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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 9:13 pm

Harrison Reed

Photo Staff
Hey, my name is Harrison and I am a Sophomore here at Blair and this is my first time on the photo staff. Some of my interests are taking pictures with my camera, hanging out and playing basketball. I am always excited to have fun and I love using my camera to express myself.

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Juniors Ryan Tomlinson and Mathew Whitney help each other with their first Honors Chemistry assignment.
Practicing an ancient start of year tradition, teachers hand out syllabi on the first day.
Students exit their buses to start their first week of school.
Sophomore Allison Whitney and junior Jane Lee practice for their upcoming season.
Sophomore Audrey Fischer runs at the dog park in North Four Corners for a cross country workout.
Sofia Read attempts a corner kick.
 Junior Julia Lewando makes a pass to her teammates.
The new Silver Spring Civic Center offers available space to hold meetings, celebrations and other community events.
Veterans Plaza is a place for community events, festivals and outdoor concerts to be held.
The new Silver Spring Civic Center was revealed July 7th.
Many companies use the BBQ battle as a chance to advertise their business.
Some BBQ stands have artistic grills to attract customers.
This stand not only displays a giant cow, but also free samples of their products.
At almost every BBQ stand you can find a funnel cake.
In the battle any staff can help you with advice or even direction during throughout the battle
Soft served ice cream is ideal to cool off in 90 degree weather in downtown DC.
Just days after the seniors leave, the Juniors quickly invade the Senior Courtyard.
Earlier this week it seemed as if April Showers were still here. The weather caused problems for students walking to school, and these students should be better prepared for another week of storms.