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Blair Pair - Hip-hop, Hugh Hefner and no teapots make for the perfect marriage

By Helen Bowers, Print Managing Entertainment Editor and Jewel Galbraith, Print Managing Features Editor
March 10, 2011
Feb. 27, 2011


RACHEL: I was kind of freaking out before the date. I had this plan with my mom that if I texted her "teapot," she would call me two minutes later and I would have to "go home," if it was a really awkward date or if he was really, really trife looking.
AARON: I got there first and Rachel came in about five minutes after me. We then saw each other and were like, "Oh my gosh, we're on a date together!"
Jewel Galbraith

RACHEL: When I first got there he was already there because I was a little bit late, trying to be fashionably late. I actually kind of knew him, so it was a surprise. I didn't expect that.
AARON: I knew of her, but I didn't actually know her. I hadn't had a conversation with her, I see her in the hallway with an awkward "Oh, I kind of know you but not really."
RACHEL: After I got there I sat down and we talked and ordered food. I got pesto pasta and he had spaghetti bolognese.
AARON: We talked about a lot of cliché things. We asked "What's your favorite color," "If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?" We asked like where our family's from and all of those clichéd questions.
RACHEL: We both tried not to make it awkward. He had a good sense of humor so we were joking basically the whole time.
AARON: At first there were a few awkward pauses, because we didn't really know each other. We asked those questions and then after a while it just started flowing better and we got to know each other, so it was great.
RACHEL: I didn't really know him at all honestly, but I learned that the music that he listens to hip-hop, that he is creative, that he's funny and pretty cool.
AARON: At first I didn't know she was Australian and Asian so I found that out. And, she would be Hugh Hefner if she could be someone for a day, so that really surprised me. I didn't think a girl would want to be the owner of Playboy. We talked a lot about entertainment and her music choices. It was a really deep conversation. I would have to say that was the most thought provoking conversation we had. We have similar taste but she likes dubstep and I kind of would rather go away from it.
RACHEL: I think our tastes are a little bit different but it's okay because everyone has their different style. It's not a problem
AARON: We just had a good time and after a while I asked her if she wanted me to take her home. So I took her home and we had conversations during the ride and that was about it. If I had to describe the date in three words, I would say that it was funny, interesting and semi-awkward.

RACHEL: It was really fun. I think his sense of humor and easygoing attitude were his best qualities. He was really chill.
AARON: We added each other on Facebook afterwards. We're getting married. In Delaware. We already planned it. (laughs) But we'll see in the future if anything happens.
RACHEL: I would rate the date an 8 or so. I mean, we're getting married. I think I would wait for him, or any guy, to call me first.
AARON: I would say the date was an 8. I would definitely go out with her again, she was a blast. I'm a person of action, so I'll call her.