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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:11 pm

Catherine Horowitz

Photo Staff

Galleries (24) Enough is Enough March for Gun Reform

Pictures (115)

A student hold a sign that reads "Abolish the NRA" as the march stops to form at Union Station.
Senior Mae Gilligan rides with Metro to the meeting point at Union Station, holding a sign that reads "Protect Us."
Senior POMS captain Gilda Geist waits to jump up as her teammates spin behind her.
Senior Lewam Siltan smiles at the judges before performing a turn.
Senior POMS captain Gilda Geist smiles as she moves her pompoms in beat to the music.
Senior POMS captain Emma Cross strikes a pose as the POMS team performs the modern part of their performance.
Senior Anthony Smith-Davis takes the ball up court
Junior Ethan Ellis goes to the line for free throws
Before and during winter break, Blair students visited holiday light displays at places such as the Mormon temple, Brookside Gardens, and the national zoo.
Junior Silas (16) dribbles stride for stride with a player of the other team.
Senior Kevin Amaya jumps in the air as he pushes past the defense of the other team.
A decoration of a dead bride lays on the lawn of a home near Blair.
A child dressed as an eagle for Halloween watches a toy train that zips around a neighbor's home.
A house near Blair doesn't give kids an option as to whether they get a trick or a treat, their decorations showing it.
Senior captain Priscah Rodenhuis reaches out to return a stroke.
The football team won the Battle of the Boulevard with a 46-0 victory.
Senior captain Gilda Geist smiles at the crowd as she dances with the poms.
Senior Benjamin Mourad plays the tuba with his fellow marching band members.
Cheerleaders get into formation as they entertain the crowd.
Blazer football players tackle an opponent near the end zone.
The marching band played their final performance with a tribute to Pirates of the Caribbean.
Poms captains Ellie Williams, Gilda Geist, and Emma Cross lead their team during the halftime performance.
The Inferno ended their season with a pink powder toss for breast cancer awareness.
Blair football players prepare to take on Northwood.
Cheerleaders help lead the student section with invigorating chants.
Friends and family of seniors brought posters, flowers, and other gifts to show their support.
Battle of the Boulevard and Senior Night celebrated the end of the fall season for football, marching band, poms, and cheerleaders.
Forensics classes inspected skeleton and tooth models this week in order to learn about body identification.
On Wednesday Blazers sported gear from their favorite colleges, while seniors wore their Senior Unity Day shirts and attended a college fair.
The outdoor garden at Blair exhibits new ways to be eco-friendly.
 Sophomore Mary Chang gets ready to return a serve.
Captain Priscah Rodenhuis reaches out to return a stroke.
Some entomology students use mason jars to catch their bugs.
Lots of showcased art displayed fictional characters from movies, books, TV shows, and pop culture.
Students painted both realistic and abstract images of food and other everyday objects.
Sculptures of fantasy-like animals were displayed across tables.
The spring art show displayed paintings, pottery, drawings, and other artwork created by Blair students.
Students created art showcasing friends, family, and even pets.
Some students decorated shoes with patterns, themes, and locations such as a tropical beach.
The softball team made it to the playoffs after their successful season, and won their first game 9-5.
Friends, family, and fans of the team came to support them for the game.
Ms. Mason's biology class celebrated Cinco de Mayo with music, food, and rubber ducks.
Blair works well as a team during their tennis games.
Blair girl distance runners wait for the gun to go off to start the 1600m race.
Part of tennis is waiting for the right moment to hit the ball.
 A good serve starts off a match, and can lead to a great season.
Blair's Tennis team gathers before their game to get ready.
A student holds a cooked cricket they are about to eat for a video entitled "Blazers eat Gross Foods" which you can find under the video tab.
Junior Sophie Falvey presents her Capstone project in the media center for other students.
A facilitator holds up three fingers to indicate the time limit of the current talk.
Samuel Ramsey shows the audience photographs of him with his bug collection while speaking about overcoming fears.
Soda cans spelling out "TED X" were displayed in the lobby, along with a buffet and Italian ice for audience members.
T-shirts were handed out to students who attended and helped run Blair's first ever "TED X" event.
Each speaker answered a certain number of questions relating to the subject of their talk.
Local community members such as Jose Segura gave talks about life events and achievements or concepts that they wanted to share.
On Thursday, April 6, Blair hosted in independent TED talk series featuring local speakers.
