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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:11 pm

Leah Phillips


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Blair's lacrosse players run alongside each other to work together to get the ball across the field.
It's important to return serves accurately in order to not miss a point.
The gymnastics athletes line-up and impatiently to hear the results from the meet.
Junior Eden Treado sands down a wood board for a project in Blair's Advanced Photography class.
Uber relies on users' blind trust in drivers.
Student in photography class finish up their pictures for display.
AP classes purport to model college level classes. Why can't all of high school exemplify college?
Mr.Whitacre prepares for a class by organizing his papers.
Kendall Douglas looks to pass to a team mate.
Students gather outside on the athletics field for a fire drill.
Students can explore the world of horticulture in the greenhouse.
Senior Kendall Douglas goes up for a shot against Northwood.
Technology should be put into the hands of students themselves.
Promethean boards do little to effectively integrate technology into classrooms.
An assembly for Blazer girls on breast cancer awareness was held on January 31, 2017. Walking into the auditorium, students were greeted by volunteers working with the organization Check Out for Teens.
Each student received a pink pouch filled with a survey, a pen, an important facts sheet, a how to breast examination sheet, and a medical history chart for each student to fill out.
Judith Macon a nurse spoke on Breast Cancer. Some of the many things she talked about were how to check for breast cancer, tips on how to stay healthy, and she also answered questions from the students towards the end of the assembly.
Mrs. Boden brought the student body to tears with her emotional cancer story. The students listened as she explained how she made it through some of the most painful treatments.
The assembly started with a brief introduction from Mrs. Harvey who had brought the 11 and 12 grade girls to this assembly every-other year for the past 14 years. She handed off the mic to senior Alicia Rivera who brought the introduction to a strong close.
Junior Rudy Ngougni doesn't hold back as  he takes down one of the Knights.
Blair cheerleaders pump the crowd up at a home basketball game.
Sophomore Ethan Ellis rejects a Sherwood layup.
Julius Cobb taps in the game-winning shot.
Este es el letrero de Tony's Villa.
Sophomore Ethan Ellis takes a free throw versus Springbrook.
Ivey wants her room to entice her students to want to learn more.
Sophomore Ethan Ellis takes a free throw versus Springbrook.
Senior Julius Cobb goes up for layup.
Ms.Jacobs-Ivey wants her room to entice her students to learn more.
Ms.Sloe's science room is filled with pictures representing what she teaches about - life itself.
Blair tends to be part of a liberal bubble.
Students gather in the media center after school to participate in the dialogue.
The Blazer cheerleaders take home another first place and spirit award at the annual cheer competition
Kevin Miranda, Bethany Argueta, Ruby Tucker, and Brittany Chung prepare for a lift into the air.
The Blazer cheerleaders begin their routine by holding up motivational signs.
The Blazer cheerleaders ended their strong performance with an enthusiastic finale.
The Blazer Cheer team performs a lib during their routine.
Riding the zipline at unity day brought a thrill to seniors.
Blazers can not access Instagram with new MCPS wifi restrictions.
Lauren Frost makes a free throw as other players rush to get the rebound.