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Seniors chant "1-8", their graduating year, as they compete with the other classes to be the most spirited during the pep rally.
Senior Mikaela Moore dresses as a grandmother for Monday's spirit day of grandparents versus babies.
For players, football means family.
Playing tackle football in a team builds values and creates a lasting comradeship between players.
Ruby Farber
Blair senior Brenna Levitan organized Wednesday's march and has since been heavily involved in Montgomery County's MocoForGunControl as they promote change in control for student's safety.
Code Girl meets after ninth period on Wednesday to encourage girls to pursue careers in technology and teach them the necessary skills to do so.
Students raise their hands during the moment of silence for the 17 victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.
Organizer and Richard Montgomery student Daniel Gelillo speaks to the crowd of students in front of the White House.
Blair teacher and Democrat candidate for District 16 speaks to the crowd of students in front of the Capital.
MCPS students walked out of school on February 21st to protest against gun violence.
Senior POMS captain Ellie Williams stands at the point of the POMS formation.
Senior POMS captain Emma Cross forms the front of the formation in the hip hop portion of the POMS routine.
Senior POMS captain Ellie Williams does a spin as part of their competition routine.
Senior POMS captain Ellie Williams leans back with her leg outstretched during the their performance.
Senior POMS captain Emma Cross does a split jump during their County performance.
Senior Clara Herberts knits her own gloves to keep warm as the chilly weather continues into February.
Holland secures the pin for his record-breaking 97th win. The record was previously held by Billy Saturno. ​
Akinpelu maintains control by lifting his opponent before taking him to the ground for a pin.
Moore eyes his opponent before making the next move.
Blair students in French 2 completing classwork.
Blazers' 132 pound Sho Takeshita throws in a cross body ride on his High Point opponent.
Senior Aida Ayuk (13) tries to maneuver the ball away from the Sherwood player in front of her.
Senior John Carter (14) takes a shot on Paint Branch's goal.
Senior Nate Bodner (23) passes the ball away from a downed player.
Senior Nate Bodner (23) dribbles in between Paint Branch players to push the ball up field.
Senior Hans (7) takes the ball up field, away from Blair's goal.
Mice enter boxes even when they are sealed closed by nibbling their way through the cardboard.
A mouse entered a supply box in the store room behind room 363 and shredded papers as well as consumed dried bees and other materials.
Senior Zamon Robinson (7) claps after another touchdown from Blair is made.
Christopher Watkins (21) celebrates with teammates after he scores a touchdown.
Senior quarterback Matt Siff (13) runs across the field with a QO player on his heels.
A new tradition called Friendsgiving calls groups of Blazers together to celebrate a Thanksgiving with their friends, eating good food and roasting marshmallows.
A sign adorns the front lawn of a Blazer's home, reading "Zombie Crossing."
A zombie gnome lawn decoration is found outside the front step of a Blazer's home.
Junior Sophia Lindsey makes faces at the crowd while performing.
Blair POMS leap in the air at the start of their routine.
The POMS move across the field in a line while kicking up in the air.
Blair's POMS team finishes their performance with the hip-hop section of their routine.
Senior Aida Ayuk (3) tries to maneuver the ball away from the Sherwood player in front of her.
Madeleine Merill (12), junior and captain, rushes towards Sherwood's goal with Sherwood defenders trying to block her path.
Monday's spirit day was a battle of the classes, seniors wearing black, juniors wearing pink, sophomores wearing blue, and freshman wearing purple. Junior Karen Nguy wears pink to represent her class.
Midfielder Maya Hammond races the ball down the field
Kleily Castro shares the perspective of a DACA recipient at the Community Conversation on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Members of the panel offer answers to questions from the community at the Community Conversation on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Blair's cheerleaders lead the Blair crowd in cheers throughout Blair's first home football game.
Gabriel Worthington runs the 3200 meter race.
Junior Maya Hammond smiles as she details her summer plans.
The freshman compete in a relay contest against the other grades.
The junior team gets in position for the tug-of-war competition.
Ponce Deleon coaches the senior team at the powderpuff game.
Senior Akosua Hawkins grabs a junior player with the ball in Blair's powderpuff game.
The seniors and juniors are put against each other in a game of tug-of-war.
Junior Zoe Denton makes a run in the powderpuff game against the seniors.
Senior Liam Martin laughs with friends as the pep rally begins.
Junior Doug Tsegaye hops to the next station in the relay race against the other grades.
The Blazers continued on to win their second round of playoffs 6-3 over BCC.
