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Letter to the editor

March 11, 2010
Freshman Jack Foster wrote this letter to the editor in response to the Silver Chips article Freshman year: Obama's report card.

The article "Freshman year: Obama's report card" (p. 4, Feb. 5, 2010) showed a considerable lack of critical thinking and a surprising amount of hero-worship. When I say this, I don't only mean you, because I am guilty of it as well, but when people don't understand that the other side has a valid point, they tend to write them off as crazy, stupid, misled, etc. I'm not saying that you have to be conservative in your articles, but I would appreciate it if you would get rid of the ultra-leftist point of view.

I am somewhat offended by the phrases "harsh criticism from ruthless right-wing politicians and the public they misled," "Republicans preoccupied with smearing…Janet Napolitano," "insolent Republicans" and "crazed protestors." Specifically, the "insolent Republicans" remark shocked me. To quote, insolent means "boldly rude or disrespectful; contemptuously impertinent; insulting." If these Republicans were "insolent," they would have been removed from the Senate. If you have ever listened to a debate, they all address each other, Republicans and Democrats alike, as "the Senator from Arizona" or whatever state they happen to be from.
-freshman Jack Foster

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