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Oct. 4, 2004

Blair alumnus dies in weekend car accident

by Vivek Chellappa, Online Editor-in-Chief, Allison Elvove, Online Editor-in-Chief, Ely Portillo, Online Editor-in-Chief and Katherine Zhang, Online Editor-in-Chief

Blair graduate Carlos Brenes, class of 2002, was killed early Saturday, Oct. 2 after his Toyota sedan crashed on University Boulevard near the intersection of University Boulevard and East Melbourne Avenue, according to a police report.

The senior picture of Carlos Brenes<br> <i> Photo courtesy of </i>Silverlogue
The senior picture of Carlos Brenes
Photo courtesy of Silverlogue
believe Brenes, 21, may have been drag racing when his vehicle crashed into an overhead sign support pole around 1:39 a.m, according to The Washington Post. Passengers in the car included Nelly A. Mursal, 21, of Rockville and Elizabeth E. Balcazar, 21, also a Blair graduate. Mursal was also killed in the crash, and Balcazar was flown to Suburban Hospital in critical condition. All occupants were wearing seat belts, according to the police report.

Brenes leaves behind a wife, who is expecting their first child, his parents, two sisters and two younger brothers, a freshman and sophomore who are both currently at Blair, according to Assistant Principal Linda Wolf.

Teachers and administrators have fond memories of Brenes. "The first thing I think of when I think of Carlos is his smile," said Wolf. "I know he'll be sorely missed."

English teacher Maureen Diodati, who taught Brenes when he was a senior, said that he was "really a delight to have in the class." Diodati especially admired Brenes' exuberance. "He was very funny and energetic. He livened up the room," she added.

Social Studies teacher Brian Hinkle remembered Brenes as a student who "came in with a lot of rough edges but mellowed out."

Wolf agreed, saying, "He really pulled himself together and became a great role model."

After graduating, Brenes joined the Army and was stationed in New York. He recently returned to Silver Spring to visit his family, according to The Washington Post.

Brenes' collision brought the number of young people killed in car accidents over the past two weeks to seven. Last week, an Eastern Middle School graduate and Blake junior also died in a car-related accident. Earlier this week, police pledged to "crack down on reckless driving," according to The Washington Post.

Counselor Karen Hunt said that Blair guidance staff will be available to provide assistance to grieving students.

The accident is still under investigation. According to The Washington Post, police are currently searching for a "dark green or black Honda with a spoiler on the back." Police urge anyone with more information to call 301-840-2435.

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  • Joe on October 4, 2004
    Why do all these people keep dying? This has been the most depressing week I've experienced in a long time.
  • Noel Ibrahim (View Email) on October 4, 2004
    Very sad...there are tracks where you can race your cars legally...please take advantage of them
  • valeria (View Email) on October 5, 2004
    I think what happen is wrong and people should think before the go race....
  • 03 on October 5, 2004
    When's the funeral? Anyone know? Please post.
  • YH on October 5, 2004
    actually, he leaves behind two younger brothers- both at blair. one is a freshman and one is a sophomore.
  • Old School..03 on October 5, 2004
    Carlos was a very good friend of mine from elementary on up to now...he always spoke and smiled when i saw him...he will be deeply missed!
  • skyler on October 5, 2004
    I am a blair gradute and was a freshman when Carlos was a senior and we were in the same French Class. He was an amazing guy and I can say that the world has truely lost a amazing person. My name is the nickname that he gave me that year
  • Tina (View Email) on October 5, 2004
    I was in the same class as Carlos, 2002, and we stayed frinds after leaving Blair. He was a really good friend and was always there for me. We'll always remember you...
  • tina (View Email) on October 5, 2004
    I heard that the viewing is Friday 10/8/04 @ 6:30 pm ( I don't know where) and that the funeral is next Mon. or Tues
  • PORKY (View Email) on October 6, 2004

  • sanz (View Email) on October 6, 2004
    can't say i knew the guy, but that's sad. Leaving evryone behind and all. I know the feeling of losing some1 so close, and to his brothers, wife, ma & pa, im sry for your loss.
  • [ .... ] on October 6, 2004

    didnt know him, he's my friends brother, but i hope he's fine now, in heaven. god bless you.
  • Laura (View Email) on October 6, 2004
    I knew Carlos pretty well. I also knew his sister, Maria. I had classes with both of them. I had a class with Carlos when I first transferred to Blair during my junior year of high school. We had Environmental Science with Ms. Roarke. I can totally agree with Ms. Diodati's comment that Carlos totally livened up any room he walked into. He was always smiling... always cheerful. He'd come swaggering into the room like he owned it and crack some comment that would make everyone laugh. I remember that Ms. Roarke would try to pretend like she was annoyed with him, but it would never work, she'd always end up smiling, no matter how hard she tried not to. I had a painting class with his sister, Maria. I gave her one of my paintings that we had to do for an assignment :) My heart goes out to Maria especially because I have a brother whom I am close to the way she was close with her brother, Carlos. I can't imagine the pain that you're going through now, Maria, but you and your family are in my prayers.

