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Friday, August 17, 2018 7:06 pm

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Senior captain Zoe McCarthy leads varsity field hockey with three goals and four assists.
Junior thirdbaseman Lowell Ensel chases a runner down helping the Blazers hold Watkins Mill to only two runs.
Sophomore co-captain Neil Gahart pitched a complete game giving Blair some much needed consistency.
Junior Sophia Hill sings a solo during a performance of "Silver Lining" by Blair's cappella group, InToneNation.
Freshman Ben Miller (front) and Zeke Wapner (rear) performed with their band, Ladle Fight, at Silver Quill's bi-annual arts fair on Jan. 21.
Junior Alayna Abel models a newly printed Silver Quill T-shirt at the Pyramid Atlantic.
Junior Daniel Chen prepares to serve the ball.
Senior co-captain Richard Griner pitched 1.2 innings, giving up 4 runs in the process.
Sophomore co-captain Neil Gahart scored the Blazers lone run and pitched in relief of Griner.
The beef pattie with coco bread is a traditional Jamaican dish.
Councilmembers Andrews and Leventhal talk at a town hall meeting about the bill they co-proposed.  if the bill becomes a law, police officers will be able to question loiterers.
Senior goalie Lena Meyerson collects a shot. Girls' soccer was knocked out of the playoffs with a 3-0 loss to Quince Orchard.
Senior Jamie Kator races to get a shot during this competitive season.
Junior Zoe McCarthy looks to shoot. Blair defeated Northwood on Saturday by a score of 6-0.
Junior Jenny Beech sprints after a loose ball.
Silver Quill editors-in-chief juniors Talia Rodwin and Danny Rosenberg show past issues of the magazine.
Silver Quill editors-in-chief juniors Talia Rodwin and Danny Rosenberg show past issues of the magazine.
Senior captain Jamie Kator dribbles the ball downfield in a goal scoring attempt.
During his tenure at Blair, Williams has maintained constant communication with staff, a quality he will take with him to his new job.
Williams discusses the after-prom event with the security team for the last time as Blair principal.
Principal Williams will take on a different set of responsibilities in his new post as Community Superintendent of 47 upcounty  schools. He assumes the role July 1.
Participants helped paint the background of murals with finishing touches put on by a professional.
The team celebrates its regional championship. Blair will move on to the Maryland State Softball Championships for the first time in Blair history.
Senior Eve Brown pitched all but one of the game's innings and successfully stopped Sherwood from overpowering Blair's defense.
teacher Christopher Brown plans to expand Blair plant life with new
vegetable gardens
Members of the magnet class of 2011 hold up signs as they sing and dance in a short original musical version of four years in the magnet program, The Magnet Was Meant for Me.
The view from backstage as seniors Billy Griffis and Savannah Cheo strike a final pose in a modern ballet interpretation of Heartless by Chris Brown.
Senior Louise Gretchel and Junior Adam Maisto, though not Magnet students, perform at Magnet Arts Night with Blair's jazz combo.  All acts had to consist of 50% Magnet students in order to perform.
Senior emcees Theresa Regan and Quinn Shen stage a mock battle during one of the short skits interspersed between acts at the talent show.
Emcee Theresa Regan comes onstage to find her co-host Quinn Shen all tied up after an aparent yoyo experiment gone wrong during a sketch.
Senior Monica Ly entertains the crowd during a performance of several recognizable covers.
Carlos Ticas divide su tiempo entre su carerra de DJ y el trabajo en la Academia de Deportes de Blair.