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Hot spots for spring fun

May 2, 2005
Now that summer is approaching and spring is in full bloom, go out and get some exercise! Put on your sneakers, grab a bathing suit and check out some of these local spots for a day of outdoor activities that include biking, hiking, boating, swimming and more.

Sandy Point State Park

This recreational park located in Annapolis offers a spectacular view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The site features boating, fishing, picnics, playgrounds and hiking, but most people opt to relax on the beaches, which are among the finest on the Chesapeake Bay. Rowboats and motorboats are available for rent beginning in late spring.
Admission: $5.00 per person on weekends and holidays; $4.00 per person on weekdays.
Approximately 42 minutes from Blair.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain stands 1,282 feet tall in northeastern Maryland. Trails range from a quarter mile to seven miles and provide an enjoyable challenge for moderate and advanced hikers. Sugarloaf also overlooks the town of Dickerson, Maryland.
Approximately 47 minutes from Blair.

Swain"s Lock

Located on the C&O Canal off of River Road, Swain"s Lock is an ideal spot to rent canoes and travel along the Potomac River. You can also bike or walk the spacious Swain"s Lock towpath, a five-mile trail that runs along the river and beneath a series of cliffs. Call (301) 299-9006 for canoe rental information. The grounds are open for camping as well.
Approximately 48 minutes from Blair.

Cunningham Falls State Park

This state park is located in the Catoctin Mountains and boasts a 78-foot waterfall and the nearby Hunting Creek Lake in which people can swim. During the summer, canoes and rowboats are available for rental. Nine scenic trials also circle the park, but biking is not permitted. Camper cabins are located near the creek for a minimum of a two-night"s stay. Call (301) 271-7574 for more information.
Admission: weekdays Memorial Day through Labor Day, $3 per person; weekends and holidays, $4 per person.
Approximately 66 minutes from Blair.