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Silver Chips profiled by New York Times

Chips called "one of the finest student newspapers in the country"

By Alex Hyder, Online Op-Ed Editor
March 8, 2006
The New York Times published an article in today's edition praising Silver Chips as an organization of "tireless reporters."

Education columnist Michael Winerip's article, "Given the Freedom, Tireless Reporters Excel," was published as the Times's weekly "On Education" column and profiled Silver Chips print staff. Winerip interviewed staffers junior Allie O'Hora, seniors Samir Paul and Chelsea Zhang, principal Phillip Gainous and adviser Maureen Freeman about their relationship with and work for the paper.

The article praised staffers' devotion to Chips, as well as Gainous's "subtle support" for controversial stories, including senior Jody Pollock and Zhang's article, "Inside a Public School, a Private Deed," an expose on students who have had sex in school. Winerip also mentioned the numerous awards Silver Chips has received in the past decade.

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