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Monday, August 20, 2018 4:19 pm

Sam Howells

Photo Editor

Galleries (4) The Washington Post's "Post Hunt" 2014

Pictures (70)

Blair Forward Jordan Johnson shoots over a Cavalier defender
The team fights for a loose ball early in the third quarter.
Junior Alexis Moses prepares to shoot the ball.
The Blazers view for possession in a close-mouthed game against Wootton.
Jordan Cobb (21) was one of many forwards who helped power the Blazers to a victory.
Sophomore Demetri Cooper pulls up for a floater.
Senior Danny Canary attempts to drive by the Rockets' defense.
Sophomore Demetri Cooper gets stuck in a double-team.
Freshmen Margo Bloch and Emily Fox joined the Young Activist club of both Piney Branch elementary school and Takoma Park middle school when they were in the 3rd grade. The Young Activist club has been the incendiary force behind the Takoma Park ban against polystyrene.
Brown and Levien's afternoon classes each helped plant native plants after volunteers from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) came to update the rain garden last Thursday.
Both teams standing around their championship trophies.
Senior Leila Habib delivers a powerful spike
Freshman Maggie Wang delivers a powerful spike
One of the new thermostats installed over the summer in hopes of better temperature regulation.
The new cameras, seen on the left, are smaller and feature a black frame
Junior goalkeeper Madeline Burke prepares to kick the ball down the field.
Freshman Maggie Wang delivers a powerful serve
The Class of 2014 moves their tassels from one side of their graduation caps to the other at the end of the ceremony.
The Post Hunt organized for a children's steel drum group to perform after the final clue was given.
A participant reviews her answers after hearing the final clue, which instructed hunters to choose the numbers above their initial answers.
The Post Hunt creator, Gene Weingarten, reveals the clue the crowd has been waiting for.
Participants gather at 3 o'clock eagerly awaiting the final clue that ties the first five together.
One puzzle requested hunters to "follow me to the answer". Participants had to follow a Twitter account titled 'metotheanswer' that contained three additional clues.
Hunters have to piece together the jumbled puzzle pieces to figure out the phrase 'Stars and Stripes'
A series of states led hunters to 'WA-CO MA-IL CO-DE' that led to the correct numeral answer.
The first clue of the day: these Post Hunt workers danced to the classic song "YMCA" by Village People while spelling MACY to lead to the next puzzle.
Participants in the Post Hunt were led to Macy's to find this clue and were expected to determine that the Cowboys player's jersey number was the answer through a series of previous clues.
Paula Nahn [right]. As the lunch bell rings,she quickly adds, "Maybe too honest," giggling.
Senior Max Humphries draws his influences from Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, and Picasso among other abstract artists, but he says his works "look like life."
Students have donated eight or nine Advanced Placement test-preparation books to the Media Center's donation box.​
Senior Michael Reilly evades a Kennedy defender. Reilly had four goals on route to a 19-2 Blazer win.
The Blazers won the division title for the second straight year.
Starting pitcher Annie Pietanza threw a complete game yesterday.
Mildred Devereux takes a swing against Clarksburg.
Sophomore Albert Wang goes up for a spike in the Blazers win over Northwood
Despite High Hopes, the Blair boys' volleyball team fell to Kennedy in a five set thriller.
Student enrollment at Blair is expected to exceed capacity by the academic year 2017-2018.
Members of Women's Advocacy meet to discuss the club's upcoming awareness week.
Media Specialist, Andrea Lamphier, assists computer users during lunch.
Media Assistant, Ilene Catzva, showcases this year's Black-Eyed Susan Books.
Tauqir Abdullah wants to move back to Australia when he grows up, not because it's his homeland, but because it's where he feels most at home.
Pages Matam coaches the DC Youth Slam Team and co-coaches the Blair slam team, Compa$$ion fruit. As a poet, he's gone on tour and garnered over 1 million views on YouTube for his poem "Pinatas."
Eunice Muchemi hopes to return to her native Kenya one day to advocate for social justice.
A host of native El Salvadoran crafts and instruments were sold in tents sponsored by Fenton Street Market.
One of many Chinese dance performances done by the the Coordination Council of Chinese Americans Association.
The winning Advanced level Latin team from St. John's College High School poses for photos.
Mr. Johnson awards a group of students for their strong score in the Certamen.
Blair students Kevin Ho and Shira Gorin prepare to announce the winners of the Latin fashion show and Certamen.
Maryland Junior Classic League president, Elliott Rebello gives announcements about upcoming Latin events.
Two Certamen participants play an old cultural game.
Country School students debate an answer.
A student "buzzes" in a response in the Latin III competition.
Advanced level Latin students compete.
University of Maryland Latin teacher, Professor Judith Hallett talks to the participating students.
Blair student and Certamen organizer Kevin Ho speaks about the day's schedule with participants.
Blair Latin students figure out last minute details for the Certamen.
Country School students get in the zone for the Certamen.
Spirited Latin students talk before the Certamen.
Principal Renay Johnson poses with Blair's seniors.
Senior SGA member Fresia Blanco poses with Assistant Principal Dirk Cauley in the hall during lunch.
Freshmen go all out to dress up for Wacky Tacky day during Spirit Week.
Senior Maggie McClain battles a defender for possession.
Senior Gwladys Fotso Chekam looks to pass the ball up the pitch.
Students anxiously wait in line outside to buy their homecoming tickets during 5th lunch before the announcement that the deadline to buy tickets would be extended by a day.
Junior Taylor Bosse battles defenders for the ball.
Sophomore Kelly Mayo had a great game, scoring three goals (a hat trick).
Junior Alexis Redford-Maung serves the ball up to the offense.
Senior captain Delia Trimble battles for the ball.
Blair's AP Chemistry Classes will be conducting College Board's New Guided-Inquiry Experiments, this year.