    - Laura
  • Laura on October 6, 2004
    I also know Elizabeth Balcazar pretty well. I know her loved ones are going through a lot of pain right now, not to mention the pain Elizabeth herself must be going through. She's a very sweet girl. Elizabeth, you're in my prayers for a fast recovery. I only wish I could do more. God bless.
  • JulizzaS (he always added an s on October 6, 2004
    I also knew Carlos...i had class with him at blair n he was always kind and funny, wen he left blair i would still see him at parties n he was always tryin 2 have fun and enjoy dem...he was a very nyce guy, he always kne how to make you smile, he always made a joke to make u have a good time,he will be missed by many, and may god bless him, his family and friends.
    PS does anyone kno wer da viewing is going to be held?
  • annoymous on October 6, 2004
    correction, the car was a toyota celica. The viewing is actually thursday 10/7 followed by the funeral 10/8 early. Only family and friends who knew him are asked to attend the viewing. the funeral will be at the arlington cemetary i think in VA.
  • blah on October 6, 2004
    the viewing will be at Christ The King Church, wherever that is....
  • Old School..03 on October 6, 2004
    What time is the viewing at Christ The King Church?
  • lynn on October 7, 2004
    Carlos was coming home from his base in New York with his wife Claudia (who happens to be my nephew's mother). They came over that Friday afternoon at about 1:00 p.m. to my house to visit and pick up my nephew. only to find out a little over 12 hours later, he died right outside my street ( i live off of East Melbourne Ave.) I've known Carlos forever and he will be greatly missed.

  • Jeanetta Brown (View Email) on October 7, 2004
    I remember carlos. He was like a play cousin to me. He will be missed seriously.
  • Mary (View Email) on October 8, 2004
    Carlos will be deeply and greatly missed by all who knew him. I knew carlos because he dated my sister April for a couple of years and through out those times I remember nothing but good times and happy memories of him. He was always smiling and doing something to make you feel good. Even if you were upset you wouldnt be after he was done with you. His big smile would make every problem feel like it was gone and the way his chubby cheeks would push his eyes squint would make you smile. He was a warm and loving person and ill never forget what he would say to me to make me happy. ( Oh Kushy Kushy) I love you Carlos(Kurmit) and will always charish the memories we had.
    Mary (Dimples).
  • april (View Email) on October 8, 2004
    I met carlos when i was 13 and the first time we talked he asked me to marry him. I said thats crazy, but yes. we were together for awhile and even after we broke up we still chilled. he always called me his princessa chula. He always had a smile on his face. he was always happy. he has the most beautiful smile and sexy lips. his smile was so pure. I am still close to his family and I love them very much. I am now 20 and we stayed connected till the end. We both loved each other very much and I will always love him. he is a great loss to everyone that was in his life. i'm not trying to tell my life story, but i wanted my experience to have such a person in my life to be heard.
  • Laura on October 8, 2004
    Does anyone have any information on Carlos' funeral? I really would like to attend and pay my final respects. Please, if anyone has info on where and when the funeral will be, post it here. I know a lot of Blair alumni are affected by the news of Carlos' passing and we all want to pay our respects. Thanks to anyone who can help out with this matter.
  • April (View Email) on October 8, 2004
    I met Carlos in the 9th grade and graduated beside him in 2002. He was a great friend to me and created smiles wherever he went. He was funny and had a sort of positive exuberence that you could feed off of. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news... his death has impacted so many and he will be missed greatly.
  • TiTo Beto (View Email) on October 9, 2004
    Wuzzup Kidz, Beto here i was a former Blair student Class of 03',and all i got to say about dis accident is learn from it, Carlos was an old friend of mines we went to middle skool and high skool 2gether he was kool we chilled through out the years, but wut he did was very reckless and thoughtless on his part, a mistake that caused the life of another person including his own and left one with life long scars, "La Vida No Es Un Juego" its not a game anymore this is not Need for Speed Underground theres no restart button when u slam into a car or a post, its life or death and well my homie Los got death, u need to think twice about wut u are doin when u are behind the wheel of a car i know its fun when ur doin it belive me i was a former street racer when i was in high skool but now that i see many young kids dying i dont see the point anymore, anytime u race or speed u are gambling ur life, think about it u may not have known any of the passed teens that died but one day it might be ur friend in da car with u when u race and if that split second turns against u well only god can judge u then, cuz all it takes is one mistake and thats it no back tracking no rewind, just regrets and painful flashbacks that will haunt u and thats if ur lucky enough to make out alive, so stay up blair and be safe out there and i hope my words inspired sumbody out there cuz we are all part of the blair family and we just lost a brother...Shot out to my lil Sista Carmen Flores and her homies and homegirls...Peace ~1~ (R~I~P-Carlos Brenes)
  • dazy on October 12, 2004
    Carlos n I had summer school together when i was entering the 10th grade, he use to kall me Daria. good times. remember the good times.
  • R E, Dennis (View Email) on October 14, 2004
    I don't know what to say about this very sad news. I still can't believe that Carlos is no longer with us. He wa a friend, and a brother to me, he always made funny jokes and he was such a wonderful friend to have and talk to. May his soul rest in perfect peace and may lights from have shine on him.

