Lauren Jarvis-Gibson and Da'cari Abraham sing "The I Love You Song."
Senior Diana Jeang performs the heart chilling ballad "I'll Be There."
Men dress as women and women dress as men in this flip-flopped version of "Summer Nights" from the popular musical Grease.
Alumnus Stefan Reckson and junior Leah Gibbons watch the performances from the audience.
Junior Logan DalBello performs "The Picture Show" at the beginning of the show.
A Clarksburg player takes a free throw.
Blair shoots the ball through the hoop for a two-pointer during the second half of the game.
Snow covered a holly bush during the recent snow fall that hit the D.C. area.
People at the National Equality March showed their pride for the gay and lesbian community.
This sign was displayed at the National Equality March held on Oct. 11.
The finished pie comes out delicious.
Filling is slowly poured into the prepared pie crust.
Make sure not to overmix your ingredients.
An electric mixer comes in handy, especially if you are planning on making your own crust.
You will need these seven ingredients to make pumpkin pie.
These meticulously decorated tape dispensers adorn the walls of room 131.
Sophomore Victoria Luc pumps up the crowd from the sidelines.
Crowds pack into Blair's gym to watch the cheerleading competition.
Junior Alexis Fennell flies high during Blair's routine.
If raccoons snuck into Blair and went looking for a meal, they would see this.
After a heavy rain, the earthworms that come out hiding would see this outside the main lobby.
A fly gliding through the hallways would see this when flying up a staircase.
When chipmunks invade Blair, they will need to march up this staircase.
If babies went to Blair, they would see this as they crawled from class to class.
If a rabbit escaped from a biology experiment and hopped into the SAC, it would see this.
A fox marching out of Blair's wetland would see this on the practice field.
If a shrew ran down Blair Boulevard and stopped to take a look at the sky, it would see this.
If a bird flew through Blair, it would see this.
If a lynx escaped from the zoo and hid outside of Blair, it would see this.
Blair offers a unique perspective of the church.
The recent construction has left the practice field in poor condition.
Take a peek into third floor classrooms from the above.
If positioned correctly, one can view the two steeples of Four Corners next to each other.
The courtyard outside of the SAC shows visible signs of constant use.
Blair's gem, the astroturf, waits to be used during a cloudy fall day.
Blair's parking lot is constantly crowded, even on weekends.
Jankowski, Blair's newest male cheerleader, performs on the sideline.
Ipanag twists mid - air.
Juniors Claire Hoffman and Alec Wurzbacher act out a comedic scene.
Juniors Tasmin Swanson and Emma Kaufman lay adoringly on their lover John Fallstaff, played by sophomore Claire Koenig.
Senior David Jackson and junior Emma Kaufman perform as fairies during Act 5.
Flowers begin to wilt due to the recent cold weather.
The Silver Spring skyline provides a great overlook for fall scenery.
The national cathedral begins to show signs of cold weather to come.
The Bishop's Garden at the National Cathedral creates a wonderful fall specatacle with many colorful trees.
Once green leaves turn to a brilliant red.
Leaves begin to turn from green to yellow as the weather cools.
Leaves begin to creep towards yellow.
Flowers begin to wilt due to the recent cold weather.
A bulldozer stands behind Blair after being used for construction on the new stairs.
Sophomore Bruce Yuen lays down the law during this year's first Freestyle Friday.
Sophmore Kathy Luc toughs out the rain.
Blazers crash against the Barons.
Blazer Melissa Romero protects the Blair goal from Sherwood's attack.
Blazer Imani Pierre rushs to defend Blair's goal.
A party takes place in the hall after the ceremony.
Alumni watch the ceremony from the orchestra seating area.
Blazer memorabilia is displayed for all to see.
Alumni enjoy appetizers before the ceremony.
Alumni watch one of several videos produced by the Blair Alumni Association.
Alumnus Stefanie Cohen, Class of 63, dances with friend David Patterson.
Ben Stein wears a suit with his famous tennis shoes.
Blair's orchestra prepares to play as guests enter the concert hall.
Ben Stein and Mark Levin present Carl Bernstein with his award.
Coach Morgan Wootten, Class of 1950, speaks about how his experiance at Blair affected his coaching life positively.
Gardi Royce performs with the Blair Orchestra before and during the ceremony.
Journalist and author Carl Bernstein speaks about his interesting experiences at Blair, which include writing for Silver Chips, skipping 6th period to play pool, and working for the Washington Star.
Refreshments were available before and after the induction ceremony.
Sculptures adorn the patio at Strathmore Music Center.
Signs featuring the Blair Blazer guided alumni to their class's section.
Speech writer, author and actor Ben Stein hosts the festivities.
The 75th Anniversary Gala was held on October 16 at the Strathmore Music Center in Rockville.
The night's main event was the Induction Ceremony for the Blair Alumni Association's hall of fame.
The University of Wisconsin sculpted the exterior of their unit to match the landscape of their state.
