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The varsity football captains played a huge part in the team's Battle of the Boulevard win last Saturday.
The Northwood mascot 'Gladiator' strikes a pose during the game the Blazers went on to win.
Seniors cheer on their team despite the weather.
Seniors Amalia Perez, Delia Trimble, and Dillon Sebastian show off their school spirit.
Things are clam in a quiet corner of the field.
A tuba gleams among the cheering crowd after Blair's first touchdown.
The Blazers' offense kicked into gear and really got rolling in the second quarter.
Two Blair athletes prepare for the play.
A Northwood player scrambles under a blur of tacklers.
The Northwood mascot strikes a pose on the opposite sideline.
Bright red Blair players watch a play unfold.
Blair principal Renay Johnson and Northwood principal Mildred Charley-Greene smile together from the sidelines.
The cheerleaders demonstrate some impressive acrobatics.
Captains Therese Nkeng and Christine Jean easily won their doubles match, 6-1, 6-0.
Cross country captain Darshan Patel gets ready for practice with the team.
A gymnast pauses in the moment before beginning a tumble routine at a Montgomery County gymnastics competition on Tuesday.
Junior Shannon Healy chases down the ball behind a Springbrook defender.
Mr. Allen explains a problem during a Precalculus class.
Junior Shannon Healy and her teammates spent much of the game chasing the Bengals.
Senior co-captain Caren Holmes got the Blazers started less than 10 seconds into the game with a goal.
Metro riders are silhouetted against the setting sun as they wait for the train Sunday night.
Senior Justin Kung warms up before the game.
Blair seniors line up with parents and staff as part of the Senior Night festivities.
Sophomore Christina McCann is running to become the 2013-2014 SMOB.
Someone waves a flag with a Blair Blazer on it in order to
get the swim & dive team pumped up for Divisionals.
Another light snow falls Saturday night in Silver Spring.
Naimani Staley prepares to take a key free throw.
Poinsettias shine in the warm light of a greenhouse.
Rain clouds gather overhead on a drizzly exam day for Blair students.
Reading teacher Theresa Hiller conceptualized the idea for this game a month ago.
A jester pretends to be a baby for the amusement of the crowd gathered round in one of the festival's many outdoor squares.
A women sells candied almonds and cashews to passersby.
Three people dressed in traditional medieval costumes talk in a sunny corner of the main square.
Many of the festival's buildings are decorated in the traditonal style of this pewter shop.
A henna artist applies the traditional ink to the hand of Virginia native Claire Sperka in a stall at the center of the festival.
A musician smiles at the people gathered round him as he plays a medieval tune on a harpsichord.
Workers dressed as jesters and dancers wave goodbye to the crowd passing below them as the festival closes.
A carved face made out of stone, silver, and gold sits in the display window of a statue shop.
Festival attendees of all ages mill about in the central square.
A comedian climbs up on a ladder as he tells a joke on one of the festival's stages.
Children reach for floating bubbles in the middle of the main square.
Ride On buses feature the pedestrian safety ads with John Parsley's and Hillary Yeboah's eyes' as a part of the new campaign.
Fall leaves stand out brightly against the sky in Silver Spring.
Junior Allie Fascione-Hutchins battles for the ball.
McCarthy scored two goals as the Blazers shut down Magruder.
Junior Amalia Perez waits on the new bench near Blair's rain garden.
Junior Nick Porter and freshmen Susana Perez and Adina Rombro have a conversation on one of the benches from the Blair Beautiful Group's bench project.
The water rushes swiftly in Sligo Creek after a rainy night.
The Blazers won big on senior night.
The American flag on the turf shines in the sun on Friday afternoon.
Rays of light crisscross the sky as the sun comes out from behind a cloud in Silver Spring.
Junior Elana Rombro goes for the ball.
The sun sets over the fence on the turf on Thursday.
Junior Allison Chen dribbles the ball.
The ACT experienced a large increase in popularity last year.
Junior Dillon Sebastian attempts to steal the ball from the Titans.
The sun sets over Nationals Park in D.C.
A student looks at a new pedestrian safety poster in the SAC.
The afternoon sun gleams on the pavement in downtown Takoma Park.
The afternoon sun gleams on the pavement in downtown Takoma Park.
Junior Zoe McCarthy paints a red stripe on senior Marlee McPherson's face to celebrate 'red out' day.