The girls track team gets ready to start the 1600m run.
International Night featured performances from different groups that represented various countries such as Ethiopia, Japan, and France.
Some country-themed tables had displays and informational exhibits. The Israel table included menorahs, Israeli food, and art.
Each table in the SAC had a label for a certain country, such as Laos, France, Ethiopia, or El Salvador.
Volunteers worked at the buffet to serve a large array of food to all attendees.
The International Night buffet consisted of a large array of foods from all over the world. Students and parents prepared chicken satay, Japanese rice balls, and yuca, among other dishes.
International Night included a henna table where students got their hands painted, as well as a face painting station.
A jewelry and clothing sale featured items from several different cultures.
Students at Blair's International Night wore clothes that represented their cultures.
Junior Abbigail Willis takes notes on evolution during biology class.
Mary Beth Tinker, the plaintiff in landmark Supreme Court case <i>Tinker v. Des Moines</i>, speaks at Blair
Sophomore Ethan Ellis keeps the ball away from a Paint Branch team member in a tight moment.
Demetri Cooper dribbles down the court as he evades his opponent from Paint Branch.
Mary Beth Tinker explains her experience with being suspended for standing up for free speech.
The Maryland Department of Education is changing the HSAs.
One Blair bracelets are displayed in the library. Students sport the bracelets to show support for their peers and the Blair community.
Jack Smirnow directs the defense.
Students sing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" after an African fashion show to conclude Sankofa 2017.
Sophomore Ollie-Angel Nono and her partners sing America the Beautiful and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to begin Sankofa 2017.
Junior Iyanu Bishop performs a solo while backed up by her castmates.
Junior Hermela Mengesha is among the many students to recite poetry throughout the performance.
Junior Noelle McKoy and her fellow performers engage the audience during a dance number that closed out the first act.
Sisters Abby and Octavia Russell sing "I'm Here" from The Color Purple.
Zoe Denton performs a rap that she "wrote" throughout the show after learning about history in class.
Micah Contee takes the stage for an energetic James Brown tribute.
Junior Noelle McKoy leads her fellow cast members in a tap dancing routine.
The entire Sankofa cast performs a gospel song to start off the second act, with sophomore Alexis Stewartson as a featured soloist.
Sophomore Alexis Stewartson and the entire Sankofa cast performs a gospel song to start off the second act.
The class turtle in room 256 eats her breakfast during first period.
Kadidja Niamey takes a Bob Marley quote off of the wall of positive messages on Blair Boulevard for Isaque Oliveira, a Blair student who recently passed away.
A referee watches junior captain Ryan Holland win his last match of the season.
Senior wrestlers Nauman, Tommy, and Zhexi and team manager Jamila pose for a picture during senior night.
Junior Brian Hunyh focuses on trying to pin his opponent down during senior night.
Senior guard Kendall Douglas makes an inbound pass against Paint Branch
Junior Saraswati Temple drives baseline against the Blake Bengals.
Two women carry a rainbow flag as they march down 14th Street.
Members of the Cups club eat lunch while they give free therapy through the 7 Cups website.
Regular members of the Cups Club pose during a weekly meeting. Left to right: Nicholas del Vecchio, Brennan Winer, Alice Zhang, Enya Wang, Sabrina Li, Gianna Jade del Vecchio, and Michael Yin.
The umbrella tree in Downtown Silver Spring showcases Christmas culture.
Junior Nora Olagbaju takes the first free throw of the game.
Allison Mackenzie preps to shoot the ball.
The Blair poms line up during their pep rally routine.
Junior defender Franck Djoumessi eludes two Springbrook defenders.
Latino Achievement Coordinator Melissa Young stands outside her office in the Media Center.
Young, a new member of Blair staff, busy at work.
Teachers walk through the junior hallway, themed New Orleans.
Blair artists decorate the hallways.
Juniors Shameika Jackson and Errol Williams show off their Jamaica-themed gear.
A featured violinist plays a solo during the concert.
The Blair orchestra plays an impromptu concert in the courtyard for Parent Visitation Day.
A cellist plays during the orchestra's lunchtime performance.
A cello player focuses on his music while waiting to play.
Many students who had never met Hernandez wrote messages on the wall in solidarity with her family and friends.
Students wrote messages on a tribute wall for senior Glenda Hernandez after she passed away last month after a battle with cancer.
Many students wrote messages directly to Hernandez, some wrote in English and others wrote messages in Spanish.
Junior defender Franck Djoumessi eludes two Springbrook defenders.