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Tuesday, June 19, 2018 8:10 pm

Jenny Sholar

Managing Features Editor
Jenny loves Jewel Galbraith and Justin Beiber more than anything else in the world. She lives in Jamaica and sells juniper-scented body lotion for sale only at Jamba Juice. She does jumping jacks often and is a fan of jello, as well. She fluently speaks Japanese and has a passionate hatred for jumbo shrimp. She was born in July and her motto is "boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider." She herself plans to go to JMU for college, to of course get more knowledge. Jellybeans are her favorite candy and she hopes to one day drive a jeep majestically down the streets of Jacksonville, Mississippi. She owns a pet jaguar named Jialin and enjoys running to the sweet music of Jesse McCartney. No Jonas Brothers, however. Her favorite color is jade and her mother's name is Jialin. Her father's name is John and her older sister's name is Jialin. Her favorite song by the Beatles is "Hey Jude," and she one day aspires to be a professional jockey. Her horse will of course, be named Jialin. Her favorite letter of the alphabet is Q.

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