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Soapbox: Blazers speak out

March 11, 2010
What do you think is the best solution to make up all the snow days?

"I think the best solution to make up the days is to pace the classes a little faster."
-freshman Katelin Montgomery

"The state of Maryland should waive this year's snow days because any alternative would consume money that the school systems don't have. Too many teachers would have to be paid extra in the summer and having spring break as teaching time would ruin the plans of many."
-senior Kathleen Dacruz

"They should extend the hours in school about one to two hours more to catch up with school work."
-sophomore Andy Song

"I think the best solution for the snow days is to cut the length of spring break and waive the rest of the days. The break for the snow was definitely enough to make up for most of spring break, but I still think a short break - for example, a five-day weekend - at spring break time would be appreciated."
-freshman Annie Dunn

Who is the most influential woman you know?

"The most influential woman I thought of first was Oprah. Oprah has given opportunities to thousands of people. She has the most watched talk show on broadcast television. She gives away free gifts to her audience and she's made people famous. Look at Obama, the Tom Cruise couch incident and the African school for girls she opened. "
-sophomore Anna Patnaik

"My great-grandmother, because she's gone through 15 children and about 30 grandchildren and she's still going strong. She makes me want to live as long as I can and keep doing what I do."
-junior Ernie Pichardo

"The most influential woman is Michelle Obama - she is extremely respected."
-senior Charis Hollinger

"Behind each influential man is a strong woman. For example, Einstein made his most memorable discoveries when he was married. Coincidence? I think not."
-sophomore Nikki Brimmer

"Lady Gaga. Her music is life-changing."
-senior Zeke Leeds

What would you include in your dream Blair?

"I would love to have a moving walkway straight down the middle of Blair Boulevard. It would make getting from one side of the school to the other so much more entertaining."
-senior Elizabeth Partan

"Blair needs a pool. Students could go there in the morning if they wanted to warm up. The swim team wouldn't have to travel to practice or swim meets."
-sophomore John Parsley

"There would be a fourth floor with a Starbucks, McDonald's and a pool with a jacuzzi. Also, have a ski jump on the roof and a rollercoaster, a mall and caterers."
-freshman Sarah Fultz

"My favorite aspect of the entire school is the way the sun streaks through those glorious windows on the side stairwell. It would be a great idea to install little benches on the landings of the stairwell."
-sophomore Sara Gonzalez

What requirements should teachers have to meet to gain tenure?

"They should have to teach for two years, have good ratings from their supervisors and be nice to students."
-junior Sana Barclay

"I think a teacher should have most of all their students to have passed the classes they teach becuase if they're teaching well enough to pass most of the students, then they should stay a teacher if they like."
-junior Chelsie Burnette

"Teachers should never achieve tenure because it can incapacitate school systems, like in New York. Also, it allows teachers to slack off, which harms students."
-freshman William Cai

Would you ever consider starting your own baking business?

"My favorite treats to bake are cupcakes. I once had an idea of starting a baking business with a friend. We both had the idea to open a café. Last year, we had a party in technology class and I baked about 30 cupcakes."
-sophomore Rose Li

"I planned it out but didn't follow through. I planned what kinds of cookies I would sell - the different varieties and everything."
-freshman Brian Griffin

"I love to bake cakes, especially marble cake with chocolate cream, because I love chocolate. I would consider starting my own baking business because it seems fun. I'm inspired to do so by a show called 'Cake Boss.' It's amazing how they make cakes look like realistic objects. Also, I love art and food, and making cakes would allow me to incorporate those two things I love together."
-sophomore Sylvia Kang

"[I like to bake] brownies. I wouldn't consider a business because that is just too much work and money to start a business."
-junior Molica Kim

"My favorite treats to bake are brownies because they are really good and they fill me up. I wouldn't consider starting a baking business because brownies are the only thing I can make."
-senior Dominique Robinson