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TechnoLogical: Apple unveils iPhone 5 and iOS 6

By Temi Ibirogba, Online Managing Editor
September 17, 2012
TechnoLogical is a weekly blog focusing on new advances in science and technology and looking critically at how the technology we already use impacts our lives. Come back next Monday for the next edition of TechnoLogical.

If, like myself, you are an iPhone user, then you have probably been a little curious about what the new iPhone 5 will look like. Well the wait is over because Apple announced the tech specs of their newest device along with the release date, Sept. 21, this past week.

The iPhone 5 (as seen above) comes in both white and black like the 4 and 4s. Courtesy of Apple
The iPhone 5 (as seen above) comes in both white and black like the 4 and 4s.
Most could predict that Siri would be updated and her noticeable bugs fixed, but new additions announced last week like a panoramic camera were not as expected. Other changes to the new device include a mostly metal back rather than glass like its predecessor Ė and if youíve ever held an iPhone 4 without a case, you know how frightening it can be.

But the biggest change to the phone that Apple has been pushing is probably the larger screen. Despite the increase in retina display, the iPhone 5 is the lightest and thinnest one of the family yet. While some think this is a great thing because Netflix on our phones just got better, others are slightly annoyed that thereís going to be all new everything; Charging dock, cases, etc. Most people will want the phone and can overlook all the even newer additions itíll add to their wallets.

On the new phone also comes iOS 6, the latest operating system for Apple products that we should all wake up to on Sept. 19. So if your upgrade isnít until next October like mine but you still want the perks of the iPhone 5, the update is definitely going to be exciting for you. Some of the big changes that youíll get with the new iOS are Passbook, spoken navigation for Maps and a more cohesive Facebook experience.

Passbook takes all of your tickets, concerts, plane, etc. and puts them into one, simple application. And if youíre a newly licensed driver who still gets lost, then the voice navigation probably just made your life much easier. And finally you can upload pictures to Facebook straight from your Photos app. But these are just some of the 200 new features that are supposed to be included on iOS 6. Other features include shared photo streams and even more ways to know everything your friends are doing with apps like Find my Friends.

Overall, the iPhone 5 is right on time for the loyal Apple users who always manage to upgrade to the newest iPhone every time one comes out which seems like every month. And for those of you who donít understand how people keep rebuying the same tweaked phone every year, well you can just sit this one out.