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By Pratik Bhandari, Page Editor
February 23, 2005
With the second round of the playoffs over, so too are the hopes of many upper tier teams. Upsets ran amok through the second round and the underdogs lived to fight another day.

The Blair Floor Hockey League is online here .

Recent Results:
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Raging Gametes 3 06 Spandex Warriors 4

Shake N Bake 1 - Those Mean Old Teachers 2

Down two players, and playing against a fully prepared Teacher team, Shake N Bake made this a game for the ages.

Sarah McLean scored for the Teachers, spoiling goalie Sam Giovanniello's attempts at keeping his team in the game almost single-handedly. As the game was winding down, Shake N Bake scored on a calmly executed score by striker Scott Lavon.

The two teams went into overtime and kept up a frantic pace that was fruitless as both goalies, Giovanniello for Shake N Bake and Mark Curran for the Teachers, played extremely well.

Ultimately, the game went to a shootout. Through the first seven rounds, each team expectantly waited as time after time Curran and Giovanniello rejected shot after shot. Finally, the Charles Wang for the Teacher team got his turn to shoot. After gliding to the crease, Wang reared back his unique curved stick and buzzed a slapshot past Giovanniello.

KC Hotsteppers 1 I Kissed Your Sister 0

The game was a defensive battle throughout, as no team could get a concerted charge on the other team's goal. Midway through the game, Julia Penn of the Hotsteppers scored on a low shot right next to the post, but it was called off because she shot it from within the crease.

Late in the game, Harris Falwell capitalized for the Hotsteppers on a desperate offensive charge to knock I Kissed Your Sister out of the playoffs.

Justice League 1 Fighting Funkmasters 0

In the biggest upset of the day, the Justice League defeated the Fighting Funkmasters. Both teams battled hard, but the difference was Justice League's crisp passing and spot on shooting, especially Lucas Henry.

Henry has proved himself to be a dangerous offensive threat this season, scoring at opportune times and terrorizing opposing goalies throughout the game. Today, Henry accounted for the lone score of the game with a nice goal from an angle that snuck in between the goalie and the post. Victor Roy fed Henry with a nice pass for the assist.

Justice League goalie David Ufford wasn't tested all that much, but he made all the saves when it counted on his way to a shutout.

Upcoming Games:
Thursday, February 24, 2005

KC Hotsteppers vs. Those Mean Old Teachers

06 Spandex Warriors vs. Justice League