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Talent show postponed

Event tentatively scheduled for December 8

By Alex Hyder, Online Op-Ed Editor
November 17, 2006
The upcoming talent show, originally scheduled for this evening, has been postponed, the SGA announced this morning. According to SGA President Eric Hysen, the show's new date has yet to be determined.

Hysen said the move was made to give students more opportunity to participate. "We've received a good response so far, but we'd really like to include as many people as we can," he said. "Hopefully, by pushing it back, we can get more acts involved, and more people can make plans to come."

The show, which was organized by Director of School Spirit Saron Yitbarek, will occur in the SAC. It will feature many Blazer acts, including ethnic dance, singing, and rap, and will be judged by three teachers. The winner will be decided by the audience's responses to each act. It is the first in a series of school events the SGA has scheduled this year to promote school spirit.

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