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Cool carving

Simple steps to carving a great jack-o-lantern

By Kate Harter, Online Weekend Editor
October 31, 2006
When Halloween rolls around, many preparations for the big day come along with it. You have to get a great, original costume; you have to stock up on tons of candy for the neighborhood kids; you have to plan your night well, whether it involves trick-or-treating, going to a party or watching scary movies with friends; and you have to carve a great jack-o-lantern for your doorstep.

Scary, intricate jack-o-lanterns are fun for decoration, but they can be very difficult to carve well. Therefore it's usually best to stick to simple, original designs that are quick and easy to carve.

Here are SCO's suggested steps for carving yourself a delightful little pumpkin!

1. Pick up a pumpkin from a nearby pumpkin patch or stand (preferably one that you consider to be perfect, whether you like long and tall ones or short and fat ones).
Kate Harter

2. Get together the following materials:
-A permanent marker to draw your design on the pumpkin
-Knives for cutting the pumpkin (smaller ones are better for more intricate designs)
-A spoon to scoop out the innards of the pumpkin
-A trash bag or paper bag into which you can put the scooped out innards and carved out pieces

3. Trace your design onto the pumpkin, including where you will cut around the stem so that a candle can be inserted (Remember that straight lines are much easier to cut than curved lines).
Kate Harter

4. Cut around the stem, putting the top off to the side to re-cover the pumpkin again later.
Kate Harter

5. Scoop out the seeds and guts and put them into the trash bag or paper bag.
Kate Harter

6. Carefully cut along the lines you drew for your design for the face of your Jack-o-lantern.
Kate Harter

7. Put a small candle on the bottom of the inside of your pumpkin to light on Halloween night.
Kate Harter

8. Place the pumpkin on your front doorstep for the neighborhood to admire!