    I would like to have update on upcoming events and if there is anything i can do i will be glad to. to his wife and family i say may the Good Lord look after them and heal their hearts.
  • Oscar chavarria Jr. (View Email) on October 14, 2004
    I saw Carlos one day walking in the school with lots of people around him, they were all his friends. Well i thought , what a lucky guy, he looks very happy around his friends, and i know that not anly was he happy but the people around him too cause that's the type of person he was. he will make you smile on a sad day, or try to help you on a bad one. I was his sisters Maria best friend, i know the family and to them i say that we have not lost Carlos cause now he watches over them and anybody else that was his friend every day. We have only gained an angle. Carlos, where ever you may be at in heaven, lots of people will always remember you. In the sky your image will remain. Oscar D. Chavarria Jr. (USN)
  • Maria V. Brenes (View Email) on October 17, 2004
    To everyone that took the time to write something down about Carlos, I truly thank you. My brother was unique and it is amazing how many people's lives he touched. To be quite honest I still cant belive he's gone. I cant grasp the fact that I am now the oldest, it wasnt meant to be this way but it is. So again to all those people who sincerely cared, thank you so much. I know that not everyone got along with him, but that's alright. I love him so much and every time I think, shall I say I realize that this isnt a nightmare... I get so mad. There are so many questions. He will be missed, he was a big part of my life, my big bear. There is a quote that reminds me of Carlos, "When you were born you crying and everyone around you was smiling, live your life so when you die your the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying." That's the case with Carlos. When my family first saw him after the accident he had a smile on his face and we were torn apart... how can you say goodbye to someone like him. To this day I cant stop crying, I just wish he were here to comfort me. You know one thing I dont get, I was in Iraq for 8 months and here I am, why not me? why him, he's expecting a baby. I will definetly miss him, I cant wait to be able to see him again. Carlos wherever you are please help me, help us deal with this. I will make you proud. "10 fingers"
    "hey babe" you would say to me and now who will say it to me, God I will miss you forever and ever. My life just wont be the same. R.I.P Carlos Ariel Brenes.
  • Dinardo R. Cocaechaverry (View Email) on November 3, 2004
    Waaoo! No tengo palabras para expresar lo que siento. Te has hido y yo hasta ahora me dio cuenta. Tu eras un buen amigo como todo un caballero Carlos. Siempre eras aquel chico que tenia una sonrisa from the cheek to cheek. I feel like bad knowing that you are gone now, but why did you have to race knowing that's nothing but trouble, Why? Why? last time I saw you you have joined the Army. You didn't die out there, but you have to die here bro. doing something so inmature and I am sorry if I talk to you so hard, but because of being like a child racing like a maniac, look at what you have caused>>>Pain and good memories that are always going to chase us for the rest of ourlives... Siempre estaras in nuestro corazon Shorty.. I am so proud for what you became and for what you were. I see a lot of people that went to Blair High School and that's good that you guys say bye to my/our good friend Brenes thanks. Remember. He's not dead, He is still alive in our hearts and memories. Please someone tell me what and where is his grave at? GOD BLESS YOU CARLOS WHATEVER YOU ARE.

    Sincerely; Dinardo R. Cocaechaverry. Class of 2001 USN
  • April W. (View Email) on November 11, 2004
    I love you and always will. I'll never forget that smile. It just made you get this feeling. His smile was so pure and I always smiled because I saw him smilin and it made me feel so good. I love when his cheeks got all big, the ones you want to pinch. And those chinky eyes! He would smile or laugh so hard that you couldn't even see his eyes, and they would water sometimes when things amused him. He was always cheerful and giving. meaning his heart and all. he was a true person and the world has lost a wonderful person. I love the family and hope that we all can make it through this.
  • Elizabeth (View Email) on November 25, 2004
    Carlos, I will miss u alot!!! I was unvolved in the accident with u;I'm struggling through but I will make it out with a strong outcome.May God be with you FOREVER!!
  • Elizabeth Balcazar (View Email) on November 25, 2004
    May u R.I.P. Carlos Ariel Brenes, I will always remember u 4Ever! May ur Angels guide u while u are in heaven.I'll meet u there one day. Continue to smile. MAy God help ur parents and family go through this ruff time.Your smile was natural,I'll never 4get it!!!!kuv ya,Little ya I will never 4get the name u gave me ever since we broke up in 7th grade and was mentioned the night before we got in the car to get to our destination, and name resided with me. I remember when u asked me 4 my # so I can meet ur wife u put my name as "piggy"and u mentioned to me that u were still kurmit and for me never to 4get it"

    I meet ur parents and sisters,yes little Nathalie was a baby and we went to pick her up at the babysitters house.. May ur parents know they are all in my prayers. I was really close to leave with you!!! I struggling with alot of pain but hey I know ur smiling and talking to God to heal me quick! love ya 4ever! R.I.P.!!!!
  • TONY L (View Email) on December 13, 2004
    First and formost, i knew carlos as long as a family member. From the first grade, all the way to when he graduated. I think that what has happend, has made everyone realize that life can be taken for granted, and he will be sorely missed. He was like a younger brother to me. I saw him once in 2003 of december, and just like that, hes gone. I will miss my younger brother...hooowa! im glad that at least, he was able to pull his life together as we grew up together. Im proud of him, always was, always will be. May god be with you my brother. Semper Fi.
  • Tia Pillar (View Email) on December 30, 2004 at 10:42 PM
    I knew Carlos from the Army. Without his wonderful smile and encouragement, I don't think I would have made it through boot camp. He would always joke around and make me laugh. In AIT I was able to meet his family, such nice people, especially his mom. You're all in my prayers. I just wish I had known about this when it happened... R.I.P. Carlos I miss you.
  • leah (View Email) on February 1, 2005 at 3:40 PM
    is he all right
  • chrissy (View Email) on February 23, 2005 at 7:47 PM
    What year did he died? Was it at Blair High school?
  • M. BRENES on September 16, 2005 at 11:16 AM
  • Dinardo R. Cocaechaverry (View Email) on October 11, 2005 at 12:22 PM
    Hey Carlos, I wish you were here to tell you that I'm out of the military and ready to rock n' roll lol... Carlos, you've been gone for more than a year and it seems like if was yesterday. Just watch over our backs like you've been doing brother. Se te quiere aqui and R.I.P.
  • Elizabeth Balcazar (View Email) on October 31, 2005 at 6:40 AM

    Kurmit! I promise there isn't a day that goes by that I wish you would have not been so selfish and you would have listened to me when I told you, "stop speeding we're going to crash and die"! I miss ya, knowing the Lord have taken you is a thing that just hurt's a lot.... You don't understand how I pray every time I pass by the post to know that, that post is what changed my life FOREVER and now your GONE :-(
    Keep Smiling and watching over US all, Your in a better place than us all and when we meet we are going to celebrate!! The Lord is great and he has gr8 plans for us all!!

    WHY??? WHY???WHY??? I miss ya Kurmit, I still recall the night before we got into the car when you shared your salsa moves,lol, "can I get a step in":-( WHY KURMIT??
    "MISS PIGGY" Now I am MARRIED and remember I told you you we're too young??
    :- (
  • Stephanie Herrera (View Email) on November 9, 2005 at 9:45 PM
    Hey Gente this is Smiley from 2001 I knew Carlos ever since middle school. I also knew Elizabeth Balcazar since Kindergarten. We are grew up together and laughed together, smile chilled whateva. I can't believe it's been a year now. Crazy.. I still don't understand what happened. I waz tha last one to see them the night before. Everything waz fine we laughed we joked we dance. Enjoyin life 2 tha fullestand then....damn.. To let everyone know that girl in tha passenger side waz my best friend in tha world. Her name is Nelly A. Mursal.. She waz my sister, my homie, my chilln partner, my everything. Damn I miss them so much. My hearts still goes 4 tha families and friends and people who knew these wonderful people and waz touched by there lives. U will never be forgotten. Elizabeth waz also my best friend 2. Lili if u read this I feel u and how u disappeared from tha face of tha earth but I understand your going thru a lot.. I didn't at first but we r all grown up's here and we just gotta move on and continue life day by day thru God's ways and learn from our mistakes and learn how 2 fix them. May they RIP peace
  • Iris Gamez (View Email) on November 29, 2005 at 5:23 PM
    Hey Carlos,
    I am sorry to hear that it's been a year since you went away. The news took a while to get to me, but it's better late than never, I guess. I moved away in 2000, but that don't change things, when you're from the "barrio" you always care. I just want you to know you have many friends that miss you. I know we weren't the best of friends, but that doesn't mean I don't care. I know you are watching over us. Just keep in mind your death was not in vain. It has served a purpose, I know it's changed me. Rest in peace my friend.
  • april w. (View Email) on April 11, 2006 at 6:47 AM
    I always think of you and your family, and how they are doing! I still think of you all the time. I still think of how you are, and how you are doing. And then it hits me. I cry as I remenice as I fall asleep all the time. as long as I live, you will reside in my heart. It feels as if it was yesterday still. And thats how much it hurts still. I love you and the brenes family. I always will! You have taken me in from the beginning and accepted me as a good person and family. you are and always will be my family, because Carlos knew I would be good to you always. Thats what he knew. And you knew/know too. I might have changed from wearing lots of make-up. But Ariel and your family has tought me that make-up doesnt make beauty. I used to be scared to leave the house without make-up, till the Brenes made me feel beautilful enough to leave the house without make-up. They even made me feel beautiful enough to leave the house wearing my hair down, and not in a pony-tail. I think of you all this to your always. I miss you and hope to see you soon. I miss you all. April Wine. Maira Brenes this is my #. April W. (301) 528-1528. Hopeto hear from you soon. If marcella, or BRENES READ, PLEASE give this to your parents. Mucho gracias.
    Yo teamo con todo mi corazon!!!!!!
  • Christopher Brenes (View Email) on April 12, 2006 at 10:02 PM
    You were my closest friend and my hero. I miss you so much right now but I know that your in heaven now with god and hennesy and destiny. Your finally home. But you'll never be gone. We'll keep you in our hearts and never for a moment forget who you were, who you are, and what you have done for us. I wish you could see me now in person, how much I've changed. Your little brother finally grew up... And I grew up well... I promise that I'll teach your son how to be a man and make sure he grows up to be a good person... Just like his father. We started off as siblings that never got along and I'll never forget who much money you stole from me or how many times you've beat me up, lol, but I look back at those memories with both laughter and a tear. Because when we both got older, we became good friends and close brothers. Just promise me you'll be the one to open up the gates for me when it's my time to go. I love you so much, and I can't wait to see you in heaven.
    -Your brother
    Christopher "Daniel" Brenes
  • Raylee on June 17, 2006 at 11:24 AM
    I did't know Carlos, but I feel for his friends and family. I know the pain you guys must be going through because my friends brother was killed in a car accident this morning. It's very difficult for us all, but I know things will be okay. It will take time and a lot of healing measures, but things will be fine.
  • SSG Paul Carrisoza (View Email) on August 8, 2006 at 1:20 PM
    I send my heart felt condolesences to the Brenes family. Treasure the blessed time you had. In remembering, its usually the most seemingly insagnifigant things said or done that impact our memories and stay so vivid, always.Keep them fresh in your mind and know that He's always with you. Bless you all.
  • Jenny (View Email) on October 1, 2006 at 11:28 PM
  • MARIA BRENES on May 29, 2007 at 1:07 PM
    I just wanted you to take a second and think if your cousin went to Blair High School... If you didnt that answers your question as to why people are posting things about Carlos. He in turn was a Blair Graduate so obviously people who knew him from Blair are commenting on how much they miss him. I would also like to add that Carlos is not the only one responsible here... we, though I would like to know, we dont know that chain of events so lets not point fingers. I feel your pain because we too are going through a loss. OH lets not forget that there is someone we can blame... the driver of the black... Altima? or whatever it was.
  • Elizabeth Balcazar (View Email) on June 19, 2007 at 7:31 PM
    • rose (View Email) on November 28, 2013 at 12:22 AM
      @Elizabeth, I don't know you and I know my comment is late. But u come accross as real selfish and arrogant. Although, I didn,t talk to him much I had many classes with Carlos and he was a decent guy. Just so u know God is everywhere all the time, so u surviving doesn't make you more special than those who died. Your comment dishonors Carlos,s memory and only add salt to his family,s injury. Maybe, God looked at Carlos,s and the other girl,s heart and saw them fit to enter heaven, while he is still working on your heart to make sure you,re ready when he wants to take you. Stop bragging and start preparing, ur day will come, u won't know how and u won't know when.
  • C. Brenes (View Email) on June 29, 2007 at 5:01 PM
    I hope that you are going to be Very Happy in life, I wish you the BEST. Even tho i dont want to point out any fingers out but in my heart i know u know how it happen and who caused it. But let me tell you God was with everyone in that car not just U!.... And please dont try to act so INOCENTE.(carlos Wife)
  • Unknown on July 13, 2007 at 6:47 PM
    To Carlos' want to be wife (Claudia)- First of all you act like you care about Carlos' death, his death is the best thing that could have happened to you. You have security for your children and ah... a check from the military every month. You didnt wait to much longer to get with someone else did you?... I even heard you had a baby. Dont act like your the victim here because your not. Whether this girl Elizabeth knows what happened that night or not that is something she has to live with, now ask yourself is everything you've done any better?? THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH.
    • Unknown on June 24, 2012 at 2:55 PM
      I love you!
  • Maria Brenes (View Email) on July 16, 2007 at 3:51 PM
    All I want to say is Elizabeth do you ever stop and wonder why GOD gave you the chance to live? He has blessed you with a daughter and now that we are both parents I would be devastated to lose a child and not know the turn of events that led up to their death. People accuse you of knowing what happened and simply hussing for some financial gain. Whether that is true beats me, I just wish that you dont know anything and if you do well GOD will not be with you in the end. He gave you a reason to live and I believe it's so you can put Nelly's and Carlos' killer behind bars. God is merciful and whatever goes around comes around, by that I mean that god has given you the chance of life so you can give my brother and Nelly the justice they deserve. Let's not forget whoever decieves GOD always pays in the end... so let's not celebrate victory just yet.... The truth always prevails!
  • C.Brenes (View Email) on July 26, 2007 at 2:00 PM
    To the unknown person Thank you very much for all your help and I love you too.. I will Keep you in mind always...Its very funny how much of my life you know. But you know what they say what goes around comes around. Dont worry what I have or if I have a new baby I am HAPPY with my kids. Thank you for helping me in makin my baby. Also how do you know if I get a CK or not? how press are you about my life. To tell you I do not act like a victim, you dont know what I felt or feel about what happen never will know how I feel . Tell me what do I have to live With? What that CARLOS ARIEL gave me a BEAUTIFULL baby..I Wish you the best tooo.
  • Elizabeth Balcazar (View Email) on August 25, 2007 at 3:51 PM
  • Tatie on April 30, 2010 at 1:06 PM
    I know this is pretty late but I recently found out that Carlos passed....we lost contact some years ago but I still remember working at Kumon with him...he was such a happy guy :) there is a song, he loved which he had me listen to "You'll be blessed" and it reminds me of him whenever I hear it. You are blessed Carlos. R.I.P my friend
  • Unknown on February 12, 2012 at 6:21 AM
    Interesting blogs , This suppose to be a support column for Carlos, but yet all you people are just pointing fingers, it's very sad that a wife have to lose a husband, father, and family, and another young woman have to lose her life and family behind. Just because one survived doesn't mean she's going to bring back Carlos. It's unfortunate but The person behind the wheel IS responsible for the accident. You can't prevent something if it's out of your control. Nelly and Elizabeth were just passengers, they were both helpless. The person who needed to do they're freaking job are the police investigators of the scene. Elizabeth is not a investigator! Wrong answer. There's a reason for everything , some people live, some people die. Make the best of your life and live to the fullest. Don't take family or best friends for granted. Appreciate who loves you, and allow your faith to always remain with god. You want justice???....... Ask the police why haven't they figured it out, ask them your questions, Elizabeth may have a story but she can't bring back Carlos. Only through God you can allow yourself to move on.
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