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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:11 pm

Audrey Haverland

Photo Staff

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Students cool down in the courtyard Friday, enjoying free shaved ice from Carmens on student appreciation day.
Water Lilies peeked out this week, providing some color after several days of straight rain in Montgomery County.
Flowers are popping up and coloring Silver Spring with the bright buds as the weather continues to warm up!
Upperclassman wear the iconic Nike slash on Nike spirit day.
You know it's spring when you see the white and pink buds of the cherry blossoms fill downtown D.C.
As winter comes to an end and spring starts, the baseball team is out on the field playing against their rival schools.
Passers-by can spot chickens roaming Silver Spring and Takoma Park as warm weather finally arrives in Maryland.
Freshman Elise Haverland holds up her sign to show support for the March for Our Lives and their call for stricter gun control in America.
A sign reading "#Never Again" is held up in the air, a common slogan created after the MSD high school shooting.
A sign is held up demanding gun reform and stricter gun control, protesters joining together to keep guns out of the streets at the March for Our Lives.
A man holds a sign reading "Mass Shootings Require Guns" while others have written "Don't Shoot" on their hands showing the borrowing of messages of Black Lives Matter protests and the struggle of race representation in the March for Our Lives.
People flood the streets leading to the Capital with signs in hand at the March for Our Lives.
Freshman Maya Frey holds up her sign that reads "Enough is Enough" at the March for Our Lives protest for more gun control in D.C.
Freshman Maya Frey poses in the snow after the largest snow fall Maryland has seen this year.
Blair students were some of the thousands that marched to the White House in protest for gun control.
On February 26, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School traveled up from Florida to Blair to talk to Moco Students about gun control after losing 17 of their peers to a school shooter.
MCPS students gather together in front of the Capital, chanting against the NRA and assault rifles.