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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 6:28 pm

Zoe Johnson

Online Editor-in-Chief
Hey there! I'm Zoe, and my spirit animal is a lioness, which sums up my personality pretty well, actually--though I do try not rip people from limb to limb if I can help it. But hey, we've all got our growth areas, right? I really enjoy cupcakes, women's soccer, theatre, laughing, dumb Internet quizzes, zodiac signs and anything having to do with words, especially reading, writing, languages and--first and foremost--this site. Welcome. I'm glad you're here. Poke around a bit, won't you?

Stories Authored (56)

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Greatness has been found - and ignored

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Egypt wrong to dismiss sexual violence

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No Ordinary "Internship"

Austin, Lucie

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