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Blair to hold winter spirit week, pep rally

Five new days planned to celebrate school spirit, diversity

By Alex Hyder, Online Op-Ed Editor
January 23, 2006
Blair will hold a second semester spirit week, SGA Chief of Staff Eric Hysen announced Friday. The SGA-coordinated event, which was approved Friday afternoon, will be held from Feb. 13 to Feb. 17, and will feature five themed spirit days, culminating in a winter sports pep rally at the end of Friday afternoon.

President Barun Aryal and Vice President Stephen Demarais will announce the spirit week to the student body in a live video address during homeroom tomorrow morning. Aryal and Demarais will also outline other new programs that comprise the SGA's Four Corners of Blair initiative. Administrators have agreed to extend tomorrow's homeroom period by 20 minutes to accommodate the presentation.

The spirit week events are as follows:

According to Hysen, Blair has not held a winter spirit week or pep rally in at least three years. "We appreciate the administration's willingness to hold another spirit week, and hope we'll be able to bring an enjoyable event to the student body," he said.

Update: The article originally stated that Tuesday, Feb. 14 would be Hat Day and that Thursday, Feb. 16 would be Formal Day. The SGA has since announced changes to the spirit week schedule; the article has been updated to reflect these changes.