Blair's varsity baseball team played a successful season, with 11 wins and 7 losses.
Senior Paul Moser checks an Einstein player in order to get control of the ball.
Sophomore Calvin Bruwelhide protects the ball against an Einstein player.
Going around an Einstein player, junior Uro Lyi makes a shot on the goal.
The Blair lacrosse team was aggressive, demonstrated by Pinsonneault.
Claudia Burlinson positions to pass the ball.
Senior Isabel Emsfeld tries to keep the ball away from the three Wheaton players that surround her.
Teammates Maada Kposowa and Alex Denos duke it out in the final stretch of the 400m run.
Moira Johnson launches herself to perform a scissor jump over the high jump bar.
John Gorman, senior, pushes himself in the 3200m race to run a personal record.
Sophomore Rebecca Wessel and junior Isabel Present work together to run a personal record in the 3200m.
Will Osborne jumps over his first hurdle in the 300m hurdle race.
Senior Garret Kern runs anchor leg in Blair's boys' 4x800 at County B's.
Abou Sow leads off the Blair boys' 4x800 team.
Sprinter Chris Rodriguez runs the 100m dash at County B's.
Blair students write on Post-It! notes things that make them happy, responses varying from praying to IHop
The boys varsity lacrosse team cheers in between quarters.
One of the first flowers planted by Blair's horticulture class make its appearance in the courtyard after a temperamental Maryland winter.
The American and Maryland flags whip proudly in the wind in front of Blair's main entrance.
Athletes have less time to do work with games and practice, so an extra period would help alleviate the burden.
The average student athlete spends 12 hours practicing a week.
Junior Maya Hammond hands out her homemade caramels to students around the school.
FrailBoys rappers Seamus Swyers and Damien Bess sing 2 AM.
 Blair senior Camille Torfs-Liebman performs for Swan Song
Math teacher, Eliot Shiotani gets hits in the head with a whip cream pie.
PE teacher Robert McMahon gets hit in the face with a whip cream pie thrown by a student.
Assistant Principal Brandi Richardson cleans up after being hit with several pies.
The math department prepares bowls and cans of whip cream for the pie throwing contest held on Pi Day.
Chris Butler finished tenth in the county in the 55m sprint.
Senior Seamus Swyers performs at the VFW on Saturday to a crowd of fans.
Ethan Ellis tries to score a basket, an RM player jumping with him and blocking the shot.
A Blair player dribbles around the court as he waits for a break-away from RM.
Blazers eat outside in the disconcertingly warm February weather.
After several years of Maryland weather, signs around Blair's parking lots stand worst for wear.
Construction on Blair's turf field started in January and is expected to last until March.
Blair's turf field is currently under construction in order to make it safer and healthier.
A new showcase next to the library in honor of Black Lives Matter and Black History Month.
Seniors Dom Massimino and Jamila Moses and Neva Taylor work through lunch in the library.
Senior captain Niki Patel smiles as the team prepares to shift to a different dance genre in their routine.
Junior Emma Cross makes faces at the judges during the POMS routine.
Sophomore Shauna Terhune-Cotter puts a pompom in the air in the Blair's POMS routine.
Junior captain Ellie Williams leaps high in the air, performing a toe touch.
Blair POMS wrap up their season with a final cheer after coming in sixth at Counties.
Gay Pride Flags wereflown over the rally.
A group of girls protests with signs and flags.
Signs depicting uteri read "not a political object."
This year's SMOB candidates have been announced.
Four Blazers are running for SMOB this year.
Yin is a Blair candidate running for SMOB.
Mollie Dalbey hits the puck while playing offense for the Blazers.
A group of activists march around the Mall, holding yellow signs reading "Women's rights are human rights", "#IWelcomeRefugees" and show off the diversity in reasons people were marching at the Women's March on Washington.
The Women's March on Washington comes to a standstill in front of Trump Hotel.
Blair Boulevard after the final bell rings, students rushing to their bus or waiting for their friends.
 Senior Becca Jenkins got the word 'Ohana tattooed on her collarbone with the rest of her family.
 Junior Chelsea Tarquini got the words '3 of 3' tattooed on her neck as she is the third of three sisters.
Junior Gabel Cramer got a tattoo of an ampersand to remember his mother.
Fake news is all over the Internet.
Maya Hammond, president of Blair's new Foreign Language Club, teaches kids about the tones of Mandarin.
Senior Prim Phoolsombat decided to raise money to send school supplies to children in Thailand.
Senior Prim Phoolsombat holds a bag with a variety of lip balms she made.
