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The Blazers enjoyed sweet success on their Senior Night.
Senior Megan Houlihan sprints to get to the next base.
Blair lost a close game to the Bengals in a close game.
 Senior Camilla Arias sprints to first base.
Senior Megan Houlihan gets a hit off the pitcher.
One of Blair's hits during the highly competitive game
Biology teacher Marta Woodward.
Mr Blair participants had to answer many thought provoking questions; giving them a chance to show off their unique personalities to the crowd.
Junior Kenneth Hill tunes his guitar as the questioning section of the event comes to a close.
Some competitors shone like stars, figuratively and literally, as the spotlight lit the stage from the cat walk.
The music could not overpower the cheers from the crowd during the talent portion of the show.
Junior Cuong Nguyen sang to the crowd in Vietnamese.
A dancing trio outlined in lights put on a stunning dance number.
Junior Kenneth Hill jams out to a guitar solo during intermission.
Sophomore Cole Sebastian celebrates his victory with a selfie with the masters of ceremony.
Jordan Johnson battles down in the paint
Kendall Douglas (34) tries to navigate around the Sherwood defense
Danny Canary drives to the basket
Everyone loves a good snow day!
Icicles have accumulated on the edge of the bumper of this car
Sledding will never stop being tons of fun.
The sun casts an orange glow through the trees
An overturned trashcan is a perfect way to measure accumulated snowfall
Icicles hang from the street lamps
The leaves on this tree are obviously dead, however they have not yet fallen off this resistant little tree
Boots are a must for snow days
Although Christmas has come and gone, evidence of christmas decorations still litter the yard
The sun glints off the snow as the sun sets in the distance.
Alexis Moses faces up against a Magruder defender in a preseason scrimmage
Junior Nazea Khan maintains staple color combinations for every season.
Senior Lul Mohamud likes to decorate her hijab with different styles and pins.
Senior Fizza Jamal complements her hijab with a unique grunge style.
Sam Popper leads Montgomery Blair's football team into the stadium waving the American flag.
Leah Savage may not be one of the models, but her floral patterned top could not be overlooked.
Some fun pictures with the yearbook staff.
Leah Savage, Leah Damo, Lily Haeberle, and Song-Binh Ngo were the project managers that brought all the models together to showcase their unique styles.
Gelena Hiruy is a born model with a style all her own.
Kebron Mihrete has a truly phenomenal hairstyle while her sparkling bindi helps bring attention to her eyes.
Dirk Dupre, Olivia Linsley, and Coleman Welles are fully embracing the oncoming sweater weather.
Eva Medina can really rock a hairstyle that many people would be afraid to try.
Mario has a knack for modeling as well as fashion; striking a perfect pose as the sun hits the side of his cheek.
With smiles on their faces, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Russell, and Ms. Markewitz flex their fiery fashion senses.
Science teacher John Kaluta presented Fan's book to the school.
Junior Arianna Sankar gets ready to return.
New emergency drills have been created.
Julia Spies has a year to explore the halls of Blair and American culture.
Tiffany Mao hits a serve during the match