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Connor Smith

Photo Editor
When not dropping his camera, scratching his lenses, overheating his batteries, or corrupting his memory card, Connor Smith enjoys taking pictures in a variety of genres, such as Landscapes, Portraits, News, Abstract/Art, and Event. His work can be viewed at: And on this lovely page you are currently viewing.

Galleries (10) Cherry Blossom Festival 2015

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The main attraction - cherry blossoms.
A lone helicopter cuts through the air above the cherry blossoms.
People crowd onto the Jefferson Memorial steps during lunch.
Cherry blossoms seen through the gaps in the tree branches.
The flags surrounding the Washington Monument blow in the wind.
Pedestrians cross the street as they head toward the Washington Monument.
The Blazers couldn't contain the warrior offense.
Goalie Ashe Durban takes a little sprint from the goal.
Blair senior Sam Merrill steps up to bat against Wheaton's pitcher.
Blair easily disposed of the Wheaton Knights, forcing the mercy rule in their rout.
The sun rises over Blair's football turf.
The Chemathon team celebrates their first place victory at Maryland Day. From left: Patrick Chao, Andreas Robertson, Ravyn Malatesta, Amy Li, Jacob Popper, Connor Smith. Photo courtesy of Megan Hart.
A crowd surrounds Senior Daniela Monreal as her boyfriend Troy Sanches asks her out to prom.
Senior Noelle Mason works on the new mural.
A fog hangs over the blair practice field as the last of the snow melts away.
Junior point guard and captain Camille Estrin moves the ball up the court, flanked by senior guard Breanna Camp.
Seniors Andreas Robertson (left) and Ben Holland (right) attempt to figure out what this year's puzzle palooza theme is. Juniors and Seniors can sign up for the event here:
The Blazers' seniors pose for a final time.
A student-made book display.
The infamous flock of Blair geese takes to the air.
A snow plow barrels down Colesville Rd. toward MBHS.
Senior Ben Holland plays a ninth grader while singing in the senior act.
Peter Thuronyi rapidly moves his hands across the strings of the guitar.
Puriwat Lahpong sings the Pokemon Theme Song while holding a pokeball.
Senior Peter Thuronyi plays the Pokemon Theme song on guitar.
The dancer leans backward while spinning.
The dancer manipulates her dress.
Senior Ishaan Parikh snaps his head to the left while dancing.
Urjita Das performs a synchronized dance.
Senior and CAP student Brianna Kitts performing.
Senior Brian Ko signals the end of the song for the orchestra.
Senior Mer Caprioglio performs "All the Wasted Time" by Parade.
Senior Megan Houlihan plays a duet with Brian Ko (not pictured).
Dominic Chow blocks a choreographed attack from Amy Li during their Wushu performance.
Junior Amy Li poses with her sword.
Dominic Chow poses in the middle of a Wushu routine.
Mariam Jiffar sings the "Four Chords Song" by the Axis of Awesome.
Winnie Luo and Aleksandra Dagunts perform the "Four Chords Song" by Axis of Awesome
New lunch tables run down the side of Blair Boulevard during 5th and 6th period.
A tree stands covered with snow in Blair courtyard after the snowfall Wednesday.
Students seek shelter under umbrellas and in groups during the fire drill, which turned out to be a false alarm.
Yvann Tientcheu works out on the track during practice
Students leave behind footprints on the turf field as they head into the woods to study biodiversity.
A group of seniors dance to the song "Cotton Eye Joe"
The master of ceremonies holds a limbo-bar as a senior bends to get under it.
Jack Murphy launches a shot towards the basket.
Dylan Ahunhodjaev exerts a full body effort to prevent the hoop from falling down.
Max Salzman waits for Sam Popper to step out of the way before taking his stroke.
Max Kronstadt and Javier Raxcaco watch as their friend takes a swing.
Miniature golf clubs were ready for students to play with.
Students and teachers go down the table, grabbing hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips.
New for 2014, students were able to take a ride on the zipline.
Volleyball was one of the many activities offered at Senior Unity Day
Seniors Molly Beckett and Ravyn Malatesta pose for the camera.
Captain of the frisbee team Jacob Popper tosses a frisbee.
A worker tends the grill at Senior Unity Day.
Sophomore Claire Maske poses with her socks that are the same color as the Cobalt (II) Chloride, which she was working with in chemistry.
The old Montgomery Blair High School can be found on Wayne Avenue.
The open house at Blair featured displays from different clubs.
The welcoming committee at the Old Blair from the Blair Alumni Association.
An MCPS worker gives a new coat of paint to the lunch tables.
Blair High School celebrates its eightieth anniversary this October.
Chrome accounts have offered Austin an array of learning tools
A few of Silver Quest's past publications
Kelly Mayo receives a pass near the Blair sideline
Senior Sasha Grossman drives the ball down the field
Blair crew rowing on the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River at a race in Baltimore.
A view of the cells from a leaf of the Tradescantia Zebrina through a microscope. These cells were not stained, the colors in the picture are true to the plant itself.
The massive 2014 cross country team causes a traffic jam after they cross the colesville-beltway bridge.
2015 marks Blair's 80th anniversary despite the fact that our planbooks say we were established in 1925
A VH-3D flies over the skies of Blair High School.
It's time to get pennies off our dressers and out of existence.
We are in fact, them boyz.
Senior Andreas Robertson ignites Nitro-Cellulose, a.k.a. guncotton.
An artistic picture of the element Bismuth on the periodic table.
A Van De Graaff generator discharges electricity.
Lead Nitrate and Potassium Iodide react to form Lead (II) Iodide.
After adding Isopropyl alcohol to the already burning Boric Acid and Methanol, the flame produced a yellow color.
A watch glass containing Boric Acid and Methanol burns to produce colorful lights.
A flat-bottomed flask sits in front of smoke.
A ball and stick model of the molecule Zinc Pyrithione.
Senior Andreas Robertson collides two balls of Iron Oxide together, one coated with Aluminum Foil, to create a thermite reaction. The sparks can get as hot as 4000 degrees F.
A piece of glassware containing a blue liquid rests on a table.
A rainbow appears after a rainstorm over the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church. The church is, coincidentally, accepting of gay people.
Military helicopters fly in formation over Blair, while a bird soars below.
Sophomore James Sleigh slinging some cake at senior Alex Michell in Friday's last performance
(Left to right) Molly Beckett, Callie Gompf-Phillips and Ravyn Malatesta at lunch break on a high-rise girder