Students happily rush on to the buses at three o'clock on Friday.
Nika Lilley springs upward and strikes the ball over the net to score a point for the varsity girl's volleyball team. This is a regular occurrence for the senior, who has been a driving force on the team since she first joined.
Though only a sophomore, Neil Gahart is key player on varsity baseball. The pitcher and third baseman is hailed by coaches and teammates as a all-around great player.
The lightning-fast D'Ottavi was named MVP for cross country last year and remains a star runner.
Sophomore Lily Gates, who is also a cheerleader, has been a star of the gymnastics team since she first started. The limber Gates is often seen executing a perfect flip or cartwheel.
Junior Daniel Chen is the number one singles player for boys tennis with a current record of 5-1. He is a force to be reckoned with on the court, and adds great talent to the team, according to coach David Ngbea.
Go to any varsity girls lacrosse game and you will be sure to see junior Caren Holmes sprinting down the field, her opponents ducking out of the way. The midfielder is a high scorer and is "playing great thus far" according to coach Michael Horne.
Sophomore Annie Pietanza started in varsity softball last year as a freshman and has been a key player ever since. She has played first base and also pitches.
A blossom unfurls its petals.
A stunning magenta flower grows in the Japanese garden.
Several children run down the grassy slope towards the cherries.
A fish hopefully looks around for food in one of the Arboretum's many pools.
A little boy runs under an arch in the Arboretum's Asian Garden.
A bright flower grows at the base of a cherry tree.
The capitol columns gleam in the afternoon light.
A classic Japanese flower arrangement sits in front of an oriental scroll.
Columns that used to be at the front of the Capitol building sit in a meadow at the Arboretum, where they were relocated after the Capitol was expanded.
Bright pink blossoms shine in the afternoon sun.
A beautiful bouquet of cherry blossoms is displayed in the Arboretum's Japanese exhibit.
A Blair staff member looks at the memorial for Simon Miranda on Blair Boulevard.
A group of seniors and juniors toss ping pong balls into plastic cups in a twist on a classic party game Friday in the SAC.
The early morning sun pours through a hallway window and illuminates Blair Boulevard.
Sophomore Maya Habash sports a long-sleeve lace shirt.
Sophomore Isabelle Brown matches a striped top with anchor earrings for a sailor effect.
Senior Shakeisha Harmon wears a bright floral headband, as an alternate to a floral scarf that she may wear for the windier weather.
Junior Lisa Bianchini keeps up Blair's tight defense to prevent the Trojans from scoring too many goals in the game.
 Sophomore Dillon Sebastian and junior Leah Hammond work together to keep the ball away from a Gaithersburg defender.
On Friday, a student walks by some beautiful flowering trees in Silver Spring.
A collection box is sitting in the library as part of the SGR Book Drive.
Blazers fill the Four Corners McDonald's after the half day on Friday.
A little boy is seen balancing on the ice through a blur of legs.
The rink is seen through a shining metal sculpture.
A Sculpture Garden employee scrapes up the ground ice left by the Zamboni.
The first skaters spill onto the ice when the gates open.
The rink is calm for a moment just after the Zamboni finishes.
The facade of a gazebo on the side of the rink reflects in the fresh path left by the Zamboni.
The last vivid streaks on sunlight color the Sculpture Garden.
Two small first-time skaters hang onto the rail for support.
The National Archives building looks over the busy rink.
Skaters mellowly circle the rink.
CAP sophomores Brianna Iyomahan, Bianca Clark, Evan Morris, and Temi Ibirogba stand with Mary Beth Tinker, who spoke to students on Friday. Tinker won a landmark Supreme Court case concerning student's rights and the First Amendment in 1969.
A fresh orchid blossoms in the cold air on a rack at Trader Joe's in Silver Spring.
The winner of the "Ms. Vietnam" pageant, Ye Muy, puts on her sash before being crowned.
A woman sells jewelry, including silver, gemstones, and beads.
SpongeBob SquarePants and an inflatable dolphin hang next to an enthusiastic sign.
Two women talk as they stand by orange saplings and other plants for sale at a booth.
Children run their hands over rows of light-up toys.
Dozens of light sabers for sale at a toy booth glow in the fluorescent light of the SAC.
Hundreds of people, mostly Vietnamese, crowd the SAC.