Dr. Dave Goodrich gives a lecture about climate change and its effects
Leo West struggles to get back on his stomach or feet to prevent himself from getting pinned.
Blair's acapella group Intone Nation performs holiday-theamed songs in classes on Tuesday, December 20th.
Sophomore Carl Levan races towards the puck as a QO players sprays ice.
Sophomore Molly Daulbey smashes the puck and sends it up in the air.
Senior center Jack Smirnow fights to get open for an inbounds pass.
Sophomore guard William Tawamba looks to pass.
Sophomore forward Ethan Ellis goes up for a contested shot.
Senior guard Demetri Cooper leads a fast break.
Junior Bridget McCaw flips as the cheer team performs at a pep rally.
The cheerleaders perform a routine at the fall pep rally.
Blair's 2016-2017 cheer team supports the football team in the Battle of the Boulevard at Northwood High School.
Blazers play keep-away in the courtyard during lunch with friends.
Blair's water fountains receive a bad rap.
In the final scene of Hamlet, death comes for the characters Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, and Leartes.
After Ophelia's death, Queen Gertrude (Iyanu Bishop) and Laertes (Emmett Adler) weep.
Rosencrantz (Anson Berns) and Guildenstern (Katie Faust-Little) get caught lying to Hamlet for King Claudius, Hamlet grabs them while shouting.
Hamlet (Ronee Goldman) grabs Ophelia (Erin Obaonrin) as he shouts at her.
The ghost of Hamlet's father (played by Noah Friedlander) in Blair's Red Cast's performance of Hamlet.
Iyanu Bishop and Luc Picone play the Queen and King in Blair's rendition of <i>Hamlet</i>.
Senior Captain Niki Patel strikes a  finishing pose at the pep rally dance.
POMS perform their finalized routine at the Blair's last home game and last game before playoffs against Damascus.
Joelle Nwulu, a Blair senior, talks to her team while forcing the ball forward and away from the Blazers' goal.
The Blazers out-gained the Hornets in first downs, 20-12.
Wide receiver Chris Butler caught a second quarter touchdown to tie the game at 14.
The Blair student section participates in a powder toss.
The Blazers run out onto the field before a game against Sherwood.
The foliage behind the basketball courts provides space where people can loiter unseen.
Students are no longer allowed to be behind the basketball courts near the track during lunch.
Noa Dorah battles for possession against Clarksburg.
Senior Joelle Nwulu takes a shot in Blair's final home game.
Janie Pitner waits for the approaching pass.
The Blair POMS team performs one of their ripple moves at the pep rally on Friday.
Sophomore cheerleader Julia flips across the turf in the cheer team's performance.
Junior Blazers Aran Mazariergos, Braden Moomey and Lukas Gilkeson cheer on their junior class as they compete against the seniors at the pep rally.
Storm clouds roll in on Friday's Pep Rally and force all 3,000 students of Blair into the SAC.
Hannah Kanan, Toni Pasternack, Haron Adbaru and Divya stand strong representing the junior class of 2018 in red-out day.
Chris Butler scores a 45 yard touchdown in the third quarter.
The Blazers could not stop the Sherwood running game.
Blair students relax at lunch.
Protecting each other from the Sherwood defense allowed for Blair to score its 26 points at the game on Friday.
Junior Erin Obaonrin talks about Girl Up club.
Students crowd around after getting off of the bus.
Blair's senior, center midfield Nika Seider keeps the ball away from an Einstein player, allowing Blair to push further up the field.
The Blazers defeated B-CC in their second game of the season
Senior captain Joelle Nwulu looks ahead against Springbrook.
Blazers in the stands of Northwood cheer on their football team.
Cheerleaders keep the crowd pumped up and energized throughout the game.
Senior quaterback, Desmond Colby passing the ball as his teammates tackle oncoming Northwood players.
Ponce DeLeon, a senior wide receiver, gets the advantage of a penalty from Northwood.
Blazers and Gladiators face off at Battle of the Boulevards.
Battle of the Boulevards kicks off with the football team running through the banner.
Senior quarterback Desmond Colby threw for 162 yards and three touchdowns in his 2016 debut.
Junior offensive lineman Zamon Robinson celebrates a touchdown by his teammate, senior running back Eric Zokouri.
Senior captain Leah Messina brings the ball down the field.
Junior Isabel Fetter looks to pass to a teammate.
Sophomore Olivia Gonzalez made a bid for SMOB in early March.
Junior Eleanor Cook (31) and and Senior Camille Estrin (1) chase down a Kennedy player.