The cast of "Close Encounters" lines up to receive a standing ovation Friday
The winners of the spirit award (Princess Genovia) won a massive, 6-foot soccer ball, which they launched into the crowd of the auditorium.
The winners of the highly coveted spirit award perform onstage.
The flag that won the Best Flag competition. Pistache Qre.
The "Repuzzlic of Czech-yo-self-akia" performs after winning the Best Team Motto award, which was "Befo' you wreck yo-self-akia".
The Group of Death parades up to the stage, carrying Senior Brian Oluwo as if in a coffin. The team won best team name, as the "Group of Death" is the name for the most competitive section of the World Cup bracket.
Team Vatican City sprays "holy water" onto their competition as they walk up to the stage during the Awards Ceremony.
Junior Peter Ho dances in front of his teammates at the Awards Ceremony.
The winners of the PuzzlePalooza 2014 Iron Puzzler award flaunt their leftover cash. The Iron Puzzler award goes to the team that solved the most puzzles using the least amount of "Puzzle Bucks," which are used to buy hints to the puzzles.
At the awards ceremony, "Puzzle Lord" Mr. Stein laughs at one of his own jokes before explaining how contestants should have solved all of the puzzles (For those teams that did not solve them all).
The winners of this year's PuzzlePalooza (the team to solve the final puzzle first) was Budapesto. Here the team celebrates their victory.
PuzzlePalooza's theme this year was the World Cup, and thus, for the final puzzle, teams had to assemble a soccer ball by following clues on the pieces of the ball. The puzzle would ultimately tell them to shout "GOAL!"
Students wait to enter the Auditorium to watch the Final Ceremony, where the winners of PuzzlePalooza are announced by "Puzzle Lord" Mr. Stein.
PuzzlePalooza contestants received a myriad of seemingly random supplies to help them solve their puzzles.
Chemistry teacher Eric Prange and Senior Josie Lichten prepare caramel ice cream using liquid nitrogen and a drill with a food whisk attached.
Montgomery Blair's theater classes presented "Canterbury Tales" from May 8-9.
Firemen respond to a call at Blair. The alarm turned out to just be a faulty smoke detector.
History teacher James Mogge poses with his drum after the drumming circle wrapped up.
Many people came out to Byrd Stadium to attempt to break the World Record for most people in a drumming circle during Maryland Day.
Montgomery Blair placed third overall in the Chemathon competition.
A toddler smiles after netting plastic turtles in the fountain on McKeldin mall.
Senior Noah Elkind and Junior Andreas Robertson tell their team members how their events went. The team had to split up in order to accomplish all of the events.
Seniors Grant Tipton and Sam Bolgiano review their data after completing the electroplating lab. Blair came in 2nd place in this lab.
The students participating in the competition had to bring various items to the competition themselves. Included in the box are googles, funnels, copper electrodes, and solutions of Copper Sulfate, Starch, and Potassium Iodate.
Team members examine data concerning one of their labs before heading out to competition.
(From left to right) Andreas Robertson, Connor Smith, Sam Bolgiano, David Pilsk, Noah Elkind, and Grant Tipton pose for a photo before the competition. Their T-Shirts were designed by Michelle Tu. The molecule on the shirt is Thalidomide.
As part of the competition, each team prepared an informational poster on the chemistry of a precious gem. These posters were hung on easels before being judged. Blair's poster was on Alexandrite.
Senior Grant Tipton and science teacher Megan Hart review material necessary for the Chemathon competition.
Jeff Goldstien speaks to Blazers at the X-STEM conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.
Blazers participate in a cell computing demonstrating during the X-STEM conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.
C-SPAN presents a check to Donald DeAlwis, Ajay Kharkar and Gabriel Cote.
Student teacher Anh-Hao Dinh helps a student in AP English Language and Composition.
Student teacher Anh-Hao  Dinh enthusiastically explains the AP Language and Composition assignment
Blair swim and dive is one of the few Blair sports teams that holds practice before school.
Junior Max Scribner launches the ball at the goal. Blazers won the game 13-3.
During Tech Tuesdays teachers learn how to use a variety of different programs.
Knitting and Crocheting are just "sew" much fun.
Co-president , Anna Reachmack works with a club member in Sew much Fun club.
Mr. Ekatomatis at work at Blair.
Some don't like the fountain being so low to the ground; others are just happy to have a fountain that produces cold water in the gym hallway.
Broken fountain (left), another broken fountain (center) and working fountain (right) reside in the 160s hallway.
A crowd of students pay no attention to the lonely water fountains in the SAC.
This water fountain in the 320s hallway proudly boasts the only wooden handle in the school.
In the 350s hallway, students get a good thumb workout by pushing a button to get water.
Large ice crystals form of top of a car in Silver Spring after a large snow storm that canceled school across the county.
Somhomore Camille Estrin defends a Sherwood player near halfcourt.
None needed
The team performs part of their routine in the competition.
SGA sponsored "Candy for a Cure" to raise money for the National Children's Hospital.
The team departs the competition as snow falls outside Seneca Valley HS.
The whole team poses with the Spirit Award and a homemade banner after the competition.
Captain Maya Habash displays the team's spirit award while senior Fiona Lachman "photo-bombs".
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Poms dancing, half of their team forms a line while the other half forms a circle.
A board at the concessions stand displaying bows from the various teams.
A WJ dancer rolls back forward after lying down during the performance.
WJ poms whip their hair in unison as they perform their kickline.
The girls review footage of their performance after the show.
During kicks, the Poms girls do a ripple.
Spectators and other poms teams watch as the Blair team begins their routine.
Montgomery Blair High School's pompoms lined up before the start of their routine.
Judges make notes on Kennedy's poms team.
There were many noteworthy events that occurred in 2013.
Blazers use the wii in the new Just Dance/Zumba club.
Blair administration installed a flat screen TV in the Student Activity Center (SAC) in hopes that students will better appreciate eating lunch in the SAC.
A beautiful winter sunrise of Alto-Cumulus clouds rises over Blair before the start of a school day.
La Malinche gives the impression of being miles away, almost as if in a different country.