The four finalist of the "Ms. Vietnam" pageant pose for the cameras. The young women wore traditional "ao dai" outfits and were judged on their dress and poise.
A little girl touches the colorful figurine of a dragon, this year's zodiac animal.
Bright Vietnamese snacks are lined up for sale on a table.
A man takes a photo of the pageant contestants on his cell phone.
Three girls smile as they watch a judge crown the second runner-up in the pageant.
 A bright orange paper umbrella is stuck in the mud near the Blair parking lot. The festive umbrella, coupled with the unseasonably warm weather. invokes the memory of summer.
A tree decorated like a candy cane stands in front of other decorations on this Takoma Park street.
This cheery Christmas tree is adorned with three different kinds of lights . The trunk is wrapped with pure white lights, with more colorful variations spiraling around the tree.
This cable of glowing red and white stripes is a modern decoration that can be wrapped around trees and columns.
A tall building near the Plaza Hotel towers over a light display in New York City.
Life-sized elves liven up a window display in Bethesda.
Cheery lights and a Christmas tree brighten up Christmas eve in downtown Bethesda.
A cutout of Santa Claus hags in the window of an Apple store in Bethesda.
A Christmas-themed version of the popular game "Cut the Rope" plays on a 5 foot tall ipad in the window of an Apple store in Bethesda.
A wreath hangs above Video Americain in downtown Takoma Park.
People gather around a Christmas tree on 5th Avenue in New York City.
A cheerful evergreen wreath is attached to a street light in Takoma Park.
CAP Coordinator Anne Cullen smiles from her desk in the CAP suite. The Communication Arts Program received 30% more applications this year, though it will still only accept 75 students.
Students gather in the library to enjoy music, rap, and poetry during 6th period for Silver Quill's Open Mic event. Many students wore wacky Christmas sweaters or Santa hats to celebrate the holidays.
An Indian dance troupe performs a Bollywood-type number to the crowd's delight.
Junior Mia Massimino watches as a complicated henna design is stenciled onto her hand.
Colorful henna stencils lie on a table in the SAC. Students could get one of the small designs for $5 and an entire hand covered for $10.
Fish float over the painted and twisted metal of a fake shipwreck on the floor of a tank.
A bright blue tank of coral and fish glows in the dark of the aquarium, where lets are kept low to keep the exhibits brightly attractive.
Only the eye of a sneaky salamander is visible in his small tank.
Two pale jellyfish twist around each other.
A newt floats just below the surface of leaf-speckled water.
A colorful eel slides under a piece of driftwood.
This rare albino alligator is one of only 44 known to be living in the world. It will be at the National Aquarium until February.
A purple starfish lies on a rock under some ambient lighting.
A colorful angelfish streaks through the water.
Hundreds of tiny pink anemones cling to a metal pole in their enclosure.
A large white fish lies sadly at the bottom of his tank.
The aquarium includes all kind of aquatic life, including this bright yellow anemone.
A brilliant magenta sea urchin resides in the corner of a tank.
A large fish laps at the top of his tank to the delight and horror of small children gathered round.
A clear jellyfish with pink fringe floats in its small tank.
A tropical frog sits on top of a tree boa in a tropical enclosure.
A snowflake moray eel opens and closes its mouth slowly in the dark water.
Freshmen Conor James and Naomi Weintraub wait backstage until it is their turn to perform a dance number. Manager and friend Elia Tzoukermann smiles next to them.
Junior Mattie Cohen smiles and two SGR colleagues collect donations at the front table.
The third act featured junior Fridien NanaTchoukoua, who did performed a freestyle dance to a collection of various pop songs.
Juniors Emma Rothman and Alex Hamburger sing an original song accompanied by guitar and flute.
A Playmobil brand advent calender displayed in Takoma Park shows each day of December leading up to Christmas Eve. The tab for the 16th was opened to reveal a toy Santa.
Senior Justin Shack defends an inbounds pass. Blair lost its home opener in a 75-49 blowout.
Sophomore Bianca Clark looks on as classmate Lily Gates edits a project in Video Production class. Blair offers modern technology and extensive studio space in BNC and other video classes.
Sophomore Bianca Clark looks on as classmate Lily Gates edits a project in Video Production class. Blair offers modern technology and extensive studio space in BNC and other video classes.
