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Soapbox: Blazers speak out

April 22, 2010
Do you think that the hall sweeps have been effective?

"Some people get to class on time, and some donít care. They make friends with security and then if theyíre late all the time security doesnít care."
-freshman Eden Jelso

"Yes, because it definitely gets me walking faster to class."
-sophomore William Read

"I think hall sweeps are not effective at all. A friend of mine was given ISS when she was returning to class from a school presentation."
-sophomore Beemnet Neway

"I donít see anyone in the halls when Iím running a little late. I want to get to class early because I donít like getting caught."
-junior Luis Morales

"No one ever goes to the detentions. It increases the tension between the late students and it interrupts the classroom instruction more than [just] being late."
-sophomore Edwin Salvador

Would you support Meatless Mondays at Blair?

"I donít think Meatless Mondays would be a good idea at school because most of the food served is meat (chicken patties, hamburgers). What else would be served?"
-senior Susie Yu

"I would support Meatless Mondays because this would allow vegetarians to actually have a school lunch."
-senior Katherine Bravo

"I would support Meatless Mondays at school in the cafeteria [because] even though it does not affect me, maybe it can benefit others who have different religious views or concerns. Because we do have a diverse school and it will be cool to respect othersí cultures and values."
-senior Rachel Anderson

"Personally, as I am a vegetarian, I would support this by default. However, as much as what Iíve seen people buying at lunch contains meat, a lot of things would have to be taken out of the menu. If some nice vegetarian alternative meals (besides pizza) were available, I think that it would be a nice change of pace during the week. This would also force students to eat their fruits and vegetables at least once a week."
-sophomore Eleanor Tursman

What do you think is the most effective coaching style? What motivates you in sports?

"I think that the most effective coaching style is befriend the players on the team and helping them improve their weaknesses and encourage unity instead of using favoritism in team sports."
-senior Liticia Asiedu-Yirenky

"If you miss practice you canít play in the game. If you want to play, then you have to come practice."
-junior Maria Delgado

"I think the most effective coaching style is a supportive coaching style. Constructive criticism is the best motivation to improve at sports."
-senior Johni Meeks

"I think that it is crucial for a coach to tell their team members of their playing faults yet noting improvements."
-senior Alex Kapiamba

Do you know anyone in the Student Conservation Association or a similar organization?

"To help the environment, students within these organizations help plant trees and raise awareness of the poor condition of the environments."
-senior Mehrit Tekeste

"They think of different programs and activities and fundraisers to help out the environment."
-sophomore Niya Seals

"I did green club for a while, we worked on getting solar power. Every time someone signed up for wind power and said they heard from the organization from Blair, Blair would get $10."
-freshman Elisha Taney

"Envirothon members study current environmental issues. Knowledge is power."
-junior Theresa Regan

"The Student Conservation Association learns a lot about trees and they save them."
-freshman Avi Li

"Yes, I know two people in the Student Conservation Association. They work on trail preservation and clean up parks around the D.C./Md. area to become more environmentally conscious."
-junior Seema Habash

Do you prefer records to CDs or MP3 files? What is your favorite record store?

"I prefer CDs the most actually. Records are cool because theyíre vintage and sound crisper but theyíre too difficult to share and listen to. MP3s are too cheap though since theyíre so easy to access. CDs are tangible but not too difficult. Melody Music is a great store in D.C. near Dupont. It has free posters, and they know their stuff."
-junior Gabe Pollak

"I donít prefer records because the Internet is such a great source for music. Itís a waste of time to buy something in the store that you could buy online."
-freshman Aderemi Olateru-Olagbe