Not only is the food good and the atmosphere pleasing, but it is extremely affordable for us high schoolers, another great aspect to La Malinche.

Each rich and carefully coordinated dish has a flavor all it's own, full of the distinct and effervescent cultural flavors of Spain and Mexico.
The restaurant is unique in the way it serves its food.
Junior Eyal Li demonstrates the arms crossed post-up.
Blair's administration imposed a policy forbidding spectators from bringing all types of bags to home varsity football games.
Blair's administration imposed a policy forbidding spectators from bringing all types of bags to home varsity football games.
Oberon, king of the fairies, watches the lovers' from his perch.
Junior Ben Holland as Nick Bottom, with a crazed expression.
Junior Conor James as Demetrius, balks at Senior Mallory Rappaport, playing Hermia.
Debate team advisor Stefanie Weldon trains next year's new coach.
The 2013-2014 Blair debate team has over 75 members.
Senior captains (from left) Rujia Teng, Aanchal Johri and Ashutosh Nanda lead weekly discussions at the debate meetings.
Junior Alexander Boris's family was affected by the government shutdown.
Representatives of the 2016 Sophomore class begin dressing in cheerleader outfits as a partof the pep rally race.
Varsity football player Daymon Anderson egging his teammates on as he dances onto the gym floor.
Cheerleaders perform along Blair Boulevard before the start of school on Friday.
Blazers could benefit from later school start times
Firefighters set up fans in the 130s hallway to remove the smoke from the building.
Firefighters set up fans in the 130s hallway to remove the smoke from the building.
Social studies teacher David Swaney, Vice Principal William Currence and Principal Renay Johnson after students were readmitted into the building.
The Silver Spring Fire Station responded to the alarm immediately.
Junior Ashe Durban challenges a Sherwood Warrior for the ball.
Senior Ruben Martinez-Lopez maneuvers through two Sherwood defenders.
Marching band members give their all during practice.
Marching band members give their all during practice.
In Organic Chemistry, Senior Brian Oluwo tests for Chlorophyll, Beta-Carotene, and Xanthophyll by using a Ultraviolet Light
County workers repair and replace the football scoreboard.
All clubs must complete a new club constitution and a club contract in order to be recognized this year.
The four writers for this month's SCO Says. (From left) Sam Popper, Mikey Gerbasi, Temi Ibirogba and Melissa Arias.
Crowds gather to see famous jazz musician Branford Marsalles play at the Civic Center."
Concussions testing proved important after the Blair vs. Kennedy football game.
Football Blair's game against Kennedy featured a lot of tough hits.
The lady blazers fell to Churchill by a score of 7-0
Surrounded by some of the many supplies I purchased.