A student eating lunch during 5th period on Blair Boulevard is reflected in the screen of sophomore Isabelle Brown's cell phone. Cell phones are allowed during lunch at Blair this school year, a major shift in policy from previous years.
The early fall harvest includes these vibrant squash and pumpkins.
The apple harvest was unusually low this year, leading to an increase in vegetable picking.
Beets, chard, and broccoli were among the crops available Friday on the nearly 100 acre farm.
A Maryland woman picks chard at $1.69 a pound.
Fresh granny smith apples glow in the setting sun in one of Larriland's barns.
Rustic farmhouses that hold the store and a supply shed preside over the tilled earth.
A deep purple leaf of chard, a lettuce-like vegetable, stands out in a field.
A cheerful wooden statue greets visitors in the parking lot.
A farm worker drives a tractor under a bright array of fall foliage.
Granny smith and fiji apples are tumbled together in a crate at Larriland Farm, a pick-your-own farm in the countryside of northern Maryland.
Halloween is in the air as two smiling pumpkins grin from a yard in Takoma Park.
The portrait of Blair's founder is festooned with a Mickey Mouse cap for the senior's Disney theme.
Dozens of students worked after school Thursday to decorate Blair with each classes' theme.
Sophomore Matthew Morris, a talented runner and a cross country star, stands in his running shoes on the edge of Blair's practice field.
Senior captains Sarah Harper and Hadley Luker dash to the goal to defend a Whitman player. Blair fell to the Vikings 1-0 in overtime.
Sophomore offender Leila Bartholet battles a Whitman defender for possession in the first half of Tuesday's field hockey game.
Senior goalie Molly Flannagan, keeps a close eye on the ball as Blair defenders attept to carry it away from the goal.
The team piles up in celebration of their win after Mike Green's goal in overtime.
The referees try to separate the two teams when a fight breaks out.
Two Hurricanes players try to trap Nicklas Backstrom in a corner.
Forward Nicklas Backstrom skates past Hurricanes forward Tim Brent.
Mike Green sends the puck flying past an offender.
Forward Alex Ovechkin shoots on goal with a defender close behind
Caps forward Brooks Laich gets in a disagreement with Hurricanes defensemen Bryan Allen.
Forward Jason Chimera gets ready to pass off the puck.
Forward Joel Ward brings the puck around for a shot on Hurricanes goalie Brian Boucher.
Goaltender Michal Neuvirth squats in the goal during the first period. In a surprise upset, Neuvirth started instead of anticipated new goalie Tomas Vokoun.
Some of the first Caps fans trickle into the Verizon Center.
Two member of the Capital's ice crew shift the goals into position before the games start, as seen from the catwalk above the ice.
The warm afternoon sun strikes a fallen autumn leaf perched on the pavement. After a brief spell of frigid weather, summer has made a reappearance with recent highs in the 70s and above.
Sophomore Leila Bartholet on the varsity field hockey team is silhouetted in her loose pajamas on September 8.
Adela Armstrong-Spielberg and her fellow crew member show off their funky outfits for hipster day on September 22.
Freshman Leigh Cook and sophomore Jenna Kanner of the JV and varsity field hockey team look cozy for pajama day on September 8.
Juniors Sidney Smith and Kayla McCaw wear their poms outfits on September 22.
Sophomore JV soccer player Melissa Arias is decked out in lacrosse clothing for 'lax bro day' on September 27.
Sophomore Adela Armstrong-Spielberg dons a pair of hip glasses for hipster day for Blair's crew team.
Sophomore cheerleader Lily Gates shows off her cheerleading uniform on September 23.
Varsity cheerleaders Nafisa Ahmed and Kathy Luc pose in their game-day outfits on September 22.
From left: sophomores Elana Rombro, Caroline Gabriel, and freshman Erin Nolan and Leigh Cook of the JV filed hockey team give some growls for their Animal Day on September 22.
A trio of laughing kids run by, trying to sprint faster than their mother.
The roof over the plaza is illuminated with every color by hidden lights as the sun goes down.
The Silver Spring Community center glows red and orange while children play outside.
The scene is lit with light and music, as seen from above.
People sit at tables and enjoy the warm breeze in Veteran's Plaza.
The band blends two guitars and a harmonica along with other instruments for a complicated melody
Busy shoppers pass by as a couple enjoys the event below.
The blues band gave a lively rendition under the new, colorfully lighted overhang in Veteran's Plaza.