The University of Louisiana uses a system that allows for the expansion of inside or outside living space depending on the season.
The team from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee utilizes a pitched rood and trough in order to capture rain water.
Team Spain wows the crowd with a rotating solar panel display on the roof.
Sun screens allow for the intake of heat and light which increases effiency and minimizes electric bills.
Solar energy is used to create electricity and to create hot water for heating and personal use.
Rain shielding, a type of wood siding that does not rot, makes for a efficient and durable building material.
College students from all throughout the country come together each year to design, engineer and build these zero impact dwellings.
All houses used domestically produced materials in the build to make the designs as low impact as possible.
All houses derived a greater volume of electricity than consumed from photovoltaic cells on the rooves and walls of the units.
The National Equality March on Oct. 11 called on people from all ages, races and creeds to stand together for one cause: equality.
Carol Kiernan, R.N., B.S.N., of Access Travel Health and Immunizations, prepares to administer flu shots to staff.
Sophomore Class President Bruce Yuen tells the camera what activities will be happening at Blair in the coming weeks.
Reporter Kristin Fischer gives a report from Blair in front of Blair's marching band, cheerleaders and principal.
Principal Darryl Williams and Senior Lam Cao, brother of Tai Lam, were featured as Blair heroes at the morning festivities.
Junior Cheerleader Vyuy Luu entertains the crowd.
Freshman Jacob Buchholz performs with Blair's marching band which was featured on Channel 9.
Cameraman Kevin King was sent to cover the festivities featured on Channel 9 from 5 - 7 a.m.
Blair's SGA, marching band and cheerleaders line up to be shown on television.
Carol Kiernan, R.N., B.S.N., of Access Travel Health and Immunizations, prepares to administer flu shots to staff.
Blazers enjoy a night of music and dance at Homecoming on Sept. 26. <i>Photo by Colin Wiencek.</i>
A sophmore Blazer experiments with a new way of eating cake by adding water.
The SGA spruces up this year's pep rally with the addition of school-spirited balloons.
The new turf out for display during Blair's first pep rally of the 2009 school year.
Chris Styles DJs on hand at the pep rally.
The student seating section is packed with spirited Blazers.
The two teams preparing to clash during the second half of the Sept. 25 game.
Two players crash during the final minutes of the homecoming game.
A Springbrook player lands on Blazer during a particularly rough play.
Blair Network Communications (BNC) prepares to start taping their fall series, which will premiere on October 7. <i>Photo by Colin Wiencek.</i>
Senior Xander Baldwin throws the ball into play.
Senior Xander Baldwin races down the field in an attempt to score.
Senior Otis Banwell moves to defend Blair's goal.
A variety of Montgomery County Public Schools literature was available.
Blair parents wait for light in front of Montgomery Blair High School on the evening of back to school night.
Clubs attempt to entice parents into getting their children to join.
ESOL students watch in happiness while their children show what they learned in the first three weeks of school.
InToneNation, Blair's student run a capella group, perform for parents in between classes.
Emanuel Charles and Robert McMahon, of the Physical Education and Health Department, speak to parents of their first semester students.
Jonathon Verock, the ceramics teacher, speaks to his Ceramics 1 class.
Kelly O'Connor chats with a parent in her Advanced Shakespeare class.
Megan Dieckman describes her plans for her forensics students.
Parent Donna Vlasik reads her son's schedule.
Parents and students browse booths set up by Blair's multitude of different clubs and activities.
Parents wait for class to start.
The SGA sells snacks to parents and students between classes.
Traffic backs up past the light to get into limited parking at the school.
Blazers stand for the playing of the national anthem.
Senior Nellie Garlow fends off an attack from Einstein.
Obama speaks, via weblink, to Blazers in the auditorium about the importance of staying in school and learning.
One of the hit performances was the comedic plays performaned by Shakespeare Skum.
A page helps remove knights helmet after an intense game of jousting.
Romero, a member of the comedy routine Fight School, entertains guests with comedic fighting and witty jokes.
The festival includes numerous plays and demonstrations from Shakespeare to sword swallowing.
Various period wares were on sale at the festival, including fine jewelry.
Elizabeth Spilsbury, a CAP junior, enjoys various wooden weapons for sale at the festival.
A knight waits for results of jousting tournament to be announced by the royal queen of Revel Grove.
A knight in shining armor prepares to charge into a friendly game of jousting, Maryland's official sport.
Freshman Julia Bates and juniors Emma Kaufman, Katerina Klavon and Elizabeth Spilsbury sign up to audition for the fall play, Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor." <i>Photo by Colin Wiencek.</i>
The King's servant reads announcement to guests.
A marionette monkey entertains guests at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
The girls take a well earned break.
Technical skills are practiced during warm ups.
The team practices heading the ball during a late summer practice session.
The girls' soccer team practices passing during warm ups.
The soccer coach discusses technique with his team.
A soccer ball flies through the air during a summer preseason session.