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July 15, 2011

A "Harry Potter" Tribute

Today marks a sad day for anyone who has been following "Harry Potter" since its inception back in 1997. The release of the final Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Death Hallows: Part 2," is the last installment to the lucrative fantasy series. Although the final book was released back in 2007, Potter fans have continued enjoying the magic of the wizarding world through film adaptations throughout the years. With this final movie comes the end of an era for a generation of young readers, and we at Silver Chips Online wanted to pay tribute to the characters who we have read about and grown to love since elementary school. For the next few days, the site will be transformed to "The Silver Prophet," our little play on "The Daily Prophet," which is the famous newspaper in the series. To show the extent of our nerdiness, here's a fun fact: all of the authors listed in the bylines are writers for "The Daily Prophet." For example, for this article in particular, Barnabas Cuffe is the author because he is Editor-in-Chief of the "Prophet" and this tidbit was written by SCO's Editors-in-Chief. (No, we did not know these names off the top of our heads, even Potter buffs need a little Google.) We hope all of our Potter fans enjoy this special!

Any new stories that are posted for the "real world" will be easily accessible through the "Recently Published" section on the right of the homepage, and feel free to navigate the site for any stories that have been recently added to the site, including:
- A story about the publication of a local teacher's novel.
- Not only one, but two stories about the Casey Anthony trials.
- A review of the new comedy "Horrible Bosses".

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