The neon facade of the Majestic Theater twinkles from across the street.
Cards advertising Blair's green club, which focuses on environmental advocacy, litter a table in various shades of green and yellow on Friday. Clubs were being promoted up and down Blair Boulevard last week during 5th and 6th period.
Sophomore Lily Gates' cheerleading uniform contrasts against the tiles of Blair Boulevard as seen from above on Friday.
Simon Kapiamba looks on as a group of students check out a video game as part a booth at lunch just outside the SAC on Friday.
A single boys soccer player is framed between the jogging forms of other athletes.
The boys soccer team gets organized during practice in the afternoon sun.
A trio of boys on varsity soccer pass the ball during a Tuesday practice.
Although Blair tightened up its defense in the second half, it wasn't enough to overcome WJ's big lead.
Senior fullback Edie Hopkins flicks a pass to a Blair teammate. Varsity field hockey fell 7-0 to Walter Johnson.
Scaffolding on the construction site of the new elephant enclosure sets a sharp contrast against the summer sky.
An alligator leers at onlookers from the back of her enclosure.
A twiggy elephant statue blows raspberries at passerby.
Several zebras, ignoring the cheetah trying to hunt them from behind their fence, graze peacefully.
Families gather round an lighted enclosure in the small mammal house.
These lion-like small primates pass some time on a branch.
A shrewd lizard peers at something off in the distance.
An aldabra tortoise gambols around the yard of the reptile building.
Can you find the anteater in this picture?
A painted dino looks down on the entrance of the reptile house.
Bamboo hangs over the edges of the path leading to the pandas.
An empty but brilliantly painted enclosure reflects on passers-by.
A large emu attempts to gnaw apart the walls of its enclosure.
Two zoo-goers enjoys the scenery next to a lively mural.
A preoccupied prehensile tailed porcupine faces the wall of his enclosure, ignoring the hubbub around him.
Shadows stretch longer in the evening sun as the event winds down.
Barry Flanagan's "Thinker on a Rock" sculpture seems to be contemplating the music.
Adults and children alike cool off with several D.C. monuments in the background.
Several people examine the flowers in the Sculpture Garden's western area.
A security officer looks over the festivities next to Sol Lewitt's "Foursided Pyramid."
Sculptor Roxy Paine's, "Graft," piece shines in the afternoon sun.
Two event-goers stretch out in the cool grass next to David Smith's "Cubi X" sculpture.
The eye is decieved with Roy Lichtenstein's comic-book sculpture, "House I."
Event-goers relax on picnic blankets and enjoy the music.
Guitarist Jean-Pierre Durand of latin band 'Incendio' cracks a few jokes during the peformance.
Bassist Liza Carbe and drummer Nicole Falzone are all smiles as they play an upbeat song.
The sun resides brightly over a 101 degree day at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden for a part of the the eleventh season of 'Jazz in the Garden'  held July 29th. The free concerts continue every Friday until September 9th.
A yellow brick road leads to the fountain pool and musical tent.
A few pool-goers escape the 100+ degree temperatures Saturday by taking a dip at Daleview Pool in Silver Spring.
A giant blue ball bounces down a Takoma Park street as students of all ages enjoy their first day of vacation, despite the stormy weather. For many Blazers, today is the first day of  summer.
After periods 1 and 2 exams, the scraps of a meal remain on a table after a group of freshmen leave the Subway in the Woodmoor Shopping Center. The area is a popular location for Blair students, especially during exam week. Exams for periods 3 and 4 are Friday.
The 2012 presidential campaign has just begun and Blazers display their opinions with a sign for possible Republican candidate Mitt Romney in room 164. Blair students were historically involved in the 2008 election through knocking on doors and campaigning for Barack Obama.
Freshman Josie Lichten rehearses a monologue in the arts hallway for her upcoming Inspirations Play performance at D.C.'s Busboys and Poets. Other students from all grades will be performing a collection of one-act plays at Blair.
Time ticks by slowly for the class of 2011 seniors that wait to graduate. Senior exams are May 23-26, with the big day (graduation) on June 13th at the historical DAR Constitution Hall.
This week's art show is reflected in a security mirror in the media center. The gallery of paintings, collages, and pottery will be on display until Friday. It is a part of Blair's Fine Arts Week, which features music and drama as well.