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The Strength in Numbers

By Rohan Oprisko, Sports Editor
December 5, 2014
It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for some. For others, the endless gusts of frigid air combined with ice and snow are not that appealing. Because of this, warmth is of the utmost importance during the winter season. For many individuals, the sacrifice of warmth for fashion is a real struggle worth enduring; meanwhile, others sacrifice warmth for fashion. To bring an end to this debate for all males at Montgomery Blair, Silver Chips Online brings you the simple solution--layers. Instead of following the high school trends of under- or overdressing for the cold, all that is necessary is to use layers effectively. To fully understand why using layers instead of a big bulky coat or no coat at all, we will analyze each way to dress.
Courtesy of Netrobe
Layering allows one to combine different elements of one’s wardrobe.


Layers are one of the only styles with the ability to keep one warm and looking fashionable at the same time. Layers, the use of various articles of clothing as one, offer warmth and can match with almost combination of pants or shorts; something traditional large coats cannot, in most cases, do. For example, if one had a lime green patagonia coat, how could one match that with dark brown pants? The answer is they cannot. Layers also allow one to reuse various staples of his or her wardrobe and re-invent their own look, creating a variety of new combinations and outfits. This allows the reduction on spending for new clothes. The negatives of layers is that one has to wear a lot of clothes which some can find uncomfortable. Still, that is a small price to pay for warmth and fashion, when the alternatives do not provide both at the same time.
An example of a man using layers to keep warm.
Courtesy of Pinterest
An example of a man using layers to keep warm.

The Coat

In comparison, the dress style of wearing one large coat offers a more lax and simple way to go about life in the cold. Having that one coat which you bring everywhere which, although bulky, always provides the necessary warmth is a valid solution. The negatives of the winter coat are its inability to match with all outfits and its burden to be carried when not being worn.
Although warm, the giant coat(otherwise known as a parka) can be a pain lugging around all day.
Courtesy of Pinterest
Although warm, the giant coat(otherwise known as a parka) can be a pain lugging around all day.

The Brave One

With the fashion found in wearing layers but without the warmth of a large winter coat, under dressing is also a style widely used.The positives of this dress style is that there is no bulk to carry around inside, a benefit not found in either of the other two strategies. The negatives are grounded in the positives because if there is no large winter coat to carry around, then when one goes outside they are cold.

With life in Blair requiring constant movement throughout the day, layers are the simple solution to combat the two main problems the winter brings in, carrying an enormous puffy winter coat all day around like a sack of potatoes, or dreading the moment the bell goes off, signaling the next encounter with the cold. To enjoy the cold weather outside, there is no better method for warmth or fashion than the use of layers, which in principle sounds like a simple solution but it is so much more.