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Sept. 29, 2004

Maryland District 8 House Seat Candidates

by Alex Mazerov, Page Editor
Incumbent: Chris Van Hollen (D)

Freshman Congressman Chris Van Hollen defeated liberal Republican Constance Morella—who held the Maryland District 8 seat for eight consecutive terms—in 2002. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan and spent much of his childhood overseas. Van Hollen earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Swarthmore, a Masters of Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law School. He served in the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates before being elected to Congress. A strong advocate of deficit and debt reduction, Van Hollen supports funding domestic social programs, universal healthcare and education. He favors strengthening domestic infrastructure in order to protect homeland security over traditional military buildup. He currently resides in Kensington and serves on the House Committee for Education and the Workforce and the House Committee on Government Reform.

Campaign Website

Challenger: Charles Floyd (R)

Charles Floyd received a B.S. in Biology at the University of Richmond and served in the military for 20 years before retiring as a major. He earned an M.B.A. from Webster University and an M.S. in Logistics from Florida Institute of Technology. He was a presidential appointee to the U.S. Department of State, where he worked for Overseas Buildings Operations. Floyd favors fiscally responsible policies that spur job and small-business growth. He advocates protecting the environment and improving homeland security. He currently resides in Kensington.

Campaign Website

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  • Ben Moskowitz (View Email) on September 29, 2004
    Chris Van Hollen's challenger, Mr. Chuck Floyd, is clearly not committed to protecting the environment. He states on his site that he supports the President 100%. Mr. Bush clearly disregards all measures for helping our environment. Mr. Floyd also criticizes Mr. Van Hollen for doing studies on the environmental impact of the ICC. Mr. Floyd clearly is not the man for the job when it comes to the environment, especially when Mr. Van Hollen has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.
  • Jack Murphy on September 30, 2004
    Support doesn't mean that he has the same ideals. You can disagree with someone and still support them.
  • Chuck Floyd (View Email) on October 1, 2004
    How can you say that Van Hollen is an advocate of deficit and debt reduction? He helped put Maryland in $5B debt, votes for all tax increases and votes against tax cuts. He put the Thornton Education Plan in $1.3B debt in Maryland. He has voted against the ICC and other infrastructure projects. He is one of the most liberal, partisan Democrats in Congress. Look at his voting record. He has voted against the military, homeland security, and is against the Patriot Act. He has voted against tort reform, which costs businesses and the health care system over $2000 per person a year in the US. He is in the hip pocket of the trial lawyers. He wants the UN to protect America.

    On the other hand, you have not accuraetly described my positions. Here is my write-up:

    Floyd favors tax cuts that spur economic growth for the small business owner. He wants to eliminate the death tax, the marriage penalty tax, and wants to eliminate all taxes on senior's social security benefits. He supports a strong military and national security program. He wants to go after terrorists where they live and not wait for them to attack us again. He wants to curb the excess spending of the federal government and make the government more efficient. Floyd will help Governor Ehrlich build the ICC, more roads, and mass transit projects. He will help protect the environment and upgrade the water/sewage treatment plants so they do not pollute the Chesapeake Bay. He will promote better education solutions and accountability so all children have a proper education. He will work to save the health care system by voting for medial tort reform. He will promote private ownership accounts so social security is saved for our future workers. He will vote on the issues, not party lines.
  • Dan Zubairi (View Email) on October 7, 2004
    As a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, I can see nothing but bad things in District 8 since Mr Van Hollen took office. NIST has had significant reductions in workforce (lay offs) as well as budget and staff reductions at many agencies in the district.

    MR VAN HOLLEN!!! Why are you asleep at the wheel while Federal Employees are getting laid off? Why are you not protecting these voters in your district? This never happened under Connie!
  • Ben Moskowitz (View Email) on October 16, 2004
    First of all, going back to Mr Zubairi's comment, Chris Van Hollen works tirelessly for the citizen's of the 8th District. The staff reductions and layoffs are mainly due to the Bush Administration's incompetence. However, Congressman Van Hollen not only protects the voters in his district, but rather all his constituents and has worked hard to fight the outsourcing of federal NIH jobs, something the Bush Administration supports, and so does Mr. Floyd according to his statement of support for the President.

    How hipocritical! Criticizing Mr. Van Hollen for leaving a plan he proposed unfunded, when the President does worse and Mr. Floyd STILL supports him. What's worse? Being a liberal or a liar? Mr. Floyd calls Mr. Van Hollen "Pro-terrorist" on his site and says Mr. Van Hollen wants to reward Hamas's homicide bombers. What has our political system come to when one candidate accuses another of supporting terrorsists?

    Mr. Floyd clearly represents the extreme right-wing of Republican party, and these distortions of Congressman Van Hollen's distinguished record
  • Ben Moskowitz (View Email) on October 16, 2004
    As a quick clarification of my previous post:

    When I said "when the President does worse" in my second paragraph, I was referring to the No Child Left Behind Act, which leaves every child behind due to its underfunding, something Mr. Floyd supports.

    Also, to add to my third paragraph, after "and these distortions of Congressman Van Hollen's distinguished record", I meant to continue with, "and these distortions of Congressman Van Hollen's distinguished record are disgusting and wrong. Mr. Floyd should apologize to the citizens of Montgomery County".

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