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Internship opportunities

Silver Chips Online's guide to internship programs

By Merlyn Deng, Online Editor-in-Chief
November 30, 2005
Looking for something to do during the summer but don't know what? Silver Chips Online has compiled information about a variety of internships and student testimonials to help you out.

Check back here for more internship opportunities as the section is revised.

Upcoming internship opportunities:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute/National Institutes of Health/Montgomery County Public Schools Student Intern Program (HHMI/NIH/MCPS)


Quick Facts:

Application: Online Application

Application Deadline: Dec. 2, 2005

Information compiled from Student Teacher Internship Program.
Contact: (301) 215-8500

The HHMI/NIH/MCPS offers a selective internship program annually for 20 MCPS juniors and seniors interested in biomedical research. Each school may submit up to four student-applications. If more than four students apply per school, the principal has the freedom to choose the four applications to be submitted. Students who are selected work for the summer at an NIH laboratory.

The selected students begin their research immediately after school ends. In the first week of their internship, they are introduced to NIH and the biotechnology that they will be working with, students choose biomedical laboratories to research in. The summer internship pays a total of $1600 in two installments.

If interns successfully complete the summer program, they earn one graded credit and are welcome back for further laboratory research during the school year. Students who are eligible for the school-year program must devote four afternoons a week (for 16 hours of laboratory time). Every Friday, any Blazer who participates in this program would meet with Blair's internship coordinator, Robert Hopkins.

In addition to the 16-hour minimum requirement of laboratory work, HHMI/NIH/MCPS encourages that the students who participate in this program to enroll in only four courses each semester. Students will not be able to participate in after-school activities. Although any student enrolled in the HHMI/NIH/MCPS program will have to sacrifice a significant amount of school-time, the program offers a total of five intern credits during the 12-month period.