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Sept. 9, 2004

Blair holds Back to School Night

by Grace Harter, Page Editor
Blair held its annual Back to School Night tonight, Thursday, Sept. 9 to allow parents to meet their children's
Parents try to find their way to their children's first fifth period class during Back to School Night. Christopher Consolino
Parents try to find their way to their children's first fifth period class during Back to School Night.
teachers and to learn about their classes. Teachers called the event a success with parent attendance estimated at 1,100, according to Blair adminstration.

The event was also dedicated to informing parents about numerous Blair clubs, activities and organizations. In the SAC, parents were able to sign up for the PTSA and to register to vote as well as to give donations to funds for school supplies such as calculators.

Maureen Diodati, an English teacher, stressed that Back to School Night was extremely important for parents because they need to be involved in their children's education. "I absolutely connected to my students' parents," said Diodati. "It is important to inform parents about their children academically."

AP language teacher Phyllis Fleischaker agreed with Diodati. "Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their schooling are more successful," she said.

Blair parents also feel that they try to make the most of their children's education by attending the event. "I need to meet the teachers and understand the environment my children are learning in," said Shelley Carey, who is a parent attending her seventh Back to School night.

Stephen Davidson, the parent of another Blair student, emphasized that Back to School Night provided him with information about his child's education. "Itís really important to learn about teachers and their lessons," he said.

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  • Fran Rothstein (View Email) on September 10, 2004
    The Jazz Band was terrific, the student participation was encouraging, the staff was helpful and informative, and the facility looked good, but where were the parents/guardians? Only 600 parents from a school with 3400 students? And some of those were mom-and-dad pairs?

    Where were the rest? And what kept them away? If it was lack of parking, we need to know that. Some PTSA parents have proposed running shuttle buses from other parking lots (e.g., Eastern MS) to/from Blair. If it was lack of publicity, we need to know that too.

    I'm glad "teachers called the night a success," but I disagree. Not one of my daughters classes was standing-room-only ... which has been the case in years past.

    Ideas, anyone?? A better way to do it? Has BTS Night outgrown its usefulness??
  • Andrew on September 10, 2004
    Typo alert: 2nd to last paragraph "...attending the even." "even" should be "event" i assume.
  • Vivek Chellappa (View Email) on September 10, 2004
    The 600 figure, refering to the number of parents attending Back to School Night has been removed because it was not attributed to a source. Also, my own impressions were that the number of parents was greater.

    Sorry for the mistake,

    Vivek Chellappa
    Silver Chips Online
  • Allison Elvove (View Email) on September 12, 2004

    Thanks for pointing out the typo. We appreciate you informing us of the error.
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