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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 6:19 am

Leslie Morales Alvarenga

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Sunflowers begin to bloom as spring weather finally arrives in Maryland.
Hand dryers are more eco-friendly but less effective and hygienic than paper towels.
Hand dryers are more eco-friendly but less effective and hygienic than paper towels.
Only a month away from spring sports. Blazers prepare to show there skills and athletic abilities on March 1st.
On Monday, Nov. 27, a junior dropped hardened clay from the second floor, accidentally hitting a teacher who was walking past the financial office.
Senior Roxana Mendez utilizes the media center to complete one of the many projects she has for her classes.
An audience member holds roses to give to the actors and actresses.
Kiran Kochar McCabe as Queen Anne listens to an attendee of her masquerade ball.
Pictured left to right, Anson Berns as Athos, Micah Contee as Porthos, Henry Wiebe as Aramis aims their rifles at the enemy.
Sarah Di as Sabine struggles with her ties with D'Artagnon.
Henry Wiebe as Aramis cries out in response to another Musketeer.
J.T. Eccleston as King Louis X III mocks the play with sock puppets.
Sarah Di as Sabine fights Jenny Garcia as Milady.
Jenny Garcia as Milady kisses an unconscious D'Artagnan played by Emmett Adler.
Captain Madeleine Merrill gets ready to shoot on the goal.
Teammates, picture from right to left, Emma Markos (20), Aida Ayuk (13), Jayde Harvey (4), and Jansi Medina-Tayae (5), head off the field laughing.
Senior Donna Ferreira participated at the blood drive that was held at the Blair gym.
Mr. Smith teaches his African- American Studies class which is now an elective but should be made a social studies graduation requirement.
After the Wi-Fi attack, students could no longer log in to their Chromebooks because the Wi-Fi was down.
On October 31, Students Andrea Gomez Baron (Sophomore), Daggem Mekonnen (Sophomore) and social studies teacher Mr. Culver prepare for a practice dialogue during a Study Circles Facilitation Training.
Seniors participate in Cartoon Thursday, each dressing as a character from Code Name: Kids Next Door. Yuri Villatoro dresses as Number 3, Shameika Jackson as Number 5 and Joselyn Velaco as Number 4.
Theater debuted their fall play, "The Three Musketeers", at the pep rally. Pictured left to right, Issac Newman played Ravanche, Eli Cohen played D'artagnon, and Juliana Ingram played Constance Bonacieux.
Senior Nora Olagbaju sings with the cheerleaders as she MC's Blair's fall pep rally.
Senior Angelo Tydings-Lynch plays the drums in Blair's marching band as they perform their rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Senior Daniela Harvey engages in a conversation with a college representative at Blair's annual college fair.
Captains Caitlin and Gillian Lee celebrate with a high five after winning five of six games.
Sophomore Mary Chang gets ready to hit a strong serve.
Blazers celebrate after a second half goal.
Junior Arthi Thyagarajan clears the ball from Blair's defensive zone