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Burst greenhouse pipe causes large buildup of ice

By Dylan Ahunhodjaev, Online Editor-in-Chief
February 18, 2015
Winter Storm Octavia, which struck Maryland and the District Sunday, caused a water pipe in Blair's greenhouse to rupture. Low temperatures froze the outpouring of water, leading to a large buildup of ice that reaches from the second-floor greenhouse to the ground. The greenhouse, which hosts Blair's horticulture class, was assessed for damages and will require repairs. It is closed until those repairs can be made.

In a message sent home to Blair households Wednesday, Principal Renay Johnson described the rupture and the damage it caused. "The water [from the burst pipe] froze and caused a considerable accumulation of ice to the exterior and the school grounds."

Johnson also informed parents and students about the repairs that will be required, and described the status of the greenhouse's functionality. "Montgomery County Public School's maintenance department inspected the greenhouse and concluded that many repairs will need to take place...our greenhouse will be closed until these repairs are made."