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Fundraiser to be held at Mayorga

Jamie Raskin hopes to gain support for campaign

By Meaghan Mallari, Online Managing Editor
February 10, 2006
A fundraising event for Jamie Raskin featuring various poets and writers will be held Sat. Feb. 11 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Mayorga Coffee Factory. Raskin is running for Maryland Senate representing Takoma Park and Silver Spring (District 20).

Poets and writers in support of Raskin will be reading their works at the event. Some writers and poets include Kitty Kelley, Judith Viorst and Clarence Page. Local artists will also be participating in the fundraising event. They include Mike Tidwell, Don Berger, Anne Becker and Howard Kohn.

The event is for writers and requires multiple levels of donation. The lowest required donation is for English teachers and students at the price of $25. Other donations reach approximately $1,000.

The priority of Raskin's agenda as state senator is to increase the progress and improve the quality of Montgomery County schools. "We have schools in Montgomery County that are not even making acceptable progress toward state standards… As an educator, a father, a citizen, I don't accept that," said Raskin, according to his campaign web site.

Mayorga Coffee Factory is located at 8040 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring.