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A blossoming D.C.

By Sophia Deng, Online Managing Editor
April 4, 2010
Living next to or Metro stations away from the nation's capital has never been so sweet - the National Cherry Blossom Festival is currently in full force, and set to end April 11. With the combination of spring break and beautiful summer-like spring weather, D.C. has been jam packed. In fact, Metro has posted the second-highest weekday ridership last week, according to the Washington Examiner, trumped only by President Barack Obama's inauguration in January.

Millions visited D.C. for the annual cherry blossom festival. <i>Picture courtesy of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.</i>
Millions visited D.C. for the annual cherry blossom festival. Picture courtesy of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.
The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual two-week celebration of the spring season, as well as a commemoration of the beautiful gifts Japan gave to the United States in 1912, according to the National Cherry Blossom Festival web site. No matter how many years I have gone to D.C. to see the trees, they never fail to dazzle; and I will continue to await their bloom in D.C. and in my neighborhood for years to come.

What strikes me the most about the festival is the centralization of so many people from around the world in one place, having one goal - to appreciate nature, take a break from life and enjoy oneself or one's company. It is great to see families and friends having picnics under the cherry blossom trees, while grandmas and grandpas take pictures of the bloomed flowers; just for one day, troubles at work and other problems in life are at a stand-still. The entangling of a multitude of cultures is also quite amazing. When I was in D.C., I constantly found myself in earshot of three different languages. It is endearing to know that despite cultural differences and language barriers, we all believe in the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is only one example of how Blazers can take advantage of living so close to the nation's capital during spring break. On April 3, there was a Capitals game against the Atlanta Thrashers. On Saturday, the Nationals played the Red Sox in an exhibition game. Although the result of the baseball game was known without the two teams even playing, the Nats game is just another way we can find alternative, exploratory ways of having fun besides being stuck on television, computers, Kindles, iPads, iTouches and iPods.

Living so close to the nation's capital, we often forget that D.C. is replete of fun, often free ways to spend an afternoon, even a whole day. With a few days left in spring break, take a trip out to D.C with friends and family. See the cherry blossoms to experience nature at its prettiest